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Landmarks Search Results for Illinois-
Search Results
December 20, 2014 @ 10:48 AM EDT
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PubCrawler Landmarks Search Results

1106 Landmark Options Match Your Search , Illinois
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7th District Police Station, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Abbott, Robert S., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Adams Building, Danville, ILLINOIS
Adams Memorial Library, Wheaton, ILLINOIS
Adams, Mary W., House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Addams, John H., Homestead, Cedarville, ILLINOIS
Adler Planetarium, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Adler, Mrs. Isaac D., House, Libertyville, ILLINOIS
Airtight Bridge, Charleston, ILLINOIS
Akin, Mrs. Henry F., House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Alexis Opera House, Alexis, ILLINOIS
Allen School, LaMoille, ILLINOIS
Allen, Willis, House, Marion, ILLINOIS
Allentown Union Hall, Allentown, ILLINOIS
Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity House, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority House, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity House, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Alpha Xi Delta Sorority Chapter House, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Altgeld Hall, University of Illinois, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Alton Chapter House, Alton, ILLINOIS
Ambler's Texaco Gas Station, Dwight, ILLINOIS
Amboy Illinois Central Depot, Amboy, ILLINOIS
American State Bank, Berwyn, ILLINOIS
Andover Chapter House, Andover, ILLINOIS
Andridge Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Annawan Chapter House, Annawan, ILLINOIS
Appellate Court, 5th District, Mount Vernon, ILLINOIS
Apple River Fort Site, Elizabeth, ILLINOIS
Aquitania, The, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Arcada Theater Building, St. Charles, ILLINOIS
Archer House Hotel, Marshall, ILLINOIS
Arcola Carnegie Public Library, Arcola, ILLINOIS
Ardmore Avenue Train Station, Villa Park, ILLINOIS
Armour's Warehouse, Seneca, ILLINOIS
Armour, J. Ogden, House, Lake Forest, ILLINOIS
Armour, Lester, House, Lake Bluff, ILLINOIS
Armour, Philip D., III, House, Lake Bluff, ILLINOIS
Ashelford Hall, Esmond, ILLINOIS
Atlanta Public Library, Atlanta, ILLINOIS
Auditorium Building, Roosevelt University, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Aurora College Complex, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Aurora Elks Lodge No. 705, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Automatic Electric Company Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
AVR 661, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Ayer Public Library, Delavan, ILLINOIS
Ayers Bank Building, Jacksonville, ILLINOIS
Babylon Bend Bridge, Ellisville, ILLINOIS
Bach, Emil, House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Bachmann, Charles and Naomi, House, Salem, ILLINOIS
Badollet House, Salem, ILLINOIS
Bahai Temple, Wilmette, ILLINOIS
Bailey--Rug Building, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Bailey-Michelet House, Wilmette, ILLINOIS
Baker, Frank J., House, Wilmette, ILLINOIS
Balaban & Katz Uptown Theatre, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Baldwin, Hiram, House, Kenilworth, ILLINOIS
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot, Flora, ILLINOIS
Banta, Nathaniel Moore, House, Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS
Barber, Bryant H. and Lucie, House, Polo, ILLINOIS
Barber, Henry D., House, Polo, ILLINOIS
Batavia Institute, Batavia, ILLINOIS
Beach, Thomas A., House, Fairbury, ILLINOIS
Beall--Orr House, Mt. Carmel, ILLINOIS
Beardstown Grand Opera House, Beardstown, ILLINOIS
Beattie Park Mound Group, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Beatty, Ross J., House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Beatty, Ross, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Beecher Hall, Illinois College, Jacksonville, ILLINOIS
Beith, William, House, St. Charles, ILLINOIS
Belden Stratford Hotel, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Belmont-Sheffield Trust and Savings Bank Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Belmonte Flats, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Belvidere High School, Belvidere, ILLINOIS
Benjamin, Ruben M., House, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Benjaminville Friends Meetinghouse and Burial Ground, Holder, ILLINOIS
Bennett, Edward H., House and Studio, Lake Forest, ILLINOIS
Benson Water Tower, Benson, ILLINOIS
Berger--Kiel House, Mascoutah, ILLINOIS
Berleman House, Edwardsville, ILLINOIS
Berwyn Health Center, Berwyn, ILLINOIS
Berwyn Municipal Building, Berwyn, ILLINOIS
Best Brewing Company of Chicago Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Bethalto Village Hall, Bethalto, ILLINOIS
Biograph Theater Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Black Hawk Museum and Lodge, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Black's Store, Hampton, ILLINOIS
Blackman, George, House, Hillsboro, ILLINOIS
Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Blakeman Bridge, Charleston, ILLINOIS
Blanchard Hall, Wheaton, ILLINOIS
Bloomingdale School--Village Hall, Bloomingdale, ILLINOIS
Bohlander, Jacob, House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Boult, H. P., House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Boyce Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Braeside School, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Brainerd, Charles, House, Grafton, ILLINOIS
Bressmer-Baker House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Bretz, John F., House and Warehouse, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Briggs, Alexander, House, Charleston, ILLINOIS
Brinkerhoff, George M., House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Brookner, Christopher, House, Dixon, ILLINOIS
Brower, Adolphus W., House, Sycamore, ILLINOIS
Brown, William, Building, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Bruce, James, Round Barn, Freeport, ILLINOIS
Brunk Farmstead, Rochester, ILLINOIS
Bryan, William Jennings, Boyhood Home, Salem, ILLINOIS
Buckeye Bridge, Smithfield, ILLINOIS
Buckingham Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Buckles, Robert, Barn, Mount Pulaski, ILLINOIS
Buffalo Grove Lime Kiln, Polo, ILLINOIS
Buffalo Township Public Library, Polo, ILLINOIS
Building at 1101-1113 Maple Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 1209-1217 Maple Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 1301-1303 Judson Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 1305-1307 Judson Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 1316 Maple Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 14--16 Pearson Street, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Building at 1401-1407 Elmwood Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 1505-1509 Oak Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 1929-1931 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 201 North Market Street, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Building at 203-205 North Market Street, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Building at 210-212 West North Street, Danville, ILLINOIS
