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Landmarks Search Results for Virginia-
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December 22, 2014 @ 11:25 AM EDT
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PubCrawler Landmarks Search Results

1056 Landmark Options Match Your Search , Virginia
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"June Tolliver" House, Big Stone Gap, VIRGINIA
200 Block West Franklin Street Historic District (Boundary Increase), Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
29 Diner, Fairfax (Independent City), VIRGINIA
2900 Block Grove Avenue Historic District, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Abell--Gleason House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Abingdon Bank, Abingdon, VIRGINIA
Abram's Delight, Winchester (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Academy of Music, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Academy Street School, Salem (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Alexander-Withrow House, Lexington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Alexandria City Hall, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Alexandria National Cemetery, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Alleghany Springs Springhouse, Alleghany Springs, VIRGINIA
Allied Arts Building, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Allmand-Archer House, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Almshouse, The, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Almshouse, The (Boundary Increase), Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Amiss--Palmer House, Blacksburg, VIRGINIA
Anderson Brothers Building, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Anderson-Foster House, Holly Grove, VIRGINIA
Appomattox Iron Works, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Appomattox Manor, Hopewell (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Arbuckle Place, Assawoman, VIRGINIA
Armstrong Knitting Factory, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Arnheim, Radford, VIRGINIA
Aspenvale Cemetery, Seven Mile Ford, VIRGINIA
Assateague Lighthouse, Chincoteague, VIRGINIA
Attucks Theatre, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Augusta County Courthouse, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Augusta County Training School, Cedar Green, VIRGINIA
Aurora, Spencer, VIRGINIA
Avenel, Bedford (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Aventine Hall, Luray, VIRGINIA
Aviary, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Avoca, Altavista, VIRGINIA
Azurest South, Petersburg, VIRGINIA
Bacon, Nathaniel, School, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Ball-Sellers House, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Ballard, John D., House, Bedford (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Ballard--Marshall House, Orange, VIRGINIA
Ballard--Maupin House, Free Union, VIRGINIA
Bank Building, Accomac, VIRGINIA
Bank of Alexandria, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Barcroft Community House, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Barnett House, Elliston, VIRGINIA
Barnett, William, House, Alleghany Springs, VIRGINIA
Barret House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Barringer Mansion, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Baxter House, Edom, VIRGINIA
Bayly, Edmund, House, Craddockville, VIRGINIA
Bayne--Fowle House, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Bayville Farm, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Beacon Theatre, Hopewell (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Beadles House, Stanardsville, VIRGINIA
Bear Mountain Indian Mission School, Amherst, VIRGINIA
Beaumont, Michaux, VIRGINIA
Beaver, John, House, Salem, VIRGINIA
Beaverdam Depot, Beaverdam, VIRGINIA
Bedford Historic Meetinghouse, Bedford (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Beechwood, Beales, VIRGINIA
Beers, William, House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Belgian Building, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Bell House, Colonial Beach, VIRGINIA
Bell Tower, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Belle Aire, Salem, VIRGINIA
Belmont, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Ben Lomond, Manassas, VIRGINIA
Benjamin Banneker: SW 9 Intermediate Boundary Stone, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Berry Hill, South Boston, VIRGINIA
Bethel Memorial Church, White Post, VIRGINIA
Bethlehem Church, Broadway, VIRGINIA
Beverley Mill, Plains, VIRGINIA
Beydler, Abraham, House, Maurertown, VIRGINIA
Big Otter Mill, Bedford, VIRGINIA
Big Spring Baptist Church, Elliston, VIRGINIA
Bill's Diner, Chatham, VIRGINIA
Birch House, Falls Church (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Bishop House, Graysontown, VIRGINIA
Black Horse Tavern--Bellvue Hotel and Office, Roanoke, VIRGINIA
Blandford Church, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Blandome, Lexington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Blankenship Farm, Ellett, VIRGINIA
Blenheim, Ballsville, VIRGINIA
Blenheim, Spring Mills, VIRGINIA
Block 0-100 East Franklin Street Historic District, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Bloomsbury Farm, Spotsylvania Court House, VIRGINIA
Blues Armory, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Bob White Covered Bridge, Woolwine, VIRGINIA
Bolling, Anna P., Junior High School, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Bon Aire, Shipman, VIRGINIA
Bonham, H.L., House, Chilhowie, VIRGINIA
Boush-Tazewell House, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Bowman, A. Smith, Distillery, Reston, VIRGINIA
Bowyer--Trollinger Farm, Childress, VIRGINIA
Boxley Building, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Boyd's Tavern, Boydton, VIRGINIA
Boykin's Tavern, Isle of Wight, VIRGINIA
Bragassa Toy Store, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Branch Building, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Branch House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Breckinridge Mill, Fincastle, VIRGINIA
Breckinridge Mill Complex (Boundary Increase), Fincastle, VIRGINIA
Breezy Hill, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Bremo Slave Chapel, Bremo Bluff, VIRGINIA
Brentmoor, Warrenton, VIRGINIA
Brentsville Courthouse and Jail, Brentsville, VIRGINIA
Bridge at Falling Creek, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Briery Church, Briery, VIRGINIA
Bristol Railroad Station, Bristol (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Broad Run Bridge and Tollhouse, Sterling, VIRGINIA
Broad Street Station, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Brooklyn Store and Post Office, Brooklyn, VIRGINIA
Brooklyn Tobacco Factory, Brooklyn, VIRGINIA
Brown's Ferry, Drakes Corner, VIRGINIA
Brown's, James, Dry Goods Store, Eastville, VIRGINIA
Bruin's Slave Jail, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Brunswick County Courthouse Square, Lawrenceville, VIRGINIA
Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Buchanan County Courthouse, Grundy, VIRGINIA
Buckroe Beach Carousel, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Buckshoal Farm, Omega, VIRGINIA
