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PubCrawler - Privacy Policy

December 22, 2014 @ 04:10 AM EDT
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Privacy Policy

General Information
As a standard practice, PubCrawler assigns a random number to each user for anonymously tracking content preferences and traffic patterns. This random number lets us keep track of "How many" times customers are doing specific things - like visiting our site each month - without really knowing who those customers are. This random number is kept in a file on your computer called a "cookie." Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to determine the identity of any user: Unless you specifically tell us, PubCrawler will never know who you are.

You may, however, elect to tell us things that you want PubCrawler to remember. We hope that, like many of our customers, you will want to provide information about yourself to PubCrawler because it will make our Web site more valuable to you. If you are comfortable providing us with information about yourself, enhanced services are available to you that are impossible for us to offer to anonymous users. We retain information about you between computing sessions by using the cookie. The choice of how much personally identifiable information about yourself to disclose to PubCrawler is left completely up to you, our customer.

We analyze what our customers like and don't like about PubCrawler's current offerings so that we can design better services. We develop summary - not individual - reports for our advertisers. An example of a summary report might be "12,000 people clicked on Advertisement "X" today and of those people, 35% had previously indicated they had an interest in sports." The people that make it possible for you to use PubCrawler for free - our advertisers - need this information to determine how effective their advertising investments are. We don't tell our advertisers who it was that saw or clicked on their advertisements unless you have specifically told us this is acceptable.

And occasionally we will send you email communications to provide information which we think you will find useful, including information on PubCrawler updates. It is our policy only to send email to customers who give us permission to do so. In every such email, we will also have instructions on how to unsubscribe so that you will not receive any future emails from PubCrawler if you do not wish to, or you can avoid receiving them altogether via our "Opt-out Policy."

Opt-Out Features
PubCrawler puts control over communications directed to you where it belongs: In your hands. Every time we collect name and address information about you we give you the opportunity to unsubscribe/opt-out.

You can tell us if you don't want to receive communication from PubCrawler such as email newsletters announcing contests, prizes or new features.

You can tell us if you don't want to receive communication from third-party companies who offer a product or service that we think would be of value to you.

And, of course, you can always decline to provide the personal information to us in the first place.

Unsubscribe from Mailings
PubCrawler uses occassional member emailings to communicate imporatant information to fellow Pubcrawlers. The number of mailings is variable but usually about one per month. We also have our update mailings which you can subscribe to. These update mailings give you the freshest list of updates based on your preferences within our system.

With all mailings, we stop them when you ask us to. To stop mailings from being sent to you click on UNSUBSCRIBE on the menu or click here.

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