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G.G. Brewers - Glenside, PA
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December 22, 2014 @ 01:56 AM EDT
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Type: BrewPub
G.G. Brewers
Overall: Great    Score: 75 / 100
282 Keswick Road
Glenside, PA 19038
United States
(215) 887-0809
Listed Since: January 2006
Last Updated: April 2006
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Overall Average User Rating
Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Good Good Great Great
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Individual User Reviews
Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Great Awesome!
I've been coming to G&G for several years now with a group of friends, and I'm not really sure about why there are so many negative things said about the place (other than it is super tiny). The food is pretty good and the bartenders aren't bad either. But, what has us coming back for more is the beer (as it is a brewery). It's pretty much amazing. I'm not talking Corsendonk here, but for a small time brewer this stuff is pretty amazing. The prices are very reasonable, and the atmosphere is way better than any other bar in the area. If you are in the area you need to stop by for a pint. You won't regret it.

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review See more reviews from Money Money, West Chester, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
I live in the general area of G&G and have been there about a half dozen times. All of the beer served is brewed on premises and the wine is all from Pennsylvania. I like this place very much for the combination of the beer, food and atmosphere. I find the beer to be very good although it may depend on your personal tastes. The variety changes on a regular basis and they have a couple blends that I hesitated to try at first but found to be excellent. Ask the bartender if you are interested in trying them. The food is typically bar food with some standouts but it is pretty basic and everything is good. The place is very small (no more than 10 tables and 10 seats at the bar) and it is packed before a show at the Keswick Theater which is across the street so you may want to time your visit. They claim to be the smallest brewpub in America and it may very well be true. The person who said it reminded them of a neighborhood pub from days past I think has it right. The bottom line is that this is a unique beer place that you won't find duplicated in too many places and well worth a try.

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review See more reviews from Eric Eric, Elkins Park, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A Awesome! Awesome!
I live about a five minute walk from this establishment, and have been coming here, on an irregular basis, for the past year or so. Frankly, I am very impressed, and while I have a great deal of difficulty trying to understand some of the previous, negative comments, I suppose they can be chalked up to improved product and/or expectations of the type that are common to any brew pub that attempts to serve out of the fizz beer/frosted glass mold. No bones about it: this beer is served at celler temperature and there is nary a bubble rising to meet your palate. In fact the owner who spent several years in the UK (Midlands) has created a number of brews which reflect a definite West-Midlands character but with an alcoholic punch appreciably greater than what is normal in the UK. The beers vary and though I am sometimes dissapointed that X or Y is not on draft on a particular visit, invariably, the new choice is at least excellent, and sometimes a revelation. This is a VERY small pub; it is easily reminiscent of rural bars in Ireland except that the taps flow with Glenside-made rather than the ubiquitous J Arthur. The two small TV's are usually on mute, the satellite radio on low (though I have noticed it creeping up of late). Conversation IS an option here. People are friendly and the beer (a local winery provides an option) tops anything to be found within miles. This is an excellent place with a brewer/owner who knows his craft and, perhaps even more important, knows how to serve it (yup, no CO2). Along the latter thought,it is interesting to note that several of us were at the nearby Union Jacks recently. Although the selection was a VERY interesting mix of American Micros and legendary Brit stuff, the beer was VERY poorly served. The temperature for high-end beer should be cool, NOT cold (admittedly exceptions) and English beer should never come within miles of a CO2 line. While drinking these world-class beers, served frigid with fizz, we all noted how superior the beers were a few blocks to the east.

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review See more reviews from Joe Joe, Glenside, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So So So N/A Good Good
My parents came up for Christmas and I wanted to take my dad to the neighborhood brewpub (I live close by). Well we went in, sat down and I pulled out my notebook as I asked for the sampler. I was quickly told, by the owner, that I was not permited to take notes... wha... wha... WHAAAAT?! Well fine... he also wouldn't allow me to write down the beer names. He then went on to tell some very long story about a dude who was taking notes and for some reason or another made a bartender cry... well I was only half lisetening as he set up five four once samplers infront of me... ummm.... well... the first was the St Nick something or other ale... well since he wouldn't let me right down the names then I don't remember the name... it was lousy anyway... no head... watery flavor... wait... it was a raspberry ale... I couldn't even finish the sample... next was the Keswick Lite... the best of the five but still a little too sweet for my taste. Next was the Naughty Boy Stout... no head and way too much residual sweetness. Completely undrinkable and I didn't drink more then a couple of sips. Next was the Christmas Red Ale. I would say this might be the second most drinkable brew but still not great. I did finish this sample. The last was the Apricot Stout... I did finish this and there were some good smokey roasted notes that made me wonder how good the stout would have been without the apricot... After the sampler I did order a ten once Keswick Lite along with my dad.