Building at 216 Bank Street, Suffolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Burgandine House, Culpeper, VIRGINIA
Burgh Westra, Gloucester, VIRGINIA
Burke's Garden Central Church And Cemetery, Burke's Garden, VIRGINIA
Burke's Tavern, Burkeville, VIRGINIA
Burks--Guy--Hagen House, Bedford (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Burnett's Diner, Chatham, VIRGINIA
Burwell-Morgan Mill, Millwood, VIRGINIA
Byrd Presbyterian Church, Goochland, VIRGINIA
Byrd Theatre, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Byrd, William, Hotel, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Cabell, Henry Coalter, House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Callaway, Pompey, House, Elliston, VIRGINIA
Callie Furnace, Glen Wilton, VIRGINIA
Calvert Manor, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Calvert Mill/Washington Mill, Washington, VIRGINIA
Cambria Freight Station, Christiansburg, VIRGINIA
Campbell Avenue Complex, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Campbell County Courthouse, Rustburg, VIRGINIA
CApe Henry (Second Tower) Light Station, Fort Story, VIRGINIA
Cape Henry Lighthouse, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Carlin Hall, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Carlyle House, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Caroline County Courthouse, Bowling Green, VIRGINIA
Carpenter, Miles B., House, Waverly, VIRGINIA
Carroll County Courthouse, Hillsville, VIRGINIA
Carrsbrook, Charlottesville, VIRGINIA
Carter Hydraulic Rams, Hillsville, VIRGINIA
Carter's Tavern, Pace's, VIRGINIA
Carter, A. P. and Sara, House, Maces Spring, VIRGINIA
Carter, A. P., Store, Maces Spring, VIRGINIA
Carter, John Waddey, House, Martinsville, VIRGINIA
Carter, Maybelle and Ezra, House, Maces Spring, VIRGINIA
Carter-Gilmer House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Cartersville Bridge, Cartersville, VIRGINIA
Cary Street Park and Shop Center, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Cary, John B., School, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Cary, Lott, Birth Site, Charles City, VIRGINIA
Casa Maria, Greenwood, VIRGINIA
Castlerun Historic District, Castlewood, VIRGINIA
Castlewood, Chesterfield, VIRGINIA
Cat Rock Sluice of the Roanoke Navigation, Brookneal, VIRGINIA
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Cather, Willa, Birthplace, Gore, VIRGINIA
Catherine Furnace, Newport, VIRGINIA
Catlett House, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Catoctin Creek Bridge, Waterford, VIRGINIA
Cedar Hill Church and Cemeteries, Lexington, VIRGINIA
Cedar Hill Church and Cemeteries, Lexington, VIRGINIA
Cedar Ridge, Disputanta, VIRGINIA
Centenary Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Centerview, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Central National Bank, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Centre Hill, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Chandler Court and Pollard Park Historic District, Williamsburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Charles City County Courthouse, Charles City, VIRGINIA
Charlotte County Courthouse, Charlotte Court House, VIRGINIA
Charlton, James, Farm, Radford, VIRGINIA
Chase City High School, Chase City, VIRGINIA
Chellowe, Sprouses Corner, VIRGINIA
Cherry Hill, Falls Church (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Cherrydale Volunteer Fire House, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Chester, Homeville, VIRGINIA
Chester Presbyterian Church, Chester, VIRGINIA
Chesterfield County Courthouse and Courthouse Square, Chesterfield, VIRGINIA
Chilhowie Methodist Episcopal Church, Chilhowie, VIRGINIA
Chimney Rock Farm, Tazewell, VIRGINIA
Chimneys, The, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Christ and St. Luke's Church, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Christ Church, Saluda, VIRGINIA
Christ Church, Irvington, VIRGINIA
Christ Episcopal Church, Big Stone Gap, VIRGINIA
Christiansburg Presbyterian Church, Christiansburg, VIRGINIA
Church Hill, Lexington, VIRGINIA
Church of the Sacred Heart, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Church Quarter, Doswell, VIRGINIA
City Hall, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
City Market, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
City Point National Cemetery, Hopewell (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Clarendon School, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Clark, George Rogers, Sculpture, Charlottesville, VIRGINIA
Clark, Reuben, House, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Clarke County Courthouse (Old), Berryville, VIRGINIA
Claughton--Wright House, Lewisetta, VIRGINIA
Clerk's Office, Chatham, VIRGINIA
Cleydael, Weedonville, VIRGINIA
Clifton, Shadwell, VIRGINIA
Clifton Furnace, Clifton Forge, VIRGINIA
Clinch Valley Roller Mills, Cedar Bluff, VIRGINIA
Coan Baptist Church, Heathsville, VIRGINIA
Cobbs Hall, Kilmamock, VIRGINIA
Coiner-Quesenbery House, Waynesboro (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Col Alto, Lexington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Cold Harbor National Cemetery, Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA
Coliseum, The,--Duplex Envelope Company Building, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Colonial Hotel, Wise, VIRGINIA
Colonial National Bank, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Columbia, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Commodore Theatre, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Commonwealth Club Historic District, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Confederate Memorial Chapel, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Confederate Monument, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Conner House, Manassas Park, VIRGINIA
Corbin, George T., Cabin, Nethers, VIRGINIA
Cornwell Farm, Great Falls, VIRGINIA
Country Cabin, Norton, VIRGINIA
Court House Hill--Downtown Historic District (Boundary Increase), Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Court Street Baptist Church, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Cove Presbyterian Church, Covesville, VIRGINIA
Craigsville School, Craigsville, VIRGINIA
Crimora School, Crimora, VIRGINIA
Crockett Springs Cottage, Piedmont, VIRGINIA
Crockett's Cove Presbyterian Church, Wytheville, VIRGINIA
Cromer House, Childress, VIRGINIA
Crossroads Tavern, Crossroads, VIRGINIA
Crozet House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Crystal Spring Steam Pumping Station, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Cumberland County Courthouse, Cumberland, VIRGINIA
Currie House, Blacksburg, VIRGINIA
Custis Tombs, Cheapside, VIRGINIA
D. S. Tavern, Ivy, VIRGINIA
Dabney-Thompson House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Dalton Theatre Building, Pulaski, VIRGINIA
Danville Municipal Building, Danville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Danville National Cemetery, Danville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Danville Public Library, Danville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Danville Southern Railway Passenger Depot, Danville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Davis, Decatur O., House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Davis--Beard House, Bristow, VIRGINIA
