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Landmarks Search Results for Pennsylvania-
Search Results
December 19, 2014 @ 08:08 AM EDT
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PubCrawler Landmarks Search Results

2244 Landmark Options Match Your Search , Pennsylvania
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"S" Bridge, Washington, PENNSYLVANIA
109--115 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
1616 Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
1724 Chester Courthouse, Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
1900 Rittenhouse Square Apartments, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
26th District Police and Patrol Station, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
32nd St. and Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia Armory, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Abbott, John, House, Abbottstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Academia Pomeroy Covered Bridge, Spruce Hill, PENNSYLVANIA
Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Acheson, Edward G., House, Monongahela, PENNSYLVANIA
Ad-Lin Building, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Adairs Covered Bridge, Kistler, PENNSYLVANIA
Adams Avenue Bridge in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Adams County Courthouse, Gettysburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Adamson, William, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Adelphi School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Administration Building, Washington and Jefferson College, Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Albright Memorial Building, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Alcorn, James, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Aline Covered Bridge, Meiserville, PENNSYLVANIA
Allegheny Aqueduct, Gibraltar, PENNSYLVANIA
Allegheny Baptist Church, Pleasantville, PENNSYLVANIA
Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Allegheny Furnace, Altoona, PENNSYLVANIA
Allegheny High School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Allegheny Post Office, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Allen, Ethan, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Allenwood River Bridge, Union, PENNSYLVANIA
Allerdice, Taylor, High School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Alliance Furnace, Perryopolis, PENNSYLVANIA
Allison, William, House, Spring Mills, PENNSYLVANIA
Alpha Terrace Historic District, Pittsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
American Philosophical Society Hall, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
American/Consolidated Tobacco Companies, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Americus Hotel, Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA
Andrews, H. O., Feed Mill, Union, PENNSYLVANIA
Angle Farm, Mercersburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Antes, Henry, House, Pottstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Anthracite Bank Building, Tamaqua, PENNSYLVANIA
Arch Street Meetinghouse, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Arch Street Opera House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Armstrong County Courthouse and Jail, Kittanning, PENNSYLVANIA
Armstrong Tunnel, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Armstrong Tunnel, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Arsenal Junior High School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Ashbridge, David, Log House, West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
Ashley and Bailey Company Silk Mill, West York Borough, PENNSYLVANIA
Ashley and Bailey Silk Mill, Marietta, PENNSYLVANIA
Askew Bridge, Reading, PENNSYLVANIA
Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Atkinson Road Bridge, Solebury Twp, PENNSYLVANIA
Audenried, Charles Y., Junior High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
August, Wendell, Forge, Grove City, PENNSYLVANIA
Austin Dam, Austin, PENNSYLVANIA
Autun, West Whiteland, PENNSYLVANIA
Axe, William W., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
B'Nai Jacob Synagogue, Middletown, PENNSYLVANIA
B.F. Good & Company Leaf Tobacco Warehouse, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Bache, Alexander Dallas, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bachman and Forry Tobacco Warehouse, Columbia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bailey Covered Bridge, Prosperity, PENNSYLVANIA
Bailey, John, Farm, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Baily Farm, W. Bradford Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
Bair, Oliver, H., Funeral Home, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Baird, Matthew, Mansion, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Baker Bridge, Newburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Baker Mansion, Altoona, PENNSYLVANIA
Baldwin-Reynolds House, Meadville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bangor Episcopal Church, Blue Ball, PENNSYLVANIA
Banks Covered Bridge, New Wilmington, PENNSYLVANIA
Baptist Institute for Christian Workers, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Barclay House, Bedford, PENNSYLVANIA
Barclay House, West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
Barley Sheaf Inn, Norristown, PENNSYLVANIA
BARNEGAT (lightship), Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Barns-Brinton House, Hamorton, PENNSYLVANIA
Barrett, Rufus, Stone House, Bradford, PENNSYLVANIA
Barronvale Bridge, Somerset, PENNSYLVANIA
Bartlett School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Barto Bridge, Barto, PENNSYLVANIA
Barton, Clara, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bartram's Covered Bridge, Media, PENNSYLVANIA
Bartram, John, High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Basch & Fisher Tobacco Warehouse, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Bauern Freund Print Shop, Marlborough, PENNSYLVANIA
Baumgardner's Mill Covered Bridge, Willow Street, PENNSYLVANIA
Bausman Farmstead, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Bausman Farmstead, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Baxter High School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Bayard School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Beaver, Thomas, Free Library and Danville YMCA, Danville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bechdel II, Christian, House, Blanchard, PENNSYLVANIA
Beck House, Sunbury, PENNSYLVANIA
Bedford County Alms House, Bedford, PENNSYLVANIA
Bedford School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Beeber, Dimner, Junior High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Beechdale Bridge, Berlin, PENNSYLVANIA
Beechwood Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Beggarstown School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Belgravia Hotel, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bell Telephone Company Building, Philadephia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bell Telephone Exchange Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bell, John C., House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bell, John, Farm, West Whiteland, PENNSYLVANIA
Bellefonte Academy, Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA
Bellefonte Armory, Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA
Bellefonte Forge House, Spring Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Bellevue Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bellman's Union Church, Centerport, PENNSYLVANIA
Bells Mills Covered Bridge, Yukon, PENNSYLVANIA
Belmont, Bensalem, PENNSYLVANIA
Belmont Avenue Bridge in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Belmont School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Beltzhoover Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bently Hall, Meadville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bergdoll Mansion, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bergdoll, Louis, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Berk, Daniel, Log House, Albany, PENNSYLVANIA
