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December 19, 2014 @ 09:28 AM EDT
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Beer Reviews from thomas sup

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Beer Quality
Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Great Awesome!

Establishment: Offshore Ale Company, Oak Bluffs, MA

I specifically crossed to Martha's Vineyard to eat and drink at this place and had very high expectations. It was definately worth the trip over. The brewer is very young and the beer on tap is very good overall. They really make stellar IPAs and that hop goddess they brew was a beer I could drink all day and I rolled through a glass of that very fast. The food was very good and and in good proportions. It was a very nice place to visit and a not so easy one to achieve when visiting brewpubs because of ferry rides, but I thought that overall it was very good!!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So Good Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: Wagner Vineyards and Brewing Company, Lodi, NY

There is a restaurant next to the brewery/winery that serves their product. The wine was better then the beer but what I had winewise vs. the other 15 wineries I got to on my trip, Wagner falls towards the lower in quality. The beer all seemed bland and off and not impressive at all. The food was cheap within the $7 and up range for a sandwhich and fries. Definately stop in there and try the beer and wine and target it for lunch and get the view in.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Buffalo, NY

This was a really nice brewpub to visit as far as arhitecture and dechor. I could definately sit in a place like this and drink. I thought overall the beers were good and there were definately a few off the sampler that I would have kept on drinking. I wouldnt mind visiting this place again if I am up in the area. There was so much interesting stuff on the menu to order, it was hard to figure out what I wanted, and the food was very good.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy Awesome! Good So So So So

Establishment: Buffalo Brew Pub / Brewing Company, Williamsville, NY

They get an awesome for beer selection because they have a whole wall of taps of other micros. The house beers were nothing special. The amber tasted like chlorine which made me wonder if the brewer is using city water and not purifying it whish offsets beer so much. I was a bit aggravated when 2 couples at the bar came in and asked what a hefeweizen was and the waitress compared it to the likes of a light beer like coors and miller. Shame on her for having so many taps and telling people that it is all about color that determines a flavor of beer. If you do not know what you are talking about, do not even try. I had to lean in and explain what a hefeweizen was so they didnt expect a cloudy Coors. The only decent drinkable product they made was the stout, but I had so many oatmeals that trump this one to call it good.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So Lousy Lousy So So Lousy

Establishment: Crooked Rooster / Roosterfish Brewing, Watkins Glen, NY

It was ashame to come to this place with high hopes only to find out there was 1 beer on tap. evidently the brewer left for a week or 2 and the fridge crapped out and they lost everything, how no one notices that, I can not picture. The one beer on tap was the blonde and it was so-so. The day we went in was filled with locals that did not seem to take kind to out of towners. The food was horrible, we ordered nachos and they were soggy. I left this place upset at how poor of a brewpub it was. You think they would post on the website their misfortunate incident but I felt mislead instead was not thrilled by that at all.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good So So Great Great Good

Establishment: Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, McLean, VA

Its a chain and they serve to the masses. However, I did find the Schwarzbier very well balanced and tasty. They honored my American Homebrewers card which was a plus. Food was decent. They only have a handful on tap to enjoy, but at least one of them I could enjoy a few more of. I did not care for the marzen at all.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Empire Brewing Company, Syracuse, NY

I wasnt so sure about this place, but I am so glad I stopped in. The service was over the top nice and the beer selection was definately there. The unusual thought of dumping cider in a beer really turned out to be a very nice touch to the critz apple and it made a great mix with the stout. I also had to dip into the unique aphrodisiac which was a delightful mix of honey and a mild herb spice that made me want to have another one. The amber, the hefeweizen, and the brown also stuck out as quality beers that I could sit back and have a few more of. All in all, the beer selection and quality was there. I met the brewer and he started out in homebrewing, moved up through the ranks of middle ages brewing, and finally was given his shot at Empire. He seems to know what he is doing and I hope that this place does nothing but grow in business. The food was great and everyone seemed enthusiastic about this place.

The next day I went to Syracuse Suds and it was an awful experiance. After I barely got through 2 pints of their swill, my friend and I left to return back to this place for a relaxing and refreshing afternoon of tasty brews.

good luck with everything empire and i can not wait to come back to try your other brews.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy Lousy Lousy Lousy Lousy

Establishment: Syracuse Suds Factory, Syracuse, NY

Yuk! and I mean yuk!

