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Landmarks Search Results for Montana-
Search Results
December 20, 2014 @ 05:41 AM EDT
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PubCrawler Landmarks Search Results

746 Landmark Options Match Your Search , Montana
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Adair, W. L., General Mercantile Historic District, Polebridge, MONTANA
Adam's, J. C., Stone Barn, Sun River, MONTANA
Adams Block, Three Forks, MONTANA
Administration Building, Fort Peck, MONTANA
Ainsworth House, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Airway Radio Station, Three Forks, MONTANA
Alberton School, Alberton, MONTANA
Alexander and Busey Houses, Kalispell, MONTANA
Algeria Shrine Temple, Helena, MONTANA
Allison--Reinkeh House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Alpine Apartments, Anaconda, MONTANA
Alta Ranger Station, Conner, MONTANA
Anaconda Copper Mining Company Smoke Stack, Anaconda, MONTANA
Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall, Anaconda, MONTANA
Anderson House, Lewistown, MONTANA
Anderson Lumber Company, Philipsburg, MONTANA
Anderson School, Gallatin Gateway, MONTANA
Anderson Style Shop, Kalispell, MONTANA
Anderson, Herman and Hannah, House, Forsyth, MONTANA
Antelope Stage Station, Broadview, MONTANA
Apartment Building at 116 Spruce Street, Missoula, MONTANA
Apgar Fire Lookout, West Glacier, MONTANA
Appleton House No. 13, Helena, MONTANA
Appleton House No. 9, Helena, MONTANA
Arvon Block, Great Falls, MONTANA
Atlantic Hotel, Missoula, MONTANA
Ayers House, Lewistown, MONTANA
B Street District, Livingston, MONTANA
Bader--Jaquette and Westwang Houses and Rental Property, Kalispell, MONTANA
Baker and Lovering Store, Joliet, MONTANA
Baker, I. G., House, Fort Benton, MONTANA
Baldwin Building, Fromberg, MONTANA
Baldwin House, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Barich Block, Anaconda, MONTANA
Barnett, R. T., and Company Building, Bozeman, MONTANA
Barrett Hospital, Dillon, MONTANA
Barrett, Martin, House, Dillon, MONTANA
Bartlett, Jack, House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Bass Mansion, Stevensville, MONTANA
Beall Park Community Center, Bozeman, MONTANA
Beaman House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Bean, Daniel V., House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Bedard House, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Belgrade City Hall and Jail, Belgrade, MONTANA
Bell Street Bridge, Glendive, MONTANA
Bellows House, Missoula, MONTANA
Belly River Ranger Station Historic District, West Glacier, MONTANA
Belmont Hotel, Missoula, MONTANA
Belt Jail, Belt, MONTANA
Belton Chalets, West Glacier, MONTANA
Benson, Dr. Theodore J., House, Fromberg, MONTANA
Bestwick's Market, Alberton, MONTANA
Bielenberg, Nick J., House, Deer Lodge, MONTANA
Big Timber Town Hall, Big Timber, MONTANA
Bighorn Ditch Headgate, Fort Smith, MONTANA
Billings Chamber of Commerce Building, Billings, MONTANA
Billings West Side School, Billings, MONTANA
Billsborough House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Bitter Root Cooperative Creamery, Stevensville, MONTANA
Blackmore Apartments, Bozeman, MONTANA
Blackstock Residence, Glendive, MONTANA
Blewett, John, House, Fromberg, MONTANA
Blood, Oliver, House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Blue Front Rooming House, Forsyth, MONTANA
Bluebird Building, Missoula, MONTANA
Bohart House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Bookman, J. A., General Store, Ingomar, MONTANA
Boothill Cemetery, Billings, MONTANA
Bowman Lake Patrol Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Bowman Lake Road, West Glacier, MONTANA
Bowman Lake Road, West Glacier, MONTANA
Boyd's Shop, Kalispell, MONTANA
Boyum, John, House, Hardin, MONTANA
Bozeman Armory, Bozeman, MONTANA
Bozeman Carnegie Library, Bozeman, MONTANA
Bozeman National Fish Hatchery, Bozeman, MONTANA
Bozeman Sheet Metal Works, Bozeman, MONTANA
Bozeman YMCA, Bozeman, MONTANA
Brandenburg House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Branscombe Automobile Machine Shop, Anaconda, MONTANA
Brice Apartments, Kalispell, MONTANA
Bridger Arms Apartments, Bozeman, MONTANA
Bridger Coal Company House, Bridger, MONTANA
Bridger Opera House, Bridger, MONTANA
Bright House, Lewistown, MONTANA
Brinks House, Alberton, MONTANA
Brooder, Frank, House, Fromberg, MONTANA
Brooks Hotel, Corvallis, MONTANA
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Hall, Forsyth, MONTANA
Brunswick Hotel, Missoula, MONTANA
Buck, Charles Amos, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Buck, Fred, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Bull Head Lodge and Studio, Apgar, MONTANA