de Witt Cottage, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Debtor's Prison, Worsham, VIRGINIA
Debtors' Prison, Accomac, VIRGINIA
Deerfield School, Deerfield, VIRGINIA
Delevan Baptist Church, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Dickenson County Courthouse, Clintwood, VIRGINIA
Dickinson--Milbourn House, Jonesville, VIRGINIA
Dinwiddie County Courthouse, Dinwiddie, VIRGINIA
Dinwiddie County Pullman Car, Midlothian, VIRGINIA
Donnan-Asher Iron-Front Building, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Downtown Chilhowie Historic District, Chilhowie, VIRGINIA
Downtown Hopewell Historic District, Hopewell (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Dranesville Tavern, Dranesville, VIRGINIA
Drew, Charles Richard, House, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Drydock No. 1, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Dykeland, Chula, VIRGINIA
Earhart House, Ellett, VIRGINIA
Earhart, George, House, New Ellett, VIRGINIA
Early, Jubal A., House, Boones Mill, VIRGINIA
Earlysville Union Church, Earlysville, VIRGINIA
Earman, George, House, Harrisonburg, VIRGINIA
Eckington School, Culpeper, VIRGINIA
Edgemont Church, Christiansburg, VIRGINIA
Edgewood, Charles City, VIRGINIA
Edinburg Mill, Edinburg, VIRGINIA
Edmondson Hall, Meadowview, VIRGINIA
Ednam House, Ednam, VIRGINIA
Egyptian Building, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Eight-Foot High Speed Tunnel, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Eldridge, Bowling, House, Elmo, VIRGINIA
Elm Grove, Courtland, VIRGINIA
Elm Hill, Baskerville, VIRGINIA
Elmwood, Culpeper, VIRGINIA
Emek Sholom Holocaust Memorial Cemetery, Richmond, VIRGINIA
Emmanuel Church, Greenwood, VIRGINIA
Emmanuel Church, Port Conway, VIRGINIA
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Powhatan, VIRGINIA
Emmaus Baptist Church, Providence Forge, VIRGINIA
Enderly, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
English Village, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Epworth United Methodist Church, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Estaline Schoolhouse, Estaline Valley, VIRGINIA
Eureka, Baskerville, VIRGINIA
Evans House, Salem (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Evans House No. 2, Prices Fork, VIRGINIA
Evergreen, Hopewell, VIRGINIA
Exchange Building, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Exchange Hotel, Gordonsville, VIRGINIA
Fairfax Arms, Colchester, VIRGINIA
Fairfax County Courthouse, Fairfax (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fairfax County Courthouse and Jail (Boundary Increase), Fairfax (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fairfax Public School, Fairfax (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fairfax--Moore House, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fairfield, Berryville, VIRGINIA
Fairview District Home, Dublin, VIRGINIA
Fairview Farm, Front Royal, VIRGINIA
Falkland, Redd Shop, VIRGINIA
Falls Church, Falls Church (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Farm, The, Rocky Mount, VIRGINIA
Farmers Bank of Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Farmers' Bank, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Farnham Church, Farnham, VIRGINIA
Faulkner House, Charlottesville, VIRGINIA
Federal Hill, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Felts, Gordon C., House, Galax (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Ficklin-Crawford Cottage, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fields, James A., House, Newport News (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fire Station No. 1, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
First African Baptist Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
First Baptist Church, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
First Baptist Church, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
First Baptist Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
First Baptist Church of Covington, Virginia, Covington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
First Calvary Baptist Church, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
First National Bank, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
First National Bank Building, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fishburne Military School, Waynesboro (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Flat Rock, Kenbridge, VIRGINIA
Flint Hill Baptist Church, Flint Hill, VIRGINIA
Flood Marker of 1771, Richmond, VIRGINIA
Floyd Presbyterian Church, Floyd, VIRGINIA
Folly Castle Historic District, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Ford, President Gerald R., Jr., House, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fort Crafford, Newport News (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fort Early and Jubal Early Monument, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fort Harrison National Cemetery, Richmond, VIRGINIA
Fort Norfolk, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fotheringay, Elliston, VIRGINIA
Four Acres, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fourth Baptist Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Fox, John, Jr., House, Big Stone Gap, VIRGINIA
Franklin and Armfield Office, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Frederick County Courthouse, Winchester, VIRGINIA
Fredericksburg Town Hall and Market Square, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Freemason Street Baptist Church, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Friend, Nathaniel, House, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Frying Pan Meetinghouse, Floris, VIRGINIA
Fudge House, Covington, VIRGINIA
Full Scale Tunnel, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Funk, Joseph, House, Singers Glen, VIRGINIA
Gadsby's Tavern, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Gainsboro Branch of the Roanoke City Public Library, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Gardner-Mays Cottage, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Gholson Bridge, Lawrenceville, VIRGINIA
Giles County Courthouse, Pearisburg, VIRGINIA
Glasgow, Ellen, House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Glass, Carter, House, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Glebe Burying Ground, Swoope, VIRGINIA
Glebe Church, Driver (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Glebe Schoolhouse, Summerdean, VIRGINIA
Glebe, The, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Glen Maury, Buena Vista, VIRGINIA
Glenanna, Floyd, VIRGINIA
Glencairn, Chance, VIRGINIA
Glencoe, Radford (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Glendale National Cemetery, Providence Forge, VIRGINIA
Gloucester County Courthouse Square Historic District, Gloucester, VIRGINIA
Gloucester Women's Club, Gloucester, VIRGINIA
Godwin--Knight House, Chuckatuck (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Gordon, Nealy, Farm, Brush Harbor, VIRGINIA
Goshen Land Company Bridge, Goshen, VIRGINIA
