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Landmarks Search Results for Kentucky-
Search Results
December 20, 2014 @ 03:46 AM EDT
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PubCrawler Landmarks Search Results

2325 Landmark Options Match Your Search , Kentucky
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Abel, Dr., House, Glendale, KENTUCKY
Abell House, Middletown, KENTUCKY
Adair County Courthouse, Columbia, KENTUCKY
Adams House, Salvisa, KENTUCKY
Adath Israel Temple, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Adath Jeshurun Temple and School, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Adkins--Hurt Mill, Mount Pisgah, KENTUCKY
Adsmore, Princeton, KENTUCKY
Airy Mount, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Aker, Jacob, Farm, Paris, KENTUCKY
Alcorn, James W., House, Stanford, KENTUCKY
Alexander Plantation House, Midway, KENTUCKY
All Saints Church, Taylorsville, KENTUCKY
Allen's, James, Inn, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Allen, Carter, House, Smiths Grove, KENTUCKY
Allen, Col. R. T. P., House, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Allen, J. B., House, Chestnut Grove, KENTUCKY
Allen, John C., House, Summersville, KENTUCKY
Allen, John, House, Keene, KENTUCKY
Allen, Thomas, House, Smiths Grove, KENTUCKY
Allen-Alexander House, Paris, KENTUCKY
Allenhurst, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Allison-Barrickman House, Harrods Creek, KENTUCKY
Almsted Brothers Building, Louisville, KENTUCKY
American Association, Limited, Office Building, Middlesboro, KENTUCKY
Anchorage, The, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Temple, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Anderson House, Haskingsville, KENTUCKY
Anderson, Artelia, Hall, Paducah, KENTUCKY
Anderson-Smith House, Paducah, KENTUCKY
Angles, The, Paducah, KENTUCKY
Antioch Christian Church, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Applegate, Leslie T., House, Falmouth, KENTUCKY
Applegate--Fisher House, West Point, KENTUCKY
Arcadia, Shelby City, KENTUCKY
Archer House, Paintsville, KENTUCKY
Arlington, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Armstrong Row, Maysville, KENTUCKY
Arnold, John, House, Paint Lick, KENTUCKY
Arnold, Philip, House, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Arrowhead, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Asbury College Administration Building, Wilmore, KENTUCKY
Ashbourne, Harrods Creek, KENTUCKY
Ashe House, Glendale, KENTUCKY
Ashland Armory, Ashland, KENTUCKY
Aspen Hall, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Atherton Carriage House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Atherton, Aaron, House, Hodgenville, KENTUCKY
Atkins--Carter House, Louisa, KENTUCKY
Audubon, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Audubon School, Henderson, KENTUCKY
Augusta College Historic Buildings, Augusta, KENTUCKY
Augusta College Historic Buildings, Augusta, KENTUCKY
Aydelott House, Valley Station, KENTUCKY
Aylor, A. J., House, Hebron, KENTUCKY
Ayres House, Midway, KENTUCKY
Baker, Paschal Todd, House, Carrollton, KENTUCKY
Baker-Hawkins House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Baldin House, Ebeneezer, KENTUCKY
Ball, Billy, House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Ballard County Courthouse, Wickliffe, KENTUCKY
Ballard, Rogers Clark, Memorial School, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Ballard, William H., House, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Bank of Middletown, Middletown, KENTUCKY
Bank of Simpsonville, Simpsonville, KENTUCKY
Bank of the Commonwealth, Shepherdsville, KENTUCKY
Bannon, Patrick, House, Buechel, KENTUCKY
Barbee, John, House, Bryantsville, KENTUCKY
Barber, John R., House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Barber-Barbour House, Harrods Creek, KENTUCKY
Barbourville Commercial District, Barbourville, KENTUCKY
Barger, Donald, House, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Barlow House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Barlow House, Barlow, KENTUCKY
Barnes, Henry J., House, Mt. Washington, KENTUCKY
Barren River L & N Railroad Bridge, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Barret House, Henderson, KENTUCKY
Barrett, Dr. Lewis, House, Munfordville, KENTUCKY
Barrett-Blakeman House, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Barth, Peter, Farm, Alexandria, KENTUCKY
Barton, Abraham, House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Basket Farm, Clay Village, KENTUCKY
Basye, T. D., House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Bates House, Bedford, KENTUCKY
Bates Log House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Bates, Levin, House, Buechel, KENTUCKY
Battle of Dutton's Hill Monument, Somerset, KENTUCKY
Battle of Tebb's Bend Monument, Campbellsville, KENTUCKY
Baumann House, Camp Springs, KENTUCKY
Bavarian Brewing Company, Covington, KENTUCKY
Baxter, Barlow, House, Hestand, KENTUCKY
Bayless House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Bayless Quarters, North Middletown, KENTUCKY
Bayly-Schroering House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Bayne House, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Beam, T. Jeremiah, House, Clermont, KENTUCKY
Beard, Daniel Carter, Boyhood Home, Covington, KENTUCKY
Beatty-Newell House, Bronston, KENTUCKY
Beck, James Burnie, House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Beech Fork Bridge, Mackville Road, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Beech Lawn, Jeffersontown, KENTUCKY
Beeches, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Beechfork Presbyterian Church, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Beechland, Jeffersontown, KENTUCKY
Beechland, Taylorsville, KENTUCKY
Beechwold, Bardstown, KENTUCKY
Beeler, Dorsey, House, Hodgenville, KENTUCKY
Belknap, Willam R., School, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Bell, John, House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Belle's Tavern, Park City, KENTUCKY
Belleview Baptist Church, Belleview, KENTUCKY
Belleview Post Office, Belleview, KENTUCKY
Bellevoir-Ormsby Village, Lyndon, KENTUCKY
Bellevue, Newport, KENTUCKY
Bellevue High School, Bellevue, KENTUCKY
Bennett's Mill Covered Bridge, Greenup, KENTUCKY
Bennett, Sue, Memorial School Building, London, KENTUCKY
Bernheim Distillery Bottling Plant, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Berry Hill, Glenview, KENTUCKY
Berry, Richard, Jr., House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Bethel AME Church, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Bethel Baptist Church, Fairview, KENTUCKY
Bethel Church, Clay Village, KENTUCKY
Beulah Lodge, Dawson Springs, KENTUCKY
Beverly School, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Beynroth House, Middletown, KENTUCKY
Big Bone Methodist Church, Union, KENTUCKY
Big Sandy Milling Company, Louisa, KENTUCKY
