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December 20, 2014 @ 06:28 AM EDT
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Beer Reviews from todd hansell
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Beer Quality
Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Great Awesome! Great

Establishment: Growlers was Summit Station Restaurant and Brewery, Gaithersburg, MD

It seems that many of the regulars seem to remember and love Summit Station. I never visited and this was my first time to Growlers. I drove passed the brewpub the on Friday night and saw that the place was VERY crowded so I decided to wait and visit the next day (October 6th) in the afternoon... when many places aren't really that busy. First thing I noticed was the place was pretty crowded... I also noticed that there were 10 taps and no beer engines (I always have to look for one). I sat down at the bar with my back to the front window... to my left was a window that looked onto the copper-clad brewing. The bartender came over and pointed at the current bear list on a chalkboard over the bar. On tap was the Growlers Delight, the Cream Ale, the Kolsch, Hardings IPA, Irvington's Pale Ale, and Logtowne Porter. My first pint was the Kolsch... most Kolsches are pale yellow or the color of straw... this was almost red... but it sure did taste like a Kolsch... very refreshing and one of my favorite summertime styles of beer. I ordered the Crab Stuffed Pretzel off the menu and it was very good... something I would definitely tell my friends to try. I noticed that the dude next to me was drinking Coors and I thought that was sort of sad with the fresh beers on tap. He said he was a friend of the owner who would kill him if he saw him drinking Coors. I was then told that Growlers is sort of in transition... either the old brewer just left or he is getting ready to leave. But whatever the facts are about the brewer... the beers are pretty darn good... I left my corner and moved out to the more open part of the bar... I had the Hardings IPA next... it smelled of medium hops... had a dark copper color... lightly carbonated. It was OK but no where as hoppy as the DFH 60 Min IPA. Tried the Logtowne Porter next& Had some chocolaty notes in the aroma and also had light carbonation... not stale or anything like that... but light. Fortunately the flavor was much more interesting then the smell... very dark and earthy but well balanced with hops... no over sweetness that so many porters suffer from. Turns out that this could be one of my favorite porters to date. Earthy without tasting dirty if you know what I mean... just awesome. I also tried the Irvington's Pale Ale... it was OK but the Hardings was better. Unfortunately they were out of Growlers Delight and I will save the Cream Ale for the next visit. Obviously they have Growlers but I dont remember the price. The only suggestion that I could make is that the copper clad brewing system was a bit stained... I think if a brewing system can be viewed easily from the sidewalk in front... and from the bar area.... that it should be kept VERY clean.

I am looking forward to returning to Growlers and bringing my friends. AWESOME!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Dogfish Head Alehouse, Gaithersburg, MD

For anyone that might take exception to the fact that this Ale House doesn't brew beers... get over yourselves... This wonderful establishment never advertised itself as a brewpub... its just a great place to go to enjoy DFH brews. The beers here are very fresh and the people pouring the beers are even fresher... Im currently in Rockville working for Lockheed Martin and anytime I head to a new town for work I do a little research to discover who is brewing and where they are located... the Ale House came up on my search and I have been waiting for a chance to drink some fresh DFH beers. So last Friday evening I decided to visit. it was easy to find along West Diamond and isnt TOO far from my hotel. It was a Friday and it was rather crowded but I found a spot at the bar (my favorite place don't cha know) and I eventually flagged down a very busy bartender. I asked for the hoppiest of their beers and was quickly gotten a 60 Minute IPA... and it was EXCELLENT. Strong hops but not over the top. In my opinion the best of the lot... Next I asked for a takeout menu and was confronted by a very pretty bartender witha smile that could make the Pope blush... I asked for a recommendation and without hesitation and with tinges of a wonderful Minnesota accent she told me to try the Black & Tan (the 90 Minute IPA mixed with the Chicory Stout). Also very good... The two brew compliment each other expertly and harmoniously. My to-go food came out (the Bacon & Cheddar Burger) and I knew I should soon be leaving. The B&T went down pretty quickly and the bartender with the excellent smile and Minnesota voice came back to ask if I wanted anything else. I asked her her name, which was Amanda... for one reason or another the song "Willie McBride" popped into my head and I realized that I was going to stay for one more beer. Amanda suggested that I try the John Rawton which she described ad a "very hoppy pilsner". Well the place was getting pretty busy and I think the other bartender grabbed my beer and served it so Amanda drew me another and said it was on her... I didn't make any jokes and I graciously accepted the beer... and it was worth the little wait. A very bright beer the color of hay but with an in-your-face hoppiness that will be truly appreciated by the hopheads out there. After the beer I said my goodbyes and I headed out with a brief glance at the t-shirts... I knew I would be back and I would get me one... and I would have another beer or two... Not a brewpub but DEFINATELY worth a visit or five.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Lancaster Brewing Company, Lancaster, PA