Building at 2517 Central Street, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 2519 Central Street, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 2523 Central Street, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 257 East Delaware, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Building at 417-419 Lee Street, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 548-606 Michigan Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 5510 North Sheridan, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Building at 813-815 Forest Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 900 West Lake Street, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Building at 923-925 Michigan Avenue, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Building at 999 Michigan, 200 Lee, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Buildings at 1104--1110 Seward, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Buildings at 815-817 Brummel and 819-821 Brummel, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Buildings at 860--880 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Burlingham Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Burnham Athenaeum, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Caldwell Farmstead, Chatham, ILLINOIS
Calumet Plant, R. R. Donnelly & Sons Company, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Cambre House and Farm, Niota, ILLINOIS
Camelback Bridge, Normal, ILLINOIS
Camp Lincoln Commissary Building, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Campbell, Albert, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Camptown Town Hall, Wasco, ILLINOIS
Carithers Store Building, Table Grove, ILLINOIS
Carlinville Chapter House, Carlinville, ILLINOIS
Carmi Chapter House, Carmi, ILLINOIS
Carney, John, House, Troy, ILLINOIS
Carr House, Monmouth, ILLINOIS
Carroll County Courthouse, Mount Carroll, ILLINOIS
Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Carter, Frederick B., Jr., House, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Carthage Jail, Carthage, ILLINOIS
Castle Tower Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Catlow Theatre, Barrington, ILLINOIS
Cattle Bank, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Cave-In-Rock, Cave-In-Rock, ILLINOIS
Cemetery Road Bridge, Washington, ILLINOIS
Central House, Orangeville, ILLINOIS
Central National Park Building, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Chapin and Gore Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Charnley, James, House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Charter Oak Schoolhouse, Schuline, ILLINOIS
Chatauqua Auditorium, Shelbyville, ILLINOIS
Chemical Laboratory, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Chi Psi Fraternity House, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Chicago & North Western Railway Stone Arch Bridge, Roscoe, ILLINOIS
Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad Depot, Tamms, ILLINOIS
Chicago and North Western Railroad Depot, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Chicago and Northwestern Depot, Wilmette, ILLINOIS
Chicago and Northwestern Depot, Sycamore, ILLINOIS
Chicago Beach Hotel, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Chicago Bee Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Chicago Board of Trade Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Chicago Great Western Railroad Depot, Elizabeth, ILLINOIS
Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Chicago Public Library, Central Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Chicago Savings Bank Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Chicago Telephone Company Kedzie Exchange, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Chicago Varnish Company Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Depot, Wyoming, ILLINOIS
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Depot, Plano, ILLINOIS
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Station, Canton, ILLINOIS
Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad Depot, Batavia, ILLINOIS
Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad Depot, Oregon, ILLINOIS
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Passenger Depot, Deerfield, ILLINOIS
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Depot, Marseilles, ILLINOIS
Chick House, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Childs, Robert A. and Mary, House, Hinsdale, ILLINOIS
Chipman, Edith, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Christ Church of Lower Kickapoo, Norwood Park, ILLINOIS
Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Christ Episcopal Church, Joliet, ILLINOIS
Church of the Epiphany, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Church of the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery, Libertyville, ILLINOIS
Churchill, Richard, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Churchville School, Bensenville, ILLINOIS
City and Town Hall, Rochelle, ILLINOIS
City Building, St. Charles, ILLINOIS
Clarke, Henry B., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Clarksburg Schoolhouse, Clarksburg, ILLINOIS
Clay County Jail, Louisville, ILLINOIS
Clayson, George, House, Palatine, ILLINOIS
Clayville Tavern, Pleasant Plains, ILLINOIS
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Station, Mattoon, ILLINOIS
Cloud State Bank, McLeansboro, ILLINOIS
Cloud, Aaron G., House, McLeansboro, ILLINOIS
Clover Lawn, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Cluever, Richard, House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Coca Cola Company Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building, Quincy, ILLINOIS
Coleman Hardware Company Building, Morris, ILLINOIS
Coles County Courthouse, Charleston, ILLINOIS
Collins, Daniel Dove, House, Collinsville, ILLINOIS
Colonnade Court, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Colwell, E. B., and Company Department Store, Monmouth, ILLINOIS
Commerical House, Keithsburg, ILLINOIS
Compton, Arthur H., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Condit, Cortland, House, Putman, ILLINOIS
Conger, J. Newton, House, Oneida, ILLINOIS
Connor House, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Conway Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Cook County Criminal Court Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Cook Memorial Library, Libertyville, ILLINOIS
Cook, John W., Hall, Normal, ILLINOIS
Coonley, Avery, House, Riverside, ILLINOIS
Copley, Col. Ira C., Mansion, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Coronado, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Count's House, McHenry, ILLINOIS
Country Tea Room, East Dundee, ILLINOIS