Berwick Armory, Berwick, PENNSYLVANIA
Bethel A.M.E. Church, Reading, PENNSYLVANIA
Bethel African American Episcopal Church of Monongahela City, Monongahela City, PENNSYLVANIA
Bethlehem Armory, Bethlehem, PENNSYLVANIA
Beulah Presbyterian Church, Churchill, PENNSYLVANIA
Biever House, Annville, PENNSYLVANIA
Billmeyer House, York, PENNSYLVANIA
Billmeyer, Daniel, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Billmeyer, Michael, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bindley Hardware Company Building, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Bindnagles Evangelical Lutheran Church, Palmyra, PENNSYLVANIA
Birchrunville General Store, Birchrunville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bird-in-Hand Hotel, Bird-in-Hand, PENNSYLVANIA
Birmingham Bridge, Birmingham, PENNSYLVANIA
Birmingham Friends Meetinghouse and School, Birmingham, PENNSYLVANIA
Birmingham Public School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Birney, Gen. David B., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bishop Mackay-Smith House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bishop, John, House, Reading, PENNSYLVANIA
Bistline Covered Bridge, Blain, PENNSYLVANIA
Bittenbender Covered Bridge, Huntington Mills, PENNSYLVANIA
Bitzer's Mill Covered Bridge, Ephrata, PENNSYLVANIA
Bixler, Michael and Magdealena Farmstead, East Manchester, PENNSYLVANIA
Black Horse Tavern, Gettysburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Black Moshannon State Park Maintenance District, Philipsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Black Rock Bridge, Mont Clare, PENNSYLVANIA
Black, William, Homestead, New Cumberland, PENNSYLVANIA
Blair County Courthouse, Hollidaysburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Blairsville Armory, Blairsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Blankenburg, Reudolph, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bliss, Phillip Paul, House, Rome, PENNSYLVANIA
Blythe, Benjamin, Homestead, Shippensburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Board of Education Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bobb, Barnett, House, York, PENNSYLVANIA
Boekel Building, Philadephia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bogert Covered Bridge, Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA
Boggs Avenue Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Bok, Edward, Vocational School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bollman, W., and Company Bridge, Meyersdale, PENNSYLVANIA
Bomberger's Distillery, Newmanstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Bonifels, Ridway, PENNSYLVANIA
Bonnet's Tavern, Bedford, PENNSYLVANIA
Book's Covered Bridge, Blain, PENNSYLVANIA
Boone, Daniel, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Borough Hall of the Borough of Waynesboro, Waynesboro, PENNSYLVANIA
Bost Building, Homestead Borough, PENNSYLVANIA
Boston Store, Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Boughner, Alexander V., House, Greensboro, PENNSYLVANIA
Bowman Homestead, McKeesport, PENNSYLVANIA
Bowman's Castle, Brownsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bowman, Jacob, Tobacco Warehouse, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Boyce Station, Upper St. Clair, PENNSYLVANIA
Boyer, Riter, House, West Whiteland, PENNSYLVANIA
Bradford Armory, Bradford, PENNSYLVANIA
Bradford County Courthouse, Towanda, PENNSYLVANIA
Bradford Old City Hall, Bradford, PENNSYLVANIA
Bradford, David, House, Washington, PENNSYLVANIA
Bradys Bend Iron Company Furnaces, Bradys Bend, PENNSYLVANIA
Brandywine Building and Loan Assoc. Rowhouses, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Breezedale, Indiana, PENNSYLVANIA
Bregy, F. Amadee, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Breslyn Apartments, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridesburg School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge 182+42, Northern Central Railway, Glen Rock, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge 5+92, Northern Central Railway, Seven Valleys, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge 634, Northern Central Railway, Railroad, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge between Guilford and Hamilton Townships, Social Island, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge between Madison and Mahoning Townships, Deanville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge between Monroe and Penn Townships, Selinsgrove, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Albany Township, Steinsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Athens Township, Athens, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Bangor Borough, Bangor, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Brown Township, Hillborn, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Buckingham Township, Wycombe, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Cherrytree Township, Titusville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in City of Wilkes-Barre, Wilkes-Barre, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Clinton Township, Kennerdell, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Cumberland Township, Greenmount, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Dreher Township, Haags Mill, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in East Fallowfield Township, Atlantic, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in East Fallowfield Township, Mortonville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Fishing Creek Township, Bendertown, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Franconia Township, Elvoy, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Franklin Township, Morrisville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in French Creek Township, Carlton, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Gibson Borough, South Gibson, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Greenwood Township, Bells Landing, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Hatfield Township, Unionville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Heidelberg Township, Germansville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Jefferson Borough, Cochrans Mill, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Jenner Township, Pilltown, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Johnstown City, Johnstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Lewis Township, Bodines, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Lykens Township No. 1, Edman, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Lykens Township No. 2, Fearnot, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Lynn Township, Steinsville, Pennsylvania
Bridge in Metal Township, Willow Hill, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in New Garden Township, Landenberg, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Newport Borough, Newport, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Nicholson Township, Starkville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Oil Creek Township, Titusville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Portage Township, Oil City, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Porter Township, Jersey Shore, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Radnor Township No. 1, Broomall, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Radnor Township No. 2, Villanova, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Reed Township, Inglenook, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Rockdale Township, Millers Station, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Shaler Township, Glenshaw, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Snake Spring Township, Bedford, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Solebury Township, Carversville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in South Beaver Township, Cannelton, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Tinicum Township, Point Pleasant, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Tredyffrin Township, Port Kennedy, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Upper Frederick Township, Fagleysville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Upper Fredrick Township, Zieglersville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Upper Merion Township, Gulph Mills, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Washington Township, Kralltown, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in West Earl Township, Brownstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in West Fallowfield Township, Steelville, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in West Mead Township, Center Road Corners, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in West Wheatfield Township, Robinson, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Westover Borough, Westover, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Williams Township, Stouts, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge in Yardley Borough, Scammells Corner, PENNSYLVANIA