Big Spring Church, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Bingham-Hilliard Doll House, Harrods Creek, KENTUCKY
Bird Octagonal Mule Barn, Cropper, KENTUCKY
Bird's Nest, Cropper, KENTUCKY
Bird, Philomen, House, Bagdad, KENTUCKY
Bishoff House, Camp Springs, KENTUCKY
Bishop House, Falmouth, KENTUCKY
Black, Charles, Farm, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Black, Charles, Farm, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Blackburn, Edward M., House, Midway, KENTUCKY
Blackburn, Julius, House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Blackwell, William, House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Blades, William, House, Bagdad, KENTUCKY
Blair Park, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Blakeley, W. H., House, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Blakeman, Calvin, House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Bland Farm, Bagdad, KENTUCKY
Bland, John D., House, Sonora, KENTUCKY
Bland, William, House, Glendale, KENTUCKY
Bland--Overall House, Sonora, KENTUCKY
Blankenbaker Station, St. Matthews, KENTUCKY
Blankenbeker, Clinton, House, Florence, KENTUCKY
Blau's Four Mile House, Camp Springs, KENTUCKY
Blaydes House, Bagdad, KENTUCKY
Blenk House, Alexandria, KENTUCKY
Bloedner, August, Monument, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Blue Ball Church, Howe Valley, KENTUCKY
Blue Lantern Farm, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Blythewood, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Board of Extension of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Boatright House, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Bodley, Temple, Summer House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Bogard, D. D., House, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Boise House, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Boland House, Burnside, KENTUCKY
Bonavita-Weller House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Bond, J. Roy, House, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Bond, Jeff, House, Red Bush, KENTUCKY
Bondurant House, Mount Sterling, KENTUCKY
Bondurant--Hustin House, Peewee Valley, KENTUCKY
Bonnycot, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Bonta House, Danville, KENTUCKY
Bonta-Owsley House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Booker, Samuel, House, Chestnut Grove, KENTUCKY
Booker--Giltner House, Chestnut Grove, KENTUCKY
Boone County Distillery Superintendant's House and Guest House, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Boone Tavern Hotel, Berea, KENTUCKY
Boot Hill Farm, Athens, KENTUCKY
Bosler Fireproof Garage, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Botherum, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Bottom, H. P., House, Perryville, KENTUCKY
Botts House, Burlington, KENTUCKY
Bourbon County Confederate Monument, Paris, KENTUCKY
Bourbon County Courthouse, Paris, KENTUCKY
Bourbon Iron Works, Owingsville, KENTUCKY
Bower House, Parksville, KENTUCKY
Bowling Green OMS #10, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Bowman, Col. John, House, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Boyle County Courthouse, Danville, KENTUCKY
Boyle, Judge John, House, Danville, KENTUCKY
Boyle-Robertson-Letcher House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Bracken Baptist Church, Minerva, KENTUCKY
Bracken County Infirmary, Chatham, KENTUCKY
Brackett, Daniel, House, Upton, KENTUCKY
Bradford Mills, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Bradford, Alexander, House, Stamping Ground, KENTUCKY
Bradford, Fielding, House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Bradley, Gov. William O., House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Bradley, John W., House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Bradshaw House, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Brand-Barrow House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Brandeis House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Brandeis, Albert S., Elementary School, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Brandenburg Methodist Episcopal Church, Brandenburg, KENTUCKY
Branham House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Branham, Richard, House, Midway, KENTUCKY
Bransford Spring Pumphouse, Mammoth Cave, KENTUCKY
Braun, John, House, Camp Springs, KENTUCKY
Breathitt County Jail, Jackson, KENTUCKY
Breck, Judge Daniel, House, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Breckinridge, John C., Memorial, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Breidenbach Building, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Brents-Lisle House, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Brick Inn, Canton, KENTUCKY
Bridges, C. A., Tobacco Warehouse, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Briggs, Samuel and Mary Logan, House, Stanford, KENTUCKY
Briscoe, James, Quarters, Delaplain, KENTUCKY
Broadway Temple A.M.E. Zion Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Brock House, Bloomingdale, KENTUCKY
Brodnax--Conn House, Adairville, KENTUCKY
Bronaugh, J. S., House, Nicholasville, KENTUCKY
Bronston Place, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Brooking, Vivion Upshaw, House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Brooks, Solomon Neill House, Shepherdsville, KENTUCKY
Brothers-O'Neil House, Augusta, KENTUCKY
Brown Hotel Building and Theater, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Brown House, Hodgenville, KENTUCKY
Brown Pusey House Community Center, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Brown Tobacco Warehouse, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Brown, George I., House, Nicholasville, KENTUCKY
Brown, J.T.S., and Son's Complex, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Brown, James, House, St. Matthews, KENTUCKY
Brown, John C., House, Mulberry, KENTUCKY
Brown, Joshua, House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Brown, Mason, House, Gratz, KENTUCKY
Brown, Stephen Cooke, House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Brown, Theodore, House, St. Matthews, KENTUCKY
Brown-Proctoria Hotel, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Bruntwood, Bardstown, KENTUCKY
Brushy Voting House No. 6, Morehead, KENTUCKY
Bryan House, Simpsonville, KENTUCKY
Bryant House, Nicholasville, KENTUCKY
Bryant, Garnett, House, Oakland, KENTUCKY
Bryantsville Methodist Church, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Bryantsville Post Office and Store, Bryantsville, KENTUCKY
Buck Pond, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Buck-Mercer House, Somerset, KENTUCKY
Buckhorn Presbyterian Church and the Greer Gymnasium, Buckhorn, KENTUCKY
Buckner, Walker, House, Paris, KENTUCKY
Buenna Hill, Centerville, KENTUCKY
Buford-Duke House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Building at 301 La Grange Road, Peewee Valley, KENTUCKY
Building at Jct. of KY 395 and 1779, Bagdad, KENTUCKY