Burke, Thomas H., House, Hardin, MONTANA
Busch House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Byam, Dr. Don L., House, Nevada City, MONTANA
Calvary Episcopal Church, Red Lodge, MONTANA
Cammock's Hotel, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Camp Paxson Boy Scout Camp (24MO77), Lolo National Forest, MONTANA
Camp Senia Historic District, Red Lodge, MONTANA
Canyon Creek Laboratory of the U.S. Public Health Service, Hamilton, MONTANA
Caple, W. T., House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Carnegie Public Library, Missoula, MONTANA
Carnegie Public Library, Havre, MONTANA
Carnegie Public Library, Big Timber, MONTANA
Cascade County Courthouse, Great Falls, MONTANA
Cathedral of Saint Helena, Helena, MONTANA
Cattle Queen Snowshoe Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Chadwick House, Alberton, MONTANA
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Passenger Depot, Great Falls, MONTANA
Chico Hot Springs, Pray, MONTANA
Child, W. C., Ranch, East Helena, MONTANA
Childs Carriage House, Helena, MONTANA
Chivers Memorial Church, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Chouteau County Courthouse, Fort Benton, MONTANA
Christ Episcopal Church and Rectory, Sheridan, MONTANA
Christie, Thomas J., House, Missoula, MONTANA
City Hall, Anaconda, MONTANA
City Water Department, Kalispell, MONTANA
Clack, H. Earl, House, Havre, MONTANA
Clack, H. Earl, Service Station, Saco, MONTANA
Clark, Charles W., Mansion, Butte, MONTANA
Clark, Jennie, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Clark, W. A., Mansion, Butte, MONTANA
Clark-Cardwell House, Lewistown, MONTANA
Club Moderne, Anaconda, MONTANA
Coal Creek Patrol Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Cochran, William, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Colburn House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Cold Springs Ranch House, Forsyth, MONTANA
Coleman, William E., House, Deer Lodge, MONTANA
Collins, James V., House, Anaconda, MONTANA
Collins, Timothy Edwards, Mansion, Great Falls, MONTANA
Conrad City Hall, Conrad, MONTANA
Conrad, Charles E., Mansion, Kalispell, MONTANA
Continental Oil Company Filling Station, Kalispell, MONTANA
Continental Oil Company Warehouse and Garage, Kalispell, MONTANA
Conway House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Cook Farm, Missoula, MONTANA
Cook, Calvin and Maggie, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Cook, Wilbur, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Cooke City Store, Cooke City, MONTANA
Corey House, Bridger, MONTANA
Cornelius Hedges Elementary School, Kalispell, MONTANA
Cottonwood School, Gallatin Gateway, MONTANA
Crail Ranch Buildings, Gallatin Gateway, MONTANA
Cramer, Martin, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Crum, William C., House, Helena, MONTANA
Culver Studio, Lewistown, MONTANA
Cut Bank Ranger Station Historic District, East Glacier, MONTANA
Cuthbert, D. H., House, Helena, MONTANA
Daly, Marcus, Memorial Hospital, Hamilton, MONTANA
Daniels County Courthouse, Scobey, MONTANA
Daniels, Mansfield A., House, Scobey, MONTANA
Dave's Texaco, Chinook, MONTANA
Davidson Building, Anaconda, MONTANA
Dean, A. J., House, Kalispell, MONTANA
DeBorgia Schoolhouse, DeBorgia, MONTANA
Deer Lodge American Women's League Chapter House, Deer Lodge, MONTANA
Deer Lodge County Courthouse, Anaconda, MONTANA
DeNayer House, Stevensville, MONTANA
DeSmet Schoolhouse, Missoula, MONTANA
Detention Hospital, Livingston, MONTANA
Dillon City Library, Dillon, MONTANA
Dixon--Duncan Block, Missoula, MONTANA
Doe, M. E., House, Philipsburg, MONTANA
Dokken--Nelson Funeral Home, Bozeman, MONTANA
Drew, J. W., Grain Elevator, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Drinkenberg's, F. H., First Home, Hamilton, MONTANA
Dry Creek School, Manhattan, MONTANA
Eagle's Store, West Yellowstone, MONTANA
East Glacier Ranger Station Historic District, West Glacier, MONTANA
Ebeling, William, House, Hardin, MONTANA
Ebert Ranch, Livingston, MONTANA
Eck, Theodore, House, Anaconda, MONTANA
Eder, Charles S., House, Hardin, MONTANA
El Capitan Lodge, Hamilton, MONTANA
Electric Building, Billings, MONTANA
Ellis, E. G., House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Emerson School, Bozeman, MONTANA
Emhoff House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Employee's Hotel and Garage, Fort Peck, MONTANA
Employee's Hotel and Garage, Fort Peck, MONTANA
Equity Supply Company Elevator and Creamery, Kalispell, MONTANA
Etna School, Stevensville, MONTANA
