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December 22, 2014 @ 12:47 PM EDT
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Beer Reviews from No Name
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Beer Quality
Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Awesome! Great Awesome!

Establishment: North Country Brewing Company, Slippery Rock, PA

The food is what sets awesome BrewPubs apart from great, and this place got the grub! Awsome dishes from starters to main course really showcase the chefs skills. Don't get filled on the starters! The beer selection was super at 10 with one on the beer-engine. Great start for their first batches. All the beers are very good to style with the IPA,s in need for more hop bittering and aroma along with more malt. The Stout's (two) are fantastic with one on Nitrogen. Stouts are full of flavor with not too much roastyness, just the correct amount of body to match the roasted barley - YUM! The light beer comes into the ring with a 3.8% abv and tons of character flavor that is not too "in your face" for a light. Easy to drink, the light will be a great "transition" beer for the college crowd. The custom wood work is a MUST see ! In-layed black wallnut oak slab bar, hand carved bathroom doors, womens lavatory home made $30 faucet will make Kohler cry with envy, too much to even tell you here. Don't forget to see the hand carved pig at the end of the upper bar that is/was a knot ! Awsome food, hope to see more big beers in the future. Can't wait to go back for more everything!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Awesome! Good Awesome!

Establishment: Mickey Finn's Brew Pub was Libertyville Brewing, Libertyville, IL

The beers are very true to style. Lagers and Ales on tap (7). The Wee Heavy was a very nice malty, some smoke notes, with a nice alcohol balance. I had blackened white fish (name?) that was the best blackening seasoning I ever ate! The home made potato chips are the best crispy homemader's I ever had also - and that is a lot of pub's chips.... Try their Old Rondout Pale Ale. One very good American Pale with great hop flavor, aroma, a an enjoyable dry bitter finish - Very fresh!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Piece, Chicago, IL

As a certified Beer Judge, a multi-medal winner in the A.H.A, ex-President of Pittsburgh's home brew club, I just judged these beers as classic examples of competition - not "Do I like the beer = Winner!"

Check out my review of Goose Island! Chicago's best brewery that I "judged"! P.S., What the He--ck is with Anheiser Busch putting "Bud..." on the roof of one of you priceless outfield private owned houses? Well, I do love rich people...They sign pay checks!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Good Awesome! Great

Establishment: Four Sons Brewery, Titusville, PA

Seven beers on tap with four not changing. The three seasonals were a Hefe Weitzen, Saison, Big "Portor". The Witzen is a German syle with lots of banana and hints of clove, more carbonated then the rest but not as rocky of a head as an authentic with secondary keg conditionad hefe (yeast). The Saison was a classic with spicy citrus and other "mulling spice" hints - an excellent beer with loads of fruity esters and a complex nose from the yeast. Onto the Distorter, appropriatly named for a porter with lots of Amirillo hops for the flavor and bitterness, more specialty malt roast then a porter, just a damn good big ass porter if I must say so... The always on tap brew are a Lager, American Pale Ale, Schwartzbier, and a Scotch Ale. The Lager is a nice clean German style lager that is medium body and easy to drink. The A.P.A. is a classic to style with loads of hop aroma, flavor, and a nice bitter finish. At 5.5% the malt and alcohol and very well balanced. The German Schwarzbier is absolutly delicious, with a clean maltyness that is not too sweet with low hop and a hint of roast that if you were blindfolded, you would not know this is a dark lager beer. Finally the last beer, an awsome Scotch Ale, a wee heavy with evident malt up front sweetness balanced by hops that make the malt sweet easy to keep drinking. A mild hint of smoke on the finish tongue makes this a GABF gold medal contender. Oh yes, the food...I had a blackened fish sandwich that was mostly bread with hints of fish underneath, a not so classic blackened underspiced fish. The rest of the menue is typical pub/bar food with some additions of steak and other specials. P.S., Although seven beers is Great!, after being to Victory in PA with 19 house brews and Goose Island - Chicago with 13, seven is "just GREAT"...Beer=Awesome + Food=Good yields overall Great place and a must visit in western PA.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Good Great Awesome!

Establishment: Goose Island Beer Company - Wrigleyville, Chicago, IL

It is hard to find a brewpub with thirteen awsome beers of their own on tap but this place does! I sampled all thirteen and found them to be exceptional to style, taste, and great classic examples. The Midway I.P.A. was a med-strong IPA with perfect malt to alchohol balaance with tons of aroma, flavor, and enough bittering hops to make it a must-have-a-pinter or two. The flagship Honkers Ale had a great taste from the malt and hops that made this beer stand apart from other American Pale Ales - this beer is worth keeping on tap at all times. the Kolsch was again a classic easy to drink wheat beer with a perfect citris hint of taste balanced with the wheat grain to make it a perfect year-round drinker. The Imperial Stout I had the next day at their other local (Clyburn) was a beer that you could only hope to buy in bottle and age in your celler. Oh yes, the food...The homemade potato chips tasted like a bottle of spice concotion that took over the fresh chip appeal. They would do better to get some new food recipies and by all means, DON'T touch the Head brewer's recipe and grain bill!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Great Awesome! Great Great

Establishment: Piece, Chicago, IL

Six beers brewed there. Beers were not classic examples of styles. Golden Arm (Kolsch) had big bubbles with a slight hint of wheat. Flat Iron Stout was a bit astringent on the finish with the specialty malt trying to cover the off-taste. Other non-sensational brews were Baron Von Awesome (American Wheat), Dysfunctional Ale, I'm Special Ale and a Worrying Ale. PIZZA Was Awsome! A thin crust style that had a great crisp snap with very good sauce.....PIECE as in Piece of Pizza...


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great N/A Great Great

Establishment: Brewer's Alley, Frederick, MD

The Kolsch was very true to style and very enjoyable on the outdoor patio. the I.P.A. was not a classic; too litle hoppiness, not enough malt nor alcohol in the finish. Weizen was a german style and again lacking the "banannas and clove" taste along with very little keg conditioned head - probalby not with hefe (yeast) in the conditiong. Nut brown was great with a nice pleasant nuttiness with very clean finish - refreshing! Their stouts were excellent with one on the beer-engine and the other a CO2 tap - Would relly be better with mix-gas CO2 and Nitrogen.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Boomerang BBQ was Vermont Flatbread, Pittsburgh , PA

If you like smoked ribs, pulled pork, and other BBQ food, this is the best of the best. As a frequant Rib-Cookoff "judge" at area rib competitions, this place has some of the best. The black-eyed beans are awesome! They have a nice selection of Australian beers and not all are Lagers. A must try is the Vintage bottle conditoned ale. This is a batch dated strong ale for ONLY $3.75! Try the Aussie draft, an ale with great maltiness, full bodied, with apparant alcohol in the finish to balance the maltiness. Hay! Awesome food, good priced selection of beers...What more can you want???


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Good Great Great

Establishment: The Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh , PA

The specialty beers are some of the best, period, from any brew-pub. The barley-wine and other high gravity big beers are always very well made and true to style. You must try the rotating specials to really appreciate the quality of this brewery. Wood oven pizza is what I usually eat, can't remember the other food.....


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good N/A Great Great

Establishment: Florida Tap Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Shipyard, fresh beers, are on tap, in 4 to 5 styles of beer, that will make Us on the East Coast wonder how the Tap Room by-passed Pennsylvania....


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