Bull, William, House, Middletown, KENTUCKY
Bullock-Clifton House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Burch, Walter, House, Hodgenville, KENTUCKY
Burford Hill, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Burgess, Joseph Fields, House, Sadieville, KENTUCKY
Burnawood, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Burnett, Aubrey, House, Oakland, KENTUCKY
Burnside Historic District, Burnside, KENTUCKY
Burnside Lodge, Burnside, KENTUCKY
Burnside Methodist Church, Burnside, KENTUCKY
Burrier, John, House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Burris House, Salvisa, KENTUCKY
Burrus, Nathaniel, House, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Burton House, Chestnut Grove, KENTUCKY
Burton, Ambrose, House, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Burton, David, House, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Bush, Capt. Robert V., House, Becknerville, KENTUCKY
Bush, Cornelia, House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Bush, S. S., House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Bush, William, House, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Bush-Dykes, W., House, Forest Grove, KENTUCKY
Buster, Nimrod I., House and Farmstead, Danville, KENTUCKY
Butler's Tavern, Nicholasville, KENTUCKY
Butler, Gen. William O., House, Carrollton, KENTUCKY
Bybee House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Cabin Creek Covered Bridge, Tollesboro, KENTUCKY
Cadiz Downtown Historic District, Cadiz, KENTUCKY
Cadiz Main Street Residential District, Cadiz, KENTUCKY
Cadiz Masonic Lodge No. 121 F. and A.M., Cadiz, KENTUCKY
Caldwell House, Danville, KENTUCKY
Caldwell House, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Caldwell, Charles W., House, Danville, KENTUCKY
Caldwell, W. Logan, Farmstead, Danville, KENTUCKY
Calico & Brown General Store, Paint Lick, KENTUCKY
Callas Sweet Shop, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Callihan, G. D., House, Prestonsburg, KENTUCKY
Callis General Store and Post Office, Bedford, KENTUCKY
Calloway County Courthouse, Murray, KENTUCKY
Calloway House, Eminence, KENTUCKY
Calmes, Henry W., House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Calmes, Marquis, Tomb, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Calmes, Marquis, Tomb, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Calvary Episcopal Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Calvert, B. C., House, Union, KENTUCKY
Camp Beauregard Memorial in Water Valley, Water Valley, KENTUCKY
Camp Breckinridge Non-Commissioned Officers' Club, Morganfield, KENTUCKY
Camp Spring House, Camp Springs, KENTUCKY
Campbell House, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Campbell House, Paint Lick, KENTUCKY
Campbell, David C., House, Plum Springs, KENTUCKY
Cane Springs Primitive Baptist Church, College Hill, KENTUCKY
Cantrill House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Caperton Block, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Cardinal Hill Reservoir, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Cardome, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Cardwellton, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Carlisle Armory, Carlisle, KENTUCKY
Carlisle, Louisville and Nashville Passenger Depot, Carlisle, KENTUCKY
Carlton, Jonathan, House, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Carmichael House, Fisherville, KENTUCKY
Carnegie Free Public Library (DAOB 41), Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Carnegie Library, Corbin, KENTUCKY
Carnegie Library, Danville, KENTUCKY
Carnegie Library, Hickman, KENTUCKY
Carnegie Public Library, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Carpenter House, Clark Station, KENTUCKY
Carpenter-Smith House, Crestwood, KENTUCKY
Carr, Ben F., Jr., House, Fulton, KENTUCKY
Carriss's Feed Store, Southville, KENTUCKY
Carriss's Store, Southville, KENTUCKY
Carroll, Dr. Clyde, House, White Mills, KENTUCKY
Carson's Landing, Morgantown, KENTUCKY
Carson, John, House, Morgantown, KENTUCKY
Carter House, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Carter, Nicholas, House, Hodgenville, KENTUCKY
Cartwright Creek Bridge, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Casey County Courthouse, Liberty, KENTUCKY
Castleman, John B., Monument, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Covington, KENTUCKY
Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Catlett House, Catlettsburg, KENTUCKY
Catlettsburg National Bank, Catlettsburg, KENTUCKY
Caudill, C.B., Store, Blackey, KENTUCKY
Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Cave Place, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Cecilia Memorial Christian Church, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Cedar Grove, Oak Grove, KENTUCKY
Cedar Grove Rosenwald School, Olmstead, KENTUCKY
Cedars, The, Leitchfield, KENTUCKY
Central Christian Church, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Central Colored School, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Central Kentucky Lunatic Asylum, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Central Owenton Historic District, Owenton, KENTUCKY
Chamber, Robert, House, Walton, KENTUCKY
Chambers, A. E., Octagonal Barn, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Chambers, C. Scott, House and Funeral Parlor, Walton, KENTUCKY
Champion-Shepherdson House, Princeton, KENTUCKY
Chandler House, Walton, KENTUCKY
Chandler Normal School Building and Webster Hall, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Chandler Normal School Building and Webster Hall, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Chapline Building, Munfordville, KENTUCKY
Charity's House, Falmouth, KENTUCKY
Chaumiere des Prairies, Nicholasville, KENTUCKY
Chenault House, Star Mills, KENTUCKY
Chenault House, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Chenoweth Fort-Springhouse, Middletown, KENTUCKY
Chenoweth House, St. Matthews, KENTUCKY
Cherry Hall, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Chesapeake and Ohio Passenger Depot, Pikeville, KENTUCKY
Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Passenger and Baggage Depots, Mount Sterling, KENTUCKY
Chestnut Grove, Glendale, KENTUCKY
Chestnut Street Baptist Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Chestnut Street Methodist Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Chewning House, Donansburg, KENTUCKY
Chiles, Tarleton, House, Becknerville, KENTUCKY
Chiles, William, House, Mount Sterling, KENTUCKY
Chiles--Bailey House, Bagdad, KENTUCKY
Chipman House, Falmouth, KENTUCKY
Choctaw Indian Academy, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Chrisler House, Harrods Creek, KENTUCKY
Chrisman, Joseph, House, Nicholasville, KENTUCKY