My parents came up from North Carolina to spend the Holidays with us. We decided to make a trip out to the National Christmas Center to see the displays and also because my dad wanted to see the owner, Jim Morrison, who my dad has been friends with since they were kids. After the Center we decided to head into Lancaster and to visit Lancaster Brewing for a late lunch (we arrived around 230pm). We were seated and we asked what we wanted to drink. I chose the Sampler which consisted of none 4-ounce samples served on a tray showing which beer was which. I started trying them one by one starting with the Strawberry Wheat(*) and the Dunkleweizen(**+) and ending with the FranklinFest(****), the Milk Stout(****) and the relatively new Hop Hog(****+). Up until today my favorite Lancaster BC beer was the Milk Stout… but that all ended when I tasted the Hog. It’s en excellent IPA with much hops, medium malt, and no end to flavor. The other 4 beers I sampled were the Litening Lager(***+), the Gold Star Pilsner(**), the Red Rose Ale(**+) and the Amish Four Grain(**+). The last three were good but didn’t knock my socks off… but the Litening Lager was very nice. I enjoyed it very much. As far as food went… I ordered the Brewery Wings (Buffalo Style) and the Crab Cake Sandwich. The wings were OK but the sandwich was insanely good… I am not sure what everyone else ordered but I do know that everyone LOVED their food. My wife liked the Dunkleweizen, my mom liked the Litening Lager and my dad, the hop heap, loved the Hog. Overall we had a great time, the service was wonderful, the beer was awesome and I hope I don’t have to wait a year for my next visit. LBC is absolutely one of my favorite brewpubs. To date we have been here at least one a year for the past five years. I purchased a t-shirt and acquired a few labels. Thanks!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So So So N/A Good Good

Establishment: G.G. Brewers, Glenside, PA

My parents came up for Christmas and I wanted to take my dad to the neighborhood brewpub (I live close by). Well we went in, sat down and I pulled out my notebook as I asked for the sampler. I was quickly told, by the owner, that I was not permited to take notes... wha... wha... WHAAAAT?! Well fine... he also wouldn't allow me to write down the beer names. He then went on to tell some very long story about a dude who was taking notes and for some reason or another made a bartender cry... well I was only half lisetening as he set up five four once samplers infront of me... ummm.... well... the first was the St Nick something or other ale... well since he wouldn't let me right down the names then I don't remember the name... it was lousy anyway... no head... watery flavor... wait... it was a raspberry ale... I couldn't even finish the sample... next was the Keswick Lite... the best of the five but still a little too sweet for my taste. Next was the Naughty Boy Stout... no head and way too much residual sweetness. Completely undrinkable and I didn't drink more then a couple of sips. Next was the Christmas Red Ale. I would say this might be the second most drinkable brew but still not great. I did finish this sample. The last was the Apricot Stout... I did finish this and there were some good smokey roasted notes that made me wonder how good the stout would have been without the apricot... After the sampler I did order a ten once Keswick Lite along with my dad.

I love that there is a brewpub in Glenside... I really am. And I can only hope and pray that the beers improve. The owner is a very nice dude even if he didn't let me take notes. This is my second time in the brewpub and it probably wont be the last since I am hoping things improve. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Good Luck GGs!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Bethlehem Brew Works, Bethlehem, PA

What a day it was... we stopped at the Irish teahouse for breakfast and we were visited by Father Christmas. The kids LOVED that. Then we headed over to the Christkindlmarkt where my daughter tripped and got hurt. We spent several hours over at St. Lukes Hospital and after that, at about 330pm we headed over to have some early dinner. The hostess gave us a pager and told us it was going to be a 45 minute wait however we only waited about twenty. We sat down and Joel, our excellent server came to get olur drink order. I decided on the sampler... any six of the eight brews offered. each sample served in a 5 1/2 oz glass. I decided on the Valley Golden, CH47 Pale Ale, Rude Elf's Reserve, Fegley's ESB, Elongator Doppelbock, and, of course, the Steelworker's Oatmeal Stout...


