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December 21, 2014 @ 11:55 PM EDT
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john t, sherman

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Beer Reviews from john t, sherman
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Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Bistro Belgique Gourmande, Occoquan, VA

Fantastic little Belgian restaurant located in the historic village of Occaquan. Was treated here to a wonder birthday dinner last month and the Belgian food and Belgian beers were outstanding. Ownership changed recently but it is nice to know that the new owner knew enough to leave things exactly as they were. Deep selection of bottled Belgian beers with the correct glass ware, served up with authentic Belgian dishes such as carbornade flamade, Waterzooi, and mussels steamed in beer with pomme frites. Prices are a bit steep but all meals are cooked to order in a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere. This place scores high on all marks, and is well worth a visit.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A N/A Awesome!

Establishment: Blue and Gray Brewing Company, Fredericksburg, VA

Fresh, local beer at its finest. Blue and The Grey is a tiny little microbrewery that you won't find outside of the Fredricksburg, VA market and I like that. It was well worth it for me to make the 40 mile trek, and I will be back for more. Their Fred Red is an excellent example of Irish Red ale with lots of good sweet malty and fruity aromas and flavors and some nice hop bitterness as well. The Falmouth Pale Ale is equally impressive with lots of zesyty hop character and crisp pale malt flavors. The Classic Lager is malty, clean, balanced, and so, so drinkable. The quality and freshness of Blue and The Grey really impressed me. You can pick beers up directly from the brewery three days a week, available in kegs, 2 liter and 1 liter growlers, 22 oz bottles, and 12 oz six packs. Well worth seeking out if you are in Fredericksburg, VA. Look for their beers on draught at local bars and restaruants, and enjoy some really fresh, really delicious beer.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: Phantom Canyon Brewing Company, Colorado Springs, CO

Had a very enjoyable dining experience here on a recent trip to Colorado Springs. I found this to be a great brewpub, with a great selection of beers, and very well made beers. 7 beers were pouring when I visited and I sampled three, the Phantom IPA, the Zebulon Peated Porter, and the Cascade Amber Ale. The food here was sensational, very tasty, very delicious, and very hearty portions. Wide selection on the menu to please all tastes, and a kids menu that was nice for a family like mine. The service was OUTSTANDING. Our waitress was fast, friendly, and could not have given better service. The atmosphere was warm and inviting. But for any beer lover, the beer is the star, so how was the beer? Not sure about the reviews that give the beer So So, but the three beers that I tasted were good to great in my opinion.

The IPA was delicious with lots of citrus hop aromas in the nose, a crip and biscuity malt body, lots of fruity/citric hop flavors, and a virbrant, zesty hop bite in the finish. The Zebulon Peated Porter was outstanding. Lots of roast and coffe in the nose, a touch of peat smoke, a fat, soft chocolate, coffee and mild roasty palate, just packed with flavor, and a nice smokey and roasty finish. Its easy the see why this beer won a Silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival. The Cascade Amber Ale had lots of citric/lemon hop aroma, the palate had good caramel and sweet malty flavor, with just a touch of buttery diacetyl, and a really nice lemon/grape fruit bitter finish.

Phantom Canyon is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Colorado Springs and enjoy Great craft beer, outstanding food, and outstanding service. I'll be back for sure next time in Colorado Springs.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA

A great funky little hole in the wall with 18 taps of great craft beer and imports, and a pretty impressive bottled selection as well. This place is tiny, so its best to go on a week night when there is no band, if you just want a quite night out. How they fit a band in there is beyond me, the place only holds 48 people! The food is very good, the Asian wings the best I have ever had. The staff is friendly and laid back. This is a yuppie free zone as well, which is nice, because too many of the bars on Wilson are full of prentetious yuppies thinking they are "oh so cool." Galaxy Hut is just a great place to go to enjoy some beers, food, and good conversation. Well worth any beer lover checking out.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: Barley and Hops Grill and Microbrewery, Frederick, MD