Christ Church Cathedral, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Christ Church Episcopal, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Christ Episcopal Church, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Christ the King School and Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Christian Meeting House, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Christie, Christopher Columbus, House, Haskingsville, KENTUCKY
Church Hill Grange Hall, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Church of Our Merciful Saviour, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Church of the Advent, Episcopal, Cynthiana, KENTUCKY
Church of the Annunciation, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Church of the Ascension, Mount Sterling, KENTUCKY
Church of the Messiah, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Cincinnati Southern Railroad Culvert--CSRR, Danville, KENTUCKY
City Hall, Somerset, KENTUCKY
Clark County Courthouse, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Clark Hardware Company Building, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Clark, Gov. James A., Mansion, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Clarkson House, Flaherty, KENTUCKY
Clay City National Bank Building, Clay City, KENTUCKY
Clay Hill, Campbellsville, KENTUCKY
Clay Hill, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Clay, Dr. Henry, House, Paris, KENTUCKY
Clay, Henry, Law Office, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Clay, Henry, School, Clay Village, KENTUCKY
Clements House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Clements, Le Vega, House, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Clifton Baptist Church Complex, Clifton, KENTUCKY
Clifton Road Culvert, Clifton, KENTUCKY
Clinkenbeard, William, House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Clore House, Belleview, KENTUCKY
Clore, Albert E., House, Crestwood, KENTUCKY
Clore, James, House, Prospect, KENTUCKY
Clore, Jonas, House, Belleview, KENTUCKY
Clore, Jonas, Log House, Burlington, KENTUCKY
Clover Hill, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Cobb, Whitney, House, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Cobblestone Path, Bardstown, KENTUCKY
Coca-Cola Plant, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Cocanougher House, Mackville, KENTUCKY
Colby Tavern, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Coldeway House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Cole, Richard, Homestead, Midway, KENTUCKY
Coleman, House, Bedford, KENTUCKY
Coleman, William L., House, Bedford, KENTUCKY
College Hill Historic District (Boundary Increase), Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
College Street Bridge, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
College Street Historic District, Pikeville, KENTUCKY
College Street Presbyterian Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Collins House, Todds Point, KENTUCKY
Colored Soldiers Monument in Frankfort, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Colossal Cavern Entrance, Mammoth Cave, KENTUCKY
Columbian School, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Colville Covered Bridge, Millersburg, KENTUCKY
Combs, B. F., House, Prestonsburg, KENTUCKY
Commercial Historic District, Pikeville, KENTUCKY
Commodore Apartment Building, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Conant, William, House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Confederate Martyrs Monument in Jeffersontown, Jeffersontown, KENTUCKY
Confederate Mass Grave Monument in Somerset, Somerset, KENTUCKY
Confederate Memorial Fountain in Hopkinsville, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Confederate Memorial Gates in Mayfield, Mayfield, KENTUCKY
Confederate Memorial Gateway in Hickman, Hickman, KENTUCKY
Confederate Memorial in Fulton, Fulton, KENTUCKY
Confederate Memorial in Mayfield, Mayfield, KENTUCKY
Confederate Memorial in Nicholasville, Nicholasville, KENTUCKY
Confederate Memorial in Peewee Valley, Peewee Valley, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument at Crab Orchard, Crab Orchard, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Murray, Murray, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Augusta, Augusta, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Cynthiana, Cynthiana, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Danville, Danville, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Frankfort, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Georgetown, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Glasgow, Glascow, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Harrodsburg, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Lawrenceburg, Lawrenceburg, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Louisville, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Owensboro, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Owingsville, Owingsville, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Paducah, Paducah, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Perryville, Perryville, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Russellville, Russellville, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument in Versailles, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument of Bardstown, Bardstown, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument of Bowling Green, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument of Cadiz, Cadiz, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument of Morganfield, Morganfield, KENTUCKY
Confederate Monument of Mt. Sterling, Mt. Sterling, KENTUCKY
Confederate Soldier Monument in Caldwell, Princeton, KENTUCKY
Confederate Soldier Monument in Lexington, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Confederate Soldiers Martyrs Monument in Eminence, Eminence, KENTUCKY
Confederate--Union Veterans' Monument in Morgantown, Morgantown, KENTUCKY
Conner, George, House, Fredericktown, KENTUCKY
Cooke, Peyton , House, Oakland, KENTUCKY
Cooper House, Midway, KENTUCKY
Cooper Memorial Church, Okolona, KENTUCKY
Cooper's Run Baptist Church, Shawhan, KENTUCKY
Cooper, Judge John E., House, West Liberty, KENTUCKY
Coppage, Rhodin, Spring House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Corbin Bank Building, Corbin, KENTUCKY
Corinthia, Centerville, KENTUCKY
Corn, Allie, House, Hebron, KENTUCKY
Cornelison Pottery, Bybee, KENTUCKY
Corner in Celebrities Historic District, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Cornwall and Brown Houses, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Cottage Iron Furnace, Irvine, KENTUCKY
Couchman House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Court Clerk's Office-County & Circuit, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Court Square Historic District (Boundary Increase), Leitchfield, KENTUCKY
Courteney, James, House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Courthouse Square and Mechanics' Row Historic District, Maysville, KENTUCKY
Courtney House, Finchville, KENTUCKY
Covington and Cincinnati Suspension Bridge, Covington, KENTUCKY