I have been to well over 75 brewpubs and breweries and this place definately is on the bottom. They only had 3 of their beers on tap cause they kicked the rest. The ones I tried were bottom of the barrel gross. They all had a sour feel to them and seemed completely off in style. Dear head brewer, learn to brew, seriously, you cant take pride in the crap you make. The rather large bar tender who served us screwed up our order and swore that the mac and cheese was the ultimate to have. The food was just as bland and off as the beers there. I didnt care for the bar tender cause after he rattled off the beers real quick i asked him to repeat them and he gave me attitude back. While he thought he was funny, I almost walked out. Seriously this place was bottom of the barrel quality. Service, food, and beer all were of poor quality!!!

I was at Empire around the block the day before and it was open and had a whole array of beers on tap worth going to. After I barely could finish my last pint at Syracuse Suds, I left there and went back to Empire to dilute the poor excuse for beer that the suds factory left in me.

and again, YUK! (listen to these reviewers, they hit it on the dot about this place being awful)


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Great Great Great Good

Establishment: Brown's Brewing Company was Troy Pub and Brewery, Troy, NY

We had some issues for booking a larger party. My friend called up well in advance and got reservations for around 10 people and then called again to add a few more and the lady was real nasty about it. then when we got there they wrote down the wrong name and my friend had to do all this verification stuff which was fine. the waitress we had was a veteran at the place and she took very good care of our table. she didnt write any orders but did not make any errors. people were arriving late and we had no issues with that. our dinner was a very pleasant experiance after the reservation hassling.

They still brew beer on site, at least they still have equipment around? not sure what earlier posts mean? I did hear a lot about local cops, especially on the other side of the bridge.

Dear Brown's: A CASK IS NOT SERVED BELOW 40 DEGREES!!!!! I am so tired of getting ice cold cask beers at brewpubs. GET IT RIGHT and SERVE IT AT CORRECT TEMPS!!!! Cellar means Cellar. Is the cellar in Brown's a fridge?


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Good Awesome!

Establishment: Ginger Man, New York, NY

People in my homebrew club suggested this place to me and it was worth it. I ordered guiness stout soup and it was extremely good. I want to try to make it on my own. We ordered sandwiches and you have to order fries or chips separate. I was surprised that a $2 basket of chips was almost an entire bag. Food very good and the wall of taps was perfect for paring. i didnt care for the cask because it was brooklyn brown and it had a sour feel to it. i wasnt sure if it was the beer or if it was cleaned properly. it was nice to cantillons in bottles and prices on the beer were not bad at all. its not that pricey of a beer bar for its location of the expensive area of the country, manhattan. the bartender was nice enough to let me try a few samples before i settled into ordering the next one. i would love to return back to this place again.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! So So Lousy So So

Establishment: Eulogy Belgian Tavern, Philadelphia, PA

Having an incredible beer list does not make this the best beer bar in philly. due to Monks being a non-reservation place my friend suggested this place cause he heard a lot about it. I love Belgium style bars. We arrived a few minutes after our reservation time but our table was still there, which i really appreciated, philly traffic is often a pain on a Friday night.

The service was awful. They gave us the menus and as soon as one person would get an order or question in, she would take off. It took a long time to get a picther of beer and then the second one took even longer. time between ordering beverages was such a huge lag. i do not like going to a place with such a huge selection and have to wait 10 minutes after i finish one drink for the next. the food took forever and my friends ordered mussels and i had to wait upon 3 passes to order soup. as soon as i tried to ask she was already gone. my chicken sandwich was cold and my friend's chicken salad lacked the chicken and it took forever to get a few chunks of chicken to him. she told him she wouldnt charge him, but how do you screw up not putting chicken on a chicken salad. We had 5 people in our party and when it came to bill time, she so conviently placed the 20% tip on it. No way was she worth that in service and she had to also know that cause she made sure we got that already in the bill. it is ashame cause it was cozy little beer bar and it was such a bad impression on how we were treated.

its in the clubby area of philly and there is no way i would trek down there again for food. i may just go to Monks and bear the wait to get a table in the future.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So So So N/A N/A So So

Establishment: Cape Cod Beer, Hyannis, MA

I guess this is the first true review since the bottom 2 are from one of the workers. The place seems fairly new and still in the process of finding their flagships. I stopped in with 2 of my friends on saturday afternoon and they seemed to be prospering locally with people stopping in for growler fills. I liked what I tried, but all in all they were all standard tries at a beer.

Hefeweizen- typical hefeweizen that had a mild spice and nothing really outstanding.

Amber- It was a decent amber and easy beer to drink down. We all liked it and left with a growler of it.

IPA- The IPA was a decent beer that had a distinct hop feel mixed in with a citrus feel to it. The brewer mentioned wilamete(sp?) which is what I would say gave it that bite.