Eureka Community Hall, Eureka, MONTANA
Evans, Christmas Gift, House, Helena, MONTANA
Ewing-Snell Ranch, Dryhead, MONTANA
Fallon County Jail, Baker, MONTANA
Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Eureka, MONTANA
Federal Building, Kalispell, MONTANA
Fergus County High School, Lewistown, MONTANA
Fergus County Improvement Corporation Dormitory, Lewistown, MONTANA
Ferguson House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Fielding Snowshoe Patrol Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Finney House, Nevada City, MONTANA
Fire Hall, Joliet, MONTANA
Fire House No. 2, Billings, MONTANA
First Baptist Church, Stevensville, MONTANA
First Baptist Church, Bozeman, MONTANA
First Baptist Church, Hardin, MONTANA
First Episcopal Methodist Church of Chester, Chester, MONTANA
First Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage, Glendive, MONTANA
First National Bank of Glasgow, Glasgow, MONTANA
First Presbyterian Church, Lewistown, MONTANA
First Presbyterian Church, Bozeman, MONTANA
First Presbyterian Church and Manse, Forsyth, MONTANA
First State Bank of Chester, Chester, MONTANA
First State Bank, Dowling and Emhoff Buildings, Stevensville, MONTANA
Fish Creek Bay Boathouse, West Glacier, MONTANA
Fisher House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Fisher, Burr, House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Fisher, Joseph, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Flaming Arrow Lodge, Bozeman, MONTANA
Flaming Arrow Ranch House and Office, Bozeman, MONTANA
Flathead Wholesale Grocery, Kalispell, MONTANA
Florence Hotel, Missoula, MONTANA
Flynn Farm, Missoula, MONTANA
Ford Creek Patrol Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Ford, Lee M., House, Great Falls, MONTANA
Forkenbrock Funeral Home, Missoula, MONTANA
Former Montana Executive Mansion, Helena, MONTANA
Former Montana Executive Mansion, Helena, MONTANA
Forsman House, Bridger, MONTANA
Forsyth Bridge, Forsyth, MONTANA
Forsyth Main Street Historic District, Forsyth, MONTANA
Forsyth Water Pumping Station, Forsyth, MONTANA
Fort Benton Bridge, Fort Benton, MONTANA
Fort Benton Engine House, Fort Benton, MONTANA
Fort Connah Site, Post Creek, MONTANA
Fort Logan and Blockhouse, White Sulphur Springs, MONTANA
Fort Peck Theatre, Fort Peck, MONTANA
Fort Shaw Historic District and Cemetery, Fort Shaw, MONTANA
Fort Shaw Historic District and Cemetery, Fort Shaw, MONTANA
Foust, Perry, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Foye Rental Houses, Hamilton, MONTANA
Fraternity Hall, Elkhorn, MONTANA
Fromberg Concrete Arch Bridge, Fromberg, MONTANA
Fromberg High School, Fromberg, MONTANA
Fromberg Methodist--Episcopal Church, Fromberg, MONTANA
Fromberg Opera House, Fromberg, MONTANA
Fulton, Charles, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Furst, John, House, Anaconda, MONTANA
Gallatin County Courthouse, Bozeman, MONTANA
Gallatin County High School, Bozeman, MONTANA
Gallatin County Jail, Bozeman, MONTANA
Gallatin Valley Seed Company, Bozeman, MONTANA
Garage and Fire Station, Fort Peck, MONTANA
Garden City Drug, Missoula, MONTANA
Gavin House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Gay, Edward, House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Gebo Cemetery, Fromberg, MONTANA
Gebo, Henry, House, Bridger, MONTANA
Gem Saloon, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Geraldine Milwaukee Depot, Geraldine, MONTANA
Gibson, A. J., House, Missoula, MONTANA
Gibson, John, House, Fromberg, MONTANA
Gibson--Lebert House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Gifford House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Gildersleeve Mine, Superior, MONTANA
Gill, Sherman, House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Gilman State Bank, Gilman, MONTANA
Gleason Building, Stevensville, MONTANA
Gleim Building, Missoula, MONTANA
Gleim Building II, Missoula, MONTANA
Glendive City Water Filtration Plant, Glendive, MONTANA
Glendive Heat, Light and Power Company Power Plant, Glendive, MONTANA
Glidden House, Bridger, MONTANA
Glidden Mercantile, Bridger, MONTANA
Glover Cabin, Anaconda, MONTANA
Goathaunt Bunkhouse, St. Mary, MONTANA
Goff House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Gordon House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Grace Lutheran Church of Barber, Ryegate, MONTANA
Graf Building, Bozeman, MONTANA
Graham House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Grand Hotel, Big Timber, MONTANA
Grand Pacific Hotel, Missoula, MONTANA
Grand Union Hotel, Fort Benton, MONTANA
Grandchamp House, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Grandey Elementary School, Terry, MONTANA
