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PubCrawler - Report Review for Flour City Brewing, Incorporated - Rochester, NY
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December 21, 2014 @ 06:00 PM EDT
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of Flour City Brewing, Incorporated - Rochester, NY

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"Unfortunately I must add another bad review to the list for Flour City. I stopped in today (Sat. 6-5-04) for lunch. I got there about 1:00 PM and mine was the third car in the parking lot. I didn’t think that was a good sign but I had really been looking forward to this place opening and I thought that would mean better service. There were only three customers at the bar—however, to the far right at the bar were several employees for the bartender to chat with—and chat she did! The place is spacious, and almost a little stuffy for a brewpub (someone to seat you, white tablecloths) but I’m all for a little upscale beer drinking environment. The bar is long and will seat many—many more than three—but I don’t see how the bartender I had will keep up. It took a good 5-10 minutes for the bartender to pull herself away from the glass of ice tea she was pouring and the discussion with her co-worker to ask me if I wanted a beer. There was no listing posted anywhere as to what was on tap and the bartender had a difficult time remembering—this concerned me as none of the taps were labeled—hopefully they were on her side! She got to one she called Hoppy Accident. Being a hop head, that’s what I ordered. It looked beautiful. The first taste was very hoppy—and then the bitterness just disappeared. I’d never experienced anything like it. A huge bitter rush followed by Bud Lite. I ordered the reuben sandwich with fries. I also asked for a few jalapeños on the side. Not long after the bar tender took my order, my beer was empty. It stayed that way while the bar tender chatted about how many kinds of basil there was to order from their food supply company. My food arrived in good time. On the plate was a small bowl of yellow pepper rings—not jalapeños. As my plate arrived I asked for a stout—that was one that the bar tender remembered having on tap. After about 5 minutes she took my glass. At that point I asked if I could have some napkins and catsup. She picked up a stack of cocktail napkins (that were right in front of me) and said “there’s your napkins.” When she brought the catsup, she had a handful of silverware. She was walking up and down the bar asking all 5 of us if we wanted silverware. I guess it’s optional at Flour City. So I have a French fry and noticed that they have fried them in the same grease that they fry fish. I hate fish, but I also understand that this is a common practice at many eating establishments. I then take a bite of my sandwich and it is cold. Not “out of the fridge” cold, but room temperature cold. So I ask if they could take it back and heat it up. They were all over that. While it was gone, I tried the stout. It tasted like alcohol and then it had no flavor. The food came back fast and I assumed that they had nuked it—and that would have been ok. But I took a bite of the sandwich and it was still cold, then I grabbed a fry and it was now cold. So I don’t know what they did. It tasted like the just took it back to the kitchen, waited 3 minutes and then brought it back. Had they nuked the plate, the fries wouldn’t have gotten cold. At this point I had had enough so I pushed the plate away and got ready to pay. Cook (I am assuming—he was dressed as such) asked me if it was ok. I told him that it was still cold and now the fries were cold and I just wanted to pay my bill and leave. He was apologetic and offered to cook me something else but I told him at this point that I didn’t have time. The woman who brought my food out of the kitchen the second time (NOT the bartender) asked if there was anything they could do. I said no, I just wanted to pay my bill and go. Well, to their credit, I she refused to let me pay for the food—BUT only because I was being “fussy.” Well, if expecting a reuben sandwich and fries to be warmer than room temperature is fussy—“Hi, I’m Fussy!” So I paid for my 2 beers--$4 each—a little pricy for upstate NY. The bartender—now she can’t be nice enough. “So, sorry, soooooo sorry—hopes that my next experience at Flour City will be better” Well, I’m willing to grant some slack since they’ve been open only a month. But my experience seems to echo the experiences of others who have written. I am so disappointed. I live about 60 miles south of Rochester have missed a good brewpub experience since Empire closed down. Maybe I should have bought a Flour City glass. If they don’t change their ways, the Flour City glass could have gone with the glasses from other brew pubs that have died. I will probably give them another try—around Christmas. By then they should have it together or have lost it completely. "

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