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Landmarks Search Results for Texas-
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December 19, 2014 @ 07:40 PM EDT
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PubCrawler Landmarks Search Results

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1800's Mexican Consulate, El Paso, TEXAS
1879 Houston Waterworks, Houston, TEXAS
1884 Houston Cotton Exchange Building, Houston, TEXAS
1915 Taylor County Courthouse, Abilene, TEXAS
1918 State Office Building and 1933 State Highway Building, Austin, TEXAS
1918 State Office Building and 1933 State Highway Building, Austin, TEXAS
Abdou Building, El Paso, TEXAS
Aber and Haberle Houses, Jacksonville, TEXAS
Abercrombie--Cavanaugh House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Abilene Christian College Administration Building, Abilene, TEXAS
Abilene Fire Station No. 2, Abilene, TEXAS
Abilene Street Railway Company Barn, Abilene, TEXAS
Ackers, William and Mary, House, Abilene, TEXAS
Ada Belle Oil Well, Batson, TEXAS
Adamson, F. R., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Administration Building, Austin, TEXAS
Administration Building, Decatur Baptist College, Decatur, TEXAS
Alamo Methodist Church, San Antonio, TEXAS
Alamo National Bank Building, San Antonio, TEXAS
Alamo Portland and Roman Cement Works, San Antonio, TEXAS
Alamo, The, San Antonio, TEXAS
Alden, C. R., Building, Victoria, TEXAS
Alderdice, J. M., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Alderman, G. H., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Alexander--Campbell House, Abilene, TEXAS
All Saints Roman Catholic Church, Houston, TEXAS
Allbach House, Houston, TEXAS
Allen Academy Memorial Hall, Bryan, TEXAS
Allen Block, Bryan, TEXAS
Allen Chapel AME Church, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Allen, I. R., House, Ennis, TEXAS
Allen, R. O., House-Allen Academy, Bryan, TEXAS
Allen, Robert C., House, Hearne, TEXAS
Allen-Bell House, Bastrop, TEXAS
Alley-Carlson House, Jefferson, TEXAS
Alonso, Frank, House, Victoria, TEXAS
Amarillo Globe Dream House, Amarillo, TEXAS
Amarillo US Post Office and Courthouse, Amarillo, TEXAS
Amos, Martin C., House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Anderson Camp Ground, Brushy Creek, TEXAS
Anderson County Courthouse, Palestine, TEXAS
Anderson County Jail, Palestine, TEXAS
Anderson House and Store, Salado, TEXAS
Anderson, John W., House, Houston, TEXAS
Anderson, L.C., Hall, Prairie View, TEXAS
Anderson, Neil P., Building, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Angelina River Bridge, Lufkin, TEXAS
Angle, D. M., House, Cedar Hill, TEXAS
Annunciation Church, Houston, TEXAS
Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TEXAS
Apollo Mission Control Center, Houston, TEXAS
Applewhite, Isaac, House, Chappell Hill, TEXAS
Archer County Courthouse and Jail, Archer City, TEXAS
Archer County Courthouse and Jail, Archer City, TEXAS
Arlington Post Office, Arlington, TEXAS
Armstrong House-Allen Academy, Bryan, TEXAS
Armstrong-Adams House, Salado, TEXAS
Arnold--Torbet House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Arnold-Simonton House, Montgomery, TEXAS
Arnot House, Marshall, TEXAS
Artesian Manufacturing and Bottling Company Building, Waco, TEXAS
Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Church, Moravia, TEXAS
Ashbel Smith Building, Galveston, TEXAS
Ashton Villa, Galveston, TEXAS
Astin, J. P., House, Stamford, TEXAS
Astin, R. Q., House, Bryan, TEXAS
Aston Building, Farmersville, TEXAS
Atascosa County Courthouse, Jourdanton, TEXAS
Atkinson House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Atkinson--Morris House, Paris, TEXAS
Atwood, E. K., House, Ennis, TEXAS
Aue Stagecoach Inn, Leon Springs, TEXAS
Austin Central Fire Station #1, Austin, TEXAS
Austin County Jail, Bellville, TEXAS
Austin Daily Tribune Building, Austin, TEXAS
Austin Public Library, Austin, TEXAS
Austin US Courthouse, Austin, TEXAS
Austin, F. K. and Mary, House, Belton, TEXAS
Austin, Stephen F., Elementary School, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Autry, James L., House, Houston, TEXAS
Aynesworth-Wright House, Austin, TEXAS
Aztec Cleaners and Laundry Building, San Angelo, TEXAS
Aztec Theater, San Antonio, TEXAS
B'nai Isreal, Victoria, TEXAS
Bacon, Warren and Myrta, House, Lubbock, TEXAS
Badu Building, Llano, TEXAS
Baggett, Ele, House, Belton, TEXAS
Baggett, Silas and Ellen, House, Belton, TEXAS
Bailetti House, Austin, TEXAS
Bailey--Ragland House, Paris, TEXAS
Baines, George Washington, House, Salado, TEXAS
Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, TEXAS
Baker House, Yoakum, TEXAS
Baker, Charles H. and Catherine B., House, Goliad, TEXAS
Baldwin, Benjamin and Adelaide, House, Paris, TEXAS
Balinese Room, Galveston, TEXAS
Ballinger Carnegie Library, Ballinger, TEXAS
Bandera County Courthouse and Jail, Bandera, TEXAS
Bandera County Courthouse and Jail, Bandera, TEXAS
Banker, Willie, Jr., House, Wharton, TEXAS
Banks, W.R., Library, Prairie View, TEXAS
Banks--Ogg House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Banta House, Houston, TEXAS
Barbee-Berry Mercantile Building, Salado, TEXAS
Barber House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Barclay-Bryan House, Temple, TEXAS
Barden--O'Connor House, Victoria, TEXAS
Baring, Otto H., House, Houston, TEXAS
Barker House, Houston, TEXAS
Barkley--Floyd House, Ennis, TEXAS
Barnard's Mill, Glen Rose, TEXAS
Barnes, Charles W., House, Austin, TEXAS
Barnes, W. C., House, Victoria, TEXAS
Barnes--Laird House, San Antonio, TEXAS
Barr Building, San Antonio, TEXAS
Barr, William Braxton, House, Austin, TEXAS
Barret, Tol, House, Nacogdoches, TEXAS
Barrington House, Ennis, TEXAS
Barton House, Salado, TEXAS
Base Administration Building, Randolph AFB, TEXAS
Bassett and Bassett Banking House, Brenham, TEXAS
Bassett, O. T., Tower, El Paso, TEXAS
