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December 21, 2014 @ 03:31 AM EDT
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kevin borowsky

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Beer Reviews from kevin borowsky
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Beer Quality
Beer Selection Food Service Overall
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Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Brown's Brewing Company was Troy Pub and Brewery, Troy, NY

Just got around to visiting and glad to say this is probably my favorite brewery in the Capital region. The beer selection was above average.(about 12 beers). I settled on the pale ale which was excellent.

The atmosphere, with brick walls and and an old factory type building along the Hudson is a nice touch. Very large food selection, especially mid-priced pub fare (always my favorite).

Server was a newbie, but he tried and the other servers helped him out because the place was busy (always a good sign).

I will definitly come back soon.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good So So Good So So So So

Establishment: O'Callagh was Original Saratoga Springs Brewery, Saratoga Springs, NY

After living in the capital region for a year, I've had enough time to visit all the breweries to really form a definite opinion on each of them. I'd have to say the Saratoga Brewery is proabably ranked lowest on my list.

Their beer selection rarely changes, and their standard stuff is generally subpar. I usually only go for the seasonsal beers. Their food selection is rather limited, and service generally has always something to be desired.

Like many places in the downtown area of Saratoga Springs, they don't have to be outstanding to be successfull. With the throngs of tourists and visitors, there are people like myself who automatically have to visit the local brewery.

The place definitly could use a menu / beer selection and customer service refreshing.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great So So So So So So

Establishment: Malt River Brewing Company, Latham, NY

The beer selection was above average, and I thought their brown ale was excellent. The main problem with this place is location - I just don't get excited going to a mall for beer. Granted the interior looks nothing like a mall, but it's still in an outdoor mall. Secondly, their food is second rate. It's all premade and served either molten or cold. Bar Tender was subpar. With all the breweries around the area, there are much better choices than Malt River.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Waterzooi Belgian Bistro, Garden City, NY

Unlike you, I've been to authentic Belgian Bistro's in Belgium. Besides the food, there is also a wide variety of people of varying backgrounds to talk with.

My issue with waterzooi was not the food or service, but the fact that the clientle all seemed to be 20-30 something types dressed like they were going to a fancy nightclub club.

In Belgium the same food and drink isn't as expensive, therefore you don't get "laaawwnnng island" yentas and square jawed pretty boys packing the place.

While you may get Belgian cuisine and beer at high prices, you do not get the Belgian atmosphere. And do you think most of the bitches there go and request a Tripple or Lambic? No - I bet you they ask for Amstel light and drink while they look for guys to hook up with.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Good Good Good

Establishment: Waterzooi Belgian Bistro, Garden City, NY

This place is for yuppies. You can tell by their decoration, by their bar tenders and by their prices. There is hardly a beer in here for under 5 dollars. Sure the selection is good, but no beer is worth the 6-12 dollars most of them are going for. And to add to that, they don't even serve you a full pint glass!!! You get less beer for more money.

The menu is a rip off. Who cares how good the food is. All their entrees are over 20 dollars. I do not wish to spend 60+ dollars for some beer and food.

However good their quality is, their prices and atmosphere (saw lots of LI yentas when I was there) prevents me from ever coming here again.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great So So Awesome! Good Great

Establishment: Corner Bistro, New York, NY

Basically there are two things you get here...McSorleys and Bistro Burgers. The burgers are hands down best in the city. McSorleys dark is my favorite - and at $2 a mug, your $10 allowance can go a long way.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great So So Lousy Great Good

Establishment: Long Island Brewing Company, Jericho, NY

I went to the LIBC since it opened. Its peak I believe was in 1996. Every time I went the chalk boards were filled with beers of all types.

Ever since then the place has been very inconsistent. Food was horrible and they never changed the menu. They took away one of the best dishes (Roast Beef Pizza). Then they started bringing really terrible bands in. Then they started charging cover (had a VIP card that got me in for free, but I left as soon as the bands came on). Beer quality came and went, but never recovered from the heydeys. I dealt only with one or two bartenders. They were great, the rest were awful. The management and bouncers were rude. I mean, I came to the place almost weekly and was treated like crap by the bouncers. They stopped giving out VIP cards, so I hardly went anymore.

It's a shame, the place had such a nice atmosphere at times, but poor management and quality control made this place go down. They alientated me and many other people who went there for good beer. Good riddance.


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