Granite Apartments, Anaconda, MONTANA
Granite County Jail, Philipsburg, MONTANA
Granite Park Chalet, West Glacier, MONTANA
Granke, Charles, House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Great Falls Central High School, Great Falls, MONTANA
Great Northern Railway Depot, Kalispell, MONTANA
Great Northern Railway Passenger and Freight Depot and Division Office, Whitefish, MONTANA
Greenblatt, Samuel, House, Fromberg, MONTANA
Gregg--Moses House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Griffen House, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Gunsight Pass Shelter, West Glacier, MONTANA
Hale's Filling Station and Grocery, Bainville, MONTANA
Halfway House, Columbus, MONTANA
Hamill Apartments, Bozeman, MONTANA
Hamill House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Hamilton Town Hall, Hamilton, MONTANA
Hammond Arcade, Missoula, MONTANA
Harmon, William, House, Miles City, MONTANA
Harrington, Rose, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Harris House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Harrison Lake Patrol Cabin, Glacier National Park, MONTANA
Harrison, Waborn (Wabe) and Sarah E., Ranch House, Greycliff, MONTANA
Harvat Ranch, Livingston, MONTANA
Hauser Mansion, Helena, MONTANA
Haverfield Hospital, Hardin, MONTANA
Hawthorne Grade School, Butte, MONTANA
Headquarters Building and Daily Company Annex, Missoula, MONTANA
Hearst Free Library, Anaconda, MONTANA
Heatherington Boarding House, Bridger, MONTANA
Heaven's Peak Fire Lookout, West Glacier, MONTANA
Heller Building, Kalispell, MONTANA
Hellgate Lodge 383 BPOE, Missoula, MONTANA
Heltne Oil Company, Havre, MONTANA
Herzog, J. M., House, Missoula, MONTANA
Higgins Block, Missoula, MONTANA
Hines House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Hodgson House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Hoffman, Charles, House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Holy Rosary Church Rectory, Bozeman, MONTANA
Hornet Lookout, Flathead National Forest, MONTANA
Hospital, Fort Peck, MONTANA
Hotel Baxter, Bozeman, MONTANA
Hotel Metlen, Dillon, MONTANA
Hotel Norden, Kalispell, MONTANA
Hough, Raymond, House, Bridger, MONTANA
House at 112 Park Street, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
House at 22 West Lamme, Bozeman, MONTANA
House at 301 Eighth Avenue, South, Lewistown, MONTANA
House at 324 W. Corcoran, Lewistown, MONTANA
House at 618 West Janeaux, Lewistown, MONTANA
House at 714 North Tracy, Bozeman, MONTANA
House at 805 W. Watson, Lewistown, MONTANA
House at 809 W. Watson, Lewistown, MONTANA
House at 813 W. Watson, Lewistown, MONTANA
House at 818 South Eighth, Bozeman, MONTANA
House at 916 Preston Avenue, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
House on Railroad Avenue, Joliet, MONTANA
Houtz House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Hovda, Oliver H., House, Absarokee, MONTANA
Howe, John G., House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Hoyt House, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Huckleberry Fire Outlook, West Glacier, MONTANA
Huntoon Residence, Lewistown, MONTANA
Hutchins Bridge, Cameron, MONTANA
Independent Telephone Company Building, Missoula, MONTANA
Ingomar Public School, Ingomar, MONTANA
IOOF Hall, Stevensville, MONTANA
IOOF Hall and Fromberg Co-operative Mercantile Building, Fromberg, MONTANA
IOOF Lodge, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Ismay Jail, Ismay, MONTANA
Izaak Walton Inn, Essex, MONTANA
Jacobs, Michael, House, Columbus, MONTANA
Jefferson County Courthouse, Boulder, MONTANA
Johnson House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Johnson--Lee House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Johnston, John S., House, Missoula, MONTANA
Joliet Bridge, Joliet, MONTANA
Joliet High School, Joliet, MONTANA
Kalispell Flour Mill, Kalispell, MONTANA
Kalispell Monumental Company, Kalispell, MONTANA
Kalispell--American Laundry, Kalispell, MONTANA
Keith, Harry C., House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Keith, John M., House, Missoula, MONTANA
Kemna, Herman, House, Helena, MONTANA
Kennedy Building, West Yellowstone, MONTANA
Kerr House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Ketterer, Emil, House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Kintla Lake Ranger Station, West Glacier, MONTANA
Kleinschmidt, T. H., House, Helena, MONTANA
Knowles Building, Missoula, MONTANA
Kohrs, William K., Free Memorial Library, Deer Lodge, MONTANA
Kolble House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Kootenai Creek Snowshoe Cabin, St. Mary, MONTANA