Bastrop County Courthouse and Jail Complex, Bastrop, TEXAS
Bates--Sheppard House, Cuero, TEXAS
Battle Hall, Austin, TEXAS
Batts, Judge Robert Lynn, House, Austin, TEXAS
Baty--Plummer House, Paris, TEXAS
Beaconsfield, Houston, TEXAS
Beamer, William, House, Belton, TEXAS
Beard House, Jefferson, TEXAS
Beaumont Y.M.C.A., Beaumont, TEXAS
Beaver Creek Bridge, Electra, TEXAS
Beck, Frederick, Farm, San Angelo, TEXAS
Becker--Hildebrandt House, Brenham, TEXAS
Bedford School, Bedford, TEXAS
Bee County Courthouse, Beeville, TEXAS
Behannon--Kenley House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Beissner, Henry, House, Galveston, TEXAS
Bekken, J. H., House, Clifton, TEXAS
Belger-Cahill Lime Kiln, San Marcos, TEXAS
Bell County Courthouse, Belton, TEXAS
Bell, John Y., House, Cuero, TEXAS
Belo, Alfred Horatio, House, Dallas, TEXAS
Belton Academy, Belton, TEXAS
Belton Farmers' Gin Coop, Belton, TEXAS
Belton Standpipe, Belton, TEXAS
Belton Yarn Mill, Belton, TEXAS
Bendt, E. H. D., House, Victoria, TEXAS
Benjamin Apartments, Houston, TEXAS
Bennett, M. D., House, Cuero, TEXAS
Benton, M. A., House, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Bernstein, Moses, House, Wharton, TEXAS
Berry House, Stephenville, TEXAS
Berry, J. S., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Bethel Baptist Church, Houston, TEXAS
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Round Top, TEXAS
Bettin, Max, House, Victoria, TEXAS
Beverly--Harris House, McKinney, TEXAS
Bexar County Courthouse, San Antonio, TEXAS
Bianchi, Didaco and Ida, House, Dallas, TEXAS
Billow--Thompson House, Cuero, TEXAS
Bingham, John H., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Binion--Casper House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Birdwell, T. Hamp and Beulah, House, Belton, TEXAS
Birge, Capt. Noble Allan, House, Sherman, TEXAS
Bishop's Palace, Galveston, TEXAS
Bivins House, Amarillo, TEXAS
Bivins, Miles and Myda, House, Amarillo, TEXAS
Black Cloud, Liberty, TEXAS
Black, E. B., House, Hereford, TEXAS
Blackstone Building, Tyler, TEXAS
Blackstone Hotel, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Blake-Beaty-Orton House, Jasper, TEXAS
Blakeney, J. B., House, San Angelo, TEXAS
Blanton, Thomas L., House, Abilene, TEXAS
Blazek, E. J., House, Bryan, TEXAS
Blount, Capt. Thomas William, House, San Augustine, TEXAS
Blount, Eugene H., House, Nacogdoches, TEXAS
Blount, Stephen William and Mary Price, House, Nacogdoches, TEXAS
Blue Bell Creameries Complex, Brenham, TEXAS
Bluebonnet Tourist Camp, Austin, TEXAS
Bluff Dale Suspension Bridge, Bluff Dale, TEXAS
Bluff Dale Suspension Bridge, Bluff Dale, TEXAS
Board--Everett House, McKinney, TEXAS
Boardman-Webb-Bugg House, Austin, TEXAS
Bolton--Outlar House, Wharton, TEXAS
Bonham, James Butler, Elementary School, San Antonio, TEXAS
Border Theater, Mission, TEXAS
Boren, E. T., House, Ennis, TEXAS
Borgstrom House, Houston, TEXAS
Bosque County Courthouse, Meridian, TEXAS
Bosque County Jail, Meridian, TEXAS
Botts--Fowler House, Mansfield, TEXAS
Bowers--Felts House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Bowie County Jail, Boston, TEXAS
Bowlen House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Boyd--Hall House, Abilene, TEXAS
Boynton--Kent House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Braches House, Gonzales, TEXAS
Brady Building--Empire Theater, San Antonio, TEXAS
Braman House, Victoria, TEXAS
Brambletye, Junction, TEXAS
Brandhagen Houses, Clifton, TEXAS
Braun, George, House, Denison, TEXAS
Brazelton, Thomas and Bettie, House, Paris, TEXAS
Brazoria Bridge, Brazoria, TEXAS
Breeden--Runge Wholesale Grocery Company Building, Cuero, TEXAS
Brenham High School, Brenham, TEXAS
Brenham High School Gymnasium, Brenham, TEXAS
Brenham School, Brenham, TEXAS
Brenham Water Works, Brenham, TEXAS
Breustedt, Andreas, House, New Braunfels, TEXAS
Brewer, John Henry and Minnie Tate, House, Austin, TEXAS
Brewster County Courthouse and Jail, Alpine, TEXAS
Bridges-Johnson House, Meridian, TEXAS
Briggs State Bank, Briggs, TEXAS
Brinkmann, Otto, House, Comfort, TEXAS
Briones, Genaro P. and Carolina, House, Austin, TEXAS
Britton-Evans House, Corpus Christi, TEXAS
Brizendine House, Austin, TEXAS
Brockschmidt--Miller House, Brenham, TEXAS
Brogdon Farm, Clifton, TEXAS
Bronstad House, Clifton, TEXAS
Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, TEXAS
Brooks, Samuel Wallace, House, Brownsville, TEXAS
Brooks, William and Blanche, House, Forney, TEXAS
Brookshire, Houston--Yeates House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Broome, C. A., House, San Angelo, TEXAS
Brown Building, Austin, TEXAS
Brown County Jail, Brownwood, TEXAS
Brown, J. T., Hotel, Chico, TEXAS
Brown, John M., House, Washington, TEXAS
Brown, John R., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Brown, R. Wilbur, House, San Angelo, TEXAS
Brown--Mann House, McGregor, TEXAS
Brown-Dorsey House, Midland, TEXAS
Browne-Wagner House, Brownsville, TEXAS
Browning, W. W., House, Chappell Hill, TEXAS
Broyles, William and Caroline, House, Palestine, TEXAS
Bryan Carnegie Library, Bryan, TEXAS
Bryan Compress and Warehouse, Bryan, TEXAS
Bryan Ice House, Bryan, TEXAS
Bryan Municipal Building, Bryan, TEXAS
Bryant, William, Jr., House, Cedar Hill, TEXAS
Bryce Building, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Bryce, William J., House, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Bryson Stage Coach Stop, Liberty Hill, TEXAS
Buchel, Floyd, House, Cuero, TEXAS
Buck Oaks Farm, Westworth, TEXAS
Buena Vista Hotel, Stamford, TEXAS
Buhler, Theodore, House, Victoria, TEXAS
Builders Exchange Building, San Antonio, TEXAS
Building at 113--119 East Concho, San Angelo, TEXAS
Building at 113--119 East Concho, San Angelo, TEXAS
Building at 1921-1921 1/2 Avenue D, Galveston, TEXAS
Building at 1925-1927 Market Street, Galveston, TEXAS