Covell, Lucein Boneparte, House, Richmond, ILLINOIS
Cox, George H., House, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Crane Company Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Crenshaw House, Equality, ILLINOIS
Creole House, Prairie du Rocher, ILLINOIS
Cumberland County Courthouse, Toledo, ILLINOIS
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Cunningham, Andrew, Farm, Virginia, ILLINOIS
Curtis, Elijah P., House, Metropolis, ILLINOIS
Dale Building, Danville, ILLINOIS
Dana, Susan Lawrence, House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Danville Public Library, Danville, ILLINOIS
Davis, David, III & IV, House, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Dawes, Charles Gates, House, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Dawson Brothers Plant, Chicago, ILLINOIS
De Priest, Oscar Stanton, House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Dearborn Station, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Decatur and Macon County Welfare Home for Girls, Decatur, ILLINOIS
Deere, John, House, Moline, ILLINOIS
Deere, John, House and Shop, Grand Detour, ILLINOIS
Deerpath Inn, Lake Forest, ILLINOIS
Delaware Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity House, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Delta Upsilon Fraternity House, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Dement--Zinser House, Washington, ILLINOIS
Dempster Street Station, Skokie, ILLINOIS
Dewes, Francis J., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Dewey House, North Chicago, ILLINOIS
Dilworth, Robert, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Dorhmann--Buckman House, River Grove, ILLINOIS
Douglas Tomb State Memorial, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Drake Hotel, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Draser, George, Jr., House, Mascoutah, ILLINOIS
Drummond, William E., House, River Forest, ILLINOIS
Du Page County Courthouse, Wheaton, ILLINOIS
Du Sable, Jean Baptiste Point, Homesite, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Dubin, Henry, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Dulaney, Robert L., House, Marshall, ILLINOIS
Duncan Manor, Towanda, ILLINOIS
Dunham, Arthur J., House, Berwyn, ILLINOIS
Dupage Theatre and Dupage Shoppes, Lombard, ILLINOIS
Durant House, St. Charles, ILLINOIS
Durell, William Franklin and Rebecca, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Dutch Mill, Batavia, ILLINOIS
Dwight Chicago and Alton Railroad Depot, Dwight, ILLINOIS
Dycus, Floyd and Glenora, House, Brownstown, ILLINOIS
Eagle Hotel, Wilmington, ILLINOIS
East Dubuque School, East Dubuque, ILLINOIS
East Park Towers, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Chapel and Cemetery, Golden, ILLINOIS
Edgar County Courthouse, Paris, ILLINOIS
Edgewater Beach Apartments, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Edwards Place, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Edwardsville Chapter House, Edwardsville, ILLINOIS
Effingham County Courthouse, Effingham, ILLINOIS
Egyptian Theatre, De Kalb, ILLINOIS
Eighth Regiment Armory, Chicago, ILLINOIS
El Paso Public Library, El Paso, ILLINOIS
Eldorado City Hall, Eldorado, ILLINOIS
Eldred, James John, House, Eldrid, ILLINOIS
Elgin Academy, Elgin, ILLINOIS
Elgin Milk Condensing Co./Illinois Condensing Co., Elgin, ILLINOIS
Elgin National Watch Company Observatory, Elgin, ILLINOIS
Elgin Tower Building, Elgin, ILLINOIS
Elm Street Court, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Elmwood Cemetery Gates, Sycamore, ILLINOIS
Elmwood Cemetery Gates, Sycamore, ILLINOIS
Ely, Mrs. C. Morse, House, Lake Bluff, ILLINOIS
Embarras River Bridge, Newton, ILLINOIS
Emmel Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Emmert--Zippel House, Granite City, ILLINOIS
Evanston Towers, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Evert House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Exchange Bank, Golden, ILLINOIS
Executive Mansion, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Fabyan Villa, Geneva, ILLINOIS
Fairbanks, Morse and Company Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Fairbury City Hall, Fairbury, ILLINOIS
Fall Creek Stone Arch Bridge, Payson, ILLINOIS
Farm House, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Fehr, Charles, Round Barn, Orangeville, ILLINOIS
Felt, Cyrus, House, Hamilton, ILLINOIS
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Fife Opera House, Palestine, ILLINOIS
Fifteenth Street and Oklahoma Avenue Brick Street, Mattoon, ILLINOIS
Fifteenth Street and Oklahoma Avenue Brick Street, Mattoon, ILLINOIS
Fire Barn 5, Elgin, ILLINOIS
First Church of Lombard, Lombard, ILLINOIS
First Congregational Church, Marshall, ILLINOIS
First Congregational Church of Austin, Chicago, ILLINOIS
First Congregational Church of LaMoille, LaMoille, ILLINOIS
First Congregational Church of Sterling, Sterling, ILLINOIS
First Methodist Church of Batavia, Batavia, ILLINOIS
First National Bank Building, Danville, ILLINOIS
First Presbyterian Church, Vandalia, ILLINOIS
First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction, Site of, Chicago, ILLINOIS
First State Bank of Manlius, Manlius, ILLINOIS
First Universalist Church, Elgin, ILLINOIS
Fischer Theater, Danville, ILLINOIS
Fisher Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Fisher Building--Latham Block, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Fisher--Nash--Griggs House, Ottawa, ILLINOIS
Fithian House, Danville, ILLINOIS
Fitzpatrick House, Lockport, ILLINOIS
Flagg Township Public Library, Rochelle, ILLINOIS
Flagg, Cornelius, Farmstead, Sherman, ILLINOIS
Flamingo-On-The-Lake Apartments, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Flanagan, Judge, Residence, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Flanders House, Plainfield, ILLINOIS
Fletcher, Ruffin Drew, House, Streator, ILLINOIS
Florsheim, Harold, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Foley, Jennie, Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Foley, Stephan A., House, Lincoln, ILLINOIS
Ford Airport Hanger, Lansing, ILLINOIS
Forest, The, and Annex, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Fort Armstrong Hotel, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Fort Armstrong Theatre, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Fort Dearborn Hotel, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Fountain Creek Bridge, Waterloo, ILLINOIS
Fountain Plaza Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Four Nineteen Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Fox River House, Aurora, ILLINOIS
France Hotel, Paris, ILLINOIS
Francis, Frederick, Woodland Palace, Kewanee, ILLINOIS
Frangenheim, William, House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Franklin County Jail, Benton, ILLINOIS
Franks, Charles, House, Lanark, ILLINOIS
Freeman, Clarkson W., House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Freeman--Brewer--Sawyer House, Hillsboro, ILLINOIS
