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Landmarks Search Results for Arkansas-
Search Results
December 18, 2014 @ 10:38 AM EDT
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PubCrawler Landmarks Search Results

1834 Landmark Options Match Your Search , Arkansas
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Abernathy, Jessie, House, Marcella, ARKANSAS
Abington, William Thomas, House, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Abrams House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Abramson House, Holly Grove, ARKANSAS
Ackins House, Floyd, ARKANSAS
Adams-Leslie House, Warren, ARKANSAS
Adar House, Sulfur Springs, ARKANSAS
Aday--Stephenson House, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Adler House, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Aggie Hall, Bruno, ARKANSAS
Aggie Workshop, Bruno, ARKANSAS
Agriculture Building--University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Akron Cemetery, Newark, ARKANSAS
Albert Pike Memorial Temple, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Alco School, Alco, ARKANSAS
Alden House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Alderson--Coston House, Malvern, ARKANSAS
Alfrey-Brown House, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
All Souls Church, Scott, ARKANSAS
Allen Tire Company and Gas Station, Prescott, ARKANSAS
Allen, W. H., House, Spotville, ARKANSAS
Allin House, Helena, ARKANSAS
Allinder, Bailey, House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Almer Store, Helena, ARKANSAS
Altman House, Helena, ARKANSAS
Altus Well Shed--Gazebo, Altus, ARKANSAS
Amboy Overpass, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
American Legion Hall, Searcy, ARKANSAS
American Legion Hut--Des Arc, Des Arc, ARKANSAS
American Legion Post No. 121, Paris, ARKANSAS
American Legion Post No. 127 Building, Eudora, ARKANSAS
American Legion Post No. 131, Leslie, ARKANSAS
Amis House, Fordyce, ARKANSAS
Anderson Boarding House, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Anderson, Clarence, Barn, Newnata, ARKANSAS
Anderson, Dr. A. G., House, Eudora, ARKANSAS
Anderson, George, House, Big Springs, ARKANSAS
Anderson, H.M., House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Anderson--Hobson Mercantile Store, Foreman, ARKANSAS
Andrews, Col. Ralph, House, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Anhalt Barn, New Blaine, ARKANSAS
Applegate Drugstore, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Arkadelphia Boy Scout Hut, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Arkadelphia Confederate Monument, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Arkansas Bank & Trust Company, Newport, ARKANSAS
Arkansas City Commercial District, Arkansas, ARKANSAS
Arkansas City High School, Arkansas City, ARKANSAS
Arkansas County Courthouse--Northern District, Stuttgart, ARKANSAS
Arkansas County Courthouse--Southern District, DeWitt, ARKANSAS
ARKANSAS II (riverboat), North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company Building, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Arkansas Post National Memorial, Gillett, ARKANSAS
Arkansas Power & Light Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Arkansas State Capitol, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Arnold Farmstead, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Ashley-Alexander House, Scott, ARKANSAS
Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Atchley, Henry, House, Dalark, ARKANSAS
Atkinson-Williams Warehouse, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Attwood--Hopson House, New Edinburg, ARKANSAS
Augusta Presbyterian Church, Augusta, ARKANSAS
Austin House, Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Averitt House, Mount Pleasant, ARKANSAS
Avey, John, Barn, Big Springs, ARKANSAS
Aycock House, Morrilton, ARKANSAS
Ayers, William, House, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Bacon Hotel, Whitehall, ARKANSAS
Baer House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Bailey House, Warren, ARKANSAS
Baker House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Baldock House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Bank of Amity, Old, Amity, ARKANSAS
Bank of Booneville Building, Booneville, ARKANSAS
Bank of Carthage, Carthage, ARKANSAS
Bank of Clarendon, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Bank of Commerce, El Dorado, ARKANSAS
Bank of Fayetteville Building, Old, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Bank of Gentry, Gentry, ARKANSAS
Bank of Kingston, Kingston, ARKANSAS
Bank of Malvern, Malvern, ARKANSAS
Bank of Marshall Building, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Bank of Osceola, Osceola, ARKANSAS
Bank of Rogers Building, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Bank of Searcy, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Banks House, Hiwassee, ARKANSAS
Bard Springs Bathhouse, Athens, ARKANSAS
Bard Springs Dam No. 1, Athens, ARKANSAS
Bard Springs Dam No. 2, Athens, ARKANSAS
Bard Springs Picnic Shelter, Athens, ARKANSAS
Bariola Farm, Tontitown, ARKANSAS
Barkman, James E. M., House, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Barlow Apartments, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Barnett-Attwood House, New Edinburg, ARKANSAS
Barrett--Rogers Building, Hazen, ARKANSAS
Bartell, Fred, House, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
Barth--Hempfling House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Bartlett--Kirk House, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Bartley, Guy, House, Leslie, ARKANSAS
Bateman-Griffith House, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Bates Tourist Court, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Bates, Sherman and Merlene, House, Hardy, ARKANSAS
Bates, Sherman, House, Hardy, ARKANSAS
Batesville Confederate Monument, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Batesville East Main Historic District (Boundary Increase), Batesville, ARKANSAS
Bathhouse Row, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Battery A Site, Battle of Helena, Helena, ARKANSAS
Battery B Site, Battle of Helena, Helena, ARKANSAS
Battery D, Helena, ARKANSAS
Baxter County Courthouse, Mountain Home, ARKANSAS
Baynham House, Success, ARKANSAS
Beal--Burrow Dry Goods Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Bean Cemetery, Lincoln, ARKANSAS
Bear Creek Motel, Bear Creek Springs, ARKANSAS
Beasley Homestead, Bethel Heights, ARKANSAS
Beauchamp, Walter, House, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Beaver Bridge, Beaver, ARKANSAS
Beaver Bridge, Beaver, ARKANSAS
Bechle Apartment Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Bechle House, Little Rock, Arkansas