Building at 205 East Constitution, Victoria, TEXAS
Building at 441 East Main, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Building at 500--502 East Main, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Bullard, T. J., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Bunkley, Dr. E. P., House and Garage, Stamford, TEXAS
Bunton Branch Bridge, Kyle, TEXAS
Burcham House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Burford, R. F. and Lena, House, Belton, TEXAS
Burge House, Houston, TEXAS
Burleson-Knispel House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Burlingame, George L., House, Houston, TEXAS
Burnet County Courthouse, Burnet, TEXAS
Burnett, Burk, Building, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Burns Building, San Antonio, TEXAS
Burns, Arthur, House, Cuero, TEXAS
Burns, John W., House, Cuero, TEXAS
Burr's Ferry Bridge, Burkeville, TEXAS
Burrough--Daniel House, Victoria, TEXAS
Burrus--Finch House, McKinney, TEXAS
Burton Farmers Gin, Burton, TEXAS
Burton High School, Burton, TEXAS
Busch Building, Dallas, TEXAS
Busch--Kirby Building (Boundary Increase), Dallas, TEXAS
Bushnell, San Antonio, TEXAS
Bute, James, Company Warehouse, Houston, TEXAS
Byus--Kirkland House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Cactus Theater, Lubbock, TEXAS
Calcasieu Building, San Antonio, TEXAS
Caldwell Hall, Abilene, TEXAS
Caldwell House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Calhoun Bakery, Victoria, TEXAS
Callaway--Gillette House, Cuero, TEXAS
Callender House, Victoria, TEXAS
Cameron County Courthouse, Brownsville, TEXAS
Cameron County Jail, Old, Brownsville, TEXAS
Camp, William and Medora, House, Greenville, TEXAS
Canon Ranch Railroad Eclipse Windmill, Sheffield, TEXAS
Cape House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Caples, Richard, Building, El Paso, TEXAS
Carden, David A., House, Houston, TEXAS
Carlton--Gladden House, Paris, TEXAS
Carmelite Monastery, Stanton, TEXAS
Carnegie Public Library, Belton, TEXAS
Carnegie Public Library, Tyler, TEXAS
Carrington-Covert House, Austin, TEXAS
Carroll, J. J., House, Houston, TEXAS
Carson County Square House Museum, Panhandle, TEXAS
Carson, Ira and Wilma, House, Ozona, TEXAS
Carter, W. T., Jr., House, Houston, TEXAS
Cartwright, Matthew, House, Terrell, TEXAS
Cartwright, Matthew, House, San Augustine, TEXAS
Casey House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Cash, W. A. V., House, Abilene, TEXAS
Cass County Courthouse, Linden, TEXAS
Cass, Dr. Nathan and Lula, House, Cameron, TEXAS
Cassinelli Gin House, Del Rio, TEXAS
Castle, David S., House, Abilene, TEXAS
Caswell House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Caswell, Daniel H. and William T., Houses, Austin, TEXAS
Cavitt House, Bryan, TEXAS
Celaya, Augustine, House, Brownsville, TEXAS
Celaya--Creager House, Brownsville, TEXAS
Cemetery Chapel, San Marcos Cemetery, San Marcos, TEXAS
Central Christian Church, Austin, TEXAS
Central Congregational Church, Dallas, TEXAS
Central Fire Station, Pampa, TEXAS
Central Presbyterian Church, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Central Presbyterian Church, Amarillo, TEXAS
Central Trust Company Building, San Antonio, TEXAS
Chaddock, J. B., House, Cuero, TEXAS
Chambers, Samuel A., House, Abilene, TEXAS
Chambersea, Anahuac, TEXAS
Chamizal National Memorial, El Paso, TEXAS
Chance, James O., House, Bryan, TEXAS
Chapman, Oscar H., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Chappell Hill Circulating Library, Chappell Hill, TEXAS
Chappell Hill Methodist Episcopal Church, Chappell Hill, TEXAS
Chappell Hill Public School and Chappell Hill Female College Bell, Chappell Hill, TEXAS
Chesser--Morgan House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Chilton, Dr. L.W. and Martha E.S., House, Goliad, TEXAS
Christ Church, Houston, TEXAS
Church of Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria y Guadalupe, San Antonio, TEXAS
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace, Sweet Home, TEXAS
Church of the Guardian Angel, Wallis, TEXAS
Church of the Immaculate Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Mary's, TEXAS
Cine El Rey, McAllen, TEXAS
City Hall, Galveston, TEXAS
City National Bank, Galveston, TEXAS
City National Bank Building, Houston, TEXAS
City of San Antonio Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, TEXAS
City of Victoria Pumping Plant--Waterworks, City of Victoria, TEXAS
City Public Service Company Building, San Antonio, TEXAS
City Water Works, Cuero, TEXAS
Clanton, Moses A., House, Houston, TEXAS
Clardy, U. P., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Clare, J. H., House, Houston, TEXAS
Claremont Apartments, Dallas, TEXAS
Clarendon Motor Company Building, Clarendon, TEXAS
Clark Hotel, Van Horn, TEXAS
Clark House, Victoria, TEXAS
Clark, Robert, House, Victoria, TEXAS
Clark--Whitton House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Clarke & Courts Building, Houston, TEXAS
Clay County Courthouse and Jail, Henrietta, TEXAS
Clayton House, San Angelo, TEXAS
Clayton, William L., Summer House, Houston, TEXAS
Cleburne Carnegie Library, Cleburne, TEXAS
Clegg, John H., House, Victoria, TEXAS
Clegg, L. B., House, San Antonio, TEXAS
Clement--Nagel House, Cuero, TEXAS
Clements Hall, Dallas, TEXAS
Clendenen-Carleton House, Bonham, TEXAS
Cleveland, A. S., House, Houston, TEXAS
Cleveland-Partlow House, Liberty, TEXAS
Cline--Bass House, McKinney, TEXAS
Cloud-Stark House, Gainesville, TEXAS
Cock House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Coggins, J. R., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Cohn, Arthur B., House, Houston, TEXAS
Cohn, Joe, House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Cole--Hipp House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Coleman--Cole House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Collin County Mill and Elevator Company, McKinney, TEXAS
