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December 22, 2014 @ 08:24 PM EDT
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Beer Quality
Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Good Awesome!

Establishment: City Steam Brasserie Brewery Cafe, Hartford, CT

I enjoyed a terrific dinner and beers here recently. I had their sampler, and all of the beers were quite good. The IPA and porter were especially good. The pot roast is their best seller, and wasn't what I generally tend to order, but since it was popular I tried it and it was very, very good! I topped it off with a dessert and it all came to about $30. Great beer, food, and value. My server was initially attentive and very nice, but as things got busier attentiveness went down and I had to wait awhile for dessert. Overall, however, I highly recommend City Steam if you are in downtown Hartford.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Dogfish Head Alehouse, Gaithersburg, MD

I keep making the same mistake - I judge a regional brewery by its bottled beers. I have thought Dogfish has been overrated for some time, but today's visit was my first taste on draft and boy do I stand corrected. Not only was the beer much better than I expected, but so was the service. My sampler arrived faster than any sampler I have ever ordered. Ales only, just know that, and no stouts. Excellent beers however, I wish this place the best.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Great Great Awesome!

Establishment: Vintage50, Leesburg, VA

I wanted to update my earlier review of Vintage50. In a time when brewpubs are struggling and closing, this place has become better, both food and beer. Best Happy Hour in Loudoun County. $2 craft beers 3-6pm. Good pub grub specials at $5. And the quality has gone up, not down. With the closing of Old Dominion's brewpub, this is definitely the best Happy Hour craft brewing spot in Loudoun County.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Tuscarora Mill, Leesburg, VA

I have been enjoying this awesome restaurant and beer bar for over 10 years now. This is my favorite restaurant of all time. The beer selection is very good; each style is well represented and flights offer a delightful way to sample the rotating drafts. The food is good and you can enjoy one in shorts and a T-shirt in the bar as comfortably as you can enjoy a wonderful dinner and beer in the dining room in a suit and tie. The waitstaff have been there a long, long time and clearly are invested in the place. This means a consistent, excellent experience for the customer. If you are in Leesburg, this is the place to go for good food and world class beers.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! So So Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Bodega Brewpub, La Crosse, WI

If you look at the history of this area, there is no longer a brewpub at this location (formerly the Pearl Street Brewery). If you get over that, this is a great beer bar. No food except popcorn (and pretty good at that), this is a smart beer bar with a good selection of Wisconsin regionals plus world favorites. Everything I asked for this week was in stock. About 15 taps or so with my quick glance and a couple hundred bottles, at pretty reasonable prices. Check the specials board. In addition, a strong wireless internet for free. If you are a beer lover in town, this is certainly worth a stop. Plan dinner at another place, I recommend Piggy's if you are downtown.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Good Good Great

Establishment: Capital Ale House, Glen Allen, VA

This remains a very nice beer bar with an actual restaurant with good food. I am normally a brewpub patron over a beer bar patron but this is an exceptional beer bar. All but one of my draft requests were stocked. 51 beers on tap tonight, and on this particular Sunday night, the American micros were $2 during my stay from 6:30-9. I also like Legend brewery in town, but for a beer bar, I can certainly recommmend the Capital Ale House.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Vintage50, Leesburg, VA

Vintage50 took over the former Thoroughbreds location. It offers a nice variety of their own beers, but also is a martini bar. The food is good, this place is worth a visit. I found their beers to all be very good (Pilsner, IPA, double IPA - wow, Cherry stout, and Kolsch) except for the Belgian style which was, well, a nice try. Good selection for the number of beers offered and quality is definitely better than its predecessor. I wish this place well!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A Great Great

Establishment: Vintage50, Leesburg, VA

I haven't had the food yet, but judging by the customer interest, there is no reason to doubt it. I am excited that Leesburg now has a "real" brewpub, with very good quality beers and a decent selection. Current offerings include a very nice pilsner, kolsch, outmeal stout, IPA, cherry porter, and others. Happy hour specials and focus on martinis. I realize this is a very high level first review but I can vouch for some very good beer. If you're in the Leesburg area it's worth a stop.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Five Seasons Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA

The rumors are true! As with many reviewers, I found 5 Seasons to have great beer and food as well. A true chef’s restaurant, this is the first very good brewpub I have found in Atlanta. I was able to sample the beers (today’s list was Seven Sisters Munchner, Chug Monkey Cream Ale, Blackbird Porter, Uberweiss Weizenbock, and a West Coast Pale Ale). Most were delicate but flavorful. I was surprised to find that my favorite was the Uberweiss. This 7.9% beauty was not only the best German style brew I have ever had from a brewpub, but was my favorite selection even though I generally do not like wheat beers! I also found the food to be superb. I had the exquisite Lamb Tenderloin, the best entrée I have ever paid $14 for. Beth and the staff provided excellent service: low key, comfortable, attentive. This is definitely a place worth going out of your way for if in metro Atlanta.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Good Great Great

Establishment: Old Dominion Brewing Company, Dover, DE

Old Dominion remains a very good regional brewery and brewpub in Ashburn, VA. West Coast Brew Guy made a good point about broad range with little variety, and under its new ownership, the Dominion Brewery is consolidating repetitive recipes and innovating new ones such as the Double Red ale kegged with nitrogen. Brewing quality and consistency remain high, and the food, service, and atmosphere remain very good. I am a regular and am excited for the future of ODBC.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy Lousy N/A Great So So

Establishment: Bricktown Brewery, Oklahoma City, OK

When I read the above review I thought it was harsh. Then I went to this place and now I think it is kind. No doubt, absolutely the worst beer I have ever had at a place expecting me to pay for it. In fact, the kindly bartender did not charge me. It tasted like a sampler of vinegars. No joke. I know this place has enjoyed a much better reputation in the past and I wish them well to get back to "normal." Until then, go down the street to the Tap Werks for good beer.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Steamworks Brewing Company, Vancouver, BC

I really enjoyed my visit to this top notch brewpub. The service and decor were top notch, the food was delicious and the beer very good. Foodwise, I ordered chicken wings, a salmon salad, and the key lime pie, all were fresh and good. My favorite beers were the Lion Lager and the IPA, which were distinctly delicious in their styles. I liked the others but they were not as memorable. I wanted to taste the stout after reading about it here but it was not available in favor of a porter they were doing. The porter was okay, but I would have preferred the stout. This was a delightful place and overall I highly recommend it!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Great Great Great

Establishment: Dix BBQ and Brewery, Vancouver, BC

Good to very good pub food, very good beers. The Pilsner was among the best I have ever had, very well balanced and sweet, not too bitter but the Saaz hops were delicious. All very good. My only surprise was that there wasn't a porter or stout, or really any darker beer available. Yet, what is served is delicious. Well worth a stop!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Sweetwater Tavern, Centreville, VA

I have been enjoying SweetWater Tavern for at least 5 years now. I am a homebrewer and have travelled quite a bit and visited dozens of good brewpubs. This is one of my all time favorites, because the beer, food, and service are consistently top notch.

One of the reasons I like SweetWater is that, compared to many other brewpubs, the beers they serve are distinctly good within their styles. This place knows how to innovate a good recipe; they are not simply trying to brew what everyone else is doing. I especially like Snake River Pale Ale (now known as Great American Pale Ale). I was astonished to see a review which said it was nondescript (there can be off days) but to me, it is a well balanced, delicious pale ale, distinctly delicious. All of the beers I have had here are this way, with the possible exception of their light, but that's not the goal of lights, right?

The selection is not extensive but the name of the game here is quality vs quantity. There are usually five or so choices available.

The food is outstanding. I have never had anything that wasn't superb, from a burger to a salad to a steak. And the service is always well above average. If you are in the DC metro area, note the locations of this top notch brewpub and get ready for a great brewpub experience. It is often crowded, but they have a call-ahead list you get get on well before you get there.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Brewer's Alley, Frederick, MD

I agree, very good food, beer, and service in this delightful brewpub and its sister Summit Station in nearby Gaitherburg, MD. The Kolsch here is possibly the best of this style I have ever had.


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