Gage Group--Ascher, Keith, and Gage Buildings, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Gale, Judge Jacob, House, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Gale, Mrs. Thomas H., House, Oak Park, ILLINOIS
Gale, Walter, House, Oak Park, ILLINOIS
Galva Opera House, Galva, ILLINOIS
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House, Urbana, ILLINOIS
GAR Memorial Building, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Gardner, Robert W., House, Quincy, ILLINOIS
Gauler, John, Houses, Chicago, ILLINOIS
General Dean Suspension Bridge, Carlyle, ILLINOIS
Geneva Country Day School, Geneva, ILLINOIS
George, Ron, Round Barn, Romeoville, ILLINOIS
Germania Club, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Getty Tomb, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Geyso, Mrs. Frank, Houses, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Giant City State Park Lodge and Cabins, Makanda, ILLINOIS
Giant City Stone Fort Site, Makanda, ILLINOIS
Gibbs, William and Caroline, House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Gifford-Davidson House, Elgin, ILLINOIS
Gildersleeve House, Hudson, ILLINOIS
Glessner, John J., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Glidden, Joseph F., House, De Kalb, ILLINOIS
Goddard Chapel, Marion, ILLINOIS
Godfrey, Benjamin, Memorial Chapel, Godfrey, ILLINOIS
Gottschalk, Fred, Grocery Store, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Grafton Bank, Grafton, ILLINOIS
Graham Building, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Graham, Cong. James M., House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Graham-Cinestra House, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Grange Hall, Murphysboro, ILLINOIS
Grant, Ulysses S., House, Galena, ILLINOIS
Granville-Mott House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Graue Mill, Oak Brook, ILLINOIS
Gray, William W., House, Grayville, ILLINOIS
Gray-Watkins Mill, Montgomery, ILLINOIS
Greek Revival Cottage, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Greenlee, Robert, House, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Greenville Public Library, Greenville, ILLINOIS
Greenwood Cottage, Princeton, ILLINOIS
Greenwood, The, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Gregg, William L., House, Westmont, ILLINOIS
Gridley, Mrs., A. W., House, Batavia, ILLINOIS
Griffith, John, Store Building, Lake Bluff, ILLINOIS
Griffiths, John W., Mansion, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Griggs, Clark R., House, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Griggsville Landing Lime Kiln, Valley City, ILLINOIS
Groesbeck, Abraham, House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Gross Point Village Hall, Wilmette, ILLINOIS
Grossdale Station, Brookfield, ILLINOIS
Grosse Point Light Station, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Grow, Caroline, House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Grubbs, Samuel Moody, House, Litchfield, ILLINOIS
Guertler House, Alton, ILLINOIS
Gundlach-Grosse House, Columbia, ILLINOIS
Gurler, George H., House, De Kalb, ILLINOIS
Guyon Hotel, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Haas, L., Store, Carmi, ILLINOIS
Haish Memorial Library, De Kalb, ILLINOIS
Halderman, Nathaniel, House, Mount Carroll, ILLINOIS
Halsted, Ann, House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Hamer, Edward, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Hamer, Patterson, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Hamilton Primary School, Otterville, ILLINOIS
Hamilton, John M., House, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Hamilton, Robert W., House, Murphysboro, ILLINOIS
Hangar 1, Naval Air Station--Glenview, Glenview, ILLINOIS
Harbach, Gerald, Round Barn, Eleroy, ILLINOIS
Harlan Hall, Marshall, ILLINOIS
Harrer Building, Skokie, ILLINOIS
Harrisburg City Hall, Harrisburg, ILLINOIS
Harrison St. Bridge, Charleston, ILLINOIS
Haskell Playhouse, Alton, ILLINOIS
Hauptgebaude, Elmhurst, ILLINOIS
Havana Public Library, Havana, ILLINOIS
Havana Water Tower, Havana, ILLINOIS
Hawes, J. H., Elevator, Atlanta, ILLINOIS
Haymarket Martyrs' Monument, Forest Park, ILLINOIS
Hayward-Hill House, Hillsboro, ILLINOIS
Hazen Bridge, Mohomet, ILLINOIS
Health Education Building, Charleston, ILLINOIS
Healy Chapel, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Heck, John, House, Lockport, ILLINOIS
Hegeler--Carus Mansion, La Salle, ILLINOIS
Henderson, Frank B., House, Elmhurst, ILLINOIS
Hennessy, Cornelius, Building, Murphysboro, ILLINOIS
Henry, Jacob H., House, Joliet, ILLINOIS
Herget, Carl, Mansion, Pekin, ILLINOIS
Hermitage Apartments, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Herrick Cobblestone, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Heurtley, Arthur, House, Oak Park, ILLINOIS
Hibbard, Charles H., House, Marengo, ILLINOIS
Hickox Apartments, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Hickox, Virgil, House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Hickox, Warren, House, Kankakee, ILLINOIS
Highland Park Water Tower, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Hillcrest Apartment, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Hinman Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Hitchcock, Charles, Hall, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Hitt, Samuel M., House, Mount Morris, ILLINOIS
Hodges House, Carrollton, ILLINOIS
Hofmann Tower, Lyons, ILLINOIS
Holcomb, William H., House, Rochelle, ILLINOIS
Holland Apartments, Danville, ILLINOIS
Holmes, Samuel, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Holy Cross Church, Batavia, ILLINOIS
Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Holy Trinity Church Rectory and Convent, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral and Rectory, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Hoopes, William, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Hoopes-Cunningham Mansion, Hoopeston, ILLINOIS
Hoopeston Carnegie Public Library, Hoopeston, ILLINOIS
Hopkinson, Ambrose, House, Olney, ILLINOIS
Hossack, John, House, Ottawa, ILLINOIS
Hotel Aurora, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Hotel Baker, St. Charles, ILLINOIS
Hotel Del Prado, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Hotel Kaskaskia, LaSalle, ILLINOIS
Hotel Roodhouse, Roodhouse, ILLINOIS
Hotel St. Benedict Flats, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Hotel Stratford, Alton, ILLINOIS
Hotel Waukegan, Waukegan, ILLINOIS
Hotel Windermere East, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Hull House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Humer Building, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Hunt House, St. Charles, ILLINOIS
Hunter, Lucinda, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Hyde Park-Kenwood Historic District (Boundary Increase II), Chicago, ILLINOIS
Hyde Park-Kenwood Historic District (Boundary Increase II), Chicago, ILLINOIS
Hyde Park-Kenwood Historic District (Boundary Increase), Chicago, ILLINOIS