Collyns House, San Angelo, TEXAS
Colorado County Courthouse, Columbus, TEXAS
Colorado River Bridge, Wharton, TEXAS
Colorado River Bridge at Bastrop, Bastrop, TEXAS
Colston--Gohmert House, Cuero, TEXAS
Colwick, John and Mary, Farm, Clifton, TEXAS
Comal County Courthouse, New Braunfels, TEXAS
Comal Hotel and Klein-Kuse House, New Braunfels, TEXAS
Combs-Worley Building, Pampa, TEXAS
Commercial Building at 4113 Guadalupe Street, Austin, TEXAS
Community Center, Austin, TEXAS
Concho County Courthouse, Paint Rock, TEXAS
Conn, Adrian Edwards, House, Blanco, TEXAS
Connally, Roy, House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Conner, Dr. Beadie E. and Willie R., House and Park, Austin, TEXAS
Continental Gin Company, Dallas, TEXAS
Cook, Charles, House, Cuero, TEXAS
Cooke County Courthouse, Gainesville, TEXAS
Coombs, Charles E., House, Houston, TEXAS
Coop, Dr. B. F., House, Houston, TEXAS
Cooper, Jesse and Sara, House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Cooper, Madison, House, Waco, TEXAS
Copeland, Austin, House I, Houston, TEXAS
Copeland, Austin, House II, Houston, TEXAS
Copperas Cove Stagestop and Post Office, Copperas Cove, TEXAS
Cornelison House, Belton, TEXAS
Corralitos Ranch, San Ygnacio, TEXAS
Corsicana Oil Field Discovery Well, Corsicana, TEXAS
Corstone Sales Company, Lufkin, TEXAS
Coryell County Courthouse, Gatesville, TEXAS
Cotton Exchange Building, Old, Nacogdoches, TEXAS
Countryman House, Houston, TEXAS
Covert, Frank M. and Annie G., House, Austin, TEXAS
Cox--Craddock House, Austin, TEXAS
Crain, F. H., House, Victoria, TEXAS
Crain, W. H., House, Cuero, TEXAS
Crescent Laundry, Tyler, TEXAS
Crocheron-McDowall House, Bastrop, TEXAS
Crockett County Courthouse, Ozona, TEXAS
Croom, Wiley J., House, Wharton, TEXAS
Crouch--Perkins House, McKinney, TEXAS
CSPS Lodge--Griesser Bakery, Bryan, TEXAS
Cuero Gin, Cuero, TEXAS
Cuero High School, Cuero, TEXAS
Cullen, Ezekiel, House, San Augustine, TEXAS
Cummings House, Houston, TEXAS
Cummins Creek Bridge, Round Top, TEXAS
Curtis, Alice Ghormley, House, Amarillo, TEXAS
Cyrus, Ben C. and Jenetter, House, Houston, TEXAS
Dahl, Peder, Farm, Clifton, TEXAS
Dallam County Courthouse, Dalhart, TEXAS
Dallas County Courthouse, Dallas, TEXAS
Dallas Fire Station No. 16, Dallas, TEXAS
Dallas Hall, Dallas, TEXAS
Dallas Scottish Rite Temple, Dallas, TEXAS
Dallas Tent and Awning Building, Dallas, TEXAS
Daniel, J. M. and Emily, House, Paris, TEXAS
Daniels Farm House, Rio Grande Village, TEXAS
Dannon, F. F., House, Wharton, TEXAS
Daughtrey, E. M., House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Daule, E. A., House, Cuero, TEXAS
Davidson, Dr. Green, House, Wharton, TEXAS
Davidson, Maria A., Apartments, Nacogdoches, TEXAS
Davis House, Salado, TEXAS
Davis, Ben and Mary, House, Wharton, TEXAS
Davis, George R., House, Abilene, TEXAS
Davis, H. L., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Davis, William and Anna, House, Gainesville, TEXAS
Davis--Hill House, McKinney, TEXAS
Davison, Frank B., House, Texas City, TEXAS
Dawson, James A., House, Houston, TEXAS
Day, Edwin and Hattie, House, Ballinger, TEXAS
de la Pena, Silverio, Drugstore and Post Office, Rio Grande City, TEXAS
de Montel, Charles, House, Castroville, TEXAS
De Witt County Courthouse, Cuero, TEXAS
DeLeon Plaza and Bandstand, Victoria, TEXAS
Denby Building, Palestine, TEXAS
Denton County Courthouse, Denton, TEXAS
DePelchin Faith Home, Houston, TEXAS
Develin House, San Angelo, TEXAS
Devine Opera House, Devine, TEXAS
Dewberry, Col. John, House, Teaselville, TEXAS
Dexter House, Houston, TEXAS
Dial-Williamson House, Marshall, TEXAS
Dickens County Courthouse and Jail, Dickens, TEXAS
Dickens County Courthouse and Jail, Dickens, TEXAS
Diebel--Hyak House, Victoria, TEXAS
Dienger, Joseph, Building, Boerne, TEXAS
Dilley, G. E., Building, Palestine, TEXAS
Dillingham, O. D. and Ada, House, Abilene, TEXAS
Dillon, George C., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Dimmit County Courthouse, Carrizo Springs, TEXAS
Dimmitt, John J., House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Dixon--Moore House, Dallas, TEXAS
Doan's Adobe House, Odell, TEXAS
Dobie, J. Frank, House, Austin, TEXAS
Dobie, John R., House, Wimberley, TEXAS
Dodd--Harkrider House, Abilene, TEXAS
Donley County Courthouse and Jail, Clarendon, TEXAS
Donoghue, Thomas J., House, Houston, TEXAS
Doom, Col. Randolph C., House, Jasper, TEXAS
Dorrance, John M., House, Houston, TEXAS
Doughty, Lula J., House, Houston, TEXAS
Douglas, John B. and Ketura (Kettie), House, Tyler, TEXAS
Dowell, J. S., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Downes-Aldrich House, Crockett, TEXAS
Draughn-Moore House, Texarkana, TEXAS
Driskill Hotel, Austin, TEXAS
Droemer Brickyard Site, Giddings, TEXAS
Duke, Holmes, House, Beaumont, TEXAS
Dulaney, Joe E., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Dulaney, Joseph Field, House, McKinney, TEXAS
Dunkerly, G. G., House, Ennis, TEXAS
Durham, Jay L., House, Houston, TEXAS
Earl--Rochelle House, Texarkana, TEXAS
Earle-Napier-Kinnard House, Waco, TEXAS
Easley, S. A., House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Eastham, D. D., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Eaton House, Houston, TEXAS
Eckert House, San Angelo, TEXAS
Eckhardt Stores, Yorktown, TEXAS
Eddleman-McFarland House, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Edge, Eugene, House, Bryan, TEXAS
Edgemont, Marshall, TEXAS
Edwards County Courthouse and Jail, Rocksprings, TEXAS
Eiband's, Galveston, TEXAS
Eichholz, William and L. F., House, Cuero, TEXAS
El Paisano Hotel, Marfa, TEXAS
El Paso Union Passenger Station, El Paso, TEXAS
El Paso US Courthouse, El Paso, TEXAS
Electric Building, Fort Worth, TEXAS
ELISSA, Galveston, TEXAS
Elkins House, Houston, TEXAS
Elkins, Nettie, House, Wharton, TEXAS
Elks Club Building, Tyler, TEXAS
Ellingson Farm, Clifton, TEXAS
