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December 22, 2014 @ 07:45 PM EDT
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Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Cafe Mozart, Washington, DC

"Maybe you should try to visit the place before you judge those of us who enjoy the entertainment as well as the fine selection of german and domestic beers! friend!"

Hey Jeffry, should I find myself in DC, I might check it out. Who's judging? Made an observation that rarely was beer mentioned and the hush-hush atmosphere is more akin to a fine-dining restaurant than a pub.

After reading all the reviews, I concur with the "ballot stuffing" theory. Hard pressed to find even one review entered in the past 2 years that mentions the beer selection. Again - not judging. You dig opera? Enjoy. But the reviews listed here paint a very different picture of what a "pub" is. Cheers!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Lowell Brewing Company was Brewhouse Cafe and Grille, Lowell, MA

Nice review. One guy is rude to you and the place as a whole gets slammed. Next time, call the police and let them deal with it - then security will have egg on their face if the ID is real.

And your bud's radio was stolen, so that has something to do with the brewery? It's Lowell, not Pleasantville. Get a detachable faceplate or take your chances.

Glad you mentioned the beer quality (Concord Brewers are very well respected), beer selection (usually no less than 8-9 house brews when I've been) and food (average pub grub). I'll agree with you on the service (usually lacking) but your review just sounds like sour grapes.



Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: The Half Door - A Traditional Irish Pub, Hartford, CT

It's Aecht Schlenkerla - and there are 3 Rauchbiers - the Weizen being very different from the Urbock & Marzen. Which one did you have? I dig 'em all.



Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Union Station Brewery was John Harvard's Brew House, Providence, RI

Union Station has a new brewer on staff. Tried one of his first offerings last night - The Ripple IPA. Solid beer that is miles ahead of any other Union beer I've had, in terms of flavor. Hope things keep improving over there.



Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Nutfield Ale and Steak House, Manchester, NH

"Will their Black 47 Stout be followed by other beers commemorating genoicide? Jewish Holocaust Rye Beer? African Diaspora Banana Beer? World Trade Center Steam Beer? What is wrong with you people?"

Leave the political propaganda at the door and focus on the beer. You want to infer that the famine was an attempt at Irish genocide, keep it to yourself or take it up with the brewery. Don't bring that stuff here and compare a beer named after a crop blight to acts of terrorism, slavery or genocide. BTW, I am of Irish descent, so no need to "educate me".



Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Madison Brewing Company, Bennington, VT

I truly hope you are not the owner/manager. Replying defensively to people that criticize your establishment make YOU look unprofessional and insecure. I saw nothing in that review that attacked you or the brewery - just an opinion. Yet you insult him by saying he knows nothing about good beer.

Also, I've been to brewfests at Mount Snow and found them to be lacking and would take comments/awards with a grain of salt. Furthermore, how do you know you were working the particular day/shift this guy refers to - as he never REFERS to it. Maybe you work 24/7 and can be in the kitchen, dining room and behind the bar at the same time.

Always get great reviews for your service? Take a gander at some other reviews here - you might be shocked.

And unless this list is terribly outdated, you DID serve a Porter at some point:

This site can get out of hand with the verbal wars, seemingly biased reviews, etc. But this seems like an honest review. Maybe you should take a look at the concerns raised and see if you could improve. Or you could do nothing, blast those that don't like your brew and do business as usual.



Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good So So N/A Good So So

Establishment: Busker's Irish Pub, Newport, RI

Occupying the spot where The Reef once was, Buskers has some potential to be a nice spot on Thames Street. The atmosphere was nice with high-backed wooden booths, capped by stained glass. Whiskey-barrel looking tables and exposed brick give it some character, but it still seems a little sterile for an "Irish" pub. The beer selection leaves much to be desired - Sam (and seasonal), SNPA, Smithwicks, a few British macros, and Newport Storm are about the only one worthy of a mention. Don't bother with the bottle list...yet. I heard a rumor the selection would expand - let's hope so. Didn't eat during this trip but the menu looks Americanized - not that the Irish are known for their fine cuisine. Service was quick and pleasant. Overall, it's not a spot to seek out, but merely a decent stop if you happen to be walking by. It IS new, so I'll be stopping in again over the summer to see if it improves.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy Good N/A N/A Lousy

Establishment: Trout River Brewing Company, Lyndonville, VT

I'm rating solely on the bottled products I picked up while camping/hiking in the southern VT area.

I was excited to find some new brews from VT to bring home. The best of the bunch was the Rainbow Red - and that's not saying much. The Hoppin Mad should be relabeled as there was not a hop leaf, cone or pellet in sight in this "hoppy" pale ale. The Chocolate Oatmeal Stout was drinkable but was too thin, tame and pretty lame. The Scottish Ale? A Scotsman would sooner piss his kilt than raise a pint of this garbage. Freshness issues? Who knows as there's no dating on the package. I know the review sounds harsh, but I call 'em like I taste 'em. Thank God McNeill's was only down the road! No chance I'm driving to Lyndonville to visit the brewery after wasting $15 on mixed sixers. Cheers!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Good So So Good Good

Establishment: Peddler's Daughter, Haverhill, MA

Nice addition to the Downtown area - Haverhill seems to be trying to clean up the lower Washington Street area and I actually enjoy coming back to Haverhill now. Located a block north of the main drag (where The Tap is) in the basement floor of a building that shares space with it's more upscale sister restaurant, Bistro 45. The atmosphere is classic. Lots of wood, nice big U-shaped bar, booths, some beer/Irish bric-a-brac scattered around. But best of all - it seemed to be non-smoking best as I could tell during my few visits. The selection won't raise an eyebrow, as the best I've enjoyed are Belhaven & Old Speckled Hen on draft. But some recent rumors have it that more interesting choices may be added soon - stay tuned. I've eaten lunch here - pretty good fish & chips served in the requisite newspaper and a subpar reuben sandwich that could be much improved by serving it on grilled rye - not chewy Wonderbread! That was almost a year ago, so they may have worked out the menu/kitchen kinks. Friendly place to grab a bite and a pint. Failte!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Good So So Awesome!

Establishment: The Tap Brew Pub, Haverhill, MA

I grew up in Haverhill, so it's nice to come home to some top-notch fresh brew. Although it's sad to see Tod Mott move on to the Portsmouth Brewery, I'm confident Dann Paquette (formerly with Concord Brewery) will continue to brew some quality ales and lagers. My most recent trip included full samples of the Bock (stellar), Mild and Honey Ginger Porter (nice finish for dessert). The food has improved markedly since opening though the kitchen timing still needs work. The service is hit or miss - mostly kitchen issues and not bartender knowledge. It tends to be cool in the bar area, so keep you coat handy. Even with the doors closed, the high ceilings seem to encourage the heat to rise far away from your barstool.

The atmosphere is classic. Lots of dark, rich wood. Brew kettles on display upstairs and fermentors, etc. on display on the basement level. Growlers are available to go, though they seem to have trouble keeping a good supply of them, so bring a clean one from home and they will happily fill them. An oasis in the Merrimack Valley beer desert for sure.


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