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Landmarks Search Results for Vermont-
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December 18, 2014 @ 01:30 PM EDT
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PubCrawler Landmarks Search Results

454 Landmark Options Match Your Search , Vermont
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Adams Gristmill Warehouse, Rockingham, VERMONT
Addison Baptist Church, Addison, VERMONT
Aiken Stand Complex, Barnard, VERMONT
Allen, Nathan, House, Pawlet, VERMONT
Allenwood Farm, Plainfield, VERMONT
Arlington Green Covered Bridge, Arlington, VERMONT
Athenwood and Thomas W. Wood Studio, Montpelier, VERMONT
Barre City Hall and Opera House, Barre, VERMONT
Bartonsville Covered Bridge, Bartonsville, VERMONT
Baxter, H. H., Memorial Library, Rutland, VERMONT
Beaver Meadow Union Chapel, Norwich, VERMONT
Bellows Falls Co-operative Creamery Complex, Rockingham, VERMONT
Bellows Falls Times Building, Rockingham, VERMONT
Bennington Battle Monument, Bennington, VERMONT
Bennington Falls Covered Bridge, Bennington, VERMONT
Bennington Post Office, Bennington, VERMONT
Bennington Railroad Station, Bennington, VERMONT
Benoit Apartment House--74 Pearl Street, St. Johnsbury, VERMONT
Benoit Apartment House--76 Pearl Street, St. Johnsbury, VERMONT
Bentley, Wilson Alwyn "Snowflake", House, Jerico, VERMONT
Best's Covered Bridge, Windsor, VERMONT
Bethel Village Historic District (Boundary Increase), Bethel, VERMONT
Black River Academy, Ludlow, VERMONT
Bloomfield--Nulhegan River Route 102 Bridge, Bloomfield, VERMONT
Boright, Sheldon, House, Richford, VERMONT
Bowers Covered Bridge, Windsor, VERMONT
Bradford, W.H., Hook and Ladder Fire House, Bennington, VERMONT
Bradley Covered Bridge, Lyndon, VERMONT
Braley Covered Bridge, Randolph, VERMONT
Bridgewater Corners Bridge, Bridgewater, VERMONT
Bridgewater Woolen Mill, Bridgewater, VERMONT
Brigham Academy, Bakersfield, VERMONT
Brooks House, Brattleboro, VERMONT
Brooksville Advent Church, New Haven, VERMONT
Brown Covered Bridge, North Clarendon, VERMONT
Buckman, Twing, House, Windsor, VERMONT
Building at 143 Highland Avenue, Hardwick, VERMONT
Burlington Montgomery Ward Building, Burlington, VERMONT
Burrington Covered Bridge, Lyndon, VERMONT
Butler, Roswell, House, Essex, VERMONT
Cambridge Meetinghouse, Jeffersonville, VERMONT
Canal Street Schoolhouse, Brattleboro, VERMONT
Carnegie Building of the Fletcher Free Library, Burlington, VERMONT
Carrigan Lane Historic District, Bennington, VERMONT
Castleton Medical College Building, Castleton, VERMONT
Cavendish Universalist Church, Cavendish, VERMONT
Cedar Swamp Covered Bridge, West Salisbury, VERMONT
Central Vermont Railway Depot, Northfield, VERMONT
Centre Covered Bridge, Lyndon, VERMONT
Chaffee--Moloney Houses, Rutland, VERMONT
Chamberlin Mill Covered Bridge, Lyndon, VERMONT
Champlain School, Burlington, VERMONT
Chandler Music Hall and Bethany Parish House, Randolph, VERMONT
Chase, Elwin, House, East Topsham, VERMONT
Chimney Point Tavern, Addison, VERMONT
Chipman's Point, Orwell, VERMONT
Chittenden County Courthouse, Burlington, VERMONT
Chittenden, Martin, House, Jericho, VERMONT
Christ Church, Guilford, VERMONT
Christian Union Society Meetinghouse, South Walden, VERMONT
Cilley Covered Bridge, Tunbridge, VERMONT
Clarendon Congregational Church, Clarendon, VERMONT
Cobb School, Hardwick, VERMONT
Coburn Covered Bridge, East Montpelier, VERMONT
Colburn Bridge, Pittsford, VERMONT
