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December 19, 2014 @ 11:31 PM EDT
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Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
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Establishment: Three Floyds Brewing Company, Munster, IN

WoW. Simply AMAZING beer. Had lunch before the tour at 3pm today. The manager was our tour guide, very knowledgable but EXTREMELY cocky and full of himself. He must've mentioned that 3 Floyd's beer is the NUMBER ONE RATED BEER IN THE WORLD about 17 times. We get it, you're the best in the world and you could be billionaires cause you could have so much business but you don't want it cause then it would be a JOB, not a "lifestyle" like you like it. okay, okay...

The food is incredible for what looks like a tiny warehouse in the middle of crapville, Indiana. Couldn't believe what they had on the menu! Although a few of my favorites that I had had before and that were also on the Website menu were NOT available when we went. Disappointing.

No samples offered during the tour! Mostly just listening to this guy go on and on about how FFF is the God of all breweries and everything else is garbage. Hey, believe me, 3 Floyd's has STELLAR beer, but is the attitude really necessary?

After the tour I rushed in to get a seat at the bar, (not a lot of seating in the whole place, especially when you have 40 people running in from the tour)Ok...this was my second time here. The first time my group of 6 was amazed by the quality of the beer, we couldn't believe this place was almost in our back yard (we're 20 minutes away in IL)and were loving it. But the DISGUSTING ATTITUDE from the servers, bartenders, and EVEN the manager was UNBEARABLE. We were trying SO hard to be nice, make conversation, TIP VERY WELL, etc...nothing would stop those jerks from being out right MEAN. They were literally making fun of us and laughing at us from behind the bar. We heard a few "illinois", really? We live 20 minutes away, and paying you right now, you're really going to make fun of the state we're from? Nice business tactics.

This time was a little better, the bartenders were quiet, but did their job. They didn't seem like they WANTED to serve us, and we had to flag them down and practically beg to order another beer, but they did their job none the less. I'm just used to FRIENDLY, conversational barkeeps, who want to EARN their tips, who want to EDUCATE you on their beers. You won't find that here!! It must be a requirement that you're a stuck up, pompous ASS to be a bartender here. (Our server for lunch was actually pretty nice)Maybe they have TOO many customers (cause its the best beer in the world remember?) and they want to hire the rudest staff they can find.

I was disappointed that THREE of the beers I was looking forward to were out. Instead of the Alpha Kong, they had santa kong, which was ok, but nothing like the original A. Kong. I can't elaborate enough on how the 3 other beers I drank were DIVINE. I swear, if it weren't for the horrible service, I'd come here on a daily basis.

They actually have pretty good desserts too, their chocolate cake was superb, and their warm, fresh apple fritters were out of this world.

3 Floyd's you are AMAZING! Just don't act like you know it!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Great Awesome!

Establishment: Harrison's Brewing Company, Orland Park, IL

To all you morons who think a "great" beer can only come in a container that you can crush on your forehead...GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! we don't need you trash in Harrison's anyway!

Listen morons: The Growlers are $25 when you FIRST buy them. After that it's $7 to fill, $5 on Tuesdays! You can't beat that! I love that this place is NOT a chain, the brewmaster is from France and has studied all over the world in his art. He's normally at the bar and will talk to anybody who's sitting next to him, very down to earth. The Millenium Pale Ale is one of the best I.P.A.'s I've ever had. The fresh cut Sweet Potato Chips that are made several times a day are served complimentary at the bar. I love not having to feel like I'm in a cruddy, nasty, greasy bar and actually get HIGH quality beer. Great prices too, a pint of their own brewed beer of the day is $2.25. Try getting a bottle of Miller Lite for that at a nice restaurant.

The bartenders are AWESOME, they regularly comp a drink or two off my bill. Don't order the "sampler"...just sit at the bar and ask to try them all one by one. Normally the bartender won't even charge you. (just remember to tip well!)

If you're coming into Harrison's expecting 3 Floyd's or Magic Hat...think again. That's having high hopes. This is NOT a chain, and they do NOT manufacture/sell or distribute their beer. But for a humble restaurant/brewery in Orland Park, I think it's done pretty good for itself.

My favorites are the Brown, Millenium Pale Ale, and the Diamond Black Stout.

Huge apps that are superb: Nachos and Spinach Artichoke Dip with Chips. Their seafood specials are usually VERY good, and different.



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