Bridge Valley Bridge, Hartsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Brimmer, John, Tobacco Warehouse, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Brinton's Mill, Chadds Ford, PENNSYLVANIA
Brinton, Edward, House, Chadds Ford, PENNSYLVANIA
Broad Street Market, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Brobst Mill, Lenhartsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Brockerhoff Hotel, Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA
Brockerhoff Mill, Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA
Brodbeck, S. B., Housing, Brodbecks, PENNSYLVANIA
Brodhead Farm, Bushkill, PENNSYLVANIA
Brooks, George L., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Brookville Presbyterian Church and Manse, Brookville, PENNSYLVANIA
Brower's Bridge, Warwick, PENNSYLVANIA
Brown's, George, Sons Cotton and Woolen Mill, Mount Joy, PENNSYLVANIA
Brown, Gottlieb, Covered Bridge, Mooresburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Brown, John, House, Chambersburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Brown, Joseph H., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Brown--Moore Blacksmith Shop, Merrittstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Brownlee, Samuel, House, Eighty-Four, PENNSYLVANIA
Brownlee, Scott, Covered Bridge, West Finley, PENNSYLVANIA
Brownsville Bridge, Brownsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Brumbaugh Homestead, Marklesburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Brush Creek Salems Church, Westmoreland City, PENNSYLVANIA
Brush Hill, Irwin, PENNSYLVANIA
Bryn Athyn--Lower Moreland Bridge, Lower Moreland, PENNSYLVANIA
Bryn Mawr Hotel, Bryn Mawr, PENNSYLVANIA
Buchanan Furnace, Callensburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Buchanan, James, House, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Bucher, Joseph, House, Marietta, PENNSYLVANIA
Buck Hill Farm Covered Bridge, Lititz, PENNSYLVANIA
Buck, A. W., House, Edensburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Buckwalter Building, West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
Buffalo Presbyterian Church, Lewisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway Indiana Passenger Station, Indiana, PENNSYLVANIA
Buhl Building, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Buhl, Frank H., Mansion, Sharon, PENNSYLVANIA
Burgholtshouse, East Prospect, PENNSYLVANIA
Burk Brothers and Company, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Burke Building, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Burnside Plantation, Bethlehem, PENNSYLVANIA
Burtner Stone House, Natrona Heights, PENNSYLVANIA
Butcher's Mill Covered Bridge, Denver, PENNSYLVANIA
Butler Armory, Butler, PENNSYLVANIA
Butler County Courthouse, Butler, PENNSYLVANIA
Butler County National Bank, Butler, PENNSYLVANIA
Butler House, West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
Butler Street Gatehouse, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Buttonwood Covered Bridge, Liberty, PENNSYLVANIA
Byerly House, New Kensington, PENNSYLVANIA
Byers--Muma House, East Donegal, PENNSYLVANIA
Byers-Lyons House, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Byrnes & Kiefer Building, Pittsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Cabin Run Covered Bridge, Point Pleasant, PENNSYLVANIA
Cairnwood, Bryn Athyn, PENNSYLVANIA
Caldwell Tavern, Claysville, PENNSYLVANIA
Callahan House, Milford, PENNSYLVANIA
Caln Meeting House, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Cambria County Courthouse, Ebensburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Cambria County Jail, Ebensburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Cambria Public Library Building, Johnstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Cambridge Springs Bridge, Cambridge Springs, PENNSYLVANIA
Camelot, State College, PENNSYLVANIA
Cameron, Col. James, House, Milton, PENNSYLVANIA
Cameron, Simon, House and Bank, Middletown, PENNSYLVANIA
Cameron, Simon, School, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Camp Curtin Fire Station, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Camp-Woods, Villanova, PENNSYLVANIA
Campbell Building, Crafton, PENNSYLVANIA
Campbell's Bridge, Milford Square, PENNSYLVANIA
Canonsburg Armory, Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Carbon County Jail, Jim Thorpe, PENNSYLVANIA
Carbondale City Hall and Courthouse, Carbondale, PENNSYLVANIA
Carl Mackley Houses, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Carmichaels Covered Bridge, Carmichael, PENNSYLVANIA
Carnegie Free Library, Connellsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Carnegie Free Library, McKeesport, PENNSYLVANIA
Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Carnegie Free Library Of Braddock, Braddock, PENNSYLVANIA
Carnegie Free Library, Beaver Falls, Beaver Falls, PENNSYLVANIA
Carnegie, Andrew, Free Library, Carnegie, PENNSYLVANIA
Carnell, Laura H., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Carpenters' Hall, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Carrick Furnace, Metal, PENNSYLVANIA
Carson, Rachel, House, Springdale, PENNSYLVANIA
Carter-Worth House and Farm, Marshallton, PENNSYLVANIA
Cashier's House, Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Cashiers House and Coach House (Boundary Increase), Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Cassese, Joseph, House, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Cassidy, Lewis C., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Catawissa Friends Meetinghouse, Catawissa, PENNSYLVANIA
Catharine, Joseph W., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Catlin Hall, Wilkes College, Wilkes-Barre, PENNSYLVANIA
Cedarcroft, Kennett Square, PENNSYLVANIA
Centennial Bridge, Center Valley, PENNSYLVANIA
Centennial National Bank, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Central High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Central Hotel, Mount Joy, PENNSYLVANIA
Central Market, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Central Railroad of New Jersey Freight Station, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Central Railroad of New Jersey Station, Jim Thorpe, PENNSYLVANIA
Central Railroad of New Jersey Station, Wilkes-Barre, PENNSYLVANIA
Central Trust Company Buildings, Altoona, PENNSYLVANIA
Centre County Courthouse, Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA
Centre Furnace Mansion House, State College, PENNSYLVANIA
Centre Furnace Mansion House, State College, PENNSYLVANIA
Centre Mills, Rebersburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Century Club of Scranton, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Chad House, Chadds Ford, PENNSYLVANIA
Chain Bridge, Easton, PENNSYLVANIA
Chamberlain-Pennell House, Media, PENNSYLVANIA
Chamberlin Iron Front Building, Lewisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Chambersburg and Bedford Turnpike Road Company Toll House, St. Thomas, PENNSYLVANIA