Covington Downtown Commercial Historic District (Boundary Increase), Covington, KENTUCKY
Covington House, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Covington Institute Teachers' Residence, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Cowherd, Francis, House, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Cowherd, Jonathan, Jr., House, Campbellsville, KENTUCKY
Cox House, Julien, KENTUCKY
Cox, Alvey, House, Munfordville, KENTUCKY
Cox, John, House, Nebo, KENTUCKY
Cox, L. 0., House, Owenton, KENTUCKY
Cox-Hord House, Maysville, KENTUCKY
Crain's Wholesale and Retail Store, Jackson, KENTUCKY
Cranor School, St. Charles, KENTUCKY
Cranston Voting House No. 12, Morehead, KENTUCKY
Crawford House, Somerset, KENTUCKY
Crawford House, Perryville, KENTUCKY
Crawford, A. Jackson, Building, Somerset, KENTUCKY
Creal Store, Creal, KENTUCKY
Crescent Hill Branch Library, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Crist, Henry, House, Brownington, KENTUCKY
Crockett, John Edward, House, Mulberry, KENTUCKY
Crockett, Judge Joseph, House, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Cross Keys Tavern Kitchen and Quarters, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Crossfield, R. H., House, Lawrenceburg, KENTUCKY
Crouch, Dr. M. J., House, Union, KENTUCKY
Crow, William, House, Bryantsville, KENTUCKY
Crow-Barbee House, Danville, KENTUCKY
Cullom, Frances, Jr., House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Cumberland Central Business District, Cumberland, KENTUCKY
Cumberland, The, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Cunningham House, Salvisa, KENTUCKY
Curd-Moss House, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Curry, Daniel, House, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Cusick, Ed, House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Cutter, Henry, Houses, Junction City, KENTUCKY
Dabney Post Office, Dabney, KENTUCKY
Dale, John, House, Simpsonville, KENTUCKY
Dalton Brick Company, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Dalton House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Dalton, Monroe, House, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Daniel, Benjamin, House, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Danville National Cemetery, Danville, KENTUCKY
Darby House, The, Dawson Springs, KENTUCKY
Daughters' College, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Davidson, A. C., House, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Davidson, G. W., House and Bank, Auburn, KENTUCKY
Davis Tavern, Middletown, KENTUCKY
Davis, Daniel, House, Paintsville, KENTUCKY
Davis, E. M., Farm, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Davis, Howell J., House, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Davis, Jefferson, Monument, Fairview, KENTUCKY
Dawson Springs Historic District (Boundary Increase), Dawson Springs, KENTUCKY
Dawson, Thomas, House, Cadiz, KENTUCKY
Dayton High School, Dayton, KENTUCKY
Delano--Alves House, Henderson, KENTUCKY
Delehunty, John, House, Florence, KENTUCKY
DeLong Agricultural Implements Warehouse, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Delph, Sam, House, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Delph, W. T., House, Burlington, KENTUCKY
Denny Place, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Dew, Daniel, House, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Diamond Fruit Farm, Jeffersontown, KENTUCKY
Diebold, Anton, House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Diebold, J. W., Jr. House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Dinsmore House, Carlisle, KENTUCKY
District #1, Louisville, KENTUCKY
District #2, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Ditto, Abraham, House, West Point, KENTUCKY
Ditto--Prewitt House, West Point, KENTUCKY
Diuguid, Edwin S., House, Murray, KENTUCKY
Doctors' Row Historic District, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Doe Run Trestle, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Doerhoefer, Basil, House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Doerhoefer, Peter C., House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Doerhoefer-Hampton House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Dolfinger, J., and Company Building, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Doricham, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Dorsey, Thomas A., Farmhouse, Carlisle, KENTUCKY
Douglass School, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Dowling House, Lawrenceburg, KENTUCKY
Downtown Hartford Historic District, Hartford, KENTUCKY
Downtown Hartford Historic District, Hartford, KENTUCKY
Dozier--Guess House, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Drakes Creek Baptist Church, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Dumesnil Street ME Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Duncan House, Franklin, KENTUCKY
Duncan House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Duncan Tavern, Paris, KENTUCKY
Duncan, Henry, House, Bloomfield, KENTUCKY
Duncan, J. W., House, Nicholasville, KENTUCKY
Dunn, Peter, House, McAfee, KENTUCKY
Dunn-Watkins House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
DuPuy, Joel, House, Tyrone, KENTUCKY
Dutch Barn, Danville, KENTUCKY
Dutch Reformed Church, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Duvall, Marene, House, Finchville, KENTUCKY
Eades Tavern, Paris, KENTUCKY
Eales, James, House, Shawhan, KENTUCKY
Early House, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
East Bend Church, Union, KENTUCKY
East Main Street Bridge, Corbin, KENTUCKY
Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, Keene, KENTUCKY
Ebenezer School, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Eclipse Woolen Mill, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Edelen House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Edgewood, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Edgewood, Bardstown, KENTUCKY
Edgewood, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Edmiston, Bazle, House, Nebo, KENTUCKY
Edmunds, Charles Penn, House, Beckton, KENTUCKY
Edwards Hall, Elkton, KENTUCKY
Edwards House, Exie, KENTUCKY
Edwards House, Walton, KENTUCKY
Edwards, David, House, Exie, KENTUCKY
Edwards, Thomas, House and Quarters, Tyrone, KENTUCKY
Ehlen, E. L., Livery and Sale Stable, Henderson, KENTUCKY
Eight-Mile House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Eitel, Otto F., House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Electric Building, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Eleventh District School, Covington, KENTUCKY
Elizabethtown Armory, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Elizaville Presbyterian Church, Elizaville, KENTUCKY
Elk Garden, Kirksville, KENTUCKY
Elk Grove Farm, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Elkin House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Elks Athletic Club, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Elkwood, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Elley Villa, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Elliott Place, Lafayette, KENTUCKY