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great N/A Good Great

Establishment: Outer Banks Brewing Station, Kill Devil Hills, NC

11/25 300pm After leaving Weeping Radish in Jarvisburg and picking up the ladies down at “The Gin” we headed down to the Outer Banks so that the ladies could continue shopping. We dropped them off and we headed to OBBS… yes… the other name for heaven. We, my dad, my brother-in-law and I sat down and enjoyed a few brews. I had the Olsch, the Mac Daddy Oatmeal Stout, and the Hyper IPA… My dad had two Hypers. I think my brother-in-law had two Copper Ales. This is my 9th or 10th visit to OBBS (not bad for a dude from Philadelphia). Beers offered at the moment: Olsch, Write Witty, Copper Ale (the Bubba Best was out), Sorghum Molasses Brown Ale, Mack Daddy Oatmeal Stout.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Stewart's Brewing Company, Bear, DE

We hit Stewarts around 330pm yesterday afternoon. We were heading up Route 1 after spending Thanksgiving with my folks in North Carolina. We were hungry, in need of restrooms, and we wanted to get off the road for a while. As we walked in we saw a bar and part of a restaurant area FULL of enthusiastic sports fans looking at (and yelling at) various flat screens TVs televising football games. To the left of the bar was a sit down restaurant area that was full of more sports fans. To the right of the bar was a sit down restaurant area that was very quiet and maybe closed. We didn't see other kids in the open restaurant area so we asked if we could sit in the other restaurant area. The waiter said SURE and sat us at a table. He got us drink and took care of us very well during the meal. He started me off with a Highlander Stout*** and brought two samples of the Wacky Wheat (1 apricot and 1 raspberry). She then ordered a 10oz of the Apricot. We then looked at the menu and I was amazed at the food choices. Lisa ordered the Pig in a Barrel (pork in a bread bowl) and I ordered the Black and Bleu Burger (a blackened ostrich burger sprinkled with bleu cheese - cooked medium)... yes I said ostrich! The kids shared a plate of nachos with a side of grilled vegetables. All the food was awesome... AWESOME! Instead of ordering a second beer I decided on the 4545 sampler (four five oz samples for 5 bucks). The four beers sampled were Irish Red**, the Highlander Stout***, the Strong Ale**** and the IPA***. The Big Bear Amber and the Governor's Golden were both out. The Strong Ale was the current seasonal. Overall we had a very nice time at this brewpub. My wife even said it was good that I made it a point for us to visit. Everything was awesome! I…. I mean we… recommend Stewarts to everyone.

PS... When I first tasted the Highlander Stout I noticed that it was very creamy and assumed it was being served on nitrogen. When I asked the waiter he said that it was half nitrogen and half CO2.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Great N/A Awesome! Great

Establishment: Weeping Radish Eco Farm and Brewery, Jarvisburg, NC

My family was in Shiloh, NC visiting my folks. On Saturday (the 25th) we all decided to get out of the house on a very nice day. The lady-folk wanted to hit the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg... this suited the men-folk since the Weeping Radish Eco Farm Brewery is a quarter mile down the road... we dropped off the ladies and off we went. The first time we visited here was in August but I didn't do a review.

To look at the current Eco Farm Brewery one is not overwhelmed as one would be if you were looking at the WP Restaurant in Manteo. But this is where all of Weeping Radish's brewing is now being done. We sat down at the bar the bartendress was the same person that was working the bar in August. She remembered us and we had some good discussion. We tried the six beers available: Black Radish***, Christmas (way too sweet), Gold**, Heffeweizen**, Fest*** and Alt***. After which I had a pint of the Fest and my dad had a pint of the Alt (our two favorites at the time). The last time I was here they had the Kolsch on tap which was insanely wonderful but it was seasonal. I don’t remember what my dad had next but I was talked into a WP Half and Half (The Black Radish mixed with the Gold)It was pretty good. We didn't eat any food (this time) but last time we had some pretty good pub grub that included some sandwiches made with fresh meats from the butcher (located on the premises). Currently, besides the bar/cafe area, there is a butcher, a bakery (I think), a gift shop, a banquet area, a WP takeout area, and the brewery. In the next two years they are going to be bringing in more businesses and they are going to be building a full-service sit down restaurant adjoining the building. One last note... as I mentioned above... ALL of Weeping Radish's brewing is being done here in Jarvisburg. The Manteo location is only a restaurant and no longer has any brewing facilities. Black Radish Rules!!!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Good So So Good