Colby Mansion, Waterbury, VERMONT
Cold River Bridge, Clarendon, VERMONT
College Hall, Montpelier, VERMONT
Comstock Covered Bridge, Montgomery, VERMONT
Congregational Church of Chelsea, Chelsea, VERMONT
Congregational Church--Grand Isle, Grand Isle, VERMONT
Cooley Covered Bridge, Pittsford, VERMONT
Cornwall Town Hall, Cornwall, VERMONT
Cote Apartment House, St. Johnsbury, VERMONT
Cotton Free Library, Weybridge, VERMONT
Creamery Covered Bridge, Brattleboro, VERMONT
Crowley Cheese Factory, Healdville, VERMONT
Damon Hall, Hartland, VERMONT
Daniels, Capts. Louis and Philomene, House, Vergennes, VERMONT
Darling Inn, Lyndonville, VERMONT
Dean Covered Bridge, Brandon, VERMONT
Depot Covered Bridge, Pittsford, VERMONT
Derby House Hotel, Derby, VERMONT
Dewey House, Hartford, VERMONT
Dickerman, Jerry E., House, Newport, VERMONT
District No. 1 Schoolhouse, Somerset, VERMONT
District No. 2 School, Georgia, VERMONT
District Number Four School, Craftsbury, VERMONT
District School No. 1, Panton, VERMONT
District School No. 8 School, Georgia, VERMONT
District Six Schoolhouse, Shoreham, VERMONT
Dog Team Tavern, New Haven, VERMONT
Douglas & Jarvis Patent Parabolic Truss Iron Bridge, Highgate Falls, VERMONT
Dover Town Hall, Dover, VERMONT
East Clarendon Railroad Station, Clarendon, VERMONT
East Fairfield Covered Bridge, East Fairfield, VERMONT
East Putney Brook Stone Arch Bridge, East Putney, VERMONT
East Shoreham Covered Railroad Bridge, Shoreham, VERMONT
East Village Meetinghouse, East Montpelier, VERMONT
Ely Boston & Maine Railroad Depot, Fairlee, VERMONT
Enosburg Congregational Memorial Church, Enosburg, VERMONT
Enosburg Opera House, Enosburg Falls, VERMONT
Equinox House, Manchester, VERMONT
Estey Organ Company Factory, Brattleboro, VERMONT
Ethan Allen Engine company No. 4, Burlington, VERMONT
Eureka Schoolhouse, Goulds Mill, VERMONT
Evarts-McWilliams House, Georgia, VERMONT
Fairbanks, Franklin, House, St. Johnsbury, VERMONT
Fairfax Covered Bridge, Fairfax, VERMONT
Fairfield Street School, St. Albans, VERMONT
Fairlee Railroad Depot, Failee, VERMONT
Fessenden, Joseph, House, Royalton, VERMONT
First Baptist Church, Burlington, VERMONT
First Congregational Church, Orwell, VERMONT
First Congregational Church and Meetinghouse, Townshend, VERMONT
First Congregational Church of Bennington, Bennington, VERMONT
First Congregational Church of Swanton, Swanton, VERMONT
Fisher Covered Railroad Bridge, Wolcott, VERMONT
Fletcher Union Church, Fletcher, VERMONT
Fletcher, Paris and Anna, House, Bridport, VERMONT
Flint Covered Bridge, Tunbridge, VERMONT
Follett House, Burlington, VERMONT
Forestdale Iron Furnace, Brandon, VERMONT
Fowler-Steele House, Windsor, VERMONT
Fox Hall, Westmore, VERMONT
Fox--Cook Farm, Wallingford, VERMONT
Fuller Covered Bridge, Montgomery, VERMONT
Gale-Bancroft House, Plainfield, VERMONT
Galusha House, Jericho, VERMONT
Gate of the Hills, Bethel, VERMONT
Gates Farm Covered Bridge, Cambridge, VERMONT
Gay, Daniel, House, Gaysville, VERMONT
GENERAL BUTLER (shipwreck), Burlington, VERMONT
Georgia Plain Baptist Church, Geogia, VERMONT
Gifford Covered Bridge, East Randolph, VERMONT
Gilead Brook Bridge, Bethel, VERMONT
Glen Dale, Cornwall, VERMONT
Glimmerstone, Cavendish, VERMONT
Gold Brook Covered Bridge, Stowe, VERMONT
Goodrich Memorial Library, Newport, VERMONT
Gordon--Center House, Grand Isle, VERMONT
Gorham Covered Bridge, Proctor, VERMONT
Goshen Church, Bradford, VERMONT
Grand Isle County Courthouse, North Hero, VERMONT