Elliott, E. Clyde and Mary, House, Wharton, TEXAS
Elliott, Joel, House, Belton, TEXAS
Ellis, Dr. Billie V., House, Houston, TEXAS
Ellis, James H. and Molly, House, Dallas, TEXAS
Elmendorf, Emil, House, San Antonio, TEXAS
Emanuel Lutheran Church, Dallas, TEXAS
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Lockhart, TEXAS
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, San Angelo, TEXAS
English--Dansby House, Bryan, TEXAS
English--Poindexter House, Bryan, TEXAS
English-German School, Cuero, TEXAS
Ennis Cotton Compress, Ennis, TEXAS
Ennis High School, Ennis, TEXAS
Episcopalian Rectory, San Marcos, TEXAS
Epperson-McNutt House, Jefferson, TEXAS
Eppes, Ned A. and Linda S., House, Houston, TEXAS
Erath County Courthouse, Stephenville, TEXAS
Erickson, Even and Petrine, Farm, Clifton, TEXAS
Erskine House No. 1, Seguin, TEXAS
Erwin, J. R., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Estes House, McKinney, TEXAS
Evans Industrial Building, Austin, TEXAS
Evans, Annie Laurie, Hall, Prairie View, TEXAS
Evans, J. W., House, Abilene, TEXAS
Everett Building, Longview, TEXAS
Everitt--Cox House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Excelsior Hotel, Jefferson, TEXAS
Ezzell House, Houston, TEXAS
Fain House, Ennis, TEXAS
Faires, F. C., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Faires--Bell House, McKinney, TEXAS
Fairmount Hotel, The, San Antonio, TEXAS
Falls County Courthouse, Marlin, TEXAS
Fannin, James W., Elementary School, Dallas, TEXAS
Farmers and Merchants Cotton Gin Warehouse, Victoria, TEXAS
Farmers National Bank, Hillsboro, TEXAS
Farmers Union Gin Company, San Marcos, TEXAS
Farrar House, Ennis, TEXAS
Farris, J. B., House, Cuero, TEXAS
Faulk and Gauntt Building, Athens, TEXAS
Fayette County Courthouse and Jail, La Grange, TEXAS
Federal Building, Abilene, TEXAS
Felder, E. King, House, Chappell Hill, TEXAS
Fenley Commercial Building, Lufkin, TEXAS
Ferguson House, Temple, TEXAS
Ferguson, James A., House, Belton, TEXAS
Ferguson, James E. and Miriam, House, Belton, TEXAS
Ferguson, John H., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Fernandez, Miguel, Hide Yard, Brownsville, TEXAS
Ferris School, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Finley, Eugene L., House, Abilene, TEXAS
Finstad, Ole and Elizabeth, Homesite, Clifton, TEXAS
Fire Engine House No. 9, Houston, TEXAS
Fire Station and City Hall, San Marcos, TEXAS
First Baptist Church, Stamford, TEXAS
First Baptist Church, Amarillo, TEXAS
First Christian Church, Fort Worth, TEXAS
First Christian Church Parsonage, Belton, TEXAS
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Paris, TEXAS
First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Galveston, TEXAS
First Methodist Church, Georgetown, TEXAS
First Methodist Church, Cuero, TEXAS
First Methodist Church, Marshall, TEXAS
First Methodist Episcopal Church South, Old, Wharton, TEXAS
First Mortage Company Building, El Paso, TEXAS
First National Bank and Trust Building, Bryan, TEXAS
First National Bank Building, Terrell, TEXAS
First National Bank Building, Sweetwater, TEXAS
First National Bank Building, Meridian, TEXAS
First National Bank Building, Jayton, TEXAS
First National Bank of San Antonio, San Antonio, TEXAS
First Presbyterian Church, Van Horn, TEXAS
First Presbyterian Church, Mineral Wells, TEXAS
First Presbyterian Church, Paris, TEXAS
First Presbyterian Church, San Angelo, TEXAS
First Presbyterian Church, Abilene, TEXAS
First Presbyterian Church, Galveston, TEXAS
First Presbyterian Church, Palestine, TEXAS
First Protestant Church, New Braunfels, TEXAS
First State Bank and Trust Building, Bryan, TEXAS
First United Methodist Church, San Marcos, TEXAS
First United Methodist Church, Paris, TEXAS
Fischer House, Austin, TEXAS
Fisher Hall, San Marcos, TEXAS
Fisher, O. C., Federal Building, San Angelo, TEXAS
Flatiron Building, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Fleming--Welder House, Victoria, TEXAS
Florence, Fred, Hall, Dallas, TEXAS
Fluegel, William F., House, Houston, TEXAS
Foley, W. L., Building, Houston, TEXAS
Foote--Crouch House, McKinney, TEXAS
Forest Avenue High School, Old, Dallas, TEXAS
Forrest, W. B., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Fort Bend County Courthouse, Richmond, TEXAS
Fort Davis Family Fort, Breckenridge, TEXAS
Fort Griffin Brazos River Bridge, Fort Griffin, TEXAS
Fort House, Waco, TEXAS
Fort Leaton, Presidio, TEXAS
Fort Street Presbyterian Church, San Marcos, TEXAS
Fort Worth and Denver South Plains Railway Depot, Lubbock, TEXAS
Fort Worth Club Building--1916, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Fort Worth Elks Lodge 124, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Fort Worth High School, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Fort Worth Public Market, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Fort Worth US Courthouse, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Fortin de la Cienega, Shafter, TEXAS
Forum of Civics, Houston, TEXAS
Fossati's, Victoria, TEXAS
Fossati, E. J., House, Victoria, TEXAS
Foster House, Navasota, TEXAS
Fourth Ward School, San Antonio, TEXAS
Fowler House, Salado, TEXAS
Fowler, D. D., House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Fox, Jacob, House, Victoria, TEXAS
Fox, S. H., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Franklin, Thomas H., House, San Antonio, TEXAS
Frazier, Dr. Jacob Moore, House, Belton, TEXAS
Fredericksburg Memorial Library, Fredericksburg, TEXAS
Freeman Plantation House, Jefferson, TEXAS
Freeze Building, San Angelo, TEXAS
French Home Trading Post, Beaumont, TEXAS
French Legation, Austin, TEXAS
Friar, Alfred, House, Cuero, TEXAS
Fritz, David C. and Docia, House, Abilene, TEXAS
Frobese, William, Sr., House, Cuero, TEXAS
Fry-Barry House, Marshall, TEXAS
Fulton, George W., Mansion, Fulton, TEXAS
G & J Manufacturing, Dallas, TEXAS
Galveston Orphans Home, Galveston, TEXAS