Iles, Elijah, House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Illinois Central Railroad and Toledo, Peoria, and Western Railroad Freight House, El Paso, ILLINOIS
Illinois Central Railroad Depot, Ullin, ILLINOIS
Illinois Central Railroad Depot, Kankakee, ILLINOIS
Illinois Central Railroad Depot, Mattoon, ILLINOIS
Illinois Central Railroad Passenger Depot, Carbondale, ILLINOIS
Illinois Central Railroad Water Tower and Pump House, Kinmundy, ILLINOIS
Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals-Springfield Mine Rescue Station, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Illinois Iron Furnace, Rosiclare, ILLINOIS
Illinois National Guard Armory, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Illinois State Bank Building, Assumption, ILLINOIS
Illinois Traction System Mackinaw Depot, Mackinaw, ILLINOIS
Immaculata High School, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Immanuel Evangelical Church, Hinsdale, ILLINOIS
Indian Ford Bridge, London Mills, ILLINOIS
Inman Hotel, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Ives, Gideon, House, New Boston, ILLINOIS
Jacksonville Public Library, Jacksonville, ILLINOIS
Jacoby, Lysander, House, Rockford, ILLINOIS
James, Jean Butz, Museum of the Highland Park Historical Society, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Jarrot, Nicholas, Mansion, Cahokia, ILLINOIS
Jarvis, William W., House, Troy, ILLINOIS
Jehle, Louis, House, Pana, ILLINOIS
Jensen, Chris, Round Barn, Lena, ILLINOIS
Jensen, Jens, Summer House and Studio, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Jersey County Courthouse, Jerseyville, ILLINOIS
Jewelers' Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Jewish People's Institute, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Johnson, Olof, House, Galva, ILLINOIS
Joliet Municipal Airport, Joliet, ILLINOIS
Joliet Township High School, Joliet, ILLINOIS
Joliet, Louis, Hotel, Joliet, ILLINOIS
Jones House, Pontiac, ILLINOIS
Judd, C. H., House, Belle, ILLINOIS
Judson, The, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Kamp Store, Kampsville, ILLINOIS
Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity House, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Kappa Sigma Fraternity House, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Karcher Hotel, Waukegan, ILLINOIS
Kehilath Anshe Ma'ariv Synagogue, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Kendall County Courthouse, Yorkville, ILLINOIS
Kenilworth Club, Kenilworth, ILLINOIS
Kent, Sydney, House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Kenwood Evangelical Church, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Keys, Alvin S., House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Keystone Building, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Kimball, William W., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
King, Patrick J., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Kirk, Col. Edward N., House, Sterling, ILLINOIS
Kleinkopf, Clarence, Round Barn, Colchester, ILLINOIS
Knox County Courthouse and Hall of Records, Knoxville, ILLINOIS
Knox County Jail, Knoxville, ILLINOIS
Knuessl Building, Ottawa, ILLINOIS
LaHarpe City Hall, LaHarpe, ILLINOIS
Lake Shore Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Lake-Peterson House, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Lake-Side Terrace Apartments, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Lakeside Press Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Lamont, Robert P., House, Lake Forest, ILLINOIS
Lanzl, Haerman, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Larchmound, Olney, ILLINOIS
Larson, Mads C., House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
LaSalle City Building, LaSalle, ILLINOIS
Lathrop, Bryan, House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Lazy A Motel, Springfield, ILLINOIS
LeClaire Hotel, Moline, ILLINOIS
Legler, Henry E., Regional Branch of the Chicago Public Library, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Leiter II Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Lemont Central Grade School, Lemont, ILLINOIS
Lemont Methodist Episcopal Church, Lemont, ILLINOIS
Lena Water Tower, Lena, ILLINOIS
Leonard, Clifford Milton, Farm, Lake Forest, ILLINOIS
Lesem, S.J., Building, Quincy, ILLINOIS
Lewis Round Barn, Mendon, ILLINOIS
Lewis, John L., House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Lewis, John W., House, Marshall, ILLINOIS
Lewis, Lloyd, House, Libertyville, ILLINOIS
Library Hall, Carpentersville, ILLINOIS
Library--University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Lichtstern House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Lillie, Frank R., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Lincoln Building, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Lincoln Colored Home, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Lincoln Park, South Pond Refectory, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Lincoln School, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Lind, Jenny, Chapel, Andover, ILLINOIS
Linden Avenue Terminal, Wilmette, ILLINOIS
Lindsay, Vachel, House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Litchfield Elks Lodge No. 654, Litchfield, ILLINOIS
Litchfield Public Library, Litchfield, ILLINOIS
Little Brick House, Vandalia, ILLINOIS
Livingston County Courthouse, Pontiac, ILLINOIS
Lloyd, Henry Demarest, House, Winnetka, ILLINOIS
Loeb, Ernest, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
London Mills Bridge, London Mills, ILLINOIS
Loucks, Charles N., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Louisville and Nashville Depot, Nashville, ILLINOIS
Ludington Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Lynch, Timothy J., House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Lyons Township Hall, La Grange, ILLINOIS
Madison County Sheriff's House and Jail, Edwardsville, ILLINOIS
Madison Theatre, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Madlener, Albert F., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Magnolia Manor, Cairo, ILLINOIS
Maher, George W., House, Kenilworth, ILLINOIS
Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Main Street Historic District, Tampico, ILLINOIS
Majestic Theatre, East St. Louis, ILLINOIS
Malden Towers, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Malvern Roller Mill, Morrison, ILLINOIS
Mandel Brothers Warehouse Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Manhattan Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Manly-McCann House, Marshall, ILLINOIS
Manor House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Maple Avenue Maple Lane Historic District, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Maple Court Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Marine Chapter House, Marine, ILLINOIS
Marissa Academy, Marissa, ILLINOIS
Mark, Caroline, House, Mount Carroll, ILLINOIS
Marquette Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Marsh, William W., House, Sycamore, ILLINOIS
Marshall Field and Company Store, Oak Park, ILLINOIS