Governor's Mansion, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Grace Church, Cismont, VIRGINIA
Grace Church, Ca Ira, VIRGINIA
Grace Church, Yorktown, VIRGINIA
Grant, William H., House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Grayson County Courthouse, Independence, VIRGINIA
Grayson County Courthouse and Clerk's Office, Old, Galax, VIRGINIA
Grayson, John, House, Graysontown, VIRGINIA
Grayson--Gravely House, Graysontown, VIRGINIA
Graysontown Methodist Church, Graysontown, VIRGINIA
Greene County Courthouse, Stanardsville, VIRGINIA
Greensville County Courthouse Complex, Emporia (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Greenville, Raccoon's Ford, VIRGINIA
Greenway, Madison Mills, VIRGINIA
Greenway Court, White Post, VIRGINIA
Greenway Historic District (Boundary Increase), Millwood, VIRGINIA
Greenwich Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Greenwich, VIRGINIA
Greer House, Rocky Mount, VIRGINIA
Greer, R. T., and Company, Marion, VIRGINIA
Grove, The, Bristol, VIRGINIA
Guerrant House, Pilot, VIRGINIA
Guerrant House, Arvonia, VIRGINIA
Gwaltney, P.D., Jr., House, Smithfield, VIRGINIA
Halifax County Courthouse, Halifax, VIRGINIA
Hall, Thomas, House, Childress, VIRGINIA
Haller-Gibboney Rock House, Wytheville, VIRGINIA
Hallsborough Tavern, Midlothian, VIRGINIA
Halwyck, Radford (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hamilton Masonic Lodge, Hamilton, VIRGINIA
Hamilton Schoolhouse, Lexington, VIRGINIA
Hancock-Wirt-Caskie House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Handley Library, Winchester (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hanger Mill, Churchville, VIRGINIA
Hanover County Courthouse, Hanover Court House, VIRGINIA
Hard Bargain, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Harnsberger Octagonal Barn, Grottoes, VIRGINIA
Harnsberger, Stephen, House, Grottoes, VIRGINIA
Harrison School, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Harrison, Daniel, House, Dayton, VIRGINIA
Harrison, Thomas, House, Harrisonburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Harshbarger House, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hartwood Presbyterian Church, Hartwood, VIRGINIA
Harvey House, Radford (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hasker and Marcuse Factory, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hawthorne Hall, Fincastle, VIRGINIA
Haxall, Bolling, House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hays Creek Mill, Brownsburg, VIRGINIA
Hebron Lutheran Church, Madison, VIRGINIA
Heiston-Strickler House, Luray, VIRGINIA
Henderson Building, Southwestern State Hospital, Marion, VIRGINIA
Henry, Patrick, Hotel, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Herbert House, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Herndon Depot, Herndon, VIRGINIA
Hexagon House, Winchester (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hickory Neck Church, Toano, VIRGINIA
High Meadows, Scottsville, VIRGINIA
Highland Park Public School, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hill Mansion, Culpeper, VIRGINIA
Hill, A. P., Boyhood Home, Culpeper, VIRGINIA
Hillsville Historic District, Hillsville, VIRGINIA
Hilltop, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hite Store, Lowesville, VIRGINIA
Hobson's Choice, Alberta, VIRGINIA
Hockman, Anthony, House, Harrisonburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hockman, Dr. Christian, House, Edinburg, VIRGINIA
Hoge, Arista, House, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Holland--Duncan House, Moneta, VIRGINIA
Holley Graded School, Lottsburg, VIRGINIA
Holly Lawn, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Home For Confederate Women, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Home Tract, Ivy, VIRGINIA
Homeplace, The, Madison, VIRGINIA
Homespun, Winchester, VIRGINIA
Hopewell Friends Meetinghouse, Clear Brook, VIRGINIA
Hopewell Municipal Building, Hopewell (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hopkins and Brother Store, Onancock, VIRGINIA
Hornbarger Store, Vicker, VIRGINIA
Hotel Danville, Danville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hotel Gleason/Albemarle Hotel, Imperial Cafe, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hotel Lincoln, Marion, VIRGINIA
Hotel Norton, Norton, VIRGINIA
Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Hotel Warwick, Newport News (Independent City), VIRGINIA
House at Pireus, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Howard--Bell--Feather House, Riner, VIRGINIA
Howland Chapel School, Heathsville, VIRGINIA
Huguenot Memorial Chapel and Monument, Manakin, VIRGINIA
Hume School, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Humpback Bridge, Callaghan, VIRGINIA
Hungars Church, Bridgetown, VIRGINIA
Huntingdon, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
HUNTINGTON (Tugboat), Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Immanuel Episcopal Church, Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA
Ingleside, Ridgeway, VIRGINIA
Intervale, Swoope, VIRGINIA
Jack's Creek Covered Bridge, Woolwine, VIRGINIA
Jackson Blacksmith Shop, Goochland, VIRGINIA
Jackson, Stonewall, House, Lexington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Jackson, Thomas J., Headquarters, Winchester (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Jackson, Thomas Jonathan, Scuplture, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
James Blair Junior High School, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Jefferson Hotel, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Johnson, Armstead T., High School, Montross, VIRGINIA
Johnson, Dr. Robert Walker, House and Tennis Court, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Johnston, Andrew, House, Pearisburg, VIRGINIA
Johnsville Meetinghouse, Catawba, VIRGINIA
Jones Memorial Library, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Jones Point Lighthouse and District of Columbia South Cornerstone, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Jones, Matthew, House, Newport News (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Jonesville Methodist Campground, Jonesville, VIRGINIA
Josephine City School, Berryville, VIRGINIA
Kable House, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Kanawha, Luray, VIRGINIA
Keeling House, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Keister House, Blacksburg, VIRGINIA
Kenmore, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Kenmure, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Kent-Valentine House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Kentucky Hotel, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Kerr Place, Onancock, VIRGINIA
Killahevlin, Front Royal, VIRGINIA
Killgore Fort House, Nickelsville, VIRGINIA
Kimberling Lutheran Cemetery, Rural Retreat, VIRGINIA
King Lumber Company Warehouse, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
King William County Courthouse, King William, VIRGINIA
King--Lancaster--McCoy--Mitchell House, Bristol (Independent City), VIRGINIA
King-Runkle House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Kingsland, Chimney Corner, VIRGINIA
Kinzer, Michael, House, Blacksburg, VIRGINIA
Kinzie, Thomas D., House, Troutville, VIRGINIA