Grassemount, Burlington, VERMONT
Gratton Congregational Church and Chapel, Grafton, VERMONT
Great Eddy Covered Bridge, Waitsfield, VERMONT
Green Mountain Seminary, Waterbury Center, VERMONT
Green River Covered Bridge, Green River, VERMONT
Green River Crib Dam, Guilford, VERMONT
Greenbanks Hollow Covered Bridge, Danville, VERMONT
Greensboro Depot, Greensboro Bend, VERMONT
Greenwood House, Chester, VERMONT
Grist Mill Covered Bridge, Cambridge, VERMONT
Grouselands, Danville, VERMONT
Grout, Lewis, House, Brattleboro, VERMONT
Guilford Center Meetinghouse, Guilford, VERMONT
Hager Farm, Wallingford, VERMONT
Hall Covered Bridge, Bellows Falls, VERMONT
Hall, Gen. Robinson, House, Wallingford, VERMONT
Hall, William A., House, Rockingham, VERMONT
Halpin Covered Bridge, Middlebury, VERMONT
Hammond Covered Bridge, Pittsford, VERMONT
Hard, Zera, House, Manchester, VERMONT
Harrington House, Bethel, VERMONT
Harris, William, House, Brattleboro, VERMONT
Hartford Library, Hartford, VERMONT
Haskell Free Library and Opera House, Derby Line, VERMONT
Hathaway's Tavern, St. Albans, VERMONT
Hawley's Ferry House, Ferrisburg, VERMONT
Hayden, William, House, Albany, VERMONT
Hayward and Kibby Mill, Tunbridge, VERMONT
Head of Church Street Historic District, Burlington, VERMONT
Hectorville Covered Bridge, Montgomery Center, VERMONT
Henry Covered Bridge, Bennington, VERMONT
Hoag Gristmill and Knight House Complex, Starksboro, VERMONT
Holbrook, Deacon John, House, Brattleboro, VERMONT
Holland Congregational Church, Holland, VERMONT
Holmes Creek Covered Bridge, Charlotte, VERMONT
Hopkins Covered Bridge, Enosburg, VERMONT
Houghton House, St. Albans, VERMONT
House at 68 Highland Avenue, Newport, VERMONT
Howard Hardware Storehouse, Rockingham, VERMONT
Howard Mortuary Chapel, Burlington, VERMONT
Howe Covered Bridge, Tunbridge, VERMONT
Hulett Farm, Wallingford, VERMONT
Huntington Lower Village Church, Huntington, VERMONT
Hutchins Covered Bridge, Montgomery Center, VERMONT
Hyde Log Cabin, Grand Isle, VERMONT
Hydeville School, Castleton, VERMONT
Indian Stones, Reading, VERMONT
Irasburg Town Hall, Irasburg, VERMONT
Iron Bridge at Howard Hill Road, Cavendish, VERMONT
Italian Baptist Church, Barre, VERMONT
Jacobs Stand, Canaan, VERMONT
Jaynes Covered Bridge, Waterville, VERMONT
Jeffersonville Bridge, Cambridge, VERMONT
Jeffrey House, Chester, VERMONT
Jenks Tavern, Rupert, VERMONT
Jenne, L.P., Block, Derby, VERMONT
Johnson Railroad Depot, Johnson, VERMONT
Johnson, Wales N., House, Woodstock, VERMONT
Jonesville Academy, Jonesville, VERMONT
Kelsey, Martin L., House, Burlington, VERMONT
Kendall, Dr. B. J., Company, Enosburg, VERMONT
Kendron Brook Bridge, Woodstock, VERMONT
Kidder Covered Bridge, Grafton, VERMONT
Kidder, Asahel, House, Fair Haven, VERMONT
Kimball Public Library, Randolph, VERMONT
King Block, Barton, VERMONT
Kingsbury Covered Bridge, East Randolph, VERMONT
Kingsley Covered Bridge, East Clarendon, VERMONT
L'Ecole Saintes-Anges, St. Albans, VERMONT
Lakeview Inn, Greensboro, VERMONT
Lamoille County Courthouse, Hyde Park, VERMONT
Lamoille River Route 15-A Bridge, Morristown, VERMONT
Lampson School, New Haven, VERMONT
Larkin Covered Bridge, North Tunbridge, VERMONT
Larkin Covered Bridge, North Tunbridge, VERMONT
Laurel Glen Mausoleum--Laurel Hall, Shewsbury, VERMONT
Lawrence, Amos, House, Manchester, VERMONT
Lee Farm, Waterford, VERMONT
Leicester Meeting House, Leicester, VERMONT
Leonard, Chauncey B. House, Berlin, VERMONT