Kopriva, Francis, House, Hardin, MONTANA
KPRK Radio, Livingston, MONTANA
Krohne Island House, Livingston, MONTANA
Krohne Spring House, Livingston, MONTANA
Krug, Charles, House, Glendive, MONTANA
Labor Temple, Missoula, MONTANA
Lagerquist, John, House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Laird's Lodge Historic District, Seeley Lake, MONTANA
Lake McDonald Lodge Historic District, West Glacier, MONTANA
Lancaster House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Landram, John A., House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Larsen, Aage and Kristine, Homestead, Dagmar, MONTANA
Lee Creek Snowshoe Cabin, Glacier National Park, MONTANA
Leibig House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Lenox Flats, Missoula, MONTANA
Lewis and Clark Bridge, Wolf Point, MONTANA
Lewis and Clark Camp at Slaughter River, Big Sandy, MONTANA
Lewis and Clark County Hospital Historic District, Helena, MONTANA
Lewis House, Lewistown, MONTANA
Lewis, Samuel, House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Lewistown Carnegie Library, Lewistown, MONTANA
Lewistown Merchantile Company, Lewistown, MONTANA
Lewistown Satellite Airfield Historic District, Lewistown, MONTANA
Lincoln Community Hall, Lincoln, MONTANA
Lincoln Creek Snowshoe Cabin, Glacier National Park, W. Glacier, MONTANA
Lincoln Lodge, Lincoln, MONTANA
Lincoln School, Missoula, MONTANA
Litening Gas, Bozeman, MONTANA
Little Bear School, Gallatin Gateway, MONTANA
Lockhart, Caroline, Ranch, Dead Hill, MONTANA
Lockridge House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Lodge Grass City Jail, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Lodge Grass Merchandise Company Store, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Lodgepole Community Hall, Lodgepole, MONTANA
Logan Creek Patrol Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Logging Creek Ranger Station Historic District, West Glacier, MONTANA
Lohman Block, Chinook, MONTANA
Loneman Fire Lookout, West Glacier, MONTANA
Lonetree, Geraldine, MONTANA
Long House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Longfellow Grade School, Butte, MONTANA
Lorraine Apartments, Anaconda, MONTANA
Lost Horse Fireman's Cabin (24RA197), Darby, MONTANA
Lower Bridger School, Bozeman, MONTANA
Lower Logging Lake Snowshoe Cabin and Boathouse, West Glacier, MONTANA
Lower Nyack Snowshoe Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Lower Park Creek Patrol Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Lucy Building, Missoula, MONTANA
Lundwall, Charles, Building, Bozeman, MONTANA
Madison Grade School, Butte, MONTANA
Madison Hotel and Cafe, West Yellowstone, MONTANA
Malmborg School, Bozeman, MONTANA
Many Glacier Barn and Bunkhouse, St. Mary, MONTANA
Many Glacier Campground Camptender's Cabin, St. Mary, MONTANA
Marcus, Dr. Carl, House, Bridger, MONTANA
Marcyes, Claude O., House, Forsyth, MONTANA
Margaret Block, Great Falls, MONTANA
Marsh and Powell Funeral Home, Missoula, MONTANA
Masonic Building, Fort Benton, MONTANA
Masonic Lodge, Missoula, MONTANA
Masonic Temple, Lewistown, MONTANA
Masonic Temple, Billings, MONTANA
Masonic Temple, Great Falls, MONTANA
Matheson, Duncan, House, Anaconda, MONTANA
Matt's Place Drive-In, Butte, MONTANA
Maudlow School, Belgrade, MONTANA
May, Albert, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
May, Charles, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
May, George, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
May, Harry, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
May, Louis, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
McCall, Tracy, House, Fromberg, MONTANA
McCart Fire Lookout, Sula, MONTANA
McCarthy Homestead Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
McCarthy, Margaret, Homestead, Big Prairie, MONTANA
McCone Residence, Glendive, MONTANA
McCormick's Livery and Feed Stable Sign, Townsend, MONTANA
McFarlane House, Stevensville, MONTANA
McGee House, Kalispell, MONTANA
McGlauflin House, Hamilton, MONTANA
McLaughlin, John, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
McMannamy House and Rental Properties, Kalispell, MONTANA
Metcalf House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Methodist Church of Alberton, Alberton, MONTANA
Methodist Episcopal Church, Bozeman, MONTANA
Methodist Episcopal Church, Third Forks, MONTANA
Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage, Bridger, MONTANA
Methodist Episcopal Church of Anaconda, Anaconda, MONTANA
Methodist Episcopal Church South, Corvallis, MONTANA
Methodist-Episcopal Church of Marysville, Marysville, MONTANA
Miles City Steam Laundry, Miles City, MONTANA