Elliott Place, Lafayette, KENTUCKY
Ellis, James, Stone Tavern, Ellisville, KENTUCKY
Ellis, Joseph H., House, Peewee Valley, KENTUCKY
Ellis, Samuel, House, Chestnut Grove, KENTUCKY
Elmore-Carter House, Summersville, KENTUCKY
Elms, The, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Elmwood, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Elmwood, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Elmwood Hall, Ludlow, KENTUCKY
Embry Chapel Church, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Emerson School, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Emery Row, Covington, KENTUCKY
Emison, Ash, Quarters, Delaplain, KENTUCKY
Emory-Blakeman-Penick House, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Engelhard House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Ennis, Willis, House, Plum Springs, KENTUCKY
Episcopal Burying Ground and Chapel, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Epworth Methodist Evangelical Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Escondida, Paris, KENTUCKY
Eubank, Achilles, House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Evans House, Shopville, KENTUCKY
Evans, Thomas P., House, Tompkinsville, KENTUCKY
Everhardt, W. H., House, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Ewing, D. H., & Sons Creamery, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Ewing, James F., House, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Faha, John, House, Alexandria, KENTUCKY
Fairelond, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Fairfield Avenue Historic District, Bellevue, KENTUCKY
Fairlawn, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Fairview Methodist Church, Oakland, KENTUCKY
Falls City Jeans and Woolen Mills, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Farmer's Bank of Mackville, Mackville, KENTUCKY
Farmers Bank of Kirksville, Kirksville, KENTUCKY
Farmers Bank of Petersburg, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Farmers Voting House No. 2, Morehead, KENTUCKY
Farnsley, David, House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Farnsley-Moremen House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Fayette National Bank Building, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Fayette Safety Vault and Trust Company Building, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Featherston, Edmonson and Clark Houses, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Federal Building and US Post Office--Owensboro, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Federal Building-Courthouse, London, KENTUCKY
Federal House, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Fee, John Gregg, House, Germantown, KENTUCKY
Ferrill, Edward S., House, Buffalo, KENTUCKY
Field, John, House, Columbia, KENTUCKY
Fields' House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Fifth Ward School, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Figg, Bushrod, House, Olive Branch, KENTUCKY
Finney Hotel, Woodbury, KENTUCKY
Finzer, Nicholas, House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Fire Department Headquarters, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Firehouse No. 13, Louisville, KENTUCKY
First African Baptist Church, Lexington, KENTUCKY
First African Baptist Church and Parsonage, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
First Baptist Church, Murray, KENTUCKY
First Baptist Church, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
First Baptist Church, Paintsville, KENTUCKY
First Christian Church, Murray, KENTUCKY
First Christian Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
First Christian Church, Corbin, KENTUCKY
First Christian Church, Junction City, KENTUCKY
First Christian Church of Ashland, Ashland, KENTUCKY
First Colored Baptist Church, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
First Evangelical Reformed Church, Bernstadt, KENTUCKY
First Lutheran Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
First Methodist Church, Paintsville, KENTUCKY
First National Bank, Glasgow, KENTUCKY
First National Bank Building, Paintsville, KENTUCKY
First National Bank-Kentucky Title Company Building, Louisville, KENTUCKY
First Presbyterian Church, Glasgow, KENTUCKY
First Presbyterian Church, Danville, KENTUCKY
First Presbyterian Church, Lexington, KENTUCKY
First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
First Presbyterian Church, Flemingsburg, KENTUCKY
First Presbyterian Church, Ashland, KENTUCKY
First Street District, Louisville, KENTUCKY
First United Methodist Church, Louisa, KENTUCKY
First United Methodist Church, Catlettsburg, KENTUCKY
Fishback, Jesse, House, Becknerville, KENTUCKY
Fisher Homestead, Cloverport, KENTUCKY
Fisher House, Fisherville, KENTUCKY
Fishpool Plantation, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Fitzhugh House, Harrods Creek, KENTUCKY
Fitzpatrick, W. T., House, Mount Sterling, KENTUCKY
Fitzpatrick--Harmon House, Prestonsburg, KENTUCKY
Flat Gap School, Flat Gap, KENTUCKY
Fleming, Thomas W., House, Flemingsburg, KENTUCKY
Flick House, Belleview, KENTUCKY
Floral Hall, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Florence Fire Station, Florence, KENTUCKY
Florence Hotel, Florence, KENTUCKY
Flournoy, Matthew, House, Centerville, KENTUCKY
Flournoy-Nutter House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Floyd, John, House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Fohs Hall, Marion, KENTUCKY
Foote--Fister Mansion, Bellevue, KENTUCKY
Ford House, Owenton, KENTUCKY
Ford Stone House, Elliston, KENTUCKY
Ford, John Jackson, House, Smiths Grove, KENTUCKY
Ford, William, House, Brownsville, KENTUCKY
Fordson Coal Company Buildings, Stone, KENTUCKY
Forest Hill, Danville, KENTUCKY
Forkland School and Gymnasium, Gravel Switch, KENTUCKY
Forman, Tom, House, Washington, KENTUCKY
Forrester House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Forrester--Duvall House, Peewee Valley, KENTUCKY
Forst, William, House, Russellville, KENTUCKY
Fort C.F. Smith, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Fort Lytle, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Fort Webb, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Foster Hardware, Paintsville, KENTUCKY
Fourth Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Fowler, Benjamin Piatt, House, Union, KENTUCKY
Fowler, Clark C., House, Tompkinsville, KENTUCKY
Fox, William, House, Somerset, KENTUCKY
Fraizer, Joel, House, Cynthiana, KENTUCKY
Frances School Gymnasium, Marion, KENTUCKY
Frank, Henry, House, Middletown, KENTUCKY
Frankfort and Cincinnati Model 55 Rail Car, New Haven, KENTUCKY
Frankfort Greenhouses, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Frankfort Storage Building--Armory, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Franklin Downtown Commercial District (Boundary Increase), Franklin, KENTUCKY