Galveston Seawall, Galveston, TEXAS
Galveston US Post Office, Custom House and Courthouse, Galveston, TEXAS
Galvez Hotel, Galveston, TEXAS
Gantt-Jones House, Burton, TEXAS
Garcia-Garza House, San Antonio, TEXAS
Garland Community School Teacherage, Dekalb, TEXAS
Garner, John Nance, House, Uvalde, TEXAS
Garrett, Henry B., House, Wharton, TEXAS
Garrett, John A. and Sophie, House, Wharton, TEXAS
Garrett, William, Plantation House, San Augustine, TEXAS
Garten Verein Pavilion, Galveston, TEXAS
Gates Memorial Library, Port Arthur, TEXAS
Gatewood-Shelton Gin, Palestine, TEXAS
Gaylord--Levy House, Victoria, TEXAS
Gebhardt Bakery, Hillsboro, TEXAS
General Mercantile Store, Houston, TEXAS
Georgetown Light and Water Works, Georgetown, TEXAS
Gervais House, Victoria, TEXAS
Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Austin, TEXAS
Gibbons, John Chisum, House, Paris, TEXAS
Gibbs--Flournoy House, Manning, TEXAS
Giddings-Stone Mansion, Brenham, TEXAS
Giddings-Wilkin House, Brenham, TEXAS
Gifford, George C. and Annie, House, Wharton, TEXAS
Gilbert, Samuel and Julia, House, Farmers Branch, TEXAS
Gilfillan House, Austin, TEXAS
Gillette House, Houston, TEXAS
Goad Motor Company Building, San Antonio, TEXAS
Godager, Adolf and Christine, Homesite, Clifton, TEXAS
Goforth-Harris House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Goldman's Cotton Gin Warehouse, Victoria, TEXAS
Goldman, A., Building, Victoria, TEXAS
Gonzales County Courthouse, Gonzales, TEXAS
Gonzales County Jail, Gonzales, TEXAS
Goodloe, Albert S. and Ruth, House, Abilene, TEXAS
Goodman Building, Austin, TEXAS
Goodman-LeGrand House, Tyler, TEXAS
Goodner, Jim B., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Building and B.F. Goodrich Building, Dallas, TEXAS
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Building and B.F. Goodrich Building, Dallas, TEXAS
Gouch--Hughston House, McKinney, TEXAS
Governor's Mansion, Austin, TEXAS
Grace Episcopal Church, Cuero, TEXAS
Grace Episcopal Church, Galveston, TEXAS
Grace Methodist Episcopal Church, Dallas, TEXAS
Graham Post Office, Graham, TEXAS
Graham, Dr. L. H., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Gramann House, Victoria, TEXAS
Grand Opera House, Uvalde, TEXAS
Grand Opera House, Galveston, TEXAS
Gray County Courthouse, Pampa, TEXAS
Gray Rental Houses, Belton, TEXAS
Greater St. Paul AME Church, San Angelo, TEXAS
Green and Faris Buildings, San Marcos, TEXAS
Green Pastures, Austin, TEXAS
Green, Henry G. and Annie B., House, Kendleton, TEXAS
Green, Roland A. D., House, Abilene, TEXAS
Greer, George C., House, Dallas, TEXAS
Grierson-Sproul House, Fort Davis, TEXAS
Grimes Garage, Hillsboro, TEXAS
Grimes House, Hillsboro, TEXAS
Grimland, Gunsten and Lofise, House, Clifton, TEXAS
Grimland, Keddel and Liv, Farm, Clifton, TEXAS
Groos, Carl W.A., House, New Braunfels, TEXAS
Guadalupe Hotel, New Braunfels, TEXAS
Guadalupe Ranch, Salt Flat, TEXAS
Guenther, Carl Hilmar, House, San Antonio, TEXAS
Gugenheim, Simon, House, Corpus Christi, TEXAS
Gulf Building, Houston, TEXAS
Gulf, Colorado and Sante Fe Railroad Passenger Station, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Haden House, Ladonia, TEXAS
Haehnel Building, Austin, TEXAS
Hagelstein Commercial Building, San Angelo, TEXAS
Hagemann, John, House, Galveston, TEXAS
Hagerty House, Marshall, TEXAS
Halff, A. H., House, San Antonio, TEXAS
Hall Furniture Building, Sherman, TEXAS
Hall, R. A., House, San Angelo, TEXAS
Hall, Robert, House, Seguin, TEXAS
Halley, Capt. Robert, House, Salado, TEXAS
Hamilton County Courthouse, Hamilton, TEXAS
Hamilton Hotel, Laredo, TEXAS
Hamilton, Joseph Andrew, House, Wharton, TEXAS
Hamilton, William Benjamin, House, Wichita Falls, TEXAS
Hammersmith, John P., House, Belton, TEXAS
Hammond House, Calvert, TEXAS
Hancock, John, House, Austin, TEXAS
Hangar 9, San Antonio, TEXAS
Hardin, R.F.,High School, Brownwood, TEXAS
Hardy-Williams Building, San Marcos, TEXAS
Harper--Chesser House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Harrell, Moses, House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Harris County Courthouse of 1910, Houston, TEXAS
Harris Drug Store, San Angelo, TEXAS
Harris, Capt. Andrew Jackson, House, Belton, TEXAS
Harris, E. M., House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Harris, Ethel Wilson, House, San Antonio, TEXAS
Harrison County Courthouse, Marshall, TEXAS
Harrison, Gerard A., House, Wharton, TEXAS
Harrison--Dennis House, Wharton, TEXAS
Hart, Meredith, House, Rio Vista, TEXAS
Hartley County Courthouse and Jail, Channing, TEXAS
Hartley House, Houston, TEXAS
Hatfield Plantation, Brenham, TEXAS
Hauschild, George and Adele, House, Victoria, TEXAS
Hauschild, George H., Building, Victoria, TEXAS
Havana, The, San Antonio, TEXAS
Hawes, Edwin, House, Wharton, TEXAS
Hawes, Edwin, Jr., House, Wharton, TEXAS
Hawkes, Z. T. (Tip), House, Cedar Hill, TEXAS
Hawkins House, Houston, TEXAS
Hawnen, A. W., House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Haynes-DeLashwah House, Austin, TEXAS
Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos, TEXAS
Hays County Jail, San Marcos, TEXAS
Hayter Office Building, Nacogdoches, TEXAS
Heard House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Heard--Craig House, McKinney, TEXAS
Heights Boulevard Esplanade, Houston, TEXAS
Heights Boulevard Esplanade, Houston, TEXAS
Heights Christian Church, Houston, TEXAS
Heights State Bank Building, Houston, TEXAS
Henderson, S. L., House, San Angelo, TEXAS
Henderson, S. W.--Bridges House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Hendrickson--Caskey House, Salado, TEXAS
Hewitt, M. S., House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Heyne, Fred J., House, Houston, TEXAS
Higginbotham, J. G., House, Abilene, TEXAS
Higgs, Walter J., House, Bryan, TEXAS
High House, Paris, TEXAS
Hildreth--Flanagan--Heierman House, Austin, TEXAS