Marshall Field Company Store, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Martin, Pierre, House, North Dupo, ILLINOIS
Martin, Sarah, House, Monmouth, ILLINOIS
Mary's River Covered Bridge, Chester, ILLINOIS
Mason, Paris, Building, Grafton, ILLINOIS
Masonic Temple, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Masonic Temple Building, Oak Park, ILLINOIS
Masonic Temple Building, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Mattfeldt, Theodore H. O., House, Mt. Pulaski, ILLINOIS
Maxwell--Briscoe Automobile Company Showroom, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Mayfair Apartments, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Maywood Fire Department Building, Maywood, ILLINOIS
McAuley School District No. 27, West Chicago, ILLINOIS
McClintock, John and Amelia, House, Grafton, ILLINOIS
McClure, Thomas J. and Caroline, House, McClure, ILLINOIS
McClurg Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
McCormick, Charles Emmor, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
McDonough County Courthouse, Macomb, ILLINOIS
McFarland House, Charleston, ILLINOIS
McGrath, John, House, Polo, ILLINOIS
McLean County Courthouse and Square, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
McWorter, Free Frank, Grave Site, Barry, ILLINOIS
Meetinghouse of the Central Congregational Church, Galesburg, ILLINOIS
Melwood Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Memorial Hall, Richmond, ILLINOIS
Memorial Washington Reformed Presbyterian Church, Elgin, ILLINOIS
Mercer County Courthouse, Aledo, ILLINOIS
Mercer County Jail, Aledo, ILLINOIS
Mermaid House Hotel, Lebanon, ILLINOIS
Mershon, Joab, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Metal Shop, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Metamora Courthouse, Metamora, ILLINOIS
Meyer, Pearl and Bess, House, Flora, ILLINOIS
Michigan-Lee Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Middaugh, Henry C., House, Clarendon Hills, ILLINOIS
Midwest Athletic Club, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Military Drill Hall and Men's Gymnasium, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Milk, Lemuel, Carriage House, Kankakee, ILLINOIS
Millard, George Madison, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Millard, Sylvester, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Miller, Allan, House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Miller, Bell, Apartments, Spingfield, ILLINOIS
Miller, George H., House, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Miller-Davis Law Buildings, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Millhouse Blacksmith Shop, Clarksville, ILLINOIS
Millikan, Robert A., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Millikin, James, House, Decatur, ILLINOIS
Millward, Caroline, House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Milne, Robert, House, Lockport, ILLINOIS
Mineola Hotel, Fox Lake, ILLINOIS
Miners Institute Building, Collinsville, ILLINOIS
Moats, William, Farm, Ashton, ILLINOIS
Mobile and Ohio Railroad Depot, Murphysboro, ILLINOIS
Monadnock Block, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Montgomery County Courthouse, Hillsboro, ILLINOIS
Montgomery Ward Company Complex, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Moore, C. H., House, Clinton, ILLINOIS
Morgan County Courthouse, Jacksonville, ILLINOIS
Morgan-Wells House, Quincy, ILLINOIS
Morrow Plots, University of Illinois, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Morse, Robert Hosmer, House, Lake Forest, ILLINOIS
Morton, Asher, Farmstead, Paris, ILLINOIS
Morton, J. Sterling, High School East Auditorium, Cicero, ILLINOIS
Moultrie County Courthouse, Sullivan, ILLINOIS
Mound City Civil War Naval Hospital, Mound City, ILLINOIS
Mount Lookout, Alton, ILLINOIS
Mount Pulaski Courthouse, Mount Pulaski, ILLINOIS
Muller House, Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS
Mundelein College Skyscraper Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Municipal Courts Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Music Pavilion, Orion, ILLINOIS
Nachusa House, Dixon, ILLINOIS
Narodni Sin, Edwardsville, ILLINOIS
New Masonic Building and Oriental Theater, Chicago, ILLINOIS
New Orpheum Theatre, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Newcomb, Richard F., House, Quincy, ILLINOIS
Nichols, Harry H., House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Nickerson, Samuel, House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Nisbet Homestead Farm, Earlville, ILLINOIS
Noble--Seymour--Crippen House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Normal Theater, Normal, ILLINOIS
North Sangamon United Presbyterian Church, Athens, ILLINOIS
North Shore Sanitary District Tower, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
North Wells Street Historic District, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Northwestern Terra Cotta Company Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Notre Dame de Chicago, Chicago, ILLINOIS
O'Connell, Daniel, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
O'Conor, Andrew J., III, House, Ottawa, ILLINOIS
Oak Circle Historic District, Wilmette, ILLINOIS
Oak Lawn School, Oak Lawn, ILLINOIS
Oak Ridge Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Oakton Gables, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Obee House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Octagon House, Barrington, ILLINOIS
Odd Fellows Opera Block, Ellisville, ILLINOIS
Odell Building, Morrison, ILLINOIS
Ogle County Courthouse, Oregon, ILLINOIS
Old Cahokia Courthouse, Cahokia, ILLINOIS
Old Chicago Historical Society Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Old Colony Buildings, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Old Customhouse, Cairo, ILLINOIS
Old Danish Church, Sheffield, ILLINOIS
Old Iroquois County Courthouse, Watseka, ILLINOIS
Old Main, Charleston, ILLINOIS
Old Main Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Old Main, Almira College, Greenville, ILLINOIS
Old Main, Augustana College, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Old Main, Knox College, Galesburg, ILLINOIS
Old Market House, Galena, ILLINOIS
Old McHenry County Courthouse, Woodstock, ILLINOIS
Old Morrison Mill, Burnt Prairie, ILLINOIS
Old Second National Bank, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Old State Capitol, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Old Stone Arch Bridge, Clark Center, ILLINOIS
Old Stone Arch, National Road, Marshall, ILLINOIS
Old Stone Gate of Chicago Union Stockyards, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Old Stone Hotel, Warren, ILLINOIS
Oliver Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Olmstead Depot, Olmsted, ILLINOIS
Olney Carnegie Library, Olney, ILLINOIS
One LaSalle Street Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
One Thirty North Eighth Building, Quincy, ILLINOIS
Orchestra Hall, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Orendorff, Ulysses G., House, Canton, ILLINOIS