Klugel, H. T., Architectural Sheet Metal Work Building, Emporia (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Kurtz, Adam, House, Winchester (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lafayette Grammar and High School, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lansdowne, Urbanna, VIRGINIA
Lantz Hall, Woodstock, VIRGINIA
Laurel Industrial School Historic District, Laurel, VIRGINIA
Lawrence, Frank, House, Basham, VIRGINIA
Lee Chapel, Washington and Lee University, Lexington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lee, Robert E., Boyhood Home, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lee, Robert Edward, Scuplture, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lee-Fendall House, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Leigh Street Baptist Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Leigh, Benjamin Watkins, House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lessland, Culpepper, VIRGINIA
Lewis Farm, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lewis, Meriwether and William Clark, Sculpture, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lexington Presbyterian Church, Lexington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
LIGHTSHIP No. 101, PORTSMOUTH, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lincoln Theatre, Marion, VIRGINIA
Linden Row, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Linkous--Kipps House, Merrimac, VIRGINIA
Linville Creek Bridge, Broadway, VIRGINIA
Little England Chapel, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Little Fork Church, Rixeyville, VIRGINIA
Little Post Office, Martinsville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lloyd House, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lock-Keeper's House, Cedar Point, VIRGINIA
Locust Grove, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Locust Grove, Amicus, VIRGINIA
Locust Hill, Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA
Locustville, Ottoman, VIRGINIA
Loews Theatre, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lone Oaks, Roanoke, VIRGINIA
Long, Edgar A., Building, Christianburg, VIRGINIA
Longwood House, Farmville, VIRGINIA
Loretto, Whytheville, VIRGINIA
Louisa County Courthouse, Louisa, VIRGINIA
Lower Basin Historic District (Boundary Increase), Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lower Church, Hartfield, VIRGINIA
Lucketts School, Leesburg, VIRGINIA
Lunar Landing Research Facility, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Luray Norfolk and Western Passenger Station, Luray, VIRGINIA
Lyceum, The, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lynch's Brickyard House, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lynchburg Courthouse, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Lynchburg Hospital, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Madden's Tavern, Lignum, VIRGINIA
Madison County Courthouse, Madison, VIRGINIA
Magnolia Grange, Chesterfield, VIRGINIA
Main Campus Complex, Roanoke College, Salem (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Main Hall, Randolph-Macon Women's College, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Main Street Methodist Episcopal Church South, Danville (independent City), VIRGINIA
Main Street Station and Trainshed, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Manchester Courthouse, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Mankin Mansion, Richmond, VIRGINIA
Mansion Truss Bridge, Mansion, VIRGINIA
Marion Male Academy, Marion, VIRGINIA
Marshall, Gen. George C., House, Leesburg, VIRGINIA
Marshall, John, House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Marshall--Rucker--Smith House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Martin's Brandon Church, Burrowsville, VIRGINIA
Mary Baldwin College, Main Building, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Mason House, Guilford, VIRGINIA
Mason's Hall, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Mason--Dorton School, Castlewood, VIRGINIA
Masonic Temple, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Massaponax Baptist Church, Massaponax, VIRGINIA
Mathews County Courthouse Square, Mathews, VIRGINIA
Mauck's Meetinghouse, Hamburg, VIRGINIA
Mayfield Cottage, Petersburg, VIRGINIA
McConnell-Neve House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
McDonald, Joseph, Farm, Prices Fork, VIRGINIA
McGavock Family Cemetery, Fort Chiswell, VIRGINIA
McIlwaine House, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
McKenney, William, House, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Meadea, White Post, VIRGINIA
Mecklenburg County Courthouse, Boydton, VIRGINIA
Medical Arts Building, Newport News (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Meems Bottom Covered Bridge, Mt. Jackson, VIRGINIA
Merchant's Hope Church, Hopewell, VIRGINIA
Merrillat, J. C. M., House, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Methodist Tabernacle, Mathews, VIRGINIA
Michie, Thomas J., House, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Middlebrook High School, Middlebrook, VIRGINIA
Middlebrook School, Middlebrook, VIRGINIA
Middlesex County Courthouse, Urbanna, VIRGINIA
Middlesex County Courthouse, Saluda, VIRGINIA
Miller School of Albemarle, Yancey Mills, VIRGINIA
Miller, A. J., House, Middlebrook, VIRGINIA
Miller, C. W., House, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Miller, Hannah, House, Mossy Creek, VIRGINIA
Miller, Henry, House, Mossy Creek, VIRGINIA
Miller, Samuel, House, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Miller--Masury, Dr. John, House, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Miller-Claytor House, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Miller-Kite House, Elkton, VIRGINIA
Mills, James, Storehouse, Urbanna, VIRGINIA
Millwood Colored School, Boyce, VIRGINIA
Mitchells Presbyterian Church, Mitchells, VIRGINIA
Moffett's Creek Schoolhouse, Newport, VIRGINIA
Monroe Law Office, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Monroe, James, Tomb, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Monte Vista, Middletown, VIRGINIA
Monterey High School, Monterey, VIRGINIA
Monterey Hotel, Monterey, VIRGINIA
Monterosa, Warrenton, VIRGINIA
Montezuma, Norwood, VIRGINIA
Montgomery Primitive Baptist Church, Merrimac, VIRGINIA
Monticello Arcade, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Montpelier, Cabin Point, VIRGINIA
Montview, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Monumental Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Moore's Auto Body and Paint Shop, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Moore, Capt. James, Homestead, Boissevain, VIRGINIA
Moorefield, Vienna, VIRGINIA
Morea, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Morson's Row, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Morven, Cartersville, VIRGINIA
Mount Hope, Falls Church (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Mount Moriah Baptist Church And Cemetery, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Mount Salem Baptist Meetinghouse, Washington, VIRGINIA
Mount Zion Baptist Church, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Mount Zion Old School Baptist Church--VDHR 53-339, Aldie, VIRGINIA