Hill County Courthouse, Hillsboro, TEXAS
Hill County Jail, Hillsboro, TEXAS
Hill, Abraham Wiley, House, Hills Prairie, TEXAS
Hill, Ben, House, McKinney, TEXAS
Hill, John B., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Hill, Moran, House, McKinney, TEXAS
Hill, W. R., House, McKinney, TEXAS
Hill--Howard House, Victoria, TEXAS
Hill--Webb Grain Elevator, McKinney, TEXAS
Hiller House, Victoria, TEXAS
Hiller House, Victoria, TEXAS
Hills, W. S., Commercial Structure, El Paso, TEXAS
Hillsboro Cotton Mills, Hillsboro, TEXAS
Hilton Hotel, San Angelo, TEXAS
Hilton Hotel, Dallas, TEXAS
Hilton Hotel, Abilene, TEXAS
Hinchee House, Beaumont, TEXAS
Hines, E. M., House, Waxahachie, TEXAS
Hippodrome, Waco, TEXAS
Hirshfeld, Henry, House and Cottage, Austin, TEXAS
Hochwald House, Marshall, TEXAS
Hodde Drugstore, Burton, TEXAS
Hodge--Taylor House, Jefferson, TEXAS
Hodges-Hardy-Chambers House, Wichita Falls, TEXAS
Hoff-Ulland Farm, Clifton, TEXAS
Hofheintz-Reissig Store, Austin, TEXAS
Hofheinz, Augusta, House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Hofheinz, Walter, House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Hogg Building, Houston, TEXAS
Hogg, Alexander, School, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Holcomb--Blanton Print Shop, San Angelo, TEXAS
Holden Properties Historic District, Lubbock, TEXAS
Holden, William Curry and Olive Price, House, Lubbock, TEXAS
Holle, Edmund, House, Brenham, TEXAS
Holz--Forshage--Krueger Building, New Braunfels, TEXAS
Hoopes--Smith House, Rockport, TEXAS
Hopkins County Courthouse, Sulphur Springs, TEXAS
Horn-Polk House, San Augustine, TEXAS
Horton-Porter, Goldie, House, Austin, TEXAS
Hotel Adolphus, Dallas, TEXAS
Hotel Blessing, Blessing, TEXAS
Hotel Cortez, El Paso, TEXAS
Hotel Faust, New Braunfels, TEXAS
Hotel McCartney, Texarkana, TEXAS
Hotel Paso del Norte, El Paso, TEXAS
Hotel Texas, Fort Worth, TEXAS
Hotel Turkey, Turkey, TEXAS
House at 1002 Stockdale, Cuero, TEXAS
House at 1017 South David, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 104 Kaufman, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 106 East Denton, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 106 Kaufman, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 109 N. Sterling, Bryan, TEXAS
House at 111 Brown, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 111 Williams, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 1111 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TEXAS
House at 112 W. 4th Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1127 Ash Street, Abilene, TEXAS
House at 113 East Ross, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 1170 San Bernard Street, Austin, TEXAS
House at 1210 Harvard Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1217 Harvard, Houston, TEXAS
House at 122 East Fifth Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1220 Harvard, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1222 Harvard Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1227 Rutland Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 123 Allen, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 1230 Oxford Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1237 Rutland Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1301 East Marvin, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 1303 W. Louisiana, McKinney, TEXAS
House at 1304 Cortlandt Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1325 South David, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 1343 Allston Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 140 Allen, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 1400 Canterbury Street, Austin, TEXAS
House at 1401 Baker, Bryan, TEXAS
House at 1421 Harvard St., Houston, TEXAS
House at 1421 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1421-1423 Waverly Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1423 Sycamore, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 1435 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1437 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1437 Waverly Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1443 Allston Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1509 Allston Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1515 Allston Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1517 Cortland Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1537 Tulane Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1602 North Moody, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 1621 North Chadbourne, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 1640 Harvard Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 1907 Southwest Ben Jordan, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 201 N. Graves, McKinney, TEXAS
House at 201 W. 15th Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 2017-2023 Avenue I, Galveston, TEXAS
House at 2035 Rutland Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 214 W. University, Georgetown, TEXAS
House at 217 E. 5th Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 221 North Magdalen, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 2402 Rutland Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 2528 Postoffice St., Galveston, TEXAS
House at 301 E. Lamar, McKinney, TEXAS
House at 301 Turner, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 304 West Stayton, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 306 East Forrest, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 320 East Marvin, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 401 East Stayton, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 401 North Richmond, Wharton, TEXAS
House at 402 E. 11th Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 402 N. East St., Belton, TEXAS