Bechle House, Little Rock, Arkansas
Bee Mountain Fire Tower, Vandervoort, ARKANSAS
Beebe Jail, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Beebe Railroad Station, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Beebe Theater, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Beisel--Mitchell House, Paragould, ARKANSAS
Belding--Gaines Cemetery, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Bell House, Jonesboro, ARKANSAS
Bell House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Bella Vista Water Tank, Bella Vista, ARKANSAS
Benton County Courthouse, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Benton County Jail, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Benton County National Bank, Benton City, ARKANSAS
Bentonville Confederate Monument, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Bentonville High School, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Bentonville Train Station, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Berger House, Jonesboro, ARKANSAS
Berger-Graham House, Jonesboro, ARKANSAS
Bergman High School, Bergman, ARKANSAS
Berry House, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Berryville Agriculture Building, Berryville, ARKANSAS
Berryville Gymnasium, Berryville, ARKANSAS
Berryville Post Office, Berryville, ARKANSAS
Bertschy House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Bethel House, Des Arc, ARKANSAS
Bethell, Bedford Brown, House, Des Arc, ARKANSAS
Bettis, John, House, Pleasant Grove, ARKANSAS
Beyerlein House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Big Flat School Gymnasium, Big Flat, ARKANSAS
Big Four School, Providence, ARKANSAS
Big Piney Creek Bridge, Hagersville, ARKANSAS
Big Piney Creek Bridge, Hagersville, ARKANSAS
Big Slough Ditch Bridge, Brighton, ARKANSAS
Bigelow Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Bigelow, ARKANSAS
Bird Kiln, Leola, ARKANSAS
Birney Safety Streetcar No. 224, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Black Oak Cemetery, Greenland, ARKANSAS
Black River Bridge, Pocahontas, ARKANSAS
Black River Bridge, Pocahontas, ARKANSAS
Black, Benjamin Clayton, House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Black, William, Family House, Brinkley, ARKANSAS
Blackburn House, Canehill, ARKANSAS
Blackburn House, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Blackwell--Paisley Cabin, Bella Vista, ARKANSAS
Blake House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Blakely House, Social Hill, ARKANSAS
Blankinship Motor Company Building, Warren, ARKANSAS
Blass, Gus, Department Store, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Blessing Farmstead, Barney, ARKANSAS
Block, Isaac, House, Wynne, ARKANSAS
Bloom House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Bluff Springs Church and School, Onia, ARKANSAS
Blunt House Livestock Barn, Midway, ARKANSAS
Blytheville Greyhound Bus Station, Blytheville, ARKANSAS
Blytheville, Leachville and Arkansas Southern Railroad Depot--Leachville, Leachville, ARKANSAS
Boaz, Bishop Hiram A., House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Boaz, Dr., House, Clear Spring, ARKANSAS
Bogan Cabin, Bella Vista, ARKANSAS
Bogart Hardware Building, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Bogg Springs Hotel, Bogg Springs, ARKANSAS
Boggs, James William, House, Pangburn, ARKANSAS
Bolin Barn and Smokehouse, Gravette, ARKANSAS
Bond, Scott, Family Plot, Madison, ARKANSAS
Bondi Brothers Store, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Bonds House, Fox, ARKANSAS
Bone, Luke, Grocery--Boarding House, Bald Knob, ARKANSAS
Bonneville House, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Boone County Courthouse, Harrison, ARKANSAS
Boone County Jail, Harrison, ARKANSAS
Boone House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Boone-Murphy House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Booth, Green, House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Booth--Weir House, McRae, ARKANSAS
Borden House, Prairie Grove, ARKANSAS
Boswell School, Boswell, ARKANSAS
Bottoms House, Texarkana, ARKANSAS
Bounds Building, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Boyd, Adam, House, Center Point, ARKANSAS
Boyd, Thomas Sloan, House, Lonoke, ARKANSAS
Bozeman House, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
BPOE Elks Club, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Bracht, Karl Edward, House, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Bradford City Hall--Byers Masonic Lodge, Bradford, ARKANSAS
Bradley County Courthouse and Clerk's Office, Warren, ARKANSAS
Bragg Guesthouse, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Bragg House, Camden, ARKANSAS
Braithwaite House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Bratt--Smiley House, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
Breckinridge, C. R., House, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Breedlove House and Water Tower, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Brewer's Mill, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Brewer, A. B., Building, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Brewer, Adrian, Studio, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Brewer, John F., House, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Bristow Hotel, Ozark, ARKANSAS
Bromley--Mills--Treece House, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Brookes, Bishop, House, DeQueen, ARKANSAS
Brooks House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Brown House, Conway, ARKANSAS
Brown House, Bald Knob, ARKANSAS
Brown, Dr. Charles Fox, House, Van Buren, ARKANSAS
Brown, Joe, House and Farmstead, Little Red, ARKANSAS
Brown, Samuel, House, West Richwoods, ARKANSAS
Brown, W. C., House, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Brundidge Building, Hope, ARKANSAS
Bruner House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Bruno School Building, Bruno, ARKANSAS
Bryan House, Van Buren, ARKANSAS
Bryan House No. 2, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Bryan, Noah, Store, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Buercklin, Dr. F.W., House, Portia, ARKANSAS
Buffalo River Bridge, Pruitt, ARKANSAS
Buffalo River Bridge, Pruitt, ARKANSAS
Buford School Building, Buford, ARKANSAS
Buhler House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Bunch Store, Kingston, ARKANSAS
Bunckley, W. R., House, Hamburg, ARKANSAS
Burdette School Complex Historic District, Burdette, ARKANSAS
Burkett, Capt. John T., House, Frenchport, ARKANSAS
Burnett House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Burnett Springs, Corley, ARKANSAS
Burns, Bob, House, Van Buren, ARKANSAS
Burton, P.D., House, Lewisville, ARKANSAS