If your in the area, stop in or get a few at a local bar. I was on the website and they offer other seasonals that I would not mind trying. They currently have only 3 to offer most of the time.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: City Steam Brasserie Brewery Cafe, Hartford, CT

I stopped in at City Steam for a late lunch and it was 100% worth it. The service was excellent and the food was awesome. After my meal I walked around this place and it was incredible with all the architecture put into it. They currently had 9 beers on tap and they offer up sampler’s of 5, so I did 2 rounds and got a mead as the last choice. The mead was from CO. The whole theme and atmosphere was a really nice touch to the place. I could tell a lot of time and detail was placed into everything.

Colt 45- What a funny name for a lager. It is an easy to drink light lager with a hint of sweetness.

White Rabbit- typical wit beer with a thick feel to it, some spiced noted with coriander and orange

Careless love- I really enjoyed this smooth vanilla ale. Out of all the beers on the sampler, I just had to dive into another one. It was not overly controlled by vanilla, but just enough to love it from first to last sip as opposed to many vanilla type beers that just get old halfway through.

Brown sugar- a dark, sweet and fairly enjoyable stout, had I had more time, I would have had one of these.

Naughty nurse- I thought this English style pale ale was so so. It was mildly hopped and could have used a bit more on the bittering side.

Metzino-07- easy to drink pilsner but not what I would choose at all. Most pilsners fall in the line of tasting the same old no really taste to it all.

Green Eyes and Red Hair- wow, from the first smell of it I detected a campfire feel and knew it was smoked. I really do not come across smoked beers at brewpubs and saw that it was a smoked Scottish. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the smoky feel did not dominate the rest of the flavors.

Old Wethersfield- An IPA that had a distinct hoppy taste to it. I would not say it was the greatest, nor would I say it was the worst. It is an easy to drink IPA that lacked the powerful hit of hop feel which I so love out of IPA’s

City Steam Ale- If I had more time I would have also ordered one of these. This English Mild was dark with a very nice well balanced taste. After a long day of work, a few pints would be perfect.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: The Church Brew Works, Pittsburgh , PA

As far as how this place looks, it is incredible. The church is huge with a very tall ceiling and ample seating. The windows were stainglass and all the equipment rested on the alter area, how sacred!

The Celestial Gold- refreshing with a mild sweetness and mild hop feel. It was not the greatest gold out there, but an overall good attempt.

Pipe Organ Pale Ale- a refreshing ale with a mild hop feel to it. Kent Goldings do not ussually make a bold hop statement. It is an easy to drink ale.

Pious Monk Dunkel- This was my favorite beer on the list. I am not much of a German lager person and this one really stood out amongst the line of dunkel's I have had. It had a very rich lingering malt flaver and a minimal hop feel to balance it out.

Imperial Pilsner- an overhopped pilsner that boosted its flavor. It was very enjoyable and served in a flute glass. It was very easy to drink. Ussually pilsners really have no flavor, but this one had a refreshing hop feel.

Seasonal Thunder Hop IPA- This IPA tasted much better then the other pale ale on tap. You can defintaley feel the strong hop taste of Chinook due to its dry hopping.

Heavenly Hefeweizen- This was an above average attempt at a hefe.

I picked up a 22oz of the triple which i wish they had not stored in the fridge due to me wanting to properly give it some age.

The service there is very fast and efficient. There was a mistake with our pizza order and the bartender gave it to us on the house and gave us another pizza. They also have a nice cask of one of the ipa's available. I was in Pittsburgh for the weekend and made it to this place twice and definately intend to stop in again.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! N/A Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: East End Brewing Company, Pittsburgh, PA

The building looks like a run down warehouse outside and there was no sign. My friend found the place and I am glad he knew where to go. We walked into this growing brewery and enjoyed our tasting. The best part was, the brewer was offering up generous tasting and was very welcoming to discussing his beer. I had a very nice conversation with Scott about his various elixers. The Witte had an almost orange sherbert to it which was very enjoyable to drink. The stout was one of there best beers on tap with a rich mouth feel. It's initial taste was a slight bitter chocolate but it was then taken over by a smooth coffee feel. The sweetness fell that came out of it was most likely the molasses. I had an ale that was made with all chinook which I thorougly enjoyed. I think it was the Pedal Pale ale which went through a pre hopping method. Making a beer with just one hop can often result in an overwhelming taste that may not be enjoyable. It was really nice to see a bread beer was on tap. It was low in alcohol with a mild sour affect, which is common to the bret's. I liked this beverage. I also enjoyed the scotch ale.