Chamounix, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Chandler, George, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Charleroi--Monessen Bridge, Charleroi, PENNSYLVANIA
Chateau Crillon Apartment House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Cherry Springs Picnic Pavilion, West Branch Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Chester County Courthouse, West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
Chestnut Hill, Windsor Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Chestnut Street Log House, Lebanon, PENNSYLVANIA
Chichester Friends Meetinghouse, Boothwyn, PENNSYLVANIA
Childs, George W., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Christ Church, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Christ Hamilton United Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Hamilton Square, PENNSYLVANIA
Church Hill Farm, Mercersburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Church of St. James the Less, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Cintra, New Hope, PENNSYLVANIA
Citizens National Bank of Latrobe, Latrobe, PENNSYLVANIA
City Hall, Reading, PENNSYLVANIA
City Line Avenue Bridge, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
City Park Brewery, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Clark, Silas M., House, Indiana, PENNSYLVANIA
Clarkson-Watson House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Clear Spring Mill, Dillsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Clearfield County Courthouse, Clearfield, PENNSYLVANIA
Cliffs, The, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Cline's Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Menallen, PENNSYLVANIA
Clinton Street Historic District, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Cliveden, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Cloud Home, Pottsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Clow, James Beach, House, Ellwood City, PENNSYLVANIA
Cochran, Philip G., Memorial United Methodist Church, Dawson, PENNSYLVANIA
Codorus Forge and Furnace Historic District, Saginaw, PENNSYLVANIA
Coffeetown Grist Mill, Easton, PENNSYLVANIA
Cogan House Covered Bridge, Cogan House, PENNSYLVANIA
Cold Spring Bridge, North Hampton, PENNSYLVANIA
Cold Spring Farm Springhouse, Monroe, PENNSYLVANIA
Cole, Warren Z., House, Skippack, PENNSYLVANIA
Colemanville Covered Bridge, Pequea, PENNSYLVANIA
Colerain Forges Mansion, Franklinville, PENNSYLVANIA
Colfax Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
College Hall, University Of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Collen Brook Farm, Upper Darby Twnshp., PENNSYLVANIA
Colley, Abel, Tavern, Searights Crossroads, PENNSYLVANIA
Colley, Peter, Tavern and Barn, Brier Hill, PENNSYLVANIA
Collins Mansion, West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
Colonial Theatre, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Coltrane, John, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Columbia Wagon Works, Columbia Borough, PENNSYLVANIA
Colwell Cut Viaduct, Seminole, PENNSYLVANIA
Combination Baggage and Mail Car No. 5403, Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Comerford Theater, Wilkes-Barre, PENNSYLVANIA
Comly, Watson, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Commandant's Quarters, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Commercial Hotel, Dubois, PENNSYLVANIA
Como Farm, W. Bradford Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
Compass Inn, Laughlintown, PENNSYLVANIA
Concord Friends Meetinghouse, Concordville, PENNSYLVANIA
Conestoga Cork Works Building, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Conewago Chapel, Hanover, PENNSYLVANIA
Congregational Store, Lititz, PENNSYLVANIA
Conn, John P., House, Uniontown, PENNSYLVANIA
Connell Mansion, Ephrata, PENNSYLVANIA
Connellsville Armory, Connellsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Connellsville Union Passenger Depot, Connellsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Connelly, Clifford B., Trade School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Conroy Junior High School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Consolidated Ice Company Factory No. 2, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Consolidation Freight Locomotive No. 1187, Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Consolidation Freight Locomotive No. 2846, Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Consolidation Freight Locomotive No. 7688, Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Consumers Cigar Box Company, Red Lion, PENNSYLVANIA
Conwell, Russell H., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Conyngham-Hacker House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Cook Forest State Park Indian Cabin District, Cooksburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Cook, Col. Edward, House, Belle Vernon, PENNSYLVANIA
Cooke, Jay, Junior High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Cookes House, York, PENNSYLVANIA
Cope, Edward Drinker, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Coraopolis Armory, Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA
Coraopolis Bridge, Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA
Coraopolis Railroad Station, Coraopolis, PENNSYLVANIA
Corbin Bridge, Huntingdon, PENNSYLVANIA
Corbley, John, Farm, Garards Fort, PENNSYLVANIA
Cornwall & Lebanon Railroad Station, Lebanon, PENNSYLVANIA
Corry Armory, Corry, PENNSYLVANIA
Corson, Alan W., Homestead, Plymouth Meeting, PENNSYLVANIA
Cotton and Maple Streets School, Reading, PENNSYLVANIA
Coudersport and Port Allegany Railroad Station, Coudersport, PENNSYLVANIA
County Bridge No. 101, Rock Run, PENNSYLVANIA
County Bridge No. 124, Downingtown, PENNSYLVANIA
County Bridge No. 148, Westtown, PENNSYLVANIA
County Bridge No. 171, Malvern, PENNSYLVANIA
County Bridge No. 36, Portland, PENNSYLVANIA
County Bridge No. 54, Prospectville, PENNSYLVANIA
Coventry Hall, Coventryville, PENNSYLVANIA
Cox, Hewson, House, West Whiteland, PENNSYLVANIA
Craft, Gershom, House, Morrisville, PENNSYLVANIA
Cramond, Strafford, PENNSYLVANIA
Crawford Covered Bridge, West Finley, PENNSYLVANIA
Crawford, John Minor, House, Glassworks, PENNSYLVANIA
Crawford, William, House, Carmichaels, PENNSYLVANIA
Creasyville Covered Bridge, Millville, PENNSYLVANIA
Cree, William, House, Jefferson Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Creighton, Thomas, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Cressbrook Farm, Valley Forge, PENNSYLVANIA
Crosley--Garrett Mill Workers' Housing, Store and Mill Site, Newtown Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Crossan, Kennedy, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Crozer, George K., Mansion, Upland, PENNSYLVANIA
Culbertson-Harbison Farm, Nyesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Cumberland Valley Car, Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Cumberland Valley Railroad Station and Station Master's House, Mechanicsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
D & H Canal Co. Office, Lackawaxen, PENNSYLVANIA
Dale, Felix, Stone House, Lemont, PENNSYLVANIA
Dale, Samuel F., House, Franklin, PENNSYLVANIA
Dalton House, Dalton, Pennsylvania
Danley Covered Bridge, West Finley, PENNSYLVANIA
Darby Meeting, Darby, PENNSYLVANIA
Darrah, Lydia, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Dauberville Bridge, Dauberville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dauphin County Bridge No. 27, Pillow, PENNSYLVANIA
Dauphin County Courthouse, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Davies House, East Berkley, PENNSYLVANIA
Davies, Edward, House, Churchtown, PENNSYLVANIA
Davis Covered Bridge, Catawissa, PENNSYLVANIA
Davis Island Lock and Dam Site, Avalon, PENNSYLVANIA
Davis, Horn, Overholtzer Bridge, Fairfield, PENNSYLVANIA
Day Covered Bridge, Prosperity, PENNSYLVANIA
DDI Electric Locomotive No. 36, Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Decker's Chapel, St. Marys, PENNSYLVANIA
