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PubCrawler - Report Review for JJ Bitting Brewing Company - Woodbridge, NJ
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December 21, 2014 @ 10:25 PM EDT
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Report a Problem With A Review
of JJ Bitting Brewing Company - Woodbridge, NJ

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"This place is boasted as the #2 brewpub in the United States, I dont think so. Whoever put that poll together must have over looked at least 100+ other pubs. Maybe architecture wise it was a cool building but beer and service, NO! Awful, Awful, Awful, and i will say it again, Awful service!!! Our visit began with us getting into the fine establisment. The building was very unique and the atmosphere seemed cool. I have seen this pub online and had samples of their beer at festivals so i was no stranger to their craft brew. We sat down at a small square bar with 2 servers that ignored us for like 10 minutes until we asked for a beer. It took several minutes to get a sampler and then we had to ask for menus and waited. we got one menu and eventually a second one. the bartenders still ignored us, they made rounds but walked on by. What gives, i go to so many pubs and tip very nice and my crew is patient and nice. We waited long periods between refill and they were more concerened about the seated patrons over others. after we finally got and order we waited again for a long time for our food. the bartender brought our platters out but, no appetizer. he played all dumb not knowing what was going on and took our food back to the kitchen and like 10 minutes later our appetizer came out cold and looked like half the serving of same appetizer brought out for other people. The guy sitting next to us, a local it seemed, got served left and right whenever he needed something. we felt very unwelcomed and i did notice the manager was a jerk to his employees. I have been to brewpubs twice the size with half the staff and it was better managed. We left with a $91 bill and tipped $3, had we gotten real service and not ignored, the tip would have been $115 (my friend got a growler). The beer: Oktoberfest: nothing special Coffee stout: very subtle coffee aftertaste and initially good on the pallete, but once the coffee flavor faded, i could taste an ashtray. IPA and cask: the IPA was not bad, nor was it good. it was a decent try at one. By the way JJ Bitting, you serve your cask at the wrong temperature!!! cask is celler temperature, is your celler a fridge? Golden ale: one their better attempts at a brew. i did enjoy drinking this. I would recomend this to a light beer drinker if they went there Rasberry Wheat: by far there best beer and a great balance of wheat character and a slight, not overwhelming, taste of rasberry. I have had it before and this beer was why I was excited to come to this place. It was unusual to see all their beer under the 5% mark with one around 6%. I think the #2 info was a mistype on their website for best brewpub, i think it need 00 after it, cause it is certainly not the second best in the country. I have been to the Ship and Harvest Moon in NJ and they were by far way better. On a very positve sidenote, they know how to fill a growler right (1 inch from the top)."

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