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PubCrawler - Report Review for Rocky Mountain Brewery - Colorado Springs , CO
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December 17, 2014 @ 05:45 PM EDT
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of Rocky Mountain Brewery - Colorado Springs , CO

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"As retired Air Force I really wanted to like this Air Force heritage business, but I'm sad to say they don't deserve your business. Some of the worst service in any restaurant in Colorado Springs, and I eat out a lot. The beer isn't bad, but it isn't anything special either. No better than Judge Baldwins and not as good as Bristol, Rockbottom, or Phantom Canyon. The food is cheap--but it is cheap food. You aren't paying much but you aren't getting anything worth going out of your way for (and you certainly aren't getting anything worth the wait!). The salad was quite good but the entrees quite ordinary--slightly better than the Air Force Academy chow hall, but not a lot. On a Friday evening, we waited for over 35 minutes for a table, while there were over a dozen tables empty and just sitting there. No explanation, nothing. People who arrived latter were waiting longer, and they never filled the tables. Talked to the manager after dinner, and his explanation that the kitchen was backed up might have been true, but no explanation that they were working to improve things or anything (this guy really seemed more interested in justifying himself than customer service, I was trying to explain that it was unacceptable and he seemed more interested in explaining why what they were doing was correct). They haven't been open long and what is supposed to be one of there best beers was not available (and apparently they had been out last weekend also as the people next to use said "again this week" when they found out--they haven't been open that long!). Also, a glass of wine arrived with a huge amount of lipstick on the glass--it obviously had never seen the inside of a sink since its last use let alone a dishwasher. The server said "sorry" but I still paid for the glass of (replacement) wine; this is very low rent behavior on the part of the management. Any reasonably decent restaurant would have comp'd the glass of wine(yeah, I know this is a beer pub--but my date wanted wine with her entree and she should get a clean glass; she did have the Heffeweizen as a starter). And that makes you wonder about the over all sanitary conditions of the kitchen and bar. I'm sad to say you should go somewhere else. I do hope they get a new, more experienced manager who can actually get things under control. But given that on a Friday night, when I asked to see the manager and got the manager and not the owner, I doubt they will."

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