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December 20, 2014 @ 10:45 AM EDT
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26 February 2008
Have Good Beers? Then Have a Beer List Already!

So you head to this bar or restaurant or other incarnation that allegedly has a good beer selection. You have never been there before and your source of reliable beer information failed to stick anything tempting to drink in your brain.

You get seated and the waitress hands you a food menu and asks what you would like to drink. You say a beer while she slowly rambles off the undrinkables: Bud, Miller, Coors Light, etc. This is while you fumble angrily through the menu and then scour over the table in that area where they heap the condiments and advertisements looking for a complete beverage list.

Maybe if you are brave or tired of this like me you ask "Where the beer list?" or  "Where is a beverage list?"

This large problem seems to happen way too often. It must be one of the biggest problems the craft beer industry has.

Sure if you are at a brewpub, they will most certainly have all the beers on the trendy, but effective and required chalkboard for consideration.  But what I am talking about here are the restaurants and bars who serve food, have a food menu, have beer taps, have a cooler with beer and serve wine and spirits.

My never ending gripe is that these places seem to think patrons are mind readers or that patrons wanting the good beer should be sitting at the bar talking to the bartender.  How is someone going to order something you do not have on a menu?

What exactly does it say when the staff starts the beer list and ends it with only the macro beers? It says that the establishment’s days might be numbered. It says there is a lack of training. It also says there are many missed opportunities to convert customers into more lucrative craft beer drinkers.

So do me a favor if you own or operate any place that serves craft beer – put a beer menu on each table. Or consider putting the craft beer, soft drinks and mixed drinks all on a drink menu to accompany the food menu.

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