Deer Creek Bridge, Stewartstown Railroad, Shrewsbury, PENNSYLVANIA
Defibaugh Tavern, Bedford, PENNSYLVANIA
DeHaven, Harry, House, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Deisher, H. K., Knitting Mill, Kutztown, PENNSYLVANIA
Delaware County National Bank, Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, Easton, PENNSYLVANIA
Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, Easton, PENNSYLVANIA
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Station, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Water Gap Staion, Delaware Water Gap, PENNSYLVANIA
Dellville Covered Bridge, Dellville, PENNSYLVANIA
Delmar Apartments, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Delta Trestle Bridge, Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad, Delta, PENNSYLVANIA
Denison House, Forty Fort, PENNSYLVANIA
Dent Hardware Company Factory Complex, Whitehall, PENNSYLVANIA
Derbydown Homestead, Northbrook, PENNSYLVANIA
Derrow, Margaret, House, Claysville, PENNSYLVANIA
Deshler-Morris House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Devil's Den, McClurg Covered Bridge, Paris, PENNSYLVANIA
Diamond Silk Mill, East York, PENNSYLVANIA
Dickson Tavern, Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Dickson Works, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Diehl, George, Homestead, Indiana, PENNSYLVANIA
Diehls Covered Bridge, New Buena Vista, PENNSYLVANIA
Dillingersville Union School and Church, Zionsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dilworth Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Dime Bank Building, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Dime Savings and Trust Company, Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA
Dimeling Hotel, Clearfield, PENNSYLVANIA
Dimmsville Covered Bridge, Dimmsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dingman's Ferry Dutch Reformed Church, Dingman's Ferry, PENNSYLVANIA
Disston, Hamilton, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Disston, Mary, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Doak--Little House, South Strabane Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
Dobbin House, Gettysburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Dobbins, Murrell, Vocational School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Dobson, James, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Dohner, Michael, Farmhouse, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Dollar Savings Bank, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Donaldson, Widow, Place, Fort Loudon, PENNSYLVANIA
Donaldson, William, House, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Donegal Mills Plantation, Mount Joy, PENNSYLVANIA
Dorflinger, Eugene, Estate, White Mills, PENNSYLVANIA
Dorneyville Crossroad Settlement, Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA
Dorrance Mansion, Bristol, PENNSYLVANIA
Dorsey, Joseph, House, West Brownsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dougherty, Edward, House, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dougherty, Philip, House, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dougherty, Philip, Tavern, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Douglas, John S., House, Uniontown, PENNSYLVANIA
Douglass, John, House, Kirkwood, PENNSYLVANIA
Downer Tavern, Chalkhill, PENNSYLVANIA
Downing, Hunt, House (Boundary Decrease), Exton, PENNSYLVANIA
Drake Hotel, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Drake Log Cabin, Apollo, PENNSYLVANIA
Drake Oil Well, Titusville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dreese's Covered Bridge, Beavertown, PENNSYLVANIA
Dreibelbis Station Bridge, Kutztown, PENNSYLVANIA
Drexel and Company Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Drexel Development Historic District, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Drexel, Francis M., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Drinker's Court, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Dritt Mansion, Wrightsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dropsie University Complex, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Drovers Inn, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dunbar, Paul Lawrence, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Dunbar-Creigh House, Landisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Dungan, Pugh, House, Doylestown, PENNSYLVANIA
Dunlap's Creek Bridge, Brownsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Dunlap, Thomas, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Dunlap, William B., Mansion, Bridgewater, PENNSYLVANIA
Duquesne Incline, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Durham Mill and Furnace, Durham, PENNSYLVANIA
Durham, Thomas, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Dusmal House, Gastonville, PENNSYLVANIA
Eagle Hotel, Waterford, PENNSYLVANIA
Eagle Tavern, New Hope, PENNSYLVANIA
Eakins, Thomas, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
East Bradford Boarding School for Boys, Lenape, PENNSYLVANIA
East Liberty Market, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
East Oriental Covered Bridge, Oriental, PENNSYLVANIA
East Stroudsburg Armory, East Stroudsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
East Stroudsburg Railroad Station, East Stroudsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
East, Nicholas, House, Valley Forge, PENNSYLVANIA
Easton House, Easton, PENNSYLVANIA
Ebenezer Covered Bridge, Ginger Hill, PENNSYLVANIA
Eberhardt and Ober Brewery, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Eberly, Johannes, House, Mechanicsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Eby Shoe Corporation, Ephrata, PENNSYLVANIA
Eckman, Sam, Covered Bridge No. 92, Millville, PENNSYLVANIA
Edgemont, Langhorne, PENNSYLVANIA
Edmunds, Henry R., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Egg Hill Church, Spring Mills, PENNSYLVANIA
Ehrhart's Mill Historic District, Hellertown, PENNSYLVANIA
Eichelberger High School, Hanover, PENNSYLVANIA
Eisenlohr--Bayuk Tobacco Historic District, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Elder, Abraham, Stone House, Stormstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Electric Locomotive No. 4859, Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Elfreth's Alley Historic District, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Eliza Furnace, Vintonville, PENNSYLVANIA
Elk's Lodge BPOE No. 2, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Elkins Railroad Station, Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, Elkins Park, PENNSYLVANIA
Ellicott, Andrew, House, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Elverson, James, Jr., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Ely, Joshua, House, New Hope, PENNSYLVANIA
Embassy Theatre, Lewistown, PENNSYLVANIA
Emig Mansion, Emigsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Emlen, Eleanor Cope, School of Practice, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
English Center Suspension Bridge, English Center, PENNSYLVANIA
Equitable Trust Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Erb's Covered Bridge, Rothsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Erie Armory, Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Erie Federal Courthouse and Post Office, Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Erie Land Lighthouse, Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Erie Railroad Station, Susquehanna, PENNSYLVANIA
Erie Trust Company Building, Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Erpff, Philip, House, Schaefferstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Erskine Covered Bridge, West Alexander, PENNSYLVANIA
Erwinna Covered Bridge, Erwinna, PENNSYLVANIA
Esherick, Wharton, Studio, Malvern, PENNSYLVANIA
Espy House, Bedford, PENNSYLVANIA
Estey Hall, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Etters Bridge, Fairview Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Evans, Ann Cunningham, House, Caernarvon, PENNSYLVANIA