I'll agree with what Lew said here. I stayed away from this place for years, as it was always panned as being mediocre, but a trip there today showed me the new brewer has made all the difference in the world. I sampled three beers while I was there, the Big Ben Nutbrown, the Stout, and the Annapolis Rocks Pale Ale. I found all three impressive, and the pale ale was abrassively hoppy and delicious. Food was excellent, atmosphere was nice, I'm a sucker for all that wood, the service fast and friendly. A very good brewpub that I will return to as well.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Coastal Extreme Brewing Company, Newport, RI

I couln't agree more. Coastal Extreme for a craft brewery really is pretty lame. Their bland and whimpy Hurricane Amber Ale is totally forgetable, and for a craft beer, frankly, it sucks. Most of their "Storms of the Seasons" are equally as lame. The only beers I have ever been impressed with by this brewery is their one off speciality '00,'01, etc. I heard the brewer Derek? is a pretty cool guy, but the rest of the "boys of Coastal Extreme" are pretty much weenies who think they are "cool" because they own a piece of a brewery. I'm not surprised you said you felt like punching one of them.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Trinity Brewhouse, Providence, RI

Much better now that Hops! is gone. Of course you are well aware of the fact that Hops was in business when I did that particular review of Trinity. I'm no fan of Hops, in fact I'm no surprised they folded in RI. But truth be told, on that particular day, my vistit to Hops was BETTER than Trinity. I like Trinity, but I find it to be an average to good brewpub, not a great one.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Good Good So So Good

Establishment: Founders' Restaurant and Brewing Company, Alexandria, VA

Took a few friends from visiting over Christmas to Founders in Old Town. This was my first visit since it was Virginia Beverage Company, and found the atmosphere to still be warm, inviting, and very cozy. I enjoyed three pints of beer including their Winter seasonal weizenbock, their stout, and their pale ale. All three beers were stylistically accurate and very well done examples of their respective styles. The weizenbock was very impressive with those signature clove and estery fruit notes of a good hefe, with lots of big sweet malt heft and alcohol heat. The stout was rich and full and loaded with big dark malt and chocolate malt aromas and flavors, with some nice dry roasty notes as well. The pale ale had really great hop aromas and flavors on a nice malt backbone. I was impressed with the beer here, and it is the GREAT beer that will keep me coming back. Can't comment on the food as I just visited the bar. The only real knock on my visit was the slow to almost non-existant service. The bartender explained because of Christmas break they were short staffed, and she was't lying. The staff was her, and one waitress from what I could see. That being said, this place is well worth a visit if you love good craft beer. I'll be back for sure next time I hit Old Town.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Trinity Brewhouse, Providence, RI

Reply to "Providence RI":

It was very sad for me to say that a visit to Hops! (which I find pathetic by the way), was better than Trinityon that visit, but the sad fact of the matter was, Hops! was better that day. That just goes to show you how far a slide Trinity has taken. This use to be a local haunt of mine, and when Ken Mussleman brewed there, the beers were fantastic. I've been to Trinity over the course of my time in RI well over 100 times, and sorry if it wounds your local pride, but it ain't that great of a brewpub. You really need to travel more, because as far as brewpubs go, Trinity is average at best. Sean Larkin does some style VERY well, but I find his skills lacking when he attempts other styles. Trinity suffers for this inconsistancy. Sure I can enjoy RI IPA and recently enjoyed a very nice Ofest last Fall, but I've been dissapointed far too many times at Trinity. Providene is a joke as a beer city, and if Trinity is the best you can do, you have my sympathy.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Great Great

Establishment: Five Seasons Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA

