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December 21, 2014 @ 11:45 PM EDT
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21 February 2008
Lucky Lab Brews with Solar Heated Water
Lucky Lab solar water panel installation photo

Cloudy, dreary, Portland, Oregon, February.

Up on the roof the sun heats the water to over 100 degrees.  Downstairs the brewer goes to work filling the mash tun with hot water to saturate malted barley.

It's no different at the Lucky Labrador in Portland, Oregon (Hawthorne), except for the solar heated water part.

Brewing beer is hot water intensive. Hot water requires lots of money.

They are using 16 4x10 foot panels to gather heat from the sun. It's low 40's outside and their solar water is up to 145 degrees already.

Lucky Lab is already in the process of working on adding solar power water heating to their other locations.  Way to go guys!
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