Evans, Benjamin, House, Nescopeck, PENNSYLVANIA
Evergreen Hamlet, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Everhart, William, Buildings, West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
Everhart, William, House, West Whiteland, PENNSYLVANIA
Ewart Building, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Experimental Mine, U.S. Bureau Of Mines, Bruceton, PENNSYLVANIA
Exton Hotel, Exton, PENNSYLVANIA
Eyre, Wilson, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Factory Bridge, White Deer, PENNSYLVANIA
Fagley House, Phoenixville, PENNSYLVANIA
Fair Hill Burial Ground, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fairfield Inn, Fairfield, PENNSYLVANIA
Fairmount Historic District, York City, PENNSYLVANIA
Fallingwater, Mill Run, PENNSYLVANIA
Farmar Mill, Fort Washington, PENNSYLVANIA
Farmer's Southern Market, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Farmers and Mechanics Trust Company Building, West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
Farmers Market, York, PENNSYLVANIA
Farragut, David, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Farrandsville Iron Furnace, Farrandsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Fayette School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fayette--Springs Hotel, Chalk Hill, PENNSYLVANIA
Federal School, Haverford, PENNSYLVANIA
Federal Street School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fell, D. Newlin, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Feltons Mill Covered Bridge, Bedford, PENNSYLVANIA
Feltonville School No. 2, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fenner-Snyder Mill, Sciota, PENNSYLVANIA
Ferguson, Joseph C., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fetter's Mill, Lower Moreland, PENNSYLVANIA
Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fifth Avenue High School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Finch Building, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Findlay Farm, Lamasters, PENNSYLVANIA
Finletter, Thomas K., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Finley, James, House, Chambersburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Fireman's Drinking Fountain, Slatington, PENNSYLVANIA
First Bank of the United States, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
First Presbyterian Church of West Chester, West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA
First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Firstside Historic District, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Fischtner Covered Bridge, Stringtown, PENNSYLVANIA
Fisher, Adam, Homestead, United, PENNSYLVANIA
Fisher, Henry, House, Yellow House, PENNSYLVANIA
Fisher, Maj. Jared B., House, Spring Mills, PENNSYLVANIA
Fissel's School, Shrewsbury Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Fitler School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fitzsimons, Thomas, Junior High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Flat Car No. 473567, Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Fleischer, Helen, Vocational School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fleisher Covered Bridge, Newport, PENNSYLVANIA
Fleisher, Samuel S., Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fleming, Molly, House, California, PENNSYLVANIA
Florence Apartments, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Follmer, Clogg and Company Umbrella Factory, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Foos, Charles S., Elementary School, Reading, PENNSYLVANIA
Ford City Armory, Ford City, PENNSYLVANIA
Ford, James, House, Lawrenceville, PENNSYLVANIA
Forester's Hall, Milford, PENNSYLVANIA
Forge Hill, Wawa, PENNSYLVANIA
Forksville Covered Bridge, Forksville, PENNSYLVANIA
Forrest, Edwin, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Forrest, Edwin, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Forry House, York, PENNSYLVANIA
Forry's Mill Covered Bridge, Columbia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fort Mifflin Hospital, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Fort Pitt Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Fort Roberdeau, Culp, PENNSYLVANIA
Fortieth Street Bridge, Millvale, PENNSYLVANIA
Forty Fort Meetinghouse, Forty Fort, PENNSYLVANIA
Foster School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Fountain House, Doylestown, PENNSYLVANIA
Fowlersville Covered Bridge, Fowlersville, PENNSYLVANIA
Fox Chase Inn, West Whiteland, PENNSYLVANIA
Frank, Henry S., Memorial Synagogue, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Frankenfield Covered Bridge, Point Pleasant, PENNSYLVANIA
Frankford Avenue Bridge, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Frankford Avenue Bridge, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Franklin County Courthouse, Chambersburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Franklin County Jail, Chambersburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Franklin Furnace Historic District, Edenville, PENNSYLVANIA
Franklin Hose Company No. 28, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Franklin Square, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Franklin, Benjamin, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Frantz's Bridge, Weidasville, PENNSYLVANIA
Free Quaker Meetinghouse, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Frehn Bridge, Springfield, PENNSYLVANIA
Freight Locomotive No. 5741, Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Frew, John, House, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Frey, Jacob L., Tobacco Warehouse, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Frick Building and Annex, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Frick, Henry Clay, Training School for Teachers, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Friedman, Henry B., Tobacco Warehouse, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Friend, Philip, House, North Bethlehem Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Frost, Josiah, House, New Salem, PENNSYLVANIA
Fullerton Inn, Irwin, PENNSYLVANIA
Fulton Building, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Fulton Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Fulton House, McConnellsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Fulton Log House, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Fulton Opera House, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Fulton, Robert, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Funck, Josiah, Mansion, Lebanon, PENNSYLVANIA
Furnace Covered Bridge No. 11, Esther, PENNSYLVANIA
Furness Library, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Furness, Horace, Junior High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Gaddis, Thomas, Homestead, Uniontown, PENNSYLVANIA
Gallatin School, Uniontown, PENNSYLVANIA
Gamble Mill, Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA
GAR Building, Lykens, PENNSYLVANIA
Gardner-Bailey House, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Gass House, Chambersburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Gates, Gen. Horatio, House, and Golden Plough Tavern, York, PENNSYLVANIA
Gauff-Roth House, Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA
Gay Street School, Phoenixville, PENNSYLVANIA
Geiger Covered Bridge, Orefield, PENNSYLVANIA
Gemeinhaus-Lewis David De Schweinitz Residence, Bethlehem, PENNSYLVANIA
General Electric Switchgear Plant, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
General Washington Inn, Downingtown, PENNSYLVANIA
General Wayne Inn, Merion, PENNSYLVANIA
George, Henry, Birthplace, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
German Evangelical Zion Lutheran Church, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
German Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Germania Turnverein Building, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Germantown Grammar School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Germantown Junction Station, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Gettysburg Armory, Gettysburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Gibson House, Jamestown, PENNSYLVANIA