Bush House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Bush--Dubisson House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Business Administration Building--University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Butler, Dr. John L., House, Sheridan, ARKANSAS
Cabin No. 1, Shorewood Hills, ARKANSAS
Cache River Bridge, Walnut Ridge, ARKANSAS
Cache River Bridge, Walnut Ridge, ARKANSAS
Caddo Valley Academy Complex, Norman, ARKANSAS
Cafeteria Building--Cleveland School, Cleveland, ARKANSAS
Caldwell Hall, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Caldwell House, McRae, ARKANSAS
Calhoun County Courthouse, Hampton, ARKANSAS
Calico Rock Home Economics Building, Calico Rock, ARKANSAS
Camden Confederate Monument, Camden, ARKANSAS
Camp Methodist Church, Camp, ARKANSAS
Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery, Cabot, ARKANSAS
Campbell House, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Campbell Post Office--Kuykendall General Store, Oxley, ARKANSAS
Campbell--Chrisp House, Bald Knob, ARKANSAS
Canaan Baptist Church, Texarkana, ARKANSAS
Caney Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Sage, ARKANSAS
Capital Hotel, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Capps House, Lawrenceville, ARKANSAS
Caraway Hall--Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, ARKANSAS
Carl House, Gentry, ARKANSAS
Carlisle Rock Island Depot, Carlisle, ARKANSAS
Carlton House, Lake Village, ARKANSAS
Carnell, Ella, Hall, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Carolina Methodist Church, Rosston, ARKANSAS
Carpenter Dam, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Carrigan House, Hope, ARKANSAS
Carroll County Courthouse, Eastern District, Berryville, ARKANSAS
Carroll, A. R., Building, Canehill, ARKANSAS
Carter, Fred, House, Hardy, ARKANSAS
Carter--Jones House, Yellville, ARKANSAS
Cary House, Pangburn, ARKANSAS
Case, C. B., Motor Co. Building, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Case--Shiras--Dearmore House, Mountain Home, ARKANSAS
Cavaness, Garvin, House, Monticello, ARKANSAS
Cedar Creek Bridge, Petit Jean State Park, ARKANSAS
Cedar Creek Bridge, Rosie, ARKANSAS
Cedar Creek Bridge, Rudy, ARKANSAS
Cedarville School Building, Cedarville, ARKANSAS
Centennial Baptist Church, Helena, ARKANSAS
Center Cross School, Altus, ARKANSAS
Center Valley Well House, Center Valley, ARKANSAS
Central High School Neighborhood Historic District (BoundaryIncrease), Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Central Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Chalk Bluff, St. Francis, ARKANSAS
Chandler House, Stevens Creek, ARKANSAS
Chaney, James C., House, Osage, ARKANSAS
Charlton Bathhouse, Crystal Springs, ARKANSAS
Charlton Spillway--Dam, Crystal Springs, ARKANSAS
Chemistry Building--University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Cherry House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Cherry--Luter Estate, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Chester Masonic Lodge and Community Building, Chester, ARKANSAS
Chi Omega Chapter House, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Chi Omega Greek Theatre--University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Chicago Mill Company Office Building, West Helena, ARKANSAS
Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad Depot, Blue Mountain, ARKANSAS
Childers Farmstead, McRae, ARKANSAS
Chism, Dr. Stephen N., House, Booneville, ARKANSAS
Chisum House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Choctaw Route Station, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Christ the King Church, Ft. Smith, ARKANSAS
Churchill--Hilger House, Pangburn, ARKANSAS
Citizens Building, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
City Hall, Osceola, ARKANSAS
Clardy-Lee House, Center Point, ARKANSAS
Clarendon Methodist-Episcopal Church South, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Clark County Courthouse, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Clark County Library, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Clark House, Malvern, ARKANSAS
Clark-King House, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Clarke--Harrell--Burson House, Van Buren, ARKANSAS
Clarksville Confederate Monument, Clarksville, ARKANSAS
Clarksville High School Building No. 1, Clarksville, ARKANSAS
Clary, J. W. and Ann Lowe, House, Benton, ARKANSAS
Clay, Dr., House, Leslie, ARKANSAS
Clayton, W. H. H., House, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Clear Springs Tabernacle, Okolona, ARKANSAS
Cleburne County Courthouse, Heber Springs, ARKANSAS
Cleveland County Clerk's Building, Rison, ARKANSAS
Cleveland County Courthouse, Rison, ARKANSAS
Clifton and Greening Street Historic District (Boundary Increase), Camden, ARKANSAS
Clifton, John, House, Texarkana, ARKANSAS
Clinton, Bill, Birthplace, Hope, ARKANSAS
Clinton, Bill, Boyhood Home, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Clover Bend High School, Clover Bend, ARKANSAS
Coal Gap School, Larue, ARKANSAS
Coats School, Maysville, ARKANSAS
Cobb, Pattie, Hall, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Cobb--Weber House, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Coca-Cola Building, Morrilton, ARKANSAS
Coger House, Evening Shade, ARKANSAS
Cold Spring, Waldron, ARKANSAS
Cold Springs School, Big Flat, ARKANSAS
Collier House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Collier Springs Shelter, Norman, ARKANSAS
Collums--Baker House, Bee Branch, ARKANSAS
Columbia County Courthouse, Magnolia, ARKANSAS
Columbia County Jail, Magnolia, ARKANSAS
Columbus Presbyterian Church, Columbus, ARKANSAS
Commercial Hotel, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Commercial Hotel, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Compton-Wood House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Confederate Soldiers Monument, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Confederate State Capitol, Washington, ARKANSAS
Connelly--Harrington House, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
Conway Cemetery, Bradley, ARKANSAS
Conway Confederate Monument, Conway, ARKANSAS
Conway County Courthouse, Morrilton, ARKANSAS
Conway County Library, Morrilton, ARKANSAS
Conway Hotel, Murfreesboro, ARKANSAS
Cook-Morrow House, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Cooley, Sam, Barn, Bald Knob, ARKANSAS
Coolidge House, Helena, ARKANSAS
Coop Creek Bridge, Mansfield, ARKANSAS
Copeland, Henry, House, Pleasant Grove, ARKANSAS
Copeland, Wesley, House, Timbo, ARKANSAS
Cornish House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Cotter Bridge, Cotter, ARKANSAS
Cotter Bridge, Cotter, ARKANSAS
Cotter High School Gymnasium, Old, Cotter, ARKANSAS
Cotton Belt Railroad Depot--Fordyce, Fordyce, ARKANSAS
