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Creekside Market, La Follette, TN -
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December 19, 2014 @ 11:27 PM EDT
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Creekside Market
Listed Since: 1997
1023 Stinking Creek Rd
La Follette, Campbell County, TN 37766-6108
Phone: (423) 784-2627

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1 Review
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Lousy So So Lousy Lousy ? Lousy Lousy
Ok. Some weeks ago these people were going around asking their patrons for donations to buy a new fan for the kitchen. Apparently they had been cooking with a non-working fan. I thought that businesses were supposed to buy that out of their profit, but they claimed they couldn't afford it, yet after speaking with several people who made "donations" to help the owners, they told me how much they regretted it as the owner rolled up in a new expensive ATV or truck around this time. They feel that they should take that money and fix their own issues since they don't share their profit with their customers, then why should the customers share in their business expenses.. There food is cheap, greasy, and sub-par for the prices. Apparently they charge different people different prices and give some people much smaller quantities, and others must larger quantities depending on how important they view different customers. No matter how much money you and your whole family spend to support their establishment, they are rude, tight, and inflexible. I wanted to purchase a pack of cigarettes, which are horribly overpriced, but for convenience sake and in my foolish attempt to support our local business, I was going to buy from them, which I had many times before. I didn't have cash on had, but offered to pay with a debit card. They are apparently too cheap and backwards to install a card reader, so I asked that they let me tab a pack until later that evening (I have no tab and have never done anything but pay cash and leave very good tips), after I had an opportunity to visit an ATM and they told me they couldn't do that. The redneck old man told me that they don't do tabs, which is a lie, because I know of several people who have charged things and came back to pay later. An employee, a very nice lady, and the only one among the three that has a personality was nice enough to give me two cigarettes. I will go back there one last time to buy a pack and repay her for the two that she gave me. The only reason that this place is in business is because it is the only place withing 30 minutes to find edible food. I do not recommend this place. They are the most unappreciative establishment I have ever patronized. The nasty old woman and man who either own or run the place are rude and lazy and sit around while their employee works hard, only getting up when they have no choice. They have lost my business and, truth be known, they need a few surprise inspections from the health department.

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