It was a nice visit and my friends and I picked up 4 glasses and 2 growler. I wish I could have tried the big hop beer, but it was not on tap. The only thing I wish that could have happened was that I would have been able to pick up a few flip tops. The smoked porter was sitting on the counter and I was told it was unavailable for a week. Wonder why one was filled on display and there were no others bottled for a possible sale?


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy Lousy N/A N/A So So

Establishment: Pennsylvania Brewing Company aka Penn Brewery, Pittsburgh , PA

I have had beers in the past from this brewing company through local distribution and thought they were nothing special. I stopped in and had the hefeweizen which made me feel bloated and half way through it, I wanted to move on to another beer. It was a weak and generic attempt at a weizen. The beer had a thick feel with very little spice or citrus feel. I have no idea how this won any medal at any competition. Perhaps the batch served was old? I have had the Penn Dark in the past and found it very unrememberable. I moved on to Penn Pilsner and it really had no flavor. It was a below average pilsner.

The brewery itself is awesome. You can hang out between the brewery and another smaller building. They have an outdoor bar and the ground is cobble stoned. The brewery is brick with old masonry. The atmosphere would make me want to stop in again. If I am out there again at another time of year, I would definately stop in to give the place another shot.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Heartland Brewery and Chophouse, New York, NY

I stopped in for lunch at the Times Square location and found that it was surprisingly reasonably priced. The Bavarian Black lager had a nice dark sweet taste to it. The red was a typical ale with really no flavor in it. I am a very picky person with the oatmeal stouts and like this one since it did not have a watery feel to it. I enjoyed the light beer and I am not a light beer drinker. I would highly recommend you try the sampler because you get a decent amount at a really good price compared to other samplers I have tried at other brewpubs.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Good So So Good Good

Establishment: Chelsea Brewing Company, New York, NY

For NYC the prices were decent but the food was okay. I have realized that when you visit NYC you get pizza and when you visit Philly, you get cheese steaks. The beer was okay as far as their flagships went but I did find a gem in the seasonals. The Hoppy Holiday was a stellar ale that had a very nice hop taste infused with a slightly sweet after tone with a kick. I found the red typical of most reds to have really no flavor. The ales were okay.

The place was a very cool spot to hang out and have a few brews at and the bartender let me keep my glass.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Great Good Awesome!

Establishment: Gilded Otter, New Paltz, NY

I really enjoyed my visit to this place. It seems like they take pride in their brewing by basically having all the tanks in the middle of the pub. I can tell that the brewer is not afraid to brew any category based on the huge amount of beer they boast over the year hanging on the wall. All the beers were enjoyable and I would definitely like to get back to this place during another season to have another run at few of the many beers they offer. The place was very spacious and definitely worth a stop. It seems like its beer first, restaurant second, which is why the beer is of quality.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Good Good So So Good

Establishment: Skytop Steakhouse and Brewing Company, Kingston, NY

The place had a really nice view and it is all one big room. The beer I had was ok. The only thing I remember really trying was the alt and it was ok. Nothing really stood out as something to recommend. We stopped in for a quick dinner. The patrons were nice but the bartending seemed a bit slow and there were less then 20 people in the place.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So Good Good So So Good

Establishment: Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub, Sparta, NJ

I have heard so much about Kroghs in NJ and could not wait to try this place out. It is located in an upper class area that stretches around a few nice lakes large enough for power boating. However, when it comes down to it, the beer was not as great as the pub and its location. This place has quite the reputation as a must get to place for quality micro, and yet, it is not tops in the state of NJ.

Kroghs gold- really nothing to it, its a typical gold without the flavor

Alpine glow red- when it comes to my beer excursions I have only come across 2 reds that actually stand out, and this was not one of them. It is a typical red that is just a beer and really no distinguished flavors worth reminiscing about.

Pale ale- I liked this beer and found it an odd sort in the pale ale category. It had a very sweet initial taste in which I expected the more familiar burst of bitterness and hop character. I had a few more. If you are a hop person and demand a strong taste, this beer will be a disappointment under its given category.

Nut Brown- typical easy to drink brown with a slight nutty taste, nothing really special about it.

Oatmeal stout- It was a good stout with a sweet taste to it

Abbey- it seemed like this may have been their first attempt and was clearly served way too young. Had they given it some age to build character, it may have been 100 times better.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So Good Great Good Good

Establishment: Long Valley Pub and Brewery, Long Valley, NJ

I stopped in this beautiful place and thoroughly enjoyed the way they converted a barn into a pub. the food was goo that i had and the service was ok.

i tried the sampler and found the beers to be average. the amber had some taste to it as well as the bitter. the light and the golden were really not that good at all. the nut brown was so-so. i thought there porter was their strongest show. the celebration was on "cask"(they do not have a pump) and it was off a nitrous tap.

i plan on going back to this establishment during the summer months because the place looks very nice to hangout at and the beers were half decent.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Good Good Awesome!