Cotton, Dr. J. O., House, Leslie, ARKANSAS
Cotton, Thomas James, House, Dardanelle, ARKANSAS
Cottonwood School #45, Self, ARKANSAS
Couch, Harvey C., School, Calhoun, ARKANSAS
Couch--Marshall House, Magnolia, ARKANSAS
Council Grove Methodist Church, Osage Mills, ARKANSAS
County Line School and Lodge, Gepp, ARKANSAS
Cove Creek Bridge, Corley, ARKANSAS
Cove Creek Tributary Bridge, Corley, ARKANSAS
Cove Lake Bathhouse, Corley, ARKANSAS
Cove Lake Spillway Dam--Bridge, Corley, ARKANSAS
Coward House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Cowdrey House, Yellville, ARKANSAS
Cowling, Judge Jefferson Thomas, House, Ashdown, ARKANSAS
Cox House, Morrilton, ARKANSAS
Craig--Bryan House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Craighead County Courthouse, Jonesboro, ARKANSAS
Craighead County Road 513C Bridge, Dixie, ARKANSAS
Crawford County Road 32D Bridge, Natural Dam, ARKANSAS
Crawford, W. D., House, Cisco, ARKANSAS
Cremane House, Bradford, ARKANSAS
Crittenden County Bank and Trust Company, Marion, ARKANSAS
Crittenden County Courthouse, Marion, ARKANSAS
Critz, Col. John, Farm, Springhouse, Center Hill, ARKANSAS
Crosby, Dr. Cyrus F., House, Heber Springs, ARKANSAS
Cross House, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Crossett Experimental Forest Building No. 2, Crossett, ARKANSAS
Crossett Experimental Forest Building No. 6, Crossett, ARKANSAS
Crossett Experimental Forest Building No. 8, Crossett, ARKANSAS
Crossett Post Office, Crossett, ARKANSAS
Crow, Oscar, House, Star City, ARKANSAS
Crowley's Ridge State Park--Bathhouse, Walcott, ARKANSAS
Crowley's Ridge State Park--Bridge, Walcott, ARKANSAS
Crowley's Ridge State Park--Comfort Station, Walcott, ARKANSAS
Crowley's Ridge State Park--Dining Hall, Walcott, ARKANSAS
Croxson House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Crystal Springs Camp Shelter, Norman, ARKANSAS
Crystal Springs Dam, Norman, ARKANSAS
Culbertson Kiln, Princeton, ARKANSAS
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Curran Hall, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Cypert, Jesse N., Law Office, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Dabbs Store, West Memphis, ARKANSAS
Dallas County Courthouse, Fordyce, ARKANSAS
Damascus CCC Camp, Co. No. 3781 Historic District, Damascus, ARKANSAS
Damascus Gymnasium, Damascus, ARKANSAS
Daniel, Dr. Sam G., House, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Daniels House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Dardanelle Agriculture and Post Office, Dardanelle, ARKANSAS
Dardanelle Confederate Monument, Dardanelle, ARKANSAS
Darden-Gifford House, Rosebud, ARKANSAS
Darragh House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Daugherty, Ernest, House, Hardy, ARKANSAS
Davidson, Sam, House, Evening Shade, ARKANSAS
Davis Barn, Pleasant Grove, ARKANSAS
Davis House, Clarksville, ARKANSAS
Davis House, Norfork, ARKANSAS
Davis--Adams House, Warren, ARKANSAS
Deadrick, Capt. Isaac N., House, Levesque, ARKANSAS
Dean House, Portland, ARKANSAS
Dean House, Texarkana, ARKANSAS
Deane House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Dearing House, Newark, ARKANSAS
Deaton Cabin, Bella Vista, ARKANSAS
Deener House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Democrat Printing & Lithograph Co. Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Denison House, West Helena, ARKANSAS
DeQueen & Eastern Railroad Machine Shop, DeQueen, ARKANSAS
Dermott Bank & Trust Company Building, Dermott, ARKANSAS
Desha County Courthouse, Arkansas City, ARKANSAS
Dew Drop Inn, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
DeWitt Post Office, DeWitt, ARKANSAS
Dickerson, N. E., Store, Oark, ARKANSAS
Dickinson, Edward, House, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Dill School, Ida, ARKANSAS
Dillard, William, Homestead, Round Bottom, ARKANSAS
Dillard, William, Homestead, Round Bottom, ARKANSAS
Dilley House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Dodd, David O., Memorial, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Dodson Memorial Building, Springdale, ARKANSAS
Doe Branch Post Office, Ferndale, ARKANSAS
Dog Branch School, Osage, ARKANSAS
Doherty House, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Dollarway Road, Redfield, ARKANSAS
Domestic Science Building, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Dondy Building, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Dortch Plantation, Scott, ARKANSAS
Doughtery, H. J., House, Marcella, ARKANSAS
Douglas House, Vaughn, ARKANSAS
Doyle, David, House No. 2, El Paso, ARKANSAS
Drane House, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Drennen-Scott House, Van Buren, ARKANSAS
Drew County Courthouse, Monticello, ARKANSAS
Duckworth--Williams House, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
Dugger and Schultz Millinery Store Building, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Dunaway House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Dunaway, O. L., House, Conway, ARKANSAS
Dunbar Junior and Senior High School and Junior College, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Dunham, Joseph Starr, House, Van Buren, ARKANSAS
Dunlap House, Clarksville, ARKANSAS
Dunn House, Hampton, ARKANSAS
Durham School, Durham, ARKANSAS
Eagle House, Lonoke, ARKANSAS
Eagle, Joe P., and D. R. Boone Building, Lonoke, ARKANSAS
Earle House, Canehill, ARKANSAS
East Markham Street Historic District, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Eastern Star Lodge 207 F&AM, St. Francis, ARKANSAS
Ebenezer Campground, Center Point, ARKANSAS
Ebenezer Monument, Mena, ARKANSAS
Ederington House, Warren, ARKANSAS
Edgemere Street Bridge, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Edie, James W., House, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Edmiston, D. N., House, Canehill, ARKANSAS
Edmiston, John, House, Canehill, ARKANSAS
Edmiston, Zeb, House, Canehill, ARKANSAS
Edwards, W. A., House, Evening Shade, ARKANSAS
Eight Mile Creek Bridge, Paragould, ARKANSAS
Eight Mile Creek Bridge, Paragould, ARKANSAS
El Dorado Apartments, El Dorado, ARKANSAS
El Dorado Confederate Monument, El Dorado, ARKANSAS
El Dorado Junior College Building, El Dorado, ARKANSAS
El Paso Bank, El Paso, ARKANSAS
Elizabeth Hall, New Blaine, ARKANSAS
Elks Club, Marianna, ARKANSAS
Elks Lodge, Mena, ARKANSAS
Ellas-McKay House, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Elliott House, Fordyce, ARKANSAS
Elliott House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Elliott-Meek House, Camden, ARKANSAS
Elm Street House, Bald Knob, ARKANSAS
Elms, The, Altheimer, ARKANSAS
Emmer, Joe, House, Holly Springs, ARKANSAS
Empie-Van Dyke House, Newport, ARKANSAS
Engelberger House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