Mountain View, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Mt. Atlas, Haymarket, VIRGINIA
Mt. Meridian Schoolhouse, Mt. Meridian, VIRGINIA
Mt. Sidney School, Mt. Sidney, VIRGINIA
Mt. Torry Furnace, Sherando, VIRGINIA
Mt. Vernon Methodist Church, Maces Spring, VIRGINIA
Mt. Zion Schoolhouse, Mt. Solon, VIRGINIA
Much Haddam, Middleburg, VIRGINIA
Mulberry Hill, Lexington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Mustoe House, Hot Springs, VIRGINIA
Myers, Moses, House, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
National Valley Bank, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Natural Bridge, Natural Bridge, VIRGINIA
Needham, Farmville, VIRGINIA
Nelson County Courthouse, Lovingston, VIRGINIA
New Castle Historic District, New Castle, VIRGINIA
New Hope High School, New Hope, VIRGINIA
New Point Comfort Lighthouse, New Point, VIRGINIA
New Prospect Church, Bedford, VIRGINIA
New Providence Presbyterian Church, Brownsburg, VIRGINIA
New Pump-House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Newport News Middle Ground Light Station, Newport News (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Newsome, J. Thomas, House, Newport News (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Nichols, Edward, House, Leesburg, VIRGINIA
Nininger's Mill, Daleville, VIRGINIA
Nokesville Truss Bridge, Nokesville, VIRGINIA
Norfolk & Western Railway Depot, Marion, VIRGINIA
Norfolk Academy, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Norfolk and Western Railway Company Historic District, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Norfolk City Hall, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
North Bend, Weyanoke, VIRGINIA
North River High School, Moscow, VIRGINIA
Northwest No. 1 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Northwest No. 2 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Northwest No. 3 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Nottoway County Courthouse, Nottoway, VIRGINIA
Number 18 School in Marshall, Marshall, VIRGINIA
Oak Crest, Franklin, VIRGINIA
Oak Grove, Altavista, VIRGINIA
Oak Lawn, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Oak Ridge Railroad Overpass, Shipman, VIRGINIA
Oakdene, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Oakland Grove Presbyterian Church, Selma, VIRGINIA
Oakley, Spotsylvania, VIRGINIA
Oaks, The, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Oaks, The, Christiansburg, VIRGINIA
Oakton Trolley Station, Oakton, VIRGINIA
Octonia Stone, Stanardsville, VIRGINIA
Office Hall, King George Court House, VIRGINIA
Old Brick Church, Bacon's Castle, VIRGINIA
Old Chapel, Millwood, VIRGINIA
Old Christiansburg Industrial Institute, Christiansburg, VIRGINIA
Old Courthouse, Buena Vista (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Custom House, Yorktown, VIRGINIA
Old Dominion Bank Building, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Donation Church, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Fauquier County Jail, Warrenton, VIRGINIA
Old Hotel, Dumfries, VIRGINIA
Old Isle of Wight Courthouse, Smithfield, VIRGINIA
Old Main, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Merchants and Farmers Bank Building, Emporia (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Norfolk City Hall, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Point Comfort Lighthouse, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Portlock School #5, Chesapeake (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Prince Edward County Clerk's Office, Worsham, VIRGINIA
Old Providence Presybterian Church, Providence, VIRGINIA
Old Roanoke County Courthouse, Salem, VIRGINIA
Old Russell County Courthouse, Dickensonville, VIRGINIA
Old Stone Church, Winchester (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Stone Church, Whitehall, VIRGINIA
Old Stone House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Old Stone Tavern, Atkins, VIRGINIA
Old Tombstone, Roanoke, VIRGINIA
Olivet Presbyterian Church, Providence Forge, VIRGINIA
Opequon Presbyterian Church, Winchester, VIRGINIA
Orange County Courthouse, Orange, VIRGINIA
Orange High School, Orange, VIRGINIA
Pace-King House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Page County Courthouse, Luray, VIRGINIA
Park Gate, Nokesville, VIRGINIA
Patrick County Courthouse, Stuart, VIRGINIA
Patton Mansion, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Paul, Peter, House, Dayton, VIRGINIA
Paxton Place, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Peabody Building of the Peabody--Williams School, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Pear Valley, Eastville, VIRGINIA
Pearisburg Historic District, Pearisburg, VIRGINIA
Pembroke Manor, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Penn-Wyatt House, Danville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Persinger House, Covington, VIRGINIA
Petersburg City Hall, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Petersburg Courthouse, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Peyton-Ellington Building, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Phaup, William, House, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Phillips Farm, Suffolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Phillips--Ronald House, Blacksburg, VIRGINIA
Phlegar Building, Christiansburg, VIRGINIA
Phoenix Bank of Nansemond, Suffolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Phoenix Bridge, Eagle Rock, VIRGINIA
Piereus Store, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Piney Grove, Holdcroft, VIRGINIA
Pitts, Dr. William H., House, Abingdon, VIRGINIA
Pitts-Inge, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Pittsylvania County Courthouse, Chatham, VIRGINIA
Planters National Bank, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Pleasant Hall, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Pleasant View, Midlothian, VIRGINIA
Pless, A.G., Jr. House, Galax, VIRGINIA
Plumb House, Waynesboro (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Pocahontas Mine No. 1, Pocahontas, VIRGINIA
Point of Honor, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Pope-Leighey House, Accotink, VIRGINIA
Poplar Hall, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Poplar Hill, Smithfield, VIRGINIA
Portsmouth Courthouse, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Powell's Tavern, Manakin, VIRGINIA
Powell--McMullan House, Stanardsville, VIRGINIA
Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Presbyterian Meeting House, Old, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Preston House, Saltville, VIRGINIA
Professional Building, Suffolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Pulaski County Courthouse, Pulaski, VIRGINIA
Putney Houses, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Pythian Castle, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Quarters A, B, and C, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Randolph School, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Randolph, Peyton, House, Williamsburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Randolph-Macon College Buildings, Ashland, VIRGINIA
Ratcliffe-Logan-Allison House, Fairfax (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Rebel Hall, Orange, VIRGINIA