Hands down the Atlanta Metro Area's best brewpub. The quality of the beers here are outstanding as is the variety. Here you will enjoy some authentic and delicious American, Belgian, and German beer styles. I found the food here to be very impressive as well, the Ploughman's Lunch is delicious and a great lunch time deal. The only real knock on the place was the somewhat slow service, and the *VERY* high prices for beer. Beers here will run you anywhere from $4-$6 a glass depending on what style you are being served. I don't mind paying for quality beer, but I don't expect to pay Manhattan prices in the Atlanta Metro burbs. So beware of the high beer prices, but if you love beer? 5 Seasons is a must visit for any beer lover visiting Atlanta.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So Good Great Good Good

Establishment: Max Lager's American Grill and Brewery, Atlanta, GA

Visited Max Lager's last month on a beer soaked trip to Atlanta, and while I enjoyed my visit, I was very dissapointed with the quality of the beer. As noted in most of the other reviews here, the beers are quite ordinary and lack any real character. I tried the full range being served at Max's, and I was not impressed with any of their beers. The downtown location is great if you are going to stay in that part of Atlanta, but you are much better served to head out to the Atlanta burbs to enjoy local beers at either Taco Mac or Summit's Wayside Taverns. If you were downtown anyway, you might want to give Max's a try. The beers are lacking but even then, they beat the hell out of main steam light lagers such as Bud or Miller. If you are a beer lover, know going in Max's is more a restaurant with a brewhouse, and not a true brewpub. I really wanted to enjoy the beers here, but sadly they were a big let down, very bland, very ordinary. I don't see myself going back again.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: KClinger's Publik House, Etters, PA

If you love beer, you are going to be VERY impressed with KClinger's Publick House. They are pouring 65 beers at the moment at two bars on two levels. Atmosphere is charming, and the food was quite tasty as well. Rogue Ales of Newport, OR has an alliance and interest with KClinger's and Rogue Ales are proudly featured. I was able to sample the very rare Rogue Brew 5000 here on draught on Saturday. This beer was not for sale to the public, and was brewed as a special one off for the Oregon Brewers Fest 2001. You will find much more than Rogue here. Rare and special imports and micro brews from PA to WA can be found on tap, or among the 600 or so choices in the bottle. This place is a phenomenal beer bar. A slice of beer geek heaven. Well worth the visit, and then some. And when they brewery is up and running, it will be even better.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! N/A N/A Awesome!

Establishment: Troegs Brewing Company, Harrisburg, PA

Just under a mile up the road from Appalachian Brewing on Paxton Street sits the Troegs Brewing Company. Troegs is not a brewpub, but a microbrewey, and it is well worth your while to stop in for a tour, and some samples of Troegs beers fresh on draught in the tasting room/gift shop. Tours are offered at NOON and 2pm on Saturday, and the guide more likely than not will either be John or Chris Trogner, the brewery owners and founders. John conducted the tour last Saturday, and he gave an informal and very educational tour. Troegs is brewing five beers at the moment including a Bavarian Lager, a Pale Ale and ESB, a Nutbrown Ale, and their summer seasonal Sunshine Pils. All their beers are stylistically accurate, and outstanding, flavorful examples of their respected styles. Look for Troegs beers in PA, NJ, and select markets in VA. If ever in Harrisburg, take a trip to Troegs, and pick up a few cases of some truly exceptional local microbrewed beers.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Appalachian Brewing Company, Harrisburg, PA

Enjoyed a wonderful lunch and sampling of beers here last Saturday. ABC is located in a beautiful, old, spacious warehouse, and they have done a great job with the space. Eight beers were pouring, including: Water Gap Wheat, Hinterland Hefeweizen, Mad Cameron Witbier, Mountain Lager(Dortmunder) Jolly Scot Scottish Ale, Purist Pale Ale, Anniversary Mai Bock, and Susquehanna Stout. All were outstanding examples of their respective styles, and I especially enjoyed the sweet and malty Jolly Scot, as well as the rich, dry, and roasty Susquehanna Stout. Food was excellent, try the cheddar ale soup, it is to die for! The grilled bratwurst sadwich with kraut matches exceptionally well with the lagers on Appalachian beer list as well. This is an awesome brewpub/microbrewery that sells both bottles and growler to go. If ever in the Harrisburg area, ABC is a must visit.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Good Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Bube's Brewery, Mount Joy, PA

