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December 21, 2014 @ 12:25 AM EDT
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30 January 2008
Heavyweight Brewing Pair Back with a Lightweight Brewpub
new green business meets local bar
Earth Bread + Brewery

Tom Baker and Peggy Zwerver, owners of the well-regarded and shuttered Heavyweight Brewing are back with a new place being in the pre-opening phase.

The duo had longed for a small bar where they could sit at the end of the bar and chatter with friends and patrons.

It's pizza, soups and salads along with four beers brewed on premises aside eight other local microbrews that will make up the new Earth Bread + Brewery location in Mount Airy section of Philadelphia.

29 January 2008
New Beer Bar Waits Six Months for License
Liquor control at it's worst
Beer Table - Brooklyn, New York

Imagine working hard to open a new beer bar. Finding space for your new venture, suppliers, tables, glassware, lights, flooring, building modifications, health department permits, local building permits, occupancy permits  and the notorious LIQUOR LICENSE.

The Beer Table in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, New York has been in legal
limbo for almost six months with their liquor license still pending approval by the
New York State Liquor Authority.

Justin and Tricia Philips, the owners of the now shuttered-pending-licence beer bar both remain optimistic that opening day might arrive sometime in 2008. In the meantime months of rent, utilities and the costs it takes to open a new place are mounting.

Will Beer Table open? Will they survive the first year? Well the bureuacrats at the NY State Liquor Authority sure could not care.

28 January 2008
New Belgium Brewing Joins 'One Percent for the Planet'
Pledges 1% of Sales to Environmental Groups Around the World:
New Belgium Brewing Bicycle Logo

New Belgium Brewing joined One Percent for the Planet. One percent of New Belgium's sales will go towards the fund launched in 2001 by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Matthews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies of Bozeman.

Since 2001, 1% members have donated more than $30 million USD towards environmental projects.

New Belgium will also continue giving one dollar per every barrel of beer sold to non-profit organizations.

Quite the environmental leader, New Belgium was the first brewery to buy wind power for it's operations.

27 January 2008
Hops Provide Active Anti-Cancer Agent
Xanthohumol inhibits a family of enzymes that can trigger the cancer process
dividign cancer cell

A preliminary study out of Munich, Germany has determined xanthohumol, found in hops inhibits a family of  enzymes that can trigger the cancer process.

Xanthohumol also helps the body detoxify carcinogens stopping tumor growth at an early stage.

Xanthohumol contains more powerful antioxidants than vitamin E and some studies indicate it helps reduce oxidation of bad cholesterol.

At Oregon State University they have shown
xanthohumol kills breast, colon, ovarian, and prostate cancers.

26 January 2008
Legislators Trying to Ban Cold Beer
only in Utah
Utah - Still the right place

Only in Utah would elected officials try to ban the sale of cold beer. That's exactly what some politicians in Utah are trying to do.

The Utah Senate's Republican Caucaus came up with the brilliant idea to ban the sale of cold beer in an ill-fated attempt to stop on premises drinking  and over-drinking by purchasers.

Now someone give me a cold one, before we can't get one in U-ta-aaa.

Mogollon Brewing Producing Ethanol

After producing vodka the lads at Mogollon Brewing decided that brewing ethanol made good sense.

The new venture called Earth Friendly Fuels includes plans to build a production facility outside Flagstaff, Arizona capable of 50 million gallons of ethanol annually.

The brewery is currently the only bar in Arizona permitted to produce ethanol.

25 January 2008
Heartland Raises $35 Million in Loans
Heartland Brewery

GE Capital Solutions, Franchise Finance has loaned Heartland Brewery $20 million in senior term debt, $10 million in a revolving line of credit and $5 million in a development facility.

The $35 million is intended to open new Heartland locations.  

Ontario Rounds Up 50,000 Beer Fridges
Energy Hog

Ontario's great beer fridge roundup claimed some success in it's first year. After having rounded up 50,000 old inefficient fridges last year, they have set a goal of eliminating 100,000 outdated fridges during 2008.

Old fridges on average cost $150 per year to operate. Most end up in the basement storing the occasional beer or the summer beverages.

Eliminating 100k fridges this year will save enough energy to power 15,000 homes.

Barley and Hops and Steel Add to Beer Prices
expect 25-cent increase per poured beverage
hop yard

That flowery citrus taste in your favorite beer might start costing you more. Worldwide hop harvest in fall 2007 was mediocre.    Add to that the falling dollar and strong Euro and lots of the hops are finding their way to the other side of the Atlantic.

It takes about three years to get a hop field to production state. In the US there are an estimated 45 hop growers down from over 2,000 back in 1978.

Time for breweries to start experimenting with other bittering agents.

Barley, another staple of beer production saw prices increase over 17% during 2007. Part of the increase is attributable to farmers dedicating more acreage to more lucrative crops like corn (which is currently being gobbled up for making Ethanol).

The prices of aluminum and stainless steel are on the increase also  as Asia feeds it  need for raw materials.

24 January 2008
Obama and Paul Win Brewery Vote
Great Basin Brewing's Beer Election
Barack ObamaRon Paul

Great Basin Brewing in Sparks, Nevada conducted a week long caucaus vote.

For each beer you ordered during the week you got one vote.

Barack Obama (Democrat) and Dr. Ron Paul (Republican) were elected by the beer caucaus at Great Basin.

Great Basin plans on having another 'election' come fall for the general election.

Sierra Nevada Brewery goes 34% Solar
Installing 6,800, 185 WATT panels

Sierra Nevada Brewery moves closer to it's goal of being powered 100% by renewables.

Installation of 6,800 Mitsubishi 185 Watt panels began back in December 2007. The solar panels will provide 34% of Sierra's energy needs and are in addition to the recent installation of four 250-kilowatt  co-generation fuel cells.

23 January 2008
Raleigh Architect's Brewpub Drawing Interest

Sidetrack Brewpub logo

Raleigh, North Carolina architect Andrew Leager is working on opening Sidetrack Brewery.

Located in the Boylan Heights neighborhood Sidetrack has an excellent view of downtown Raleigh as well as outdoor seating.

Permits and construction slate Sidetrack for a 2008 opening.

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