Fredonia Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Fredonia, KENTUCKY
Freeman Chapel C.M.E. Church, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Freese, Capt., House, Louisa, KENTUCKY
French, Simon, House, Hensleytown, KENTUCKY
Front Street District, Greenup, KENTUCKY
Frontier Nursing Service, Hyden, KENTUCKY
Fry, Froman, Farm, Southville, KENTUCKY
Frye, C. E., Farm, Southville, KENTUCKY
Fryer House, Butler, KENTUCKY
Fullenwider House, Todds Point, KENTUCKY
Fulton County Courthouse, Hickman, KENTUCKY
Funk, Harriet, House, Jeffersontown, KENTUCKY
Funk, James H., House, Jeffersontown, KENTUCKY
Gaar-Fenton House, Buechel, KENTUCKY
Gaffney House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Gaines, Benjamin R., Farm, Burlington, KENTUCKY
Gaines, Col. Abner, House, Walton, KENTUCKY
Gaines, James, House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Gaither, Dr. Nathan, House, Columbia, KENTUCKY
GAR Monument in Covington, Covington, KENTUCKY
Gardiner, Dr. Thomas, House, Madisonville, KENTUCKY
Garr House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Garrard County Jail, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Garrard Mills, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Garrard, James, House, Shawhan, KENTUCKY
Garrett, William, House, Keene, KENTUCKY
Garth, John M., House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Gary, John C., House, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Gatliff, J. B., House, Williamsburg, KENTUCKY
Geibel House, Henderson, KENTUCKY
General U.S. Grant Bridge, South Portsmouth, KENTUCKY
General U.S. Grant Bridge, South Portsmouth, KENTUCKY
Genoa, Howel, KENTUCKY
Gentry House, Danville, KENTUCKY
George--Vest House, Verona, KENTUCKY
German Bank Building, Louisville, KENTUCKY
German Evangelical Church of Christ Complex, Louisville, KENTUCKY
German Insurance Bank, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Gibbs, John, House, Pilotview, KENTUCKY
Giddings Hall, Georgetown College, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Gillim House, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Giltner-Holt House, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Ginn's Furniture Store, Milton, KENTUCKY
Gist, David, House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Givens Headley and Co. Tobacco Warehouse, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Glasgow Central Business District, Glasgow, KENTUCKY
Glasgow OMS #9, Glasgow, KENTUCKY
Glass, S. D., House, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Glen Burnie, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Glen Oak, Paris, KENTUCKY
Glen Willis, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Glenn Cottage Tract, Maud, KENTUCKY
Glore, William Milburn, House, Union, KENTUCKY
Goddard Bridge, Goddard, KENTUCKY
Goff, Strauder, House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Goff-Baskett House, Brandenburg, KENTUCKY
Gooch House, Frankfort, KENTUCKY
Good Spring Baptist Church and Cemetery, Mammoth Cave, KENTUCKY
Goodin, Albert, House, Hodgenville, KENTUCKY
Goodman, J. W., House, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Goodnight House, Franklin, KENTUCKY
Goodridge, Virginia Corey, House, Florence, KENTUCKY
Goose Creek Foot Bridge, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Gordon's Hall, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Gordon, Cornelia, House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Goshen Primitive Baptist Church, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Gossom, William, House, Plum Springs, KENTUCKY
Gower House, Smithland, KENTUCKY
Grace Episcopal Church, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Grace Episcopal Church, Paducah, KENTUCKY
Graham House, Clay Village, KENTUCKY
Graham, John, House, Midway, KENTUCKY
Grass Hills, Ghent, KENTUCKY
Grasslands, Finchville, KENTUCKY
Graves, Dr. Pellie G., House, Scottsville, KENTUCKY
Gray House, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Great Onyx Cave Entrance, Mammoth Cave, KENTUCKY
Greensburg Academy, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Greensburg Bank Building, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Greensburg Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Greenup Masonic Lodge, Greenup, KENTUCKY
Greenville City Hall, Greenville, KENTUCKY
Greer, R. T., and Company, Pikeville, KENTUCKY
Gregory, Peter, House, Union, KENTUCKY
Gregory--Barlow Place, Mooresville, KENTUCKY
Greve, Buhrlage, and Company, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Greve, Buhrlage, and Company, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Greystone, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Grider House, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Grider, Tobias, House, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Griffith's, Evan, Grocery, Augusta, KENTUCKY
Griffith, D. W., House, La Grange, KENTUCKY
Griffith-Franklin House, Calhoun, KENTUCKY
Griggs House, Waco, KENTUCKY
Grimes, Felix, House, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Grimes, Willis, House, Danville, KENTUCKY
Gritton, Floyd, House, Salvisa, KENTUCKY
Grove Hill Cemetery Chapel, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Grove, Benjamin, House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Groves-Cabell House, Gresham, KENTUCKY
Grubb, A., House, Spears, KENTUCKY
Gubser-Schuchter Farm, Camp Springs, KENTUCKY
Gulley Farm, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Gullian Gerig's Mill, Glasgow, KENTUCKY
Guthrie--May House, Gravel Switch, KENTUCKY
Guyn, Robert, Jr., House, Troy, KENTUCKY
Gwathmey, Richard, House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Hagan House, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Hagan House, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Haggard, Nathaniel, House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Haggin Farm, Midway, KENTUCKY
Hakins--Stone--Hagan--Curtis House, Kirksville, KENTUCKY
Haldeman House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Haldeman Voting House No. 8, Morehead, KENTUCKY
Hall House, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Halleck's Chapel and Halleck's School, Princeton, KENTUCKY
Hamilton House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Hamilton School, Union, KENTUCKY
Hamilton, Hance, House, Boston, KENTUCKY
Hamilton, Roscoe, House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Hamilton, Thomas H., House, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Hampton, Jesse, House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Hancock County Courthouse, Hawesville, KENTUCKY
Hancock House, Bedford, KENTUCKY
Hanks, Thomas H., House, Lawrenceburg, KENTUCKY
Hannah House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Hansbrough, John G. and William, House, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Haphazard, Owensboro, KENTUCKY
Harbison House, Scotts Station, KENTUCKY