Establishment: John Harvard's Brew House, Wayne, PA

Yesterday... after Victory and McKensie's I stopped here to have a beer and to have some food. I guess it was about 400pm. I was sure that I had been to this location before but as I stood infront of it I knew that it was the first time. There were only a few people around. I went to the alsmot empty bar, sat down, and waited. The dude in the central bar saw me but was taking his time coming over. It wasn't like he was busy or anything. Another bartender was sitting at the bar ready an Ale Street or something. Finally he came over and I decided to have a Rauchbock. WOOOOOOHOOOO was that a smokey brew. I decided that maybe the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich would go with the beer... as they say... where there is smoke... The sandwich sure was firey. I saw on the menu that bottles of the Private Reserve were available so I asked the bartender. He looked and said that there were some available. I asked how much and he said twentyfive bucks... after seeing my expression he added... "that's why we still have some available". My beer was $4.75 and my sandwich was $8.99.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great N/A So So Good

Establishment: McKenzie Brew House II, Malvern, PA

I was just at Victory and was on my way to John Harvards. Imagine my surprise as I drove past this brewpub. I forgot this was here. Even though my new brewmobile is still new... it still knew to pull into the brewpub parkinglot and to park. I see Lew was here a few months ago... Hey Lew!!! Well since I had already had some beers at Victory I decided that I just wanted to have one beer. So I chose the Unicorn Amber Ale... it was very tasty. I thought about having some food but the dude that was sitting next to me was screaming at the eagles who were apparently losing the game... I wasn't paying attention. But since I didn't feel like getting screamed at evertime the Eagles made a bad play then I drank my beer and moved on. I think I like the other McKensie's better. But it was a nice surprise none the less. Oh by the way... this place had about 7 beers on tap and several TV screens on the walls broadcasting football. I think my beer was three bucks.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! N/A Great Great

Establishment: Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, PA

Yesterday, after some geocaching in the area, I decided that I would visit a few brewpubs on the way back to Roslyn. First stop was Victory. I'm not sure why this old beer geek has taken so long to visit this brewpub but I am soooo glad I did. First thing that will get your attention is the really long bar... I guess its also the first thing you see when you walk in. After you sit down then your attention will be pulled towards the brewing system behind the glass... WOW!!! The system is impressive... so much stainless producing so many craft brews... and the brews... The bartendress came and asked to help me and I pulled out my notebook and said I would like to get a sampler. I asked how many samplers they offer and she said whatever was on tap. She started placing six ounce glasses filled with every color from the craftbrew rainbow... straw colored yellow... to deep dark brown... almost black: Prima Pils, Scarlet Fire Rauchbier****, Golden Monkey, Hop Wallop***, Mad King Weiss, Moonglow Weizenbock, V Lager, Hop Devil***, Hop Devil on the Hand Pump****, and Storm King Stout***. One of my all time favorite beers is the Hop Devil... but now that I've had the Hand Pumped...

After tasting all these brews I told the bartendress that she could cash me out... she took my credit card then came back and told me the samplers were on the house!!! I left a hopefully nice tip, hopped in the brewmobile, and headed for John Harvards.

(**** indicating my favorites of those tried)


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good So So Great Great Good

Establishment: Bube's Brewery, Mount Joy, PA

We decided to head out to Hershey Park for the afternoon. On the way we decided to stop at Bube's for lunch. When we arrived at 1130am I was sure the place was closed but we parked right in front of the door and we tried the door... it was open. This is the first time in around twenty years that I have walked into Bube's. I had come here quite a few times back when I was working at the PA Renn Faire.

So we were sat in the bar area where four people were quietly drinking beer and smoking. The smoke was pretty heavy so we asked to move. The waitress was VERY nice and seated us back by the old stage. It was less smoky but you could still smell it.

I asked what they had on tap and the waitress was telling us... then I asked what they had on tap that was brewed there. She said they only had the Red Ale. So I ordered a pint. It was pretty good. But I am pretty sure it came out of a nitro tap. No biggie. As far as food: I ordered the Punicchi Sandwich, Lisa the Ultimate Grilled Cheese, Anna the Bacon Cheese Burger and Zoe had the chicken fingers. We were all pretty happy with the food.

My ratings are lower then I could have given for the following reasons... I think Bube's is probably a much better place for dinner then it is for lunch... The Cooper Shed (aka Gift Shop) was not open... an most importantly... they only had one of their beers on tap... isn’t this place a brewpub??? Sort of???

The service, however, was great... and the memories from twenty years ago were even better. I know that the next time we head to Bube's it will be after 500pm. When they are serving dinner.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Weeping Radish Eco Farm and Brewery, Jarvisburg, NC

The beers that are being served at the Manteo location are actually brewed at the Jarvisburg location. It should be reviewed separately from the "non-brewing" location.


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