Gibson's Covered Bridge, Downingtown, PENNSYLVANIA
Gilbert Bridge, Siddonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Gilbert Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Gilbert, Thomas and Lydia, Farm, Holicong, PENNSYLVANIA
Gillespie, Elizabeth Duane, Junior High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Gilpin Homestead, Chadds Ford, PENNSYLVANIA
Given, James, Tavern, Carlisle, PENNSYLVANIA
Gladden, Joseph, House, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Glassworks--Core House, Glassworks, PENNSYLVANIA
Glassworks--Gabler House, Glassworks, PENNSYLVANIA
Glen Hope Covered Bridge, West Grove, PENNSYLVANIA
Glenays, Bryn Mawr, PENNSYLVANIA
Glessner Bridge, Shanksville, PENNSYLVANIA
Globe Knitting Mills, Norristown, PENNSYLVANIA
Globe Ticket Company Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Gloninger Estate, Lebanon, PENNSYLVANIA
Good, John B., House, Bowmansville, PENNSYLVANIA
Goodman Brothers and Hinlein Company, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Grace Church, Mt. Airy, Philadephia, PENNSYLVANIA
Graff's Market, Indiana, PENNSYLVANIA
Graham and Laird, Schober and Mitchell Factories, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Grand Army of the Republic Building, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Grand Army of the Republic Hall, Johnstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Grange, The, Haverford, PENNSYLVANIA
Gratz, Simon, High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Graver's Lane Station, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Gray, John, House, Port Matilda, PENNSYLVANIA
Gray-Taylor House, Brookville, PENNSYLVANIA
Grays Road Recreation Center, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Great Conewago Presbyterian Church, Hunterstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Great Valley Mill, Paoli, PENNSYLVANIA
Green Tree Tavern, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Greene Academy, Carmichaels, PENNSYLVANIA
Greene Hills Farm, Waynesburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Greenfield Elementary School, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Greensboro Public School, Greensboro, PENNSYLVANIA
Greensburg Railroad Station, Greensburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Greenville Commercial Historic District, Greenville, PENNSYLVANIA
Greenwood Farm, Wayne, PENNSYLVANIA
Greenwood Lake Dam, Belleville, PENNSYLVANIA
Greenwood School, West Whiteland, PENNSYLVANIA
Greersburg Academy, Darlington, PENNSYLVANIA
Gregg, Andrew, Homestead, Centre Hall, PENNSYLVANIA
Greisemer's Mill Bridge, Oley, PENNSYLVANIA
Grey Towers, Glenside, PENNSYLVANIA
Grey, Zane, House, Lackawaxen, PENNSYLVANIA
Griest, W.W., Building, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Griffey, Benjamin, House, Allenwood, PENNSYLVANIA
Griffith, William R., House, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Grimes Covered Bridge, Waynesburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Grimshaw Silk Mill, Reading, PENNSYLVANIA
Gristmiller's House, Bethlehem, PENNSYLVANIA
Gross Bridge, Beavertown, PENNSYLVANIA
Grove Mansion, Maytown, PENNSYLVANIA
Grubb Mansion, Pottstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Grumblethorpe, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Grumblethorpe Tenant House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Grundy Mill Complex, Bristol, PENNSYLVANIA
Gudgeonville Covered Bridge, Girard, PENNSYLVANIA
Guinston United Presbyterian Church, Laurel, PENNSYLVANIA
Guthrie, George W., School, Wilkes-Barre, PENNSYLVANIA
Hager Building, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Haines Mill, Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA
Haines, Hanson, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hajoca Corporation Headquarters and Showroom, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Half-Moon Inn, Newtown, PENNSYLVANIA
Halfway Lake Dam, Lewisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Hall's Bridge, Chester Springs, PENNSYLVANIA
Hall, Joseph E., House, Brookville, PENNSYLVANIA
Halls Mill Covered Bridge, Hopewell, PENNSYLVANIA
Hamburg Armory, Hamburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Hamburg Public Library, Hamburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Hamilton Apartments, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Hamilton, Alexander, House, Waynesboro, PENNSYLVANIA
Hammer Creek Bridge, Brunnerville, PENNSYLVANIA
Hammersly-Strominger House, Lewisberry, PENNSYLVANIA
Hammerstein, Oscar, II, Farm, Doylestown, PENNSYLVANIA
Hamot, Pierre S. V., House, Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Hampden Firehouse, Reading, PENNSYLVANIA
Hampton Hill, Richboro, PENNSYLVANIA
Hance House and Barn, E. Bradford Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
Hand, Gen. Edward, House, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Handwrought, Concordville, PENNSYLVANIA
Hanging Rock, Upper Marion Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Hanna Hall, Waynesburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Hanna, John, Farm, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Hanna, William B., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hanover Junction Railroad Station, Hanover Junction, PENNSYLVANIA
Harbaugh's Reformed Church, Washington, PENNSYLVANIA
Harding, Warren G., Junior High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hare's Hill Road Bridge, Phoenixville, PENNSYLVANIA
Harewood and Beechwood, Langhorne, PENNSYLVANIA
Harlan Log House, Kennett Square, PENNSYLVANIA
Harmon's Covered Bridge, Willet, PENNSYLVANIA
Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Harrington Covered Bridge, Albion, PENNSYLVANIA
Harrington Machine Shop, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Harris Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Harris Switch Tower, Pennsylvania Railroad, Harrisbug, PENNSYLVANIA
Harris, John, Mansion, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Harrisburg 19th Street Armory, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Harrisburg Avenue Tobacco Historic District, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Harrisburg Central Railroad Station and Trainshed, Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Harrison Avenue Bridge, Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
Harrison House, Centerville, PENNSYLVANIA
Harrison, William H., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hart Building, Williamsport, PENNSYLVANIA
Hartley-Rose Belting Company Building, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Hartman Cider Press, Lobachsville, PENNSYLVANIA
Hartman, George, House, Phoenixville, PENNSYLVANIA
Harvard, David, House, Valley Forge, PENNSYLVANIA
Harvey, Nathan, House, Mill Hall, PENNSYLVANIA
Harvey, Peter, House and Barn, Kennett Square, PENNSYLVANIA
Harvey, William, House, Chadds Ford, PENNSYLVANIA
Hassenplug Bridge, Mifflinburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Hatfield House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hawthorne School, Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hayes Bridge, Mifflinburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Hayes Homestead, Newlin Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
Hayes Mill House, Newlin Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
Hayes, Jacob, House, Newlin Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
Hazeltine, A. J., House, Warren, PENNSYLVANIA
Head House Square, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Heasley, Charles Grant, House, Waynesburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Heathside Cottage, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Heikes Covered Bridge, Heidlersburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Heirline Covered Bridge, Manns Choice, PENNSYLVANIA
Heisey House, Lock Haven, PENNSYLVANIA