Orth House, Winnetka, ILLINOIS
Otte, Dennis, Round Barn, Eleroy, ILLINOIS
Oughton, John R., House, Dwight, ILLINOIS
Overton Hygienic Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Paddock, Henry I., House, Winthrop Harbor, ILLINOIS
Page Brothers Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Page, Henry H., House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Paine House, Xenia, ILLINOIS
Palmer, Col. Gustavius A., House, Crystal Lake, ILLINOIS
Palmer, Hiram, House, Farmington, ILLINOIS
Paramount Theatre, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Paris Carnegie Public Library, Paris, ILLINOIS
Paris Elks Lodge No. 812 Building, Paris, ILLINOIS
Parlin Library, Canton, ILLINOIS
Pattington Apartments, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Patton Block Building, Monmouth, ILLINOIS
Patton, John, Log Cabin, Lexington, ILLINOIS
Paxton Carnegie Public Library, Paxton, ILLINOIS
Paxton First Schoolhouse, Paxton, ILLINOIS
Paxton Water Tower and Pump House, Paxton, ILLINOIS
Peabody, Francis Stuyvesant, House, Hinsdale, ILLINOIS
Peace and Harvest, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Peeples, Robert and John McKee, Houses, Old Shawneetown, ILLINOIS
Pekin Federal Building, Pekin, ILLINOIS
Pelton, Ora, House, Elgin, ILLINOIS
Pemberton Hall and Gymnasium, Charleston, ILLINOIS
Peoples Gas Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Peoples National Bank Building--Fries Building, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Peoria Automobile Club, Chillicothe, ILLINOIS
Peoria City Hall, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Peoria Mineral Springs, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Peoria Waterworks, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Pere Marquette Hotel, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Perkins, Dwight, House, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Perry County Jail, Pinckneyville, ILLINOIS
Peterstown House, Waterloo, ILLINOIS
Pettingill-Morron House, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Pettit Memorial Chapel, Belvidere, ILLINOIS
Phelps, Alexis, House, Oquawka, ILLINOIS
Phi Mu Sorority House, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Phillips, Alfred, House, Gibson City, ILLINOIS
Phoenix Opera House Block, Rushville, ILLINOIS
Pick, George, House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Pickwick Theater Building, Park Ridge, ILLINOIS
Pike--Sheldon House, Monmouth, ILLINOIS
Pine Craig, Naperville, ILLINOIS
Pine Grove Community Club, Paris, ILLINOIS
Pinehill, Oregon, ILLINOIS
Pioneer Gothic Church, Dwight, ILLINOIS
Pioneers, The, Elmwood, ILLINOIS
Pittsfield East School, Pittsfield, ILLINOIS
Plainfield Halfway House, Plainfield, ILLINOIS
Plano Hotel, Plano, ILLINOIS
Pleasant Grove School, Eden, ILLINOIS
Poinsetta Apartments, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Point School, Grant Park, ILLINOIS
Pontiac Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Pontiac City Hall and Fire Station, Pontiac, ILLINOIS
Post House, Alton, ILLINOIS
Potter House, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Price--Prather House, Williamsville, ILLINOIS
Price/Wheeler House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Princeton Chapter House, Princeton, ILLINOIS
Proctor Building, Libertyville, ILLINOIS
Proctor, John C., Recreation Center, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Promontory Apartments, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Public Service Building, Libertyville, ILLINOIS
Pulaski Park and Fieldhouse, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Pulsifer, Edward, House, Hennepin, ILLINOIS
Putnam County Courthouse, Hennepin, ILLINOIS
Quigley Preparatory Seminary, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Quinby, Ivory, House, Monmouth, ILLINOIS
Quinn Chapel of the A.M.E. Church, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Railway Exchange Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Railway Express Agency Building, Mattoon, ILLINOIS
Randecker's Hardware Store, Bloomingdale, ILLINOIS
Ransom Water Tower, Ransom, ILLINOIS
Ratcliff Inn, Carmi, ILLINOIS
Rathje, H. A., Mill, Peotone, ILLINOIS
Ravinia Park Historic District, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Raymond Park Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Reagan's, Ronald, Boyhood Home, Dixon, ILLINOIS
Red Covered Bridge, Princeton, ILLINOIS
Reebie Moving and Storage Company, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Reed, Mrs. Kersey Coates, House, Lake Forest, ILLINOIS
Reef House, Carbondale, ILLINOIS
Reid Murdoch Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Reimbold, William J., House, Nauvoo, ILLINOIS
Reliance Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Plano, ILLINOIS
Ricker, Nathan C., House, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Ridge Boulevard Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Ridge Grove, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Ridge Manor, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Ridgewood, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Rippon--Kinsella House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Ritzman, William, House, Orangeville, ILLINOIS
Roberts, William H., House, Pecatonica, ILLINOIS
Robie, Frederick C., House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Robinson House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Robinson--Bonnett Inn, Bobtown, ILLINOIS
Robinson-Stewart House, Carmi, ILLINOIS
Roche, Martin--John Tait House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Rock Island Depot and Freight House, Peoria, ILLINOIS
Rock Island Lines Passenger Station, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Rockford Morning Star Building, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Rogers, Orson, House, Marengo, ILLINOIS
Rohrbough, Calendar, House, Kinmundy, ILLINOIS
Roloson, Robert, Houses, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Rookery Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Rookwood Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Room 405, George Herbert Jones Laboratory, The University of Chicago, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Roosevelt Junior High School, Decatur, ILLINOIS
Root--Badger House, Kenilworth, ILLINOIS
Ropp-Grabill House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Rose Hotel, Elizabethtown, ILLINOIS
Rosehill Cemetery Administration Building and Entry Gate, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Rosenwald Apartment Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Rosewood Park, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
Ross, Harvey Lee, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Rothschild, A. M., & Company Store, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Route 66 by Carpenter Park, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Route 66 by Carpenter Park, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Roycemore School, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Rubens Rialto Square Theater, Joliet, ILLINOIS