Miles City Waterworks Building and Pumping Plant Park, Miles City, MONTANA
Miles, George M., House, Miles City, MONTANA
Mill House, Lewistown, MONTANA
Miller, J. K., Homestead, Big Prairie, MONTANA
Milwaukee Depot, Missoula, MONTANA
Miners Union Hall, Philipsburg, MONTANA
MISCO Grain Elevator, Bozeman, MONTANA
Missoula County Courthouse, Missoula, MONTANA
Missoula Laundry Company, Missoula, MONTANA
Missoula Mercantile, Missoula, MONTANA
Model Laundry and Apartments, Missoula, MONTANA
Moncure Tipi, Busby, MONTANA
Montana Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Boulder, MONTANA
Montana State Normal School, Dillon, MONTANA
Montana Territorial and State Prison, Deer Lodge, MONTANA
Montgomery Ward, Missoula, MONTANA
Morel Bridge, Anaconda, MONTANA
Morr, Philip and Ella, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Mount Brown Fire Lookout, West Glacier, MONTANA
Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company, Miles City, MONTANA
Mountain View Cemetery, Columbus, MONTANA
Mrs. Lydia McCaffery's Furnished Rooms, Missoula, MONTANA
Murphy, John T., House, Helena, MONTANA
Neihart School, Neihart, MONTANA
New Brunswick House, The, Anaconda, MONTANA
Newman House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Norby House, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
North Fork Road, West Glacier, MONTANA
North Fork Road, West Glacier, MONTANA
North, Austin, House, Billings, MONTANA
Northeast Entrance Station, Yellowstone National Park, MONTANA
Northern Pacific Railroad Completion Site, 1883, Gold Creek, MONTANA
Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Missoula, MONTANA
Northern Pacific Railroad Depot--Fromberg, Fromberg, MONTANA
Northern Pacific Railroad Settling Tanks, Glendive, MONTANA
Northern Pacific Warehouse, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Northside School, Livingston, MONTANA
Norton, W. H., House, Columbus, MONTANA
Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church and Parsonage, Kalispell, MONTANA
Numa Ridge Fire Lookout, West Glacier, MONTANA
Nutting Rental, Bridger, MONTANA
Nyack Ranger Station Historic District, West Glacier, MONTANA
O'Brien, William, House, Sheridan, MONTANA
O'Donnell, I. D., House, Billings, MONTANA
O'Neil Lumber Company Office, Kalispell, MONTANA
Olive Hotel, Miles City, MONTANA
Olsen House, Helena, MONTANA
Oregon Short Line Passenger Depot, Dillon, MONTANA
Outlook Depot, Outlook, MONTANA
Palace Hotel, Missoula, MONTANA
Panton House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Parmly Billings Memorial Library, Billings, MONTANA
Pass Creek School, Belgrade, MONTANA
Pass Creek Snowshoe Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Paxson, Edgar, House, Missoula, MONTANA
Pease's, George, Second Store, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Peoples' Congregational Church, Sidney, MONTANA
Peterson House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Philipsburg Grade School, Philipsburg, MONTANA
Phillips County Carnegie Library, Malta, MONTANA
Pine Apartments, Hamilton, MONTANA
Pine Butte School, Bozeman, MONTANA
Ping, J. J., House, Hardin, MONTANA
Polebridge Ranger Station Historic District, West Glacier, MONTANA
Polson Feed Mill, Polson, MONTANA
Porter Flats Apartments, Helena, MONTANA
Porter Ranch Barn, Kalispell, MONTANA
Potomac School, Potomac, MONTANA
Prescott Commons, Billings, MONTANA
Prescott, Clarence R., House, Missoula, MONTANA
Preston House, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Prison Brickyard Historic District, Deer Lodge, MONTANA
Ptarmigan Tunnel, West Glacier, MONTANA
Quartz Lake Patrol Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Quaw, Thomas, House, Belgrade, MONTANA
Raftery, William, Homestead, Big Prairie, MONTANA
Rahrer, Francis, House, Fromberg, MONTANA
Railroad Depot, Alberton, MONTANA
Rainbow Conoco, Shelby, MONTANA
Randall, Harry E., House, Great Falls, MONTANA
Ravalli County Courthouse, Hamilton, MONTANA
Raymond Grain Elevators Historic District, Raymond, MONTANA
Rea School, Bozeman, MONTANA
Recreation Hall, Fort Peck, MONTANA
Red Lodge Commercial Historic District (Boundary Increase), Red Lodge, MONTANA
Red Lodge Commercial Historic District (Boundary Increase), Red Lodge, MONTANA
Reese Creek School, Belgrade, MONTANA
Regan, Thomas P., Cabin, Helena, MONTANA
Reid--Kent House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Reno Apartments, Hardin, MONTANA
Rialto Theater, Dear Lodge, MONTANA
Rinard House, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Ringeling House, Philipsburg, MONTANA
Ringleberg, Cornelius, House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Robbers Roost, Alder, MONTANA