House at 402 W. Colorado, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 404 East Crockett, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 404 Stockdale, Cuero, TEXAS
House at 405 Preusser, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 407 East Convent, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 407 N. Parker, Bryan, TEXAS
House at 418 North College, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 419 West Avenue C, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 421 West Twohig, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 427 West Twohig, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 4402 East Juan Linn, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 444 West 24th Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 500 North Main, East, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 501 North Grand, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 501 North Swenson, Stamford, TEXAS
House at 502 South Orient, Stamford, TEXAS
House at 505 W. 18th Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 508 North Dallas, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 509 West Brown, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 512 North Grand, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 512 North Resident, Wharton, TEXAS
House at 521 West Highland Boulevard, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 523 Highland, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 532 Harvard Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 600 N. Washington, Bryan, TEXAS
House at 603 E. Thirty-first, Bryan, TEXAS
House at 604 E. Twenty-seventh, Bryan, TEXAS
House at 604 East Santa Rosa, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 609 East Live Oak, Cuero, TEXAS
House at 610 East Oliver, Stamford, TEXAS
House at 610 Tucker, McKinney, TEXAS
House at 625 Cantrell, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 700 South Rogers, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 702 Siegfried, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 703 South College, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 704 Parker, McKinney, TEXAS
House at 705 3rd Street, SE, Paris, TEXAS
House at 706 Siegfried, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 708 East Brown, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 709 East Reynolds, Stamford, TEXAS
House at 712 East Marvin, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 715 Austin, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 719 East Reynolds, Stamford, TEXAS
House at 722 West Madison, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 730 N. Beal St., Belton, TEXAS
House at 731 Preusser, San Angelo, TEXAS
House at 801 West, Georgetown, TEXAS
House at 802 East Ennis, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 803 Cantrell, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 804 Siegfried, Victoria, TEXAS
House at 806 South Dallas, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 807 North Preston, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 810 North Preston, Ennis, TEXAS
House at 815 East Campbell, Stamford, TEXAS
House at 816 Cantrell, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 816 West Water, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 825 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TEXAS
House at 844 Columbia Street, Houston, TEXAS
House at 844 Courtlandt, Houston, TEXAS
House at 901 Cantrell, Waxahachie, TEXAS
House at 907 Pine, Georgetown, TEXAS
House at 917 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TEXAS
House at 943 1/2 Cortlandt Street, Houston, TEXAS
Household Furniture Co., San Angelo, TEXAS
Houses at 406 and 408 Heard, McKinney, TEXAS
Houston City Hall, Houston, TEXAS
Houston Fire Station No. 7, Houston, TEXAS
Houston Heights Fire Station, Houston, TEXAS
Houston Heights Waterworks Reservoir, Houston, TEXAS
Houston Heights Woman's Club, Houston, TEXAS
Houston Negro Hospital, Houston, TEXAS
Houston Negro Hospital School of Nursing Building, Houston, TEXAS
Houston Post-Dispatch Building, Houston, TEXAS
Houston Public Library, Houston, TEXAS
Houston Turn-Verein, Houston, TEXAS
Houston, Mrs. Sam, House, Independence, TEXAS
Howard House, Palestine, TEXAS
Howard, Robert E., House, Cross Plains, TEXAS
Hoxey, Asa, House, Independence, TEXAS
Hoya Land Office Building, Nacogdoches, TEXAS
Hubbard Creek Bridge, Albany, TEXAS
Hudson, Dr. Taylor, House, Belton, TEXAS
Hudspeth County Courthouse, Sierra Blanca, TEXAS
Hughes, Ed S., Company Warehouse, Abilene, TEXAS
Hull House, Victoria, TEXAS
Humason--Pinkerton House, Lufkin, TEXAS
Humble Oil Building, Houston, TEXAS
Humpty Dumpty Store, Bryan, TEXAS
Hunt County Courthouse, Greenville, TEXAS
Hutcheson-Smith House, Arlington, TEXAS
Hutchings, Sealy, House, Galveston, TEXAS
Hutchison House, San Marcos, TEXAS
Hyde Park Presbyterian Church, Austin, TEXAS
Hyer Hall, Dallas, TEXAS
Hyer, Dr. Robert, House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Hygieostatic Bat Roost, Comfort, TEXAS
I.O.O.F. Lodge, Galveston, TEXAS
Ideson, Julia, Building, Houston, TEXAS
Idle Hours, Beaumont, TEXAS
Iglesia Santa Maria, San Angelo, TEXAS
Illies Building--Justine Apartments, Galveston, TEXAS
Imhoff House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Immaculate Conception Church, Brownsville, TEXAS
Immanuel Lutheran Church, Houston, TEXAS
Independence Park, Houston, TEXAS
Inn at Brushy Creek, Old Round Rock, TEXAS
Insley, Merritt, House and Outbuildings, Leavenworth, TEXAS
International & Great Northern Railroad Passenger Station, San Antonio, TEXAS
International Boundary Marker, Deadwood, TEXAS
Interstate Forwarding Company Warehouse, Dallas, TEXAS
Irion County Courthouse, Sherwood, TEXAS
Irvin, Robert, House, Austin, TEXAS
Irvine, George, House, Georgetown, TEXAS
Isabella Court, Houston, TEXAS

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