This place, particularly for beer lovers, is simply amazing. A trip to Bube's Brewery to see the intact 19th Century brewery alone, would make it an awesome experience, for anyone who loves history, and beer. Bube's Brewery offers much more than that however. Four unique dining experiences are offered, including a six course dinner at "Alois" located in the Victorian Hotel part of the complex. For casual dining, one can enjoy the "Bottling Works" which is the old bottling shop of the brewery, or dine outside at the brewery's "Biergarten." And finally, one can dine in the "Catacombs" which are the the old lagering cellars of the brewery, located 45 feet below street level underneath the brewery. My wife and I chose to dine in the Catacombs, and it was a very unique and enjoyable experience. The food and service at Bube's was outstanding in my opinion, and I enjoyed my meal of a stuffed NY Strip steak, sautee green beans, and whipped parsley potatoes, with some delicious Pennsylvania micro brews, and the two house beers that were pouring at the moment, a Porter, and a Strawberry Kiwi Wheat beer for the summer. The porter matched exceptionally well with a sinfully delecious desert of made from scratch peanut butter pie. My only real criticism of Bube's Brewery was the lack of choices when it came to their own house brews. I was dissapointed with the fact that they only had two of their own beers on draught. I would like to see more in the future. I like the fact that in the mean time, they are flanking their house brews with beers from local breweries such as Troegs, Appalachian, and Stoudt's. Bube's Brewery is well worth visiting, and they offer special "Feasts" as well. As a lover of beer, and beer history, I fell in love with this place as soon as I set foot in it. True lovers of beer and beer history will be enchanted with this place, others may not be as receptive. But for me, my visit to Bube's was an awesome one, and I think it deserves an awesome over all rating.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Franklin's, Hyattsville, MD

Hyattsville, MD has got a great brewpub in the recently opened Franklin's Restaurant, Brewery, and General Store. I visited last night, and I found the place to be charming, and the beers to be very, very well done. Eight beers were pouring when I visited including a blonde ale, a red ale, a pale ale, and IPA, an ESB, a porter, a stout, and their first seasonal, a Bavarian hefeweizen(summer wheat)

All the beers are brewed with quality domestic and imported malts and hops and are very true to their respective styles. I was really impressed with all their beers, especially their over the top, bracingly hoppy IPA, soft chocolatey porter, and authentic hefeweizen with big aromas and flavors of banana, clove, vanilla, and pear.

The food and the service was equally impressive at Franklin's. I went with the happy hour special of Asian pot stickers for $2 as an appetizer, and a gourment pizza that was delicious. After wards you can go down to the General Store if you wish and buy beer, wine, novelities, penny candy, cards, all sorts of thing. Franklin's is a really fun, unique place with some great food, and awesome beer. If you love great craft beer, you will love Franklin's. I have found a new brewpub in the DC Metro Area that I will be visiting very often.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So Lousy Great Good So So

Establishment: Union Station Brewery was John Harvard's Brew House, Providence, RI

A recent visit back to RI about a month ago, brought me to US for the first time in almost two years. The visit was dismal. The beer selection was pitiful, with only four beers pouring. RI Light, Gold Spike, Friars Brown, Barleywine, and cask Gold Spike. None of these beers were at all remarkable, all average tasting examples of their styles, and very over priced. The barleywine was the best of the lot, but even that beer was just mediocre. The food and atmosphere has always been great at Union Station, but the beer for the last 6 years or so, has been very average. Go for the food, not the beer. If you are going just to try thier beers, I think you will be very dissapointed. When I can say Hops most the most enjoyable brewpub visit when I was in Providence, it says to me, good beer in RI is quite scarce. Union Station is without question the weakest link in the John Harvard's chain.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy Good N/A So So Lousy