Establishment: Harvest Moon Brewery / Cafe, New Brunswick, NJ

A brewpub off a college campus does not really have to try with pulling in patrons cause college kids ussually drink poor quality beer. After writing that, I have to say I was highly impressed with the beer.

Red- for once I tasted a red with some flavor

Pumpkin- i am extremely picky when it comes to a pumpkin and i though it was on the better end of pumpkin ales.

Hops double IPA- it was one of the best i IPA's i every had. it had a initial pull you in big hop flavor that ended with a well balanced hoppy aftertaste. the dry hopping really made this beer go from good to awesome.

Wit- not being a fan of wits, i enjoyed this one, it reminded me of a hefe with a slight spice taste to it.

Mild- decent, not really rememberable

Pale ale- great flavoring from the cascades, you can easily note the citrus in the taste but it was not overly citrus

Triple- an above average triple. It was good enough to get my hop-only beer lover friend to order one up, so it was better then most triples encountered. there was no major alcohol aftertasted which caused you to want more of it.

Moonlight ale- a nice well balanced ale that leaned towards the pilsner taste.

So far this place is the best pub in NJ. In the sampler, the bartender added a cask taste which was nice. My friends and I look forward to returning to this place again. For those who left so-so reviews may have hit it on an off day or something. I would consider returning. The food was good and I liked the size of the place. I love seeing small pubs making good beer.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So Good Good Lousy So So

Establishment: JJ Bitting Brewing Company, Woodbridge, NJ

This place is boasted as the #2 brewpub in the United States, I dont think so. Whoever put that poll together must have over looked at least 100+ other pubs. Maybe architecture wise it was a cool building but beer and service, NO!

Awful, Awful, Awful, and i will say it again, Awful service!!!

Our visit began with us getting into the fine establisment. The building was very unique and the atmosphere seemed cool. I have seen this pub online and had samples of their beer at festivals so i was no stranger to their craft brew. We sat down at a small square bar with 2 servers that ignored us for like 10 minutes until we asked for a beer. It took several minutes to get a sampler and then we had to ask for menus and waited. we got one menu and eventually a second one. the bartenders still ignored us, they made rounds but walked on by. What gives, i go to so many pubs and tip very nice and my crew is patient and nice. We waited long periods between refill and they were more concerened about the seated patrons over others. after we finally got and order we waited again for a long time for our food. the bartender brought our platters out but, no appetizer. he played all dumb not knowing what was going on and took our food back to the kitchen and like 10 minutes later our appetizer came out cold and looked like half the serving of same appetizer brought out for other people. The guy sitting next to us, a local it seemed, got served left and right whenever he needed something. we felt very unwelcomed and i did notice the manager was a jerk to his employees. I have been to brewpubs twice the size with half the staff and it was better managed. We left with a $91 bill and tipped $3, had we gotten real service and not ignored, the tip would have been $115 (my friend got a growler).

The beer: Oktoberfest: nothing special

Coffee stout: very subtle coffee aftertaste and initially good on the pallete, but once the coffee flavor faded, i could taste an ashtray.

IPA and cask: the IPA was not bad, nor was it good. it was a decent try at one. By the way JJ Bitting, you serve your cask at the wrong temperature!!! cask is celler temperature, is your celler a fridge?

Golden ale: one their better attempts at a brew. i did enjoy drinking this. I would recomend this to a light beer drinker if they went there

Rasberry Wheat: by far there best beer and a great balance of wheat character and a slight, not overwhelming, taste of rasberry. I have had it before and this beer was why I was excited to come to this place.

It was unusual to see all their beer under the 5% mark with one around 6%.

I think the #2 info was a mistype on their website for best brewpub, i think it need 00 after it, cause it is certainly not the second best in the country. I have been to the Ship and Harvest Moon in NJ and they were by far way better.

On a very positve sidenote, they know how to fill a growler right (1 inch from the top).


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great N/A N/A N/A Great

Establishment: Clipper City Brewing Company, Baltimore, MD

ive had the Loose Cannon and the Small Craft Warning and found these 2 beers to be very good. these are excellent session beers and the IPA is of fine quality. I look forward to trying more from this brewery in the future.


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