Red Fox Inn, Middleburg, VIRGINIA
Red Lane Tavern, Powhatan, VIRGINIA
Reed, Walter, Birthplace, Belroi, VIRGINIA
Reid--White--Philbin House, Lexington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Rendezvous Docking Simulator, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Residence, The, Woodberry Forest, VIRGINIA
Reveille, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Reynolds Homestead, Critz, VIRGINIA
Rice House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Rice's Hotel, Heathsville, VIRGINIA
Rich Neck Farm, Surry, VIRGINIA
Richmond Academy of Medicine, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Richmond County Courthouse, Warsaw, VIRGINIA
Richmond National Cemetery, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Riddick House, Suffolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Rife House, Shawsville, VIRGINIA
Rising Sun Tavern, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Rivermont, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Riverside, Front Royal, VIRGINIA
Riverside Apartments, Newport News (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Riverview, Port Royal, VIRGINIA
Roanoke City Firehouse No. 6, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Roanoke City Market Historic District (Boundary Increase), Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Roanoke Star, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Roanoke Warehouse Historic District, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Roaring Run Furnace, Eagle Rock, VIRGINIA
Robertson, Judge William J., House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Rock Spring Farm, Leesburg, VIRGINIA
Rockbridge Inn, Natural Bridge, VIRGINIA
Rockinghan County Courthouse, Harrisonburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Rockledge, Occoquan, VIRGINIA
Rocky Mills, Richmond, VIRGINIA
Rocky Run Methodist Church, Alberta, VIRGINIA
Rogers' Store, Surry, VIRGINIA
Rose Cottage/Peyton House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Rose Hill, Front Royal, VIRGINIA
Rose Terrace, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Rotunda, University of Virginia, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Royster, Clark, House, Clarksville, VIRGINIA
Saint Paul's Church, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Saint Paul's Vestry House, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church, Forest, VIRGINIA
Salem Post Office, Salem (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Salem Presbyterian Church, Salem (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Salem Presbyterian Parsonage, Salem (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Salem School, Red Oak, VIRGINIA
Sanders, Walter McDonald, House, Bluefield, VIRGINIA
Sandusky House, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Sappony Church, McKenny, VIRGINIA
Schwartz Tavern, Blackstone, VIRGINIA
Scott House, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Scott, William, Farmstead, Windsor, VIRGINIA
Scott--Walker House, Saltville, VIRGINIA
Scuffle Hill, Martinsville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Seaboard Coastline Building, Portsmouth (Independent city), VIRGINIA
Sears House, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Second Presbyterian Church, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Semple, James, House, Williamsburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Sentry Box, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Seven Pines National Cemetery, Sandston, VIRGINIA
Shadow Lawn, Chase City, VIRGINIA
Sharon Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Ceres, VIRGINIA
Shea Terrace Elementary School, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Shenandoah County Courthouse, Woodstock, VIRGINIA
Shenandoah Land and Improvement Company Office, Shenandoah, VIRGINIA
Shiloh School, Kilmarnock, VIRGINIA
Shirley Hall, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Shot Tower, Max Meadows, VIRGINIA
SIELE (motor yacht), Irvington, VIRGINIA
Signal Hill, Manassas, VIRGINIA
Sites House, Broadway, VIRGINIA
Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Slaughter--Hill House, Culpeper, VIRGINIA
Smith Point Light Station, Smith Point, VIRGINIA
Smith's Pharmacy, Newport News, VIRGINIA
Smithfield, Blacksburg, VIRGINIA
Snake Creek Farm Historic District, Hillsville, VIRGINIA
Snapp House, Fishers Hill, VIRGINIA
Snowville Christian Church, Snowville, VIRGINIA
Solitude, Blacksburg, VIRGINIA
Somerset Christian Church, Old Somerset, VIRGINIA
Sonner Hall, Front Royal, VIRGINIA
South River Friends Meetinghouse, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Southern Seminary Main Building, Buena Vista (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Southwest No. 1 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Southwest No. 2 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Southwest No. 3 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Southwest No. 4 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Southwest No. 5 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Southwest No. 6 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Bailey's Crossroads, VIRGINIA
Southwest No. 7 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Fairfax, VIRGINIA
Southwest No. 8 Boundary Marker of the Original District of Columbia, Arlington, VIRGINIA
Southwest Virginia Holiness Association Camp Meeting, Salem (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Southwest Virginia Museum Historical State Park, Big Stone Gap, VIRGINIA
Spencer, Anne, House, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Spitler, Isaac, House, Luray, VIRGINIA
Spring Green, Mechanicsville, VIRGINIA
Spring Hill, Emporia, VIRGINIA
Springdale Mill Complex, Bartonville, VIRGINIA
Springfield School, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Alban's Hall, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Andrew's Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Christopher's School, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Clair, Alexander, House, Bluefield, VIRGINIA
St. George's Church, Pungoteague, VIRGINIA
St. James Church, Accomac, VIRGINIA
St. John's African Methodist Episcopal Church, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. John's Church, Chula, VIRGINIA
St. John's Church, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. John's Church, Sweet Hall, VIRGINIA
St. John's Episcopal Church, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. John's Episcopal Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. John's Lutheran Church and Cemetery, Wytheville, VIRGINIA
St. Luke Building, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Luke's Church, Smithfield, VIRGINIA
St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Fine Creek Mill, VIRGINIA
St. Mary's Church, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Mary's Church, Fairfax Station, VIRGINIA
St. Mary's Whitechapel, Lively, VIRGINIA
St. Paul's Catholic Church, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Paul's Church, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Paul's Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Paul's Church, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Paul's College, Lawrenceville, VIRGINIA