Lincoln Covered Bridge, Woodstock, VERMONT
Lind Houses, South Ryegate, VERMONT
Lockwood-Boynton House, North Springfield, VERMONT
Locust Creek House Complex, Bethel, VERMONT
Londonderry Town House, South Londonderry, VERMONT
Longfellow School, Rutland, VERMONT
Longley Covered Bridge, Montgomery, VERMONT
Lower Cox Brook Covered Bridge, Northfield Falls, VERMONT
Ludlow Graded School, Ludlow, VERMONT
Marble Bridge, Proctor, VERMONT
Marsh, Charles, Law Office, Woodstock, VERMONT
Marsh, Joseph and Daniel, House, Hartford, VERMONT
Marsh--Billings--Rockefeller National Historical Park, Woodstock, VERMONT
Marshall, Caleb H., House, St. Johnsbury, VERMONT
Martin Covered Bridge, Plainsfield, VERMONT
Martin's Mill Covered Bridge, Hartland, VERMONT
Mathews, David, House, Bennington, VERMONT
Mathewson Block, Lyndon, VERMONT
Mayo Building, Northfield, VERMONT
McIndoes Academy, McIndoe Falls, VERMONT
McNeil Homestead, Charlotte, VERMONT
Medburyville Bridge, Wilmington, VERMONT
Methodist Episcopal Church, Swanton, VERMONT
Methodist Episcopal Church of Isle La Motte, Isle La Motte, VERMONT
Methodist Episcopal Church of Winooski, Winooski, VERMONT
Methodist-Episcopal Church, Stannard, VERMONT
Middlebury Gorge Concrete Arch Bridge, Middlebury, VERMONT
Middlesex--Winooski River Bridge, Middlesex, VERMONT
Mill Covered Bridge, Belvidere, VERMONT
Mill Covered Bridge, Tunbridge, VERMONT
Milldean and Alexander--Davis House, Grafton, VERMONT
Miss Bellows Falls Diner, Bellows Falls, VERMONT
Missisquoi River Bridge, Richford, VERMONT
Monkton Borough Baptist Church, Monkton, VERMONT
Monkton Town Hall, Monkton, VERMONT
Montgomery Covered Bridge, Waterville, VERMONT
Montgomery House, Montgomery, VERMONT
Moon, Owen, Farm, South Woodstock, VERMONT
Moore and Thompson Paper Mill Complex, Bellows Falls, VERMONT
Moquin's Bakery, Burlington, VERMONT
Morency Paint Shop and Apartment Building, St. Johnsbury, VERMONT
Morgan Covered Bridge, Belvidere, VERMONT
Morrill, Justin Smith, Homestead, Strafford, VERMONT
Moxley Covered Bridge, Chelsea, VERMONT
Munro-Hawkins House, Shaftsbury Center, VERMONT
NAMCO Block, Windsor, VERMONT
New Haven Junction Depot, New Haven, VERMONT
Newbury Town House, Newbury, VERMONT
Newton, Marvin, House, Brookfield Center, VERMONT
Nichols House, East Barre, VERMONT
North Bennington Depot, North Bennington, VERMONT
Northfield Falls Covered Bridge, Northfield, VERMONT
Nye Block, Johnson, VERMONT
O.J. WALKER (shipwreck), Burlington, VERMONT
Oak Hill Cemetery Chapel, Bellows Falls, VERMONT
Old Brick Church, Athens, VERMONT
Old Constitution House, Windsor, VERMONT
Old Ohavi Zedex Synagogue, Burlington, VERMONT
Old Red Mill, South Northfield, VERMONT
Old Red Mill and Mill House, Jericho, VERMONT
Old Red Mill and Mill House (Boundary Increase), Jericho, VERMONT
Old Schoolhouse Bridge, Lyndon, VERMONT
Old Stone Blacksmith Shop, Cornwall, VERMONT
Old Stone House, Winooski, VERMONT
Old West Church, Calais, VERMONT
Orleans County Courthouse and Jail Complex, Newport, VERMONT
Orne Covered Bridge, Coventry, VERMONT
Ottauquechee River Bridge, Hartland, VERMONT
Palmer, Thomas H., House, Pittsford, VERMONT
Parish of the Holy Trinity, Swanton, VERMONT
Park-McCullough House, North Bennington, VERMONT
Pawlet Town Hall, Pawlet, VERMONT
Peabody Library, Thetford, VERMONT
Perkins, Arthur, House, Rutland, VERMONT
PHOENIX (Shipwreck), Coshester, VERMONT
Pine Brook Covered Bridge, Waitsfield, VERMONT