Helfrich's Springs Grist Mill, Fullerton, PENNSYLVANIA
Helfrich's Springs Grist Mill (Boundary Increase), Whitehall Township, PENNSYLVANIA
Heller, George K., School, Ashmead Village, PENNSYLVANIA
Heller, William Jacob, House, Easton, PENNSYLVANIA
Hendel Brothers, Sons and Company Hat Factory, Reading, PENNSYLVANIA
Henderson, Dr. William, House, Hummelstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Henderson-Metz House, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Henniger Farm Covered Bridge, Elizabethville, PENNSYLVANIA
Henry Covered Bridge, Monongahela, PENNSYLVANIA
Henry, Charles Wolcott, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Henryville House, Henryville, PENNSYLVANIA
Herdic, Peter, House, Williamsport, PENNSYLVANIA
Herr's Mill Covered Bridge, Soundersbury, PENNSYLVANIA
Herr, Hans, House, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Hershey Community Center Building, Hershey, PENNSYLVANIA
Hershey, Milton S., Mansion, Hershey, PENNSYLVANIA
Hess, A. B., Cigar Factory, and Warehouses, Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA
Hessian Powder Magazine, Carlisle, PENNSYLVANIA
Hewitt Covered Bridge, Hewitt, PENNSYLVANIA
Heywood Chair Factory, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hibernia House, Wagontown, PENNSYLVANIA
High Bridge, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
High German Evangelical Reformed Church, Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA
High Hill Farm, Concordville, PENNSYLVANIA
Highland Building, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Highland Hall, Hollidaysburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Highland Towers Apartments, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Highlands, The, Fort Washington, PENNSYLVANIA
Highspire High School, Highspire, PENNSYLVANIA
Hill House, Boalsburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Hill's Sawmill, Equinunk, PENNSYLVANIA
Hill's Tavern, Scenery Hill, PENNSYLVANIA
Hill, John, House, Erie, PENNSYLVANIA
Hill-Physick House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hillsgrove Covered Bridge, Hillsgrove, PENNSYLVANIA
Himmel's Church Covered Bridge, Rebuck, PENNSYLVANIA
Hite House, Stoystown Borough, PENNSYLVANIA
Hockley Row, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hoene-Werle House, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Hoffman, George, House, West Whiteland, PENNSYLVANIA
Hogback Bridge, Curwensville, PENNSYLVANIA
Hogue, Robert M., House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hollingshead Covered Bridge No. 40, Catawissa, PENNSYLVANIA
Holman, A. J., and Company, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Holme Avenue Bridge, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Holmes Junior High School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Homestead High-Level Bridge, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Homestead Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Homestead, PENNSYLVANIA
Hopkinson, Francis, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hopper-Snyder Homestead, Watsontown, PENNSYLVANIA
Hopwood--Miller Tavern, Hopwood, PENNSYLVANIA
Horn, George L., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Horse Valley Bridge, Upper Strasburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Horseshoe Curve, Altoona, PENNSYLVANIA
Horsham--Montgomery Bridge, Fort Washington, PENNSYLVANIA
Hotel Fauchere and Annex, Milford, PENNSYLVANIA
Hotel Sterling, Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA
Hottenstein Mansion, Kutztown, PENNSYLVANIA
Hough, John and Phineas, House, Yardley, PENNSYLVANIA
House at 200 West North Avenue, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
House at Springdell, W. Marlborough Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
House at Upper Laurel Iron Works, Newlin Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
House of Miller at Millbach, Newmanstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Houses at 1907--1951 N. 32nd St., Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Houses at 2000-2018 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Houses at 2501-2531 Charles Street, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Houses at 838-862 Brightridge Street, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Houses at 838-862 Brightridge Street, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Houston, Henry H., School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hovenden House, Barn and Abolition Hall, Plymouth Meeting, PENNSYLVANIA
Howard Tunnel, Northern Central Railway, New Salem, PENNSYLVANIA
Howe, Julia Ward, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Howell House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Hudson Grist Mill, Saltillo, PENNSYLVANIA
Huffman Distillery and Chopping Mill, Cokeburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Hughes Covered Bridge, Prosperity, PENNSYLVANIA
Hughes House, Jefferson, PENNSYLVANIA
Hunsberger, Isaac, House, Limerick Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
Hunt Armory, Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
Hunt, Roger, Mill, Downingtown, PENNSYLVANIA
Hunt, Roger, Mill, Downingtown, PENNSYLVANIA
Huntingdon Armory, Huntingdon, PENNSYLVANIA
Huston, Abram, House and Carriage House, Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA
Iddings-Baldridge House, Milesburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Immel, John, House, Myerstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Independent Congregational Church, Meadville, PENNSYLVANIA
Indian Deep Farm, Newlin Twp., PENNSYLVANIA
Indian Steps Cabin, Airville, PENNSYLVANIA
Indiana Armory, Indiana, PENNSYLVANIA
Indiana Borough 1912 Municipal Building, Indiana, PENNSYLVANIA
Institute for Colored Youth, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Insurance Company of North America Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Integrity Title Insurance, Trust and Safe Deposit Company, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Irish, Nathaniel, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Ironstone Bridge, Morysville, PENNSYLVANIA
Irvine United Presbyterian Church, Irvine, PENNSYLVANIA
Isabella Furnace, Brandywine Manor, PENNSYLVANIA
Ivy Lodge, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Jacks Mountain Covered Bridge, Iron Springs, PENNSYLVANIA
Jackson Mansion and Carriage House, Berwick, PENNSYLVANIA
Jackson's Mill Covered Bridge, Burgettstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Jacksons Mill Covered Bridge, Bedford, PENNSYLVANIA
Jacobs, Benjamin, House, West Whiteland, PENNSYLVANIA
James, Morgan, Homestead, New Britain, PENNSYLVANIA
James-Lorah House, Doylestown, PENNSYLVANIA
Jayne Estate Building, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Jayne, Horace, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Jefferson Avenue School, Bristol, PENNSYLVANIA
Jefferson Land Association Historic District, Bristol, PENNSYLVANIA
Jefferson Theater, Punxsutawney, PENNSYLVANIA
Jefferson, Thomas, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Jefferson. John P., House, Warren, PENNSYLVANIA
Jenkins Homestead, Lansdale, PENNSYLVANIA
Jenks, John Story, School, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Jennings--Gallagher House, California, PENNSYLVANIA
Jerome Street Bridge, Glassport, PENNSYLVANIA
John's Burnt Mill Bridge, New Oxford, PENNSYLVANIA
Johnson Covered Bridge No. 28, Catawissa, PENNSYLVANIA
Johnson, John, House, Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
Johnson--Hatfield Tavern, Brier Hill, PENNSYLVANIA
Johnsonburg Commercial Historic District, Johnsonburg, PENNSYLVANIA
Johnstown Flood National Memorial, Johnstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Johnstown Inclined Railway, Johnstown, PENNSYLVANIA
Jones, B. F., Memorial Library, Aliquippa, PENNSYLVANIA
Jones, Benjamin F., Cottage, Cresson, PENNSYLVANIA
Jones, James, House, Greensboro, PENNSYLVANIA

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