Ruebel Hotel, Grafton, ILLINOIS
Rutherford, Dr. Hiram, House and Office, Oakland, ILLINOIS
Rutter Store, St. Libory, ILLINOIS
Ryan Round Barn, Kewanee, ILLINOIS
Saline County Poor Farm, Harrisburg, ILLINOIS
Saline County Poor Farm, Harrisburg, ILLINOIS
Sandwich City Hall, Sandwich, ILLINOIS
Schertz, Joseph, House, Metamora, ILLINOIS
Schlosser, Frank, Complex, Okawville, ILLINOIS
Schultz, Raymond, Round Barn, Pontiac, ILLINOIS
Schulze Baking Company Plant, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Schweikher, Paul, House and Studio, Schaumburg, ILLINOIS
Scott, Lyman, House, Summer Hill, ILLINOIS
Scott, Matthew T., House, Chenoa, ILLINOIS
Scott-Vrooman House, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Scutt, Hiram B., Mansion, Joliet, ILLINOIS
Sears, Albert H., House, Plano, ILLINOIS
Second Presbyterian Church, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Sentinel Building, Centralia, ILLINOIS
Sesser Opera House, Sesser, ILLINOIS
Shakespeare Garden, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Shedd Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Shedd, John G., Aquarium, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Sheridan Plaza Hotel, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Sheridan Square Apartments, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Sherrard Banking Company, Sherrard, ILLINOIS
Shiloh House, Zion, ILLINOIS
Shoreland Hotel, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Shriver House, Flora, ILLINOIS
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity House, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Silversmith Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Singer Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Skinner, Richard M., House, Princeton, ILLINOIS
Slaten--LaMarsh House, Grafton, ILLINOIS
Smith, A. Herr and E. E., Public Library, Loda, ILLINOIS
Smith, Ephraim, House, Sugar Grove, ILLINOIS
Smith, J. P., Shoe Company Plant, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Smith, Tina Weedon, Memorial Hall, Urbana, ILLINOIS
Snowden, Elsworth, House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Soffel, Albert, House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Soldier's Monument, Byron, ILLINOIS
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Soldiers' Monument, Freeport, ILLINOIS
Somerset Hotel, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Soule, C. S., House, Highland Park, ILLINOIS
South Dearborn Street--Printing House Row Historic District, Chicago, ILLINOIS
South Fulton Churchhouse, Astoria, ILLINOIS
South Henderson Church and Cemetery, Gladstone, ILLINOIS
South Shore Beach Apartments, Chicago, ILLINOIS
South Side School, Geneso, ILLINOIS
Spivey Building, East St. Louis, ILLINOIS
Spring Valley House--Sulfur Springs Hotel, Utica, ILLINOIS
St. Anne's Episcopal Church, Anna, ILLINOIS
St. Charles Municipal Building, St. Charles, ILLINOIS
St. Ignatius College, Chicago, ILLINOIS
St. James Catholic Church and Cemetery, Lemont, ILLINOIS
St. James Episcopal Church, Lewiston, ILLINOIS
St. James Episcopal Church, McLeansboro, ILLINOIS
St. Luke's Hospital Complex, Chicago, ILLINOIS
St. Mary's Church of Gilberts, Gilberts, ILLINOIS
St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran School, Chicago, ILLINOIS
St. Nicholas Hotel, Springfield, ILLINOIS
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Chicago, ILLINOIS
St. Thomas Church and Convent, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Stacy's Tavern, Glen Ellyn, ILLINOIS
Standard Oil Gasoline Station, Plainfield, ILLINOIS
Standard Oil Gasoline Station, Odell, ILLINOIS
Stapleford--Hover--Whitney House, Vermont, ILLINOIS
Starr Hotel, Mattoon, ILLINOIS
State Bank, Old Shawneetown, ILLINOIS
State Savings Loan and Trust, Quincy, ILLINOIS
Stauduhar House, Rock Island, ILLINOIS
Stearns-Wadsworth House, Batavia, ILLINOIS
Steffens, Joseph, House, Milledgeville, ILLINOIS
Stephenson County Courthouse, Freeport, ILLINOIS
Stephenson, Benjamin, House, Edwardsville, ILLINOIS
Sterling Masonic Temple, Sterling, ILLINOIS
Stevens House, Tiskilwa, ILLINOIS
Stevenson House, Bloomington, ILLINOIS
Stevenson, Adlai E., I, House, Metamora, ILLINOIS
Stewart, Minnie, House, Monmouth, ILLINOIS
Stickney, George, House, Woodstock, ILLINOIS
Stillman's Run Battle Site, Stillman Valley, ILLINOIS
Stolp Woolen Mill Store, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Stone Arch Bridge, Champaign, ILLINOIS
Stone Arch Bridge, Danville, ILLINOIS
Stone Manor, Lockport, ILLINOIS
Stone Quarry Bridge, Charleston, ILLINOIS
Stoneleigh Manor, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Story-Camp Rowhouses, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Stotlar, Ed. M., House, Marion, ILLINOIS
Strawn, Jeremiah, House, Ottawa, ILLINOIS
Streator Public Library, Streator, ILLINOIS
Streibich Blacksmith Shop, Newman, ILLINOIS
Studebaker Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Sugar Creek Covered Bridge, Chatham, ILLINOIS
Sullivan, Joseph P. O., House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Sunderlage Farm Smokehouse, Hoffman Estates, ILLINOIS
Swannell, Charles E., House, Kankakee, ILLINOIS
Swedish American Telephone Company Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Swedish Club of Chicago, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Swift House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Sylvan Road Bridge, Glencoe, ILLINOIS
Table Grove Community Church, Table Grove, ILLINOIS
Taft Farmstead, Rochester, ILLINOIS
Taft, Lorado, Midway Studios, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Tallman, Horace M., House, Shelbyville, ILLINOIS
Tanner, William A., House, Aurora, ILLINOIS
Taylor, Oscar, House, Freeport, ILLINOIS
Taylorville Chautauqua Audtitorium, Taylorville, ILLINOIS
Tazewell County Courthouse, Pekin, ILLINOIS
Teeple Barn, Elgin, ILLINOIS
Teich, Curt, and Company Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Terwilliger House, Woodstock, ILLINOIS
Thebes Courthouse, Thebes, ILLINOIS
Theurer-Wrigley House, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Third St. Bridge, Delavan, ILLINOIS
Thomas, F. D., House, Camp Point, ILLINOIS
Thomas, Frank, House, Oak Park, ILLINOIS
Thomas, Lewis H., House, Virden, ILLINOIS
Thompkins, Jennie S., House, Maywood, ILLINOIS
Thompson Mill Covered Bridge, Cowden, ILLINOIS
Thorne, George R., House, Midlothian, ILLINOIS
Tiger--Anderson House, Springfield, ILLINOIS
Tinker Swiss Cottage, Rockford, ILLINOIS
Tomek, F.F., House, Riverside, ILLINOIS
Transfer House, Decatur, ILLINOIS
Tree Studio Building and Annexes, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Trinity Episcopal Church, Wheaton, ILLINOIS
Trobaugh--Good House, Decatur, ILLINOIS
Trumbull, Lyman, House, Alton, ILLINOIS
Trustees System Service Building, Chicago, ILLINOIS
Tudor Manor, Evanston, ILLINOIS
Turner Town Hall, West Chicago, ILLINOIS

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