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PubCrawler - Report Review for Fuel and Fuddle - Pittsburgh , PA
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December 18, 2014 @ 02:34 PM EDT
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Report a Problem With A Review
of Fuel and Fuddle - Pittsburgh , PA

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"Alright time to review this place again...Last time (2 years ago) we wrote this place rocked but had issues with long lines at the door and bad wait times. We go to Fuel and Fuddle probably a half dozen times a year since its local and features a beer selection numbering probably around 70 bottles plus the taps... and that's true since they opened years ago. Give the two house brews a try... The house brews are made by none other than Troegs brewing out of Harrisburg, PA. We tried the Pale Ale and it was a creative craft brew - lots of flavor - very good. We only visit in non-weekend evening times... Oakland is terrible for parking in the daytime due to mass influx of commuters working there and the over-zoning and over-parking 20 students in a house conduct... Try stopping to try this place on Saturday or Sunday afternoon - they'll be happy to have more business then and your stress level will be lessened. The waitresses in tshirts 2 sizes too small conduct seems to be the norm now. So everyone seeking eye candy should find the scenary suitable. Now time to moan about this place - There is that annoying blues singer on Saturday nights and HE plays super amplified - so forget hearing those seated around or across from you - it won't happen. Not that they guy isn't a good musician - he is - but the place is too small to amplify any music... Try acoustic or turning down the amp - please. We no longer think of visiting on Saturday evenings. Getting carded - alright we're seemingly close to retirement age than being 21 at this point :) Being harassed for my ID - which sometimes I might have gone without seeing in a week is a royal pain... Lucikly our waitress last time realized my better half was old enough and wasn't into hanging with children... Considering our beer tabs almost always equals or exceeds our food tab its a good idea not to deny us the suds. What else? Kitchen help on Saturday must be hung over from Friday night. They have to be. Three seperate Saturdays and my Veg Head Sandwich - which is supposed to be heated had the average temperature of probably 65 degrees. Three seperate- non-consecutive Saturdays.... Next time I stop in I'll be trying a new main course meal or sending the food back to have it heated. Smoking - this place *ALLEGEDLY* has smoking and non-smoking... the seating whole place is probably 25-30 feet wide and 1/3 of that is bar seating and bar working area... meaning - if I am sitting 10 feet away smoking still is all over me... The space is too small and open to have both seating in the same space... I'd be glad to sit downstairs in the basement area being a non smoker... This place still is one of the better places in Pittsburgh to pickup a nice bready sandwich and some creative food. They have a lot of bar food done right. No greasy junk food- just hearty creative stuff that seems more Denver than Pittsburgh. I like this place and absent the crowd, that singer, being smoked on and the kitchen cooks undercooking my sandwich this place would be Awesome.. For now its looking at being Great... "

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