England House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
England, Joseph E. Jr., House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Enterprise School, Thorney, ARKANSAS
Epstein, Sam, House, Lake Village, ARKANSAS
Eros School Building, Eros, ARKANSAS
Esso Station, Piggott, ARKANSAS
Estes, Horace, House, Gurdon, ARKANSAS
Estes--Williams American Legion Hut #61, Yellville, ARKANSAS
Estevan Hall, Helena, ARKANSAS
Ethridge House, Hope, ARKANSAS
Everton School, Everton, ARKANSAS
Ewan Building, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Exchange Bank, El Dorado, ARKANSAS
Exchange Bank Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Fair View School, Russellville, ARKANSAS
Fairview Cemetery, Confederate Section, Van Buren, ARKANSAS
Fairview School Building, Fairview, ARKANSAS
Farmer's State Bank, New Blaine, ARKANSAS
Farmers and Merchants Bank, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Farmers and Merchants Bank--Masonic Lodge, Booneville, ARKANSAS
Farmers Bank Building, Leslie, ARKANSAS
Farmers State Bank, Conway, ARKANSAS
Farrell House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Farrell House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Farrell House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Farrell House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Faucette Building, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Faucette, James Peter, House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Faulkner County Courthouse, Conway, ARKANSAS
Faulkner County Jail, Conway, ARKANSAS
Faust House, West Helena, ARKANSAS
Fayetteville Confederate Cemetery, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Federal Building, Rison, ARKANSAS
Federal Reserve Bank Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Fendley, Bud, House, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Ferguson Gas Station, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Ferguson House, Augusta, ARKANSAS
Ferguson House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Ferguson, T. M., House, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Ferguson, Zeb, House, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Ferguson-Calderara House, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Ficklin--Imboden House, Powhatan, ARKANSAS
Fielder House, Fordyce, ARKANSAS
First Baptist Church, Marvell, ARKANSAS
First Baptist Church, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
First Baptist Church, Eudora, ARKANSAS
First Baptist Church, Osceola, ARKANSAS
First Christian Church, Nashville, ARKANSAS
First Christian Church, Searcy, ARKANSAS
First Christian Church, Paris, ARKANSAS
First Christian Church, Lonoke, ARKANSAS
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
First Methodist Church, Lewisville, ARKANSAS
First Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Ozark, ARKANSAS
First Missionary Baptist Church, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
First National Bank, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
First National Bank of Morrilton, Morrilton, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, Fordyce, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, Newport, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, Dardanelle, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, Des Arc, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, Clarksville, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, El Dorado, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, DeQueen, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church, Stamps, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church Manse, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
First Presbyterian Church--Berry House, Dardanelle, ARKANSAS
First United Methodist Church, Fordyce, ARKANSAS
First United Methodist Church, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
First United Methodist Church, Hamburg, ARKANSAS
First United Methodist Church, Searcy, ARKANSAS
First United Methodist Church, DeWitt, ARKANSAS
First United Methodist Church, Conway, ARKANSAS
First United Methodist Church, Forrest City, ARKANSAS
First United Methodist Church, Lockesburg, ARKANSAS
Fishback School, Springdale, ARKANSAS
Fisher, John P., House, Portland, ARKANSAS
Flanagin Law Office, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Fletcher House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Fletcher, W. P., House, Lonoke, ARKANSAS
Florence Crittenton Home, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Florida Brothers Building, Osceola, ARKANSAS
Floyd Cotton Gin, Floyd, ARKANSAS
Fones House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Ford, Zachariah, House, Pleasant Grove, ARKANSAS
Fordyce Home Accident Ins. Co., Fordyce, ARKANSAS
Fordyce House, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Fordyce House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Forrest City High School, Forrest City, ARKANSAS
Forrester, C.E., House, Waldron, ARKANSAS
Fort Smith Masonic Temple, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Fort Smith US Post Office and Courthouse, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Fort, John Gabriel, House, Driggs, ARKANSAS
Foster House, Hope, ARKANSAS
Foster House, Hope, ARKANSAS
Foster, C. E., House, Mena, ARKANSAS
Foulke, Claude, House, Texarkana, ARKANSAS
Fourche LaFave River Bridge, Nimrod, ARKANSAS
Fowler, Absalom, House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Fox House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Fox Motel House, Bald Knob, ARKANSAS
Frank, Joseph M., House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Franklin County Courthouse, Ozark, ARKANSAS
Franklin County Courthouse, Southern District, Charleston, ARKANSAS
Franklin County Jail, Ozark, ARKANSAS
Frauenthal & Schwarz Building, Conway, ARKANSAS
Frauenthal House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Frauenthal, Clarence, House, Heber Springs, ARKANSAS
Fraunthal House, Conway, ARKANSAS
Freeman, Wood, House No. 1, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Freeman, Wood, House No. 2, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Freeman--Felker House, Rogers, ARKANSAS
French-England House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Frenchman's Mountain Methodist Episcopal Church--South and Cemetery, Cato, ARKANSAS
Frierson House, Jonesboro, ARKANSAS
Frisco Depot, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Frith-Plunkett House, Des Arc, ARKANSAS
Frizell, Dr., House, Bradford, ARKANSAS
Frog Bayou Bridge, Mountainburg, ARKANSAS
Frog Level, Bussey, ARKANSAS
Ft. Smith Confederate Monument, Ft. Smith, ARKANSAS