Roberts Building, Great Falls, MONTANA
Rock Creek Guard Station (24GN165), Philipsburg, MONTANA
Rock Creek State Bank, Joliet, MONTANA
Rocky Point, Landusky, MONTANA
Rocky Valley Lutheran Church, Dooley, MONTANA
Roes Creek Campground Camptender's Cabin, St. Mary, MONTANA
Rogers House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Rolfson House, Livingston, MONTANA
Roose--Eckelberry House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Rosebud County Courthouse, Forsyth, MONTANA
Rosebud County Deaconess Hospital, Forsyth, MONTANA
Rossiter, H. D., Building, Sheridan, MONTANA
Rouse House, Bozeman, MONTANA
Ruby Theatre, Three Forks, MONTANA
Russell School, Kalispell, MONTANA
Russell, Charles M., House and Studio, Great Falls, MONTANA
Ryan's, John, House, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Sacajawea Hotel, Three Forks, MONTANA
Saco Mercantile, Saco, MONTANA
Sacred Heart Church, Glendive, MONTANA
Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church, Frenchtown, MONTANA
Saint Mary of the Assumption, Laurin, MONTANA
Saint Mary Ranger Station, West Glacier, MONTANA
Sanders County Jail, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Sanders Gynmasium and Community Hall, Sanders, MONTANA
Sandstone and Cobblestone Schools, Absarokee, MONTANA
Sargent, Charles C., House, Nashua, MONTANA
Sauser--Mercord Building, Kalispell, MONTANA
Scalplock Mountain Fire Lookout, West Glacier, MONTANA
Scandinavian Methodist Church, Kalispell, MONTANA
Scherlie, Anna, Homestead Shack, Turner, MONTANA
Schoenberger, Anton, Homestead, Big Prairie, MONTANA
Schoenberger, Charlie, Homestead, Big Prairie, MONTANA
Schroeder Hospital, Lewistown, MONTANA
Scott--Forhan House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Sedan School, Belgrade, MONTANA
Sharp's, Jay, Store, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Sharp, John, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Sheehan Boardinghouse, Anaconda, MONTANA
Sherman, Byron R., House, White Sulphur Springs, MONTANA
Silver Bow Brewery Malt House, Butte, MONTANA
Silver Bow County Poor Farm Hospital, Butte, MONTANA
Silver Creek School, Helena, MONTANA
Silverman, Morris, House, Helena, MONTANA
Simmonsen's House, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Simons Block, Missoula, MONTANA
Skyland Camp--Bowman Lake Ranger Station, West Glacier, MONTANA
Slayton Mercantile Co., Lavina, MONTANA
Sleeping Buffalo Rock, Saco, MONTANA
Slide Lake-Otatso Creek Patrol Cabin and Woodshed, West Glacier, MONTANA
Smith House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Smith, T. W., House, Joliet, MONTANA
Snyder House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Socialist Hall, Butte, MONTANA
Soldiers' Home Historic District, Columbia Falls, MONTANA
Southern Hotel, Joliet, MONTANA
Spanish Creek School, Gallatin Gateway, MONTANA
Spieth and Krug Brewery, Bozeman, MONTANA
Spieth Houses, Bozeman, MONTANA
Springhill School, Belgrade, MONTANA
Square Butte Jail, Square Butte, MONTANA
St. Benedict's Catholic School, Roundup, MONTANA
St. Francis Xavier Church, Missoula, MONTANA
St. Ignatius Mission, St. Ignatius, MONTANA
St. James Episcopal Church and Parish House, Lewistown, MONTANA
St. James Episcopal Church and Rectory, Bozeman, MONTANA
St. Joseph Catholic Church, Hardin, MONTANA
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Moiese, MONTANA
St. Joseph's Catholic Mission Church, Townsend, MONTANA
St. Joseph's Hospital, Lewistown, MONTANA
St. Leo's Catholic Church, Lewistown, MONTANA
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Anaconda, MONTANA
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Big Timber, MONTANA
St. Mary's Church and Pharmacy, Stevensville, MONTANA
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Fort Benton, MONTANA
St. Peter's Catholic Church, Wibaux, MONTANA
St. Peter's Mission Church and Cemetery, Cascade, MONTANA
St. Richard's Church, Columbia Falls, MONTANA
St. Xavier Mission Church and Rectory, St. Xavier, MONTANA
Stark School, Huson, MONTANA
State Bank of Townsend, Townsend, MONTANA
Stedman Foundry and Machine Company, Helena, MONTANA
Sterling, Fred T., House, Missoula, MONTANA
Stevens, Dominic, House, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Stevensville Feed Mill, Stevensville, MONTANA
Stevensville Grade School--United Methodist Church, Stevensville, MONTANA
Stevensville Mercantile Company Oil Storage Building, Stevensville, MONTANA
Stillwater Ranger Station Historic District, Olney, MONTANA
Stoltz House, Park City, MONTANA
Story Motor Company, Bozeman, MONTANA