Establishment: Trinity Brewhouse, Providence, RI

This was my first visit to Trinity which was an old haunt of mine, in almost two years. The place looks the same, still dark, dingy, and dirty looking. Beers have really taken a turn for the worst. Trinity has always been able to do some styles well, but the beers I sampled on a recent visit was sub par, and that is putting it mildly. Started with a pint of their Ram's Head Dopplebock, which was an extremely poor example of the style. It was sweet and malty, but tasted like fermented prune juice. I then went with a pint of RI IPA, an old favorite of mine. Decent, but this sure as hell isn't Tuppers' Hop Pocket. To think, I use to be really impressed with this one. Its probably still their best beer, but its just a bit above average. Up next the pilsner. Weak, grainy, slightly grassy, a boring and tired example of Czech pilsner. Ended my dismal session with a pint of cask Scotch Ale. Sweet, malty, a touch peaty, but the flavors seemed muddled. Without question one of my worst experiences at Trinity, which sadly have for the most part over the last 5 years or so, have all been bad. This place really hasn't been what I would consider a great brewpub since the mid 90's when I would visit this place almost weekly. Trinity Brewhouse is a very average brewpub. You might get a few decent brews, but don't expect to be wowed at this place. Sad to see it slide, in my opinion, it really isn't worth visiting now, even if you were downtown anyway. Hops Restaurant Bar and Brewery seems to be the best Providence can offer a beer lover these days, and believe me, that isn't saying much.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Calhoun's Restaurant and Brewery, Harrisonburg, VA

Spent a very nice Saturday afternoon at Calhoun's for a great lunch and some delicious brews. Pouring at the moment was five beers, including a kolsh, a golden ale, an apricot ale(seasonal), a scottish ale(peat smoked malt), and a porter. I found the beers to be of outstanding quality. The Apricot Ale had very nice apricot aromas and flavors, but also had a nice pale malt base and hop balance, a very well done fruit beer. The Smokin Scottish Ale was rich, hearty, slightly warming and delicious. Lots of sweet and caramel malt flavors paired with some nice peat smoke flavor made this a very satisfying brew. The Ploughman's Porter was exceptional. Lots of good chocolate malt flavors, coffeeish notes with a roasty, bitter finish.

Food, atmosphere, and service were equally impressive. The bar area is very cozy and clean with a full view of the brewery behind glass. The bartender was very friendly and attentive, providing great service. I enjoyed a fantastic lunch of Soutwestern Chicken and Dumpling soup, loaded with hunks of chicken breast, vegetables, and dumplings, in a spicy Soutwestern broth. The "Whiskey Chicken" sandwich was delicious. Marinated and grilled in a Jim Beam bourbon sauce, and then topped with cheddar cheese and smoky bacon.

I found Calhoun's to be a excellent brewpub experience and a trip well worth making. I would have like to have seen maybe a beer or two more pouring in the rotation, but I was pleased with the range of styles that was offered that day. Excellent brewpub, I highly reccommend it.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Good Good Awesome!

Establishment: Birchmere / Native Brewing Company, Alexandria, VA

The Birchmere first and foremost is a music venue for some major musical and local musical acts as well. So know going in, this place is *not* just a brewpub/brewery. The Birchmere shares space with the VA Native Brewery, now owned by the Fordham Brewery of Annapolis, MD. The Birchmere features VA Native beers which are also available in other bars and restaurants in Virginia. VA Native brews German beer styles, and they are some of the most authentic and delicious ones you will find in the United States.

VA Native brews three flagship beers, VA Native Gold(Helles), VA Native Red(Marzen), and VA Native Dark(Bock). They also brew a few seasonals which include VA Native Wheat(Hefeweizen), and VA Native Stout(Schwarzbier). The brewmaster at Native was schooled and trained in Germany, and that education really shows. All the beers are very clean, balanced, excellent versions of German classics. Nice to be able to get a bock bier and a marzen fresh on draught, year round.