Fulk Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Gailey Hollow Farmstead, Logan Community, ARKANSAS
Galloway Hall, Conway, ARKANSAS
Galloway, Orth C., House, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Gammill, Orvall, Barn, Big Springs, ARKANSAS
Gann Building, Benton, ARKANSAS
Gans, Solomon, House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Garfield Elementary School, Benton, ARKANSAS
Garland County Courthouse, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Garland, Augustus, House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Garrard, Lizzie, House, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Garrett Whiteside Hall, Nashville, ARKANSAS
Garrison Place, Carthage, ARKANSAS
Garrison, Augustus M. House, Texarkana, ARKANSAS
Gates--Helm Farm, Snowball, ARKANSAS
Gatewood House, Malvern, ARKANSAS
Gazette Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Gazzola and Vaccaro Building, Brinkley, ARKANSAS
Gemmill-Faust House, West Helena, ARKANSAS
Gen. Robert E. Lee Monument, Marianna, ARKANSAS
German Builder's House, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
German--American Bank, Altus, ARKANSAS
Giboney--Robertson--Stewart House, Wynne, ARKANSAS
Gibson--Burnham House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Gill, Tolbert E., House, Paris, ARKANSAS
Gillham House, Royal, ARKANSAS
Girls' Domestic Science and Arts Building--Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, ARKANSAS
Glaser--Kelly House, Sheridan, ARKANSAS
Glenn House, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Glenwood Iron Mountain Railroad Depot, Glenwood, ARKANSAS
Goff and Gamble Merchandise Store, Gillham, ARKANSAS
Goldman and Son Store, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Gooden, Milt, House, Bald Knob, ARKANSAS
Goodgame, Capt., House, Holly Springs, ARKANSAS
Gordon, Leonard, Homestead, Hexagonal Grain Crib, Twentythree, ARKANSAS
Gordon, Troy, House, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Grace Episcopal Church, Wynne, ARKANSAS
Gracie House, New Gascony, ARKANSAS
Graham, Fred House, Hardy, ARKANSAS
Graham-Gaughan-Betts House, Camden, ARKANSAS
Grand Army of the Republic Memorial, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Grand Army of the Republic Memorial, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
Gravel Hill Baptist Church, Gravel Hill, ARKANSAS
Gray House, Crosby, ARKANSAS
Gray, Louis, Homestead, Barn, Plainview, ARKANSAS
Gray, Rufus, House, Pangburn, ARKANSAS
Gray, Walter, House, Melrose, ARKANSAS
Gray--Kincaid House, Crosby, ARKANSAS
Green Barn, Lowell, ARKANSAS
Green House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Green, Harley E., House, Bear, ARKANSAS
Greene County Courthouse, Paragould, ARKANSAS
Greening, E. S., House, Hope, ARKANSAS
Greeson--Cone House, Conway, ARKANSAS
Gregg House, Newport, ARKANSAS
Gregg House, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Griffin Auto Company Building, El Dorado, ARKANSAS
Griffithville School, Griffithville, ARKANSAS
Grubb Springs School, Harrison, ARKANSAS
Grubbs, Champ, House, New Hope, ARKANSAS
Guffey, Joe, House, Old Lexington, ARKANSAS
Guisinger Building, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Gulf Oil Company Service Station, Paragould, ARKANSAS
Gurdon Jail, Gurdon, ARKANSAS
Guy High School Gymnasium, Guy, ARKANSAS
Guy Home Economics Building, Guy, ARKANSAS
Habicht--Cohn--Crow House, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Hackett Creek Bridge, Hackett, ARKANSAS
Haggard Ford Swinging Bridge, Harrison, ARKANSAS
Hagler--Cole Cabin, Bella Vista, ARKANSAS
Hale, Thomas Jefferson, General Merchandise Store, Vinity Corner, ARKANSAS
Hall House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Hall, Fred, House, Kensett, ARKANSAS
Halliburton House, DeWitt, ARKANSAS
Halliburton Townhouses, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Halter, Frank U., House, Conway, ARKANSAS
Hamburg Presbyterian Church, Hamburg, ARKANSAS
Hamilton Apartments, West Memphis, ARKANSAS
Hammond, Mary Alice, House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Hampton Springs Cemetery (Black Section), Carthage, ARKANSAS
Handford, Charles R., House, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Handford, James S., House, Batesville, ARKANSAS
Hanger Cotton Gin, Sweet Home, ARKANSAS
Hanger, Frederick, House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Hantz House, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Happy Hollow Farm, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Hardy House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Hardy, Robert Lee, House, Monticello, ARKANSAS
Harmony Presbyterian Church, Harmony, ARKANSAS
Harp Creek Bridge, Jasper, ARKANSAS
Harp Creek Bridge, Jasper, ARKANSAS
Harper, Robert Atlas, House, Greenwood, ARKANSAS
Harper, Roy, House, Romance, ARKANSAS
Harris House, Hensley, ARKANSAS
Harris House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Harton House, Conway, ARKANSAS
Harton, D. O., House, Conway, ARKANSAS
Harvey's Grocery and Texaco Station, Camden, ARKANSAS
Hassell House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Hatcher, Dr. John Octavius, House, Imboden, ARKANSAS
Hatchett, Columbus, House, Leslie, ARKANSAS
Hawkins House, Foreman, ARKANSAS
Hawkins, Dr. M. C., House, Parkdale, ARKANSAS
Hawks Schoolhouse, Ava, ARKANSAS
Hayes Hardware Store, DeQueen, ARKANSAS
Headquarters House, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Healey and Roth Mortuary Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Helena Confederate Cemetery, Helena, ARKANSAS
Helena Depot, Helena, ARKANSAS
Helena Library and Museum, Helena, ARKANSAS
Hemingway House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Hempstead County Courthouse, Hope, ARKANSAS
Henderson House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Henderson, Capt. Charles C., House, Arkadelphia, ARKANSAS
Henry Furniture Store Building, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
Henry--Thompson House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Henson, Alfred W., House, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Herman Davis Memorial, Manila, ARKANSAS
Herschell--Spillman Carousel, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Hess, Binks, House and Barn, Marcella, ARKANSAS
Hess, Thomas M., House, Marcella, ARKANSAS
Hickmon, Marshall, Homestead, Bradford, ARKANSAS
Hickmon, U. L., Hardware Store, Bradford, ARKANSAS
Hicks, Ida, House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Hicks-Dugan-Deener House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Hiegel, Michael M., House, Conway, ARKANSAS
Highfill--McClure House, Paragould, ARKANSAS