Stout, John, House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Studebaker Building, Missoula, MONTANA
Sullivan Rooming House, Hardin, MONTANA
Sullivan, James J., House, Hardin, MONTANA
Summers-Quast Farmstead, Corvallis, MONTANA
Summit Lodge, Helena, MONTANA
Sun Camp Fireguard Cabin, St. Mary, MONTANA
Superintendent's House, Philipsburg, MONTANA
Suydam, Hester E., Boarding House, Fromberg, MONTANA
Swan River Community Hall, Swan River, MONTANA
Swanson Boathouse, East Glacier, MONTANA
Swiftcurrent Fire Lookout, West Glacier, MONTANA
Symes Hotel, Hot Springs, MONTANA
Taylor, Ray E., House, Whitefish, MONTANA
Temple Emanu-El, Helena, MONTANA
Tenth Street Bridge, Great Falls, MONTANA
Tenth Street Bridge, Great Falls, MONTANA
Thayer House, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Thibodeau Electric Shop, Kalispell, MONTANA
Thierwechter House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Thorn House, Alberton, MONTANA
Thornton Hospital, Stevensville, MONTANA
Thornwood School, Reserve, MONTANA
Toole, John R., House, Missoula, MONTANA
Torgrimson Place, Fishtail, MONTANA
Tourist Hotel, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Trask Hall, Deer Lodge, MONTANA
Trident School, Trident, MONTANA
Trosdahl, Erick, House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Trowbridge Dairy, Livingston, MONTANA
Trytten, J. M., House, Lodge Grass, MONTANA
Tupper, J. S., House, Hardin, MONTANA
Two Medicine Campground Camptender's Cabin, East Glacier, MONTANA
Two Medicine General Store, West Glacier, MONTANA
U. S. Post Office, Butte, MONTANA
U.S. Post Office, Missoula, MONTANA
Union League of America Hall, White Sulphur Springs, MONTANA
University Apartments, Missoula, MONTANA
Upper Kintla Lake Patrol Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Upper Logging Lake Snowshoe Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Upper Madison School, Three Forks, MONTANA
Upper Nyack Snowshoe Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Upper Park Creek Patrol Cabin, West Glacier, MONTANA
Urbach Cabin, Livingston, MONTANA
Ursuline Academy, Great Falls, MONTANA
US Customs Building, Sweetgrass, MONTANA
US Post Office, Glendive, MONTANA
US Post Office and Courthouse--Billings, Billings, MONTANA
US Post Office and Courthouse--Glasgow Main, Glasgow, MONTANA
US Post Office and Courthouse--Great Falls, Great Falls, MONTANA
US Post Office and Courthouse--Havre Main, Havre, MONTANA
US Post Office and Federal Building--Lewistown, Lewistown, MONTANA
US Post Office--Anaconda Main, Anaconda, MONTANA
US Post Office--Dillon Main, Dillon, MONTANA
US Post Office--Livingston Main, Livingston, MONTANA
US Post Office--Miles City Main, Miles City, MONTANA
Valier Public School, Valier, MONTANA
VFW Club, Hamilton, MONTANA
Virgelle Mercantile and Virgelle State Bank, Virgelle, MONTANA
Virgelle Mercantile and Virgelle State Bank, Virgelle, MONTANA
Waddell, George, House, Anaconda, MONTANA
Waggener & Campbell Funeral Home, Kalispell, MONTANA
Walker House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Wallin, Frank, House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Walsh's, Johnnie, Guest Lodge, Big Prairie, MONTANA
Walsh, Johnnie, Homestead, Big Prairie, MONTANA
Walsh, Thomas J., Lodge, Apgar, MONTANA
Wamsley, Other C., House, Hamilton, MONTANA
Ward Hotel, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Warila Boarding House and Sauna, Red Lodge, MONTANA
Washoe Theater, Anaconda, MONTANA
Wassweiler Hotel and Bath Houses, Helena, MONTANA
Weber's Store, Thompson Falls, MONTANA
Wellman Block, White Sulphur Springs, MONTANA
West Entrance Station, West Glacier, MONTANA
Wheeler, Burton and Lulu, Cabin, Apgar, MONTANA
Wheeler, Burton K., House, Butte, MONTANA
Wibaux, Pierre, House, Wibaux, MONTANA
Wick--Seiler House, Helena, MONTANA
Wiley, Clark & Greening Bank, Ingomar, MONTANA
Williams House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Williams, John and Ann, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Wilma Theatre, Missoula, MONTANA
Wilson House, Alberton, MONTANA
Wolf Creek Hotel, Wolf Creek, MONTANA
Woll House, Kalispell, MONTANA
Wool Warehouse, Bridger, MONTANA
Yegen, Christian, House, Billings, MONTANA
Yegen, Peter, House, Billings, MONTANA
Young Brothers Chevrolet Garage, Chinook, MONTANA
Young Women's Christian Association (Independent), Helena, MONTANA
Young, Benjamin, House, Stevensville, MONTANA
Young--Almas House, Havre, MONTANA
Yucca Theatre, Hysham, MONTANA
Zion Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Anaconda, MONTANA
Zip Auto, Missoula, MONTANA

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