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Haymarket, VIRGINIA
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Hanover, VIRGINIA
St. Peter's Church, New Kent, VIRGINIA
St. Peter's Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Sophia Home of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
St. Stephen's Church, Heathsville, VIRGINIA
St. Thomas Chapel, Middletown, VIRGINIA
St. Thomas Church, Orange, VIRGINIA
Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Shop, Alexandria (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Starkey School, Roanoke County, VIRGINIA
Staunton Hill, Brookneal, VIRGINIA
Staunton National Cemetery, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Steamer Company Number 5, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Stearns Iron-Front Building, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Steephill, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Stewart-Lee House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Stonefield, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Stonewall Jackson School, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Stono, Lexington (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Stover House, Luray, VIRGINIA
Strasburg Stone and Earthenware Manufacturing Company, Strasburg, VIRGINIA
Stratford Hall, Lerty, VIRGINIA
Strawberry Hill, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Strickley--Louderback House, Shenandoah, VIRGINIA
Stuart House, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Stuart Uptown Historic District, Stuart, VIRGINIA
Sunnyside, Lexington, VIRGINIA
Sunnyside, Heathsville, VIRGINIA
Surface House, Christiansburg, VIRGINIA
Surry County Courthouse Complex, Surry, VIRGINIA
Swannanoa, Waynesboro, VIRGINIA
Sweet Briar House, Sweet Briar, VIRGINIA
Swift Creek Mill, Colonial Heights, VIRGINIA
Sycamore Tavern, Montpelier, VIRGINIA
Tabb Street Prebyterian Church, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Tacoma School, Coeburn, VIRGINIA
Tanglewood--037-5010, Maidens, VIRGINIA
Tankersley Tavern, Lexington, VIRGINIA
Taylor Farm, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Taylor Springs, Harrisonburg, VIRGINIA
Taylor-Mayo House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Taylor-Whittle House, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
The Coffee Pot, Roanoke (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Thimble Shoal Light Station, Hampton City (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Third Street Bethel A.M.E. Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Thomas, Abijah, House, Marion, VIRGINIA
Thornton, Charles Irving, Tombstone, Cumberland, VIRGINIA
Timber Ridge Presbyterian Church, Lexington, VIRGINIA
Timberlake-Branham House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Todd, E.M., Company, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Tonsler, Benjamin, House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Townfield, Port Royal, VIRGINIA
Trinity Church, Beaverdam, VIRGINIA
Trinity Episcopal Church, Staunton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Trinity Episcopal Church, Portsmouth (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Trinity Methodist Church, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Trinity United Methodist Church, Ellett, VIRGINIA
Trusty, William H., House, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Tuckahoe Apartments, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Tunker House, Broadway, VIRGINIA
Turner-LaRowe House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Two Hundred Block West Franklin Street Historic District, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
U.S. Coast Guard Station, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
U.S. Customhouse, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
U.S. Post Office and Courthouse, Big Stone Gap, VIRGINIA
U.S. Post Office and Customhouse, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Updike, Robert L., House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Upper Shirley, Charles City, VIRGINIA
Upper Wolfsnare, Virginia Beach (Independent City), VIRGINIA
US Post Office and Courthouse, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
US Post Office--Arlington, Arlington, VIRGINIA
US Post Office--Christiansburg, Christiansburg, VIRGINIA
Valentine Museum, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Valley Railroad Stone Bridge, Jolivue, VIRGINIA
Variable Density Tunnel, Hampton (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Vawter Hall and Old President's House, Ettrick, VIRGINIA
Verona School, Verona, VIRGINIA
Versailles, Burgess, VIRGINIA
Verville, Merry Point, VIRGINIA
Victoria High School, Victoria, VIRGINIA
Village View, Emporia (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Violet Bank, Colonial Heights (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Virginia Bank and Trust Building, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Virginia High School, Bristol (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Virginia Home, Fieldale, VIRGINIA
Virginia House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Virginia Intermont College, Bristol (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Virginia Mutual Building, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Virginia War Memorial Carillon, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Virginia, The, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Virginian Railway Underpass, New Ellett, VIRGINIA
Vowles, John, House, Charlottesville (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Waddell Memorial Presbyterian Church, Rapidan, VIRGINIA
Walker House, Warren, VIRGINIA
Walker's Creek Schoolhouse, Newport, VIRGINIA
Walker, Maggie Lena, House, National Historic Site, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Walkerton, Glen Allen, VIRGINIA
Wall, Adam, House, Prices Fork, VIRGINIA
Wallace, Thomas, House, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Wallaceton, Chesapeake (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Walnut Spring, Kanodes Mill, VIRGINIA
Warm Springs Bathhouses, Warm Springs, VIRGINIA
Warm Springs Mill, Warm Springs, VIRGINIA
Warren County Courthouse, Front Royal, VIRGINIA
Warwick County Courthouses, Newport News (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Warwick, John Marshall, House, Lynchburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Washington Iron Furnace, Rocky Mount, VIRGINIA
Washington Street Methodist Church, Petersburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Washington, Mary, House, Fredericksburg (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Waverly, Burnt Chimney, VIRGINIA
Waverly, Leesburg, VIRGINIA
Waverly, Middleburg, VIRGINIA
Weaver House, Cowie Corner, VIRGINIA
Weems-Botts House, Dumfries, VIRGINIA
Weisiger--Carroll House, Richmond (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Welfley--Shuler House, Shenandoah, VIRGINIA
Wells Theatre, Norfolk (Independent City), VIRGINIA
Wessells Root Cellar, Hallwood, VIRGINIA

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