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PubCrawler - Report Review for Market Street Ale House - Pittsburgh , PA
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December 21, 2014 @ 04:10 AM EDT
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Report a Problem With A Review
of Market Street Ale House - Pittsburgh , PA

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"Alright, Market Street opened recently (Summer 2003). I live right outside of downtown and we keep a good eye on the beer scene :) I hadn't heard of Market Street Ale House until on of the Pubcrawler's sent it in... I had to double check though. I couldn't believe someone opened a beer focused place in Market Square. Market Square along with the rest of downtown Pittsburgh is a wasteland - empty buildings, no life after 6pm, empty main 5th and Forbes corridor. There has been no reason to go downtown or stay downtown until now. Market Street Ale House is in what has to be the most prime restaurant space downtown still. It formerly housed one of Robin Fernandez/Sport Rock's restaurants called Siena. Before Siena and after Siena there were a few other dining attempts at this location. Can we break the tradition of short stays with Market Street Ale House? I hope so. Here's what I liked about Market Street Ale House: 1. The location and atmoshpere - its a nice second story location overlooking Market Square. Good for people watching at lunch time and a quaint view of the full square. 2. Beer selection - I didn't bother to count or ask how many bottles and taps they had combined - but the have a serious beer list - the best downtown is ever going to see. 3. The bartender - we had a young lady who obviously was hustling to make ends meet. She answered our questions and took time to chatter. She's a hard worker and we saw her working elsewhere unfortunately to make ends meet - keep and respect good help. Now what didn't we (me and my better half) like about Market Street Ale House? Well, when we got there at 8PM on a weekday (Monday I believe it was) there was no food available - the cook had left. There was no note of it downstairs (dinner hours). Guess like all of downtown they can't pull a post 6pm crowd - and that really sucks. Listen Pittsburgh and Market Street Ale House - advertise - tell people there is something to do and go after them. Get the place packed and make it a big success like Fathead's in the South Side is (we went there afterwards to get nutrition). What else? Well a manager type came up and sat down and rather than making conversation he was preoccupied vegetating or breaking at the bar (there is a connected side street building that houses a cigar bar and I believe is part of the same business). I doubt it was so busy that he had to get away :) Maybe it was a bad night. Connecting with patrons is important - it's what can make the difference in them coming back or not. Would I go back? Sure at 8pm, when my day ends and I am looking for some post crowd dinner. Never during the day when trekking downtown is similar to just about any other city - poor parking options and stressful gridlock. Will Market Street Ale House make it? Well I saw a full page ad in a newsweekly last week. Let's hope they do. Pittsburgh needs a central downtown beer friendly place."

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