Poland Covered Bridge, Cambridge Junction, VERMONT
Pond Road Chapel, Vernon, VERMONT
Porter Screen Company, Winooski, VERMONT
Post Mills Church, Thetford, VERMONT
Poultney Central School, Poultney, VERMONT
Power House Covered Bridge, Johnson, VERMONT
Pratt--McDaniels--LaFlamme HOuse, Bennington, VERMONT
Proctor-Clement House, Rutland, VERMONT
Progressive Market, Hartford, VERMONT
Pulp Mill Covered Bridge, Middlebury, VERMONT
Quechee Gorge Bridge, Hartford, VERMONT
Quinlan's Covered Bridge, East Charlotte, VERMONT
Railroad Street Historic District, St. Johnsbury, VERMONT
Reading Town Hall, Reading, VERMONT
Red Covered Bridge, Morristown, VERMONT
Rice Farm Road Bridge, Dummerston, VERMONT
Richmond Congregational Church, Richmond, VERMONT
Richmond Underwear Company Building, Richmond, VERMONT
Richwood Estate, St. Albans, VERMONT
Ripton Community House, Ripton, VERMONT
Ritchie Block, Bennington, VERMONT
River Road Covered Bridge, North Troy, VERMONT
Riverside, Lyndonville, VERMONT
Robbins and Lawrence Armory and Machine Shop, Windsor, VERMONT
Robertson Paper Company Complex, Rockingham, VERMONT
Robinson, Daniel Webster, House, Burlington, VERMONT
Rockingham Meetinghouse, Rockingham, VERMONT
Rockledge, Swanton, VERMONT
Rokeby, Ferrisburg, VERMONT
Round Church, Richmond, VERMONT
Round Schoolhouse, Brookline, VERMONT
Roxbury Fish Hatchery, Roxbury, VERMONT
Royalton Mill Complex, South Royalton, VERMONT
Rutland Railroad Pumping Station, Alburg, VERMONT
Sacketts Brook Stone Arch Bridge, Putney, VERMONT
Salisbury Congregational Church, Salisbury, VERMONT
Salisbury Town Hall, Salisbury, VERMONT
Saltus Grocery Store, Burlington, VERMONT
Sand Bar State Park, Milton, VERMONT
Sanderson Covered Bridge, Brandon, VERMONT
School House and Town Hall, Leicester, VERMONT
Scott Covered Bridge, Townshend, VERMONT
Scribner Covered Bridge, Johnson, VERMONT
Sequin Covered Bridge, East Charlotte, VERMONT
Shard Villa, Salisbury, VERMONT
Shearer and Corser Double House, St. Johnsbury, VERMONT
Shoreham Congregational Church, Shoreham, VERMONT
Silk Covered Bridge, Bennington, VERMONT
Simons' Inn, Andover, VERMONT
Simpsonville Stone Arch Bridge, Townshend, VERMONT
Slaughterhouse Covered Bridge, Northfield, VERMONT
Smith, Simeon, House, West Haven, VERMONT
Socialist Labor Party Hall, Barre City, VERMONT
South Hero Inn, South Hero, VERMONT
South Newfane Bridge, Newfane, VERMONT
South Reading Schoolhouse, South Reading, VERMONT
South Starksboro Friends Meeting House and Cemetery, Starksboro, VERMONT
South Stone School House, Isle LaMotte, VERMONT
South Tunbridge Methodist Episcopal Church, Tunbridge, VERMONT
Squire, Frederick, House, Bennington, VERMONT
St. Albans Town Hall, St. Albans, VERMONT
St. Ann's Episcopal Church, Richford, VERMONT
St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, Montgomery, VERMONT
St. George's Catholic Church, Bakersfield, VERMONT
St. John's Episcopal Churdh, Highgate Falls, VERMONT
St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, St. Johnsbury, VERMONT
St. Pauls's Episcopal Church, Royalton, VERMONT
St. Peter's Church and Mount St. Joseph Convent Complex, Rutland, VERMONT
Stagecoach Inn, Leicester, VERMONT
Stagecoach Inn, Leicester, VERMONT
Stannard Schoolhouse, Stannard, VERMONT
Starksboro Village Meeting House, Starksboro Village, VERMONT
Stellafane Observatory, North Springfield, VERMONT
Stockbridge Four Corners Bridge, Stockbridge, VERMONT
Stone Mill, Middlebury, VERMONT
Stone Row, Old, Middlebury, VERMONT