The beauty of the Birchmere is you can enjoy a show, eat dinner while watching the show, and of course have some great beers as well. The menu has a good variety of dishes and I find the food to be good here, especially the Buffalo Wings. The space is huge, so there is plenty of room before and after you go to see an act in the Music Hall. This is just a great night out, and for beer lovers, the beer is a major bonus. I love this place!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Great Awesome!

Establishment: 930 Nightclub, Washington, DC

First and foremost, the 9:30 Club is a music venue bringing in some great bands, and is geared more to the college/20 something crowd. So know that going in. I've seen a few excellent shows here, and it really was great because great beer was on tap! A fanastic selection of taps that feature some great local Mid-Atlantic beers such as Degroen's and Dogfish Head to name but two. Nice selection of draught imports, and a great bottled beer selection as well. They have a kitchen, and you can order some tasty foods from the window. Just a block or two from the U Street/Cardozo(Green Line) Metro station.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A N/A N/A

Establishment: Palmetto Brewing Company, Charleston, SC

Really impressive microbrewery from a state that isn't know for its craft beer. My wife brought me back a six each of their Pale Ale, Lager, and Amber on a recent trip to SC. WOW! I was really impressed. These beer are so FRESH tasting, and just packed with good malt and hop flavors and aromas.

Their Pale Ale had some really nice hop aromas, a crisp malt palate, and a great bitter hop bite. Their Amber was equally impressive, lots of good caramel malt flavors married with some good hop bitterness. The Lager was clean, malty, smooth, balanced, and drinkable.

My only regret is I did not get a chance to try their porter. Remember the name, Palmetto Brewing Company. Outstanding microbrewery brewing great local beer with character and flavor. If you ever find yourself in Charlestown, SC, seek their beers out.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Jack's Mountain Restaurant and Brewery, Lewistown, PA

Very nice restaurant/brewpub located in the scenic mountains of Central PA. I found the beers to be all quite good, but just a bit thin in body. The Pale Ale and the Porter were standouts for me, with the Scottish Ale(peak smoked malt) getting an honorable mention. Food and service at Jack's Mountain was excellent. Try the Cajun fire stix for an appitizer.

This is a good brewpub, brewing a good range of beer styles that are average(golden ale) to very well done(pale ale and porter). I would reccomend stopping here if you were in the area. I was pleased with my visit, and would visit again if in the Lewistown area.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Willimantic Brewing Company / Main Street Cafe, Willimantic, CT

The Willimantic Brewing Company and Main Street Cafe is without question, not only one of the best brewpubs in CT, but one of the best in New England. I would go far as to say even the United States. I have traveled all over the U.S. visiting brewpubs and breweries(140 at the moment), and Willimantic is as good as it gets in my opinion. I lived in RI, but would rather drive 35 miles to Willimantic because the quality of Main Street brews were head and shoulders above anything being brewed in RI in my experience as a beer drinker.

Everything a beer lover could ever want is here at the Main Street Cafe. They pour an average to 6-8 house brews, including one cask conditioned beer, along with about 20 + guest taps of beers from New England and beyond. Their wine list, bottled beer selection, and fully stocked bar are equally impressive.

Located in a 90 year old post office, the atmosphere at Main Street is outstanding, as is the smart and classy staff. The food is sensational. Try thier "Return to Tenders" in beerbecue sauce, they are to die for. Look for special beer dinners, and specials.

Awesome beer, great food, outstanding service, and a nice atmosphere, says it all. The Willimantic Brewing Company and Main Street Cafe is a model for what a brewpub should be. Dave and Cindy, thank you so much for giving beer lovers such a wonderful place. I live in the DC Metro Area now, but any time I come visit RI, I make sure I leave the state, and head straight for Willimantic, and go to the Main Street Cafe.


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