I love that there is a brewpub in Glenside... I really am. And I can only hope and pray that the beers improve. The owner is a very nice dude even if he didn't let me take notes. This is my second time in the brewpub and it probably wont be the last since I am hoping things improve. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Good Luck GGs!

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review See more reviews from Todd Hansell Todd Hansell, Roslyn, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy Lousy N/A Good Lousy
There were only 3 beers to choose from and of two I tried I didn't finish either. Poor brewing techniques lead to off flavors in the beer(mainly chlorophenols). The bar tender was friendy, but not knowledgable about their beers. The atmosphere is more like a old corner bar with folding chairs than a small quaint pub. It's only been open several months so hopefully they can improve the beer and atmosphere before they go out of buisness.

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review See more reviews from Joseph Joseph, Abington, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A Awesome! Awesome!
I'm not sure what these negative comments were all about. The brewing quality here is unbelieveable for a small upstart independent brewpub. What's really nice here is that the there is none of that "next day over-fermentation blues" that I've had from some other local brewpubs. This is good stuff; I would recommend this place to anyone who loves individualistic brewpubs.

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review See more reviews from Anthony Donato Anthony Donato, Blue Bell, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy So So Lousy So So Lousy
I was so looking forward to visiting GG Brewers before a concert at the neighboring Keswick Theater in mid June. I got to Glenside over an hour early to make sure that I could get to the new brewpub. I wanted so badly for it to be wonderful. Yecchh!!! I have to agree wholeheartedly with Lew below. Only 3 beers on tap. One was a Stout, the other a Rasberry flavored light and the last was an IPA. I had the IPA and whew.... absolutely undrinkable. I managed to nurse down the first half of a pint, then, in desperation, had to sneak off to the mens room and dump the rest. Again, determined that this was going to be a GREAT new brew pub near home, I asked for a pint of the Rasberry. Again, just the same awful stuff with a squirt of rasberry flavoring. What a disappointment! Then my food came. Chicken parmesean sandwich. What could go wrong? Pre-packed airline food would have been better. I truly want this brewpub to survive and to be a wonderful HOT SPOT for us metro Philly pub crawlers. But someone PLEASE help these guys with their brewing and kitchen skills!!! Uggghh.

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review See more reviews from Tom Byrne Tom Byrne, Perkasie, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Good Great Great Great
I do not know what the one person saw but I thought it was Great I have been Homebrewing for about 7 years I could not find anything of what he said was true. But that is how he feels. Anyway I thought it was fun nice feel to the place. Mad me feel Like I was at home. Needed something like this in Glenside. I can see myself there a lot.

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review See more reviews from Albert Albert, Glenside, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So So So N/A Good Good
Interesting location and venue; this tiny place is almost directly across from the Keswick Theater, a great local concert space. They made a claim to be the world's second-smallest brewery, and they may have it: there were only ten seats at the bar, and not many others in the small room. It was non-smoking, and thank God for that in the tiny room. The decor was plain to the point of severity, and there were only three beers offered; a light red ale, a porter, and a brown ale. We got pints of was disappointing. Flabby, sweet, under-attenuated, though a good chocolate flavor and a lack of nasty infection-type notes argued for better potential in the future. But this pint was not one I'd go back for. They've been open only a couple weeks, so I'll be back for another try...assuming they stay open. Small place and so-so beer is not a formula for raging success.

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review See more reviews from Lew Bryson Lew Bryson, Philadelphia, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Good Great Great Great
I loved this place.....nice neighbor-friendly pub! And NO SMOKING, a rare find!

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review Glenside, PA

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Good Great Great Great
Just opened in March. Four beers currently on tap with more to come.

Very enjoyable Smoke-Free environment! Awesome response to this greatly aniticipated addition to the Keswick Village area! Appears to be doing very well as a brand-new establishment!

Write Your Review Reply to this Review Report Review Glenside, PA

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