Stony Brook Covered Bridge, Northfield, VERMONT
Stowe CCC Side Camp, Stowe, VERMONT
Stratton Mountain Lookout Tower, Stratton, VERMONT
Stratton's Inn, Brookfield, VERMONT
Strong, Gen. Samuel, House, Vergennes, VERMONT
Strong, Jedediah II, House, Hartford, VERMONT
Strong, John, House, Addison, VERMONT
Strong, Samuel Paddock, House, Vergennes, VERMONT
Sudbury Congregational Church, Sudbury, VERMONT
Sudbury School No. 3, Sudbury, VERMONT
Sumner, David, House, Hartland, VERMONT
Swanton Covered Railroad Bridge, Swanton, VERMONT
Swanton School, Swanton, VERMONT
Sweeney, J. S., Store, Barn, Livery and Hall, Charleston, VERMONT
Taftsville Covered Bridge, Woodstock, VERMONT
Tavern on Mutton Hill, Charlotte, VERMONT
Thetford Center Covered Bridge, Thetford, VERMONT
Thresher Mill, Barnet, VERMONT
Thurston, Phineas, House, Barnet, VERMONT
Tracy, Lee, House, Shelburne, VERMONT
Tudor House, Stamford, VERMONT
Twing, Joshua, Gristmill, Barre, VERMONT
U.S. Courthouse, Post Office and Customs House, Newport, VERMONT
U.S. Post Office and Customhouse, Burlington, VERMONT
Union Church, New Haven, VERMONT
Union Meetinghouse, Ferrisburg, VERMONT
Union Meetinghouse, East Montpelier, VERMONT
Union Station, Brattleboro, VERMONT
Union Village Covered Bridge, Union Village, VERMONT
Upper Cox Brook Covered Bridge, Northfield, VERMONT
Upper Falls Covered Bridge, Perkinsville, VERMONT
Vermont Statehouse, Montpelier, VERMONT
Village Covered Bridge, Waterville, VERMONT
Wait Block, Manchester, VERMONT
Waits River Schoolhouse, Waits River, VERMONT
Waldo, Homer, Farm, Wallingford, VERMONT
Warner Home, St. Albans, VERMONT
Warren Covered Bridge, Warren, VERMONT
Waterbury Center Methodist Church, Waterbury Center, VERMONT
Waterman Covered Bridge, Johnson, VERMONT
Waybury Inn, East Middlebury, VERMONT
Well River Graded School, Wells River, VERMONT
Wells Village School, Wells, VERMONT
Wells, Edward, House, Burlington, VERMONT
Wells-Jackson Carriage House Complex, Burlington, VERMONT
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Weybridge, VERMONT
West Berkshire School, Berkshire, VERMONT
West Dummerston Covered Bridge, Dummerston, VERMONT
West Fairlee Center Church, West Fairlee, VERMONT
West Hartford Bridge, Hartford, VERMONT
West Hill Covered Bridge, Montgomery, VERMONT
West Milton Bridge, Milton, VERMONT
West Rutland Town Hall, West Rutland, VERMONT
West Townshend Stone Arch Bridge, West Townshend, VERMONT
West Woodstock Bridge, West Woodstock, VERMONT
Wheelock House, Townshend, VERMONT
Wheelock Law Office, Barre City, VERMONT
Whitehill House, Ryegate, VERMONT
Whitney, Cora B., School, Bennington, VERMONT
Whittier House, Danville, VERMONT
Wilder, John, House, Weston, VERMONT
Wildwood Hall, Newbury, VERMONT
Willard Covered Bridge, Hartland, VERMONT
Willard, Emma, House, Middlebury, VERMONT
Williams River Route 5 Bridge, Rockingham, VERMONT
Williamsville Covered Bridge, Newfane, VERMONT
Williston Congregational Church, Williston, VERMONT
Wilson House, East Dorset, VERMONT
Windsor House, Windsor, VERMONT
Windsor Village Historic District (Boundary Increase), Windsor, VERMONT
Winooski Block, Winooski, VERMONT
Winooski River Bridge, Richmond, VERMONT
Winterbotham Estate, Burlington, VERMONT
Woodbury Graded School, Woodbury, VERMONT
Woodbury Town Hall, Woodbury, VERMONT
Woodstock Warren Through Truss Bridge, Woodstock, VERMONT
Worrall Covered Bridge, Rockingham, VERMONT

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