Highway 79 Bridge, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Highway 79 Bridge, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Hilger, Louis N., Homestead, Livestock Barn, Providence, ARKANSAS
Hill Farm, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Hillyard Cabin, Warm Springs, ARKANSAS
Hirst--Mathew Hall, Bruno, ARKANSAS
Hiwasse Bank Building, Hiwasse, ARKANSAS
Hoag House, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Hodge--Cook House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Hodges House, Bismarck, ARKANSAS
Holcomb Court Apartments, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Hollabaugh, Dr. Cleveland, House, Leslie, ARKANSAS
Hollis Country Store, Hollis, ARKANSAS
Holly Grove Presbyterian Church, Holly Grove, ARKANSAS
Holly Grove School, Stevens Creek, ARKANSAS
Hollywood Cemetery, Confederate Section, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Holt, Elbert W., House, Nashville, ARKANSAS
Holt-Poindexter Store Building, Stephens, ARKANSAS
Home Economics Building--University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Home Economics--F. F. A. Building, Portia, ARKANSAS
Honey Hill Christian Union Church, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Hoo Hoo Monument, Gurdon, ARKANSAS
Hoofman Farmstead Barn, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Hoofman, Arthur W., House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Hopewell District No. 45 School, Hopewell, ARKANSAS
Hopkins--Grace House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Horner, Sidney H., House, Helena, ARKANSAS
Hornibrook House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Hospital and Benevolent Ass'n, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Hot Spring County Courthouse, Malvern, ARKANSAS
Hot Springs Confederate Monument, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Hot Springs High School, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Hot Springs Railroad Warehouse Historic District, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Hotchkiss House, Monticello, ARKANSAS
Hotel Dee Swift, DeQueen, ARKANSAS
Hotel Pines, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Hotel Seville, Harrison, ARKANSAS
Hotze House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
House at 305 E. Ashley, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
House at 712 N. Mill Street, Springdale, ARKANSAS
Houston Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Houston, ARKANSAS
Howard County Courthouse, Nashville, ARKANSAS
Howell-Garner-Monfee House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Howson House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Huddleston Store and McKinzie Store, Pine Ridge, ARKANSAS
Hudson House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Hudson-Grace-Borreson House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Hughes Hall--Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, ARKANSAS
Hulsey Bend School, Oil Trough, ARKANSAS
Humphreys--Ryan House, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Hunt House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Hunt, Thomas, House, Plainview, ARKANSAS
Hunter, Andrew, House, Bryant, ARKANSAS
Hunter--Coulter House, Ashdown, ARKANSAS
Hutchinson, L. D., House, Floyd, ARKANSAS
Illinois River Bridge, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Marche, ARKANSAS
Interstate Orphanage, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Iron Springs Dam, Jessieville, ARKANSAS
Iron Springs Shelter No. 1, Jessieville, ARKANSAS
Iron Springs Shelter No. 2, Jessieville, ARKANSAS
Ish House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Izard County Courthouse, Melbourne, ARKANSAS
Jack Creek Bathhouse, Sugar Grove, ARKANSAS
Jackson County Courthouse, Newport, ARKANSAS
Jackson County Jail, Newport, ARKANSAS
Jackson Guards Memorial, Jacksonport, ARKANSAS
Jackson House, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Jackson House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Jackson, Floyd, House, Hardy, ARKANSAS
Jackson--Herget House, Paragould, ARKANSAS
Jacques, Dr. Thomas S., House, McCaskill, ARKANSAS
James House, Rogers, ARKANSAS
James, Dr., House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Jameson--Richards Cafe, Bald Knob, ARKANSAS
Jameson--Richards Gas Station, Bald Knob, ARKANSAS
Jamestown School, Jamestown, ARKANSAS
Jefferies Building, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Jefferies-Craptree House, Clarendon, ARKANSAS
Jeffery Cemetery, Mount Olive, ARKANSAS
Jeffery, A. C., Farmstead, Mt. Olive, ARKANSAS
Jeffery, Miles, Barn, Optimus, ARKANSAS
Jeffries House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Jenny Lind Bridge, Jenny Lind, ARKANSAS
Jess Norman Post 166 American Legion Hut, Augusta, ARKANSAS
Johnson Barn, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Johnson County Courthouse, Clarksville, ARKANSAS
Johnson House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Johnson House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Johnson House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Johnson House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Johnson House and Mill, Johnson, ARKANSAS
Johnson Switch Building, Johnson, ARKANSAS
Johnswood, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Joiner House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Jones General Store and Esso Station, Langley, ARKANSAS
Jones House, Sulphur Springs, ARKANSAS
Jones School, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Jones, Arthur J., House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Jones, E. Fay and Gus, House, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Jones, Gould, Reservoir, Jasper, ARKANSAS
Jones, Mark P., House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Jones, Scipio A., House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Jonesboro, Lake City & Eastern Railroad Depot, Manila, ARKANSAS
Joplin, Peter, Commercial Block, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Judsonia Bridge, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Judsonia Bridge, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Judsonia Community Building Historic District, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Judsonia High School Gymnasium, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Juhre, Charles, House, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Jumbo Church of Christ, Melbourne, ARKANSAS
Kahn--Jennings House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis Railroad Depot, Mammoth Spring, ARKANSAS
Kansas City--Southern Depot--Decatur, Decatur, ARKANSAS
Katzenstein House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Keesee House, Helena, ARKANSAS