Harbison House, Shelbyville, KENTUCKY
Hardin Springs School, Hardin Springs, KENTUCKY
Hargis House, Franklin, KENTUCKY
Harig, Koop & Company--Columbia Mantel Company, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Harkins Law Office Building, Prestonsburg, KENTUCKY
Harkins, Joseph D., House, Prestonsburg, KENTUCKY
Harlan Commercial District, Harlan, KENTUCKY
Harlan's Station Site, Danville, KENTUCKY
Harlan, Elijah, House, Danville, KENTUCKY
Harlan-Bruce House, Danville, KENTUCKY
Harris, A. T., House, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Harrison County Courthouse, Cynthiana, KENTUCKY
Harrod, Ephram, House, North Middletown, KENTUCKY
Harrodsburg Armory, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Hart County Deposit Bank and Trust Company Building, Munfordville, KENTUCKY
Hart, Gen. Thomas, House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Hartford Seminary, Hartford, KENTUCKY
Hartland, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Harvey, John, House, Madisonville, KENTUCKY
Haskins, W. H., House, Danville, KENTUCKY
Hatfield Hotel, White Mills, KENTUCKY
Hausgen House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Haviland House, Cynthiana, KENTUCKY
Hawkins, Nathan, House, Kirksville, KENTUCKY
Haycraft Inn, Radcliffe, KENTUCKY
Hayden, Isaac R., House, Lewisport, KENTUCKY
Hayes Voting House No. 16, Morehead, KENTUCKY
Hayfield, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hays, James, House, Hays, KENTUCKY
Hazel Hill, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Head House, Middletown, KENTUCKY
Headley, George, House, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Health Buildings-Gymnasium, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Hearn, Andrew, Log House and Farm, Jett, KENTUCKY
Hearne House, Covington, KENTUCKY
Heating Plant, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Hebron Deposit Bank, Hebron, KENTUCKY
Hedden House, Harrisonville, KENTUCKY
Heiert Farm, Camp Springs, KENTUCKY
Heller Hotel, Cecilia, KENTUCKY
Helm Place, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Helm, Benjamin, House, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Helm, John B., House, Elizabethtown, KENTUCKY
Helm-Engleman House, Hubble, KENTUCKY
Hemphill, J. C., House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Henderson Armory, Henderson, KENTUCKY
Henderson, Louisville and Nashville Railroad Depot, Henderson, KENTUCKY
Henderson, Tom, House, Lewisport, KENTUCKY
Henry Clay Hotel, Ashland, KENTUCKY
Henry County Courthouse, Jail, and Warden's House, New Castle, KENTUCKY
Henry, Matthew, House, Centerville, KENTUCKY
Hercules and Coach No. 2, Mammoth Cave, KENTUCKY
Hermitage, The, Goshen, KENTUCKY
Herndon, Dr. H. C., House, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Herndon, Elijah, House, California, KENTUCKY
Herndon, William H., House, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Heyburn Building, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Heywood, John H., Elementary School, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hiatt, Bennett, Log House, Renfro Valley, KENTUCKY
Hickman County Courthouse, Clinton, KENTUCKY
Hickman, William, House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Hicks, Harvey A., House, Walton, KENTUCKY
Hicks, Miss Emma, Bungalow, Mount Sterling, KENTUCKY
Hicks, William House, Austin, KENTUCKY
Hieatt, Samuel, House, Smithfield, KENTUCKY
Hiestand, Jacob, House, Campbellsville, KENTUCKY
Higgins Block, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Higgins, E. H., House, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Highfield, Owenton, KENTUCKY
Highland Hall, Lexington, KENTUCKY
Hikes-Hunsinger House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hilbert Farm, Camp Springs, KENTUCKY
Hill, Dr. Oliver Perry, House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Hill, Samuel E., House, Hartford, KENTUCKY
Hillcrest, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Hilliard, David, House, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Hillsboro Covered Bridge, Hillsboro, KENTUCKY
Himler, Martin, House, Beauty, KENTUCKY
Hines House, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Hinkson, John, House, Shawhan, KENTUCKY
Hite, Abraham, House, Buechel, KENTUCKY
Hite-Chenoweth House, Buechel, KENTUCKY
Hite-Foree Log House, Anchorage, KENTUCKY
Hobson, William, House, Greensburg, KENTUCKY
Hockersmith, L. D., House, Madisonville, KENTUCKY
Hodgenville Christian Church, Hodgenville, KENTUCKY
Hodgenville Commercial Historic District, Hodgenville, KENTUCKY
Hodgenville Women's Club, Hodgenville, KENTUCKY
Hodgkins House, Winchester, KENTUCKY
Hoffman House, Lancaster, KENTUCKY
Hogan Quarters, Versailles, KENTUCKY
Hogtown Voting House No. 4, Morehead, KENTUCKY
Hoke, Andrew, House, Jeffersontown, KENTUCKY
Holliday, Dailey-Milton, House, Becknerville, KENTUCKY
Holloway, William, House, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Hollywood Springs, Kiddville, KENTUCKY
Holy Cross Catholic Church, School and Rectory, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Holy Rosary Church, Springfield, KENTUCKY
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Georgetown, KENTUCKY
Home Economics Building, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
Home of the Friendless, Paducah, KENTUCKY
Homelands, Richmond, KENTUCKY
Honeysuckle Hill, Harrodsburg, KENTUCKY
Hook and Ladder Company No. 2, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hook and Ladder Company No. 3, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hook and Ladder Company No. 4, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hook and Ladder Company No. 5, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hope Worsted Mills, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hopeful Lutheran Church, Florence, KENTUCKY
Hopkins House, North Middletown, KENTUCKY
Hopkinsville L & N Railroad Depot, Hopkinsville, KENTUCKY
Hord, Robert, House, Eastwood, KENTUCKY
Horner House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Hornsby Bridge, Eminence, KENTUCKY
Hornsby, John A., House, Eminence, KENTUCKY
Horton, Agnes, House, Petersburg, KENTUCKY
Hotel Beecher, Somerset, KENTUCKY
Hotel Breeding, Monticello, KENTUCKY
Hotel Earlington, Earlington, KENTUCKY
Hotel Irvin Cobb, Paducah, KENTUCKY
Hotel Metropolitan, Paducah, KENTUCKY
Houchens, Elouise B., Center for Women, Bowling Green, KENTUCKY
House at 206 Park Street, Falmouth, KENTUCKY
House at 855-857 Oak Street, Ludlow, KENTUCKY
House at 859 Oak Street, Ludlow, KENTUCKY
House at Moffett Cemetery Road, Milton, KENTUCKY
House of Weller, Louisville, KENTUCKY
House on KY 1492, Milton, KENTUCKY
House Tm-B-7, Bedford, KENTUCKY
House Tm-M-27, Milton, KENTUCKY
House Tm-M-28, Milton, KENTUCKY
Howard Brothers' Store, Howardstown, KENTUCKY
Howard-Gettys House, Louisville, KENTUCKY
Huddleston, Judge Killis, House, Albany, KENTUCKY

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