Kefauver House, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Keiser School, Keiser, ARKANSAS
Keith House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Kelly, C. D., House, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Kiblah School, Doddridge, ARKANSAS
Kimball House, Dardanelle, ARKANSAS
Kimbrough, S. A., House, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Kindley House, Gravette, ARKANSAS
King Schoolhouse, King, ARKANSAS
King, David L., House, Hardy, ARKANSAS
King, Hugh L., House, Heber Springs, ARKANSAS
King--Neimeyer--Mathis House, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
King-Whatley Building, Lewisville, ARKANSAS
Kirksey, Loy, House, Fendley, ARKANSAS
Kitchens, Richard L., Post No. 41, Helena, ARKANSAS
Kittrell House, Texarkana, ARKANSAS
Kleiber House, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Klein, George, Tourist Court Historic District, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Klotz, Henry W., Sr., Service Station, Russell, ARKANSAS
Klotz, Henry, Sr., House, Russell, ARKANSAS
Knight, Ed, House, Pine Grove, ARKANSAS
Knob School--Masonic Lodge, Knob, ARKANSAS
Knoble, Joseph, Brewery, Fort Smith, ARKANSAS
Knoop, Werner, House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Knox, R. M., House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Koen, Henry R., Forest Service Building, Russelville, ARKANSAS
Koon House #1, Sheridan, ARKANSAS
Koon House #2, Sheridan, ARKANSAS
Koon House #3, Sheridan, ARKANSAS
Koon House #4, Sheridan, ARKANSAS
Koon House #6, Sheridan, ARKANSAS
Koons House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Kraemer--Harman House, Hot Springs, ARKANSAS
Kress Building, Blytheville, ARKANSAS
Lackey General Merchandise and Warehouse, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Lackey, George W., House, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Lafayette County Courthouse, Lewisville, ARKANSAS
LaFayette Hotel, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Lafayette Street Overpass, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Lair House, Holly Grove, ARKANSAS
Lake Catherine State Park--Bridge No. 2, Shorewood Hills, ARKANSAS
Lake Catherine State Park--Cabin No. 2, Shorewood Hills, ARKANSAS
Lake Catherine State Park--Cabin No. 3, Shorewood Hills, ARKANSAS
Lake Catherine State Park--Nature Cabin, Shorewood Hills, ARKANSAS
Lake Leatherwood Recreational Facilities, Eureka Springs, ARKANSAS
Lake No. 1 Bridge, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Lake Village Confederate Monument, Lake Village, ARKANSAS
Lake Village Post Office, Lake Village, ARKANSAS
Lake-Bell House, Prairie Grove, ARKANSAS
Lakeport Plantation, Shives, ARKANSAS
Lakeshore Drive Bridge, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Lakeside Hotel, Siloam Springs, ARKANSAS
Lamb--McSwain House, Pulaski, ARKANSAS
Lambert House, Monticello, ARKANSAS
Lamberton Cabin, Bella Vista, ARKANSAS
Lancaster, Fred, Barn, Round Bottom, ARKANSAS
Lancaster, John L., House, Mountain View, ARKANSAS
Landi, A., General Merchandise Building, Grand Lake, ARKANSAS
Lane Hotel, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Laney, Ben, Bridge, Camden, ARKANSAS
Larned, Capt., House, Judsonia, ARKANSAS
Lasater, Freeborn T., House, New Blaine, ARKANSAS
Lattimer House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Laws--Jarvis House, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Lay, S. A., House, Marshall, ARKANSAS
Layton Building, Yellville, ARKANSAS
Lea, Harvey, House, Russell, ARKANSAS
Leake-Ingham Building, Camden, ARKANSAS
Lee County Courthouse, Marianna, ARKANSAS
Lee Creek Bridge, Natural Dam, ARKANSAS
Lee Creek Bridge, Natural Dam, ARKANSAS
Lee Creek Bridge, Cove City, ARKANSAS
Lee Creek Bridge, Cove City, ARKANSAS
Lee's Chapel Church and Masonic Hall, Cushman, ARKANSAS
Lee, R. E., House, Pine Bluff, ARKANSAS
Leggett House, Little Red, ARKANSAS
Leiper-Scott House, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Lemay House, Beebe, ARKANSAS
Leslie--Rolen House, Leslie, ARKANSAS
Lester And Haltom No. 1 Well Site, Stephens, ARKANSAS
Letona Hotel, Letona, ARKANSAS
Lewis Brothers Building, Fayetteville, ARKANSAS
Liberty School Cafeteria, Hamlet, ARKANSAS
Lick Skillet Railroad Work Station Historic District, Brinkley, ARKANSAS
Lightle House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Lightle House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Lightle House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Lightle, Ben, House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Lightle, William H., House, Searcy, ARKANSAS
Lillard--Sprague House, Rogers, ARKANSAS
Lincoln Avenue Viaduct, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Lincoln Building, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Lincoln County Courthouse, Star City, ARKANSAS
Linebarger House, Bentonville, ARKANSAS
Little Buffalo River Bridge, Parthenon, ARKANSAS
Little Cossatot River Bridge, Lockesburg, ARKANSAS
Little Cypress Creek Bridge, Postelle, ARKANSAS
Little Missouri River Bridge, Prescott, ARKANSAS
Little Missouri River Bridge, Prescott, ARKANSAS
Little River County Courthouse, Ashdown, ARKANSAS
Little Rock Boys Club, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little Rock Central Fire Station, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little Rock City Hall, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little Rock Confederate Memorial, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little Rock High School, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little Rock US Post Office and Courthouse, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little Rock Y.M.C.A., Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little Rock, The, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little Rock, The, Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Little, J.E., House, Conway, ARKANSAS
Little, Jim, House, Bradford, ARKANSAS
Livestock and Equipment Barn, Glenn Homestead, Pangburn, ARKANSAS
Lloyd England Hall, North Little Rock, ARKANSAS
Lo Beele House, Brinkley, ARKANSAS
Locke, Esther, House, Hardy, ARKANSAS
Locke--Nall House, Lockesburg, ARKANSAS
Locust Grove School, Locust Grove, ARKANSAS
Logan County Courthouse, Eastern District, Paris, ARKANSAS
Logan County Courthouse, Southern Judicial District, Booneville, ARKANSAS
Logan County Jail, Old, Paris, ARKANSAS
Lone Star School, Lone Star, ARKANSAS
Long, Web, House and Motel, Hardy, ARKANSAS
Longino, Dr. H. A., House, Magnolia, ARKANSAS
Lonoke Confederate Monument, Lonoke, ARKANSAS
Louisiana Purchase Survey Marker, Blackton, ARKANSAS
Lovell, Dr., House, Bradford, ARKANSAS
Luber School, Luber, ARKANSAS

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