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December 18, 2014 @ 07:41 PM EDT
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Establishment: Bell's Brewery / Eccentric Cafe, Kalamazoo, MI

Just want to add my kudos for Bell's to all the previous ones. Their beer is great. I love Oberon! I buy it my by the case. I haven't been to their pub for a few years, so i can't review that. I am a homebrewer and their new homebrewer shop is great, they have everything you'll need to start brewing yourself, and there is always someone nearby who knows what they are talking about if you need advice. this is a must visit if you are in West Michigan.


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Establishment: Cooperstown Brewing Company, Milford, NY

I generally don't like to give small microbreweries like this one a bad wrap but CBC's beer just doesn't do it for me. After visiting Ommegang this beer just doesn't match up... so if your going on a brewery tour be sure to visit this place before going to Ommegang... you'll thank me. Not only are the few beers I tried not the greatest (and I suppose I should try their others to get a better idea of their beers), but their customer relations needs work... I waited for almost ten minutes (and rang the bell quite a few times) yet no one came out to help me... by the time I was ready to leave someone finally came out seeming perturbed to be there... the tour costs a few dollars per person and if you want a full tasting it costs as well... it is almost like they don't want you there.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! N/A Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

I always hate it when I see a place that hasn't had any reviews in years, I know places like this are pretty consistent but it doesn't hurt to put another more recent review up. This place has some of the greatest beer of all the places I've been. They have the Belgian style down to a science. The Rare Vos is great, the Three Philosophers will get you going, and the Abbey Ale is a staple. I was in for a visit when they were doing taste testing not just of their regular ales but also when they had their Bretty beers and another time when they had their cave-aged beers. Their Bretty beers are great, a nice spin on their regular recipes. The cave-aged beers are superb, I never knew aging this type of beer would make such a big difference, but wow the young and aged beers are totally different in texture and taste. I even tried my hand at it and bought some Three Philosophers and Abbey to age in my very old and cold basement for a few months and they came out great. I take friends and family here every chance I get to show them not only the process of how beer is made (being a homebrewer myself I love to share the wonders of fermentation) but also to show them that there is great tasting beer out there (not just the MGD and Bud they are used to). I would recommend, if you can, to go for a tour and tasting in the winter during the off-season... we went there this last February and we were the only visitors there and we got a very in depth tour (more than the other times I've been there with big groups of people packing the place), and the tour/beer guide didn't feel rushed so he took his time going through the taste testing of al their regular brews, their cave-aged brews, and their seasonal brew at that time, and he gave us however much we wanted. This is a must if you are anywhere near Cooperstown, NY (or even if you are in Syracuse or Albany)... Their shop has a great variety of their beers in all sorts of mixes, from buying just a single traditional 25 oz bottle or a six pack of 12 oz bottles to a mixed six pack of the 25 oz bottles and great gift boxes with two or three 25 oz bottles and two of glasses to serve it all in. Plus they have cheese dips made with their beers that are great as well... to go with the pretzels and mustards. and if you are a beer lover don't forget to bring a growler of your own for them to fill, because you'll definitely find at least one beer you'll want to take home (if you don't want to buy a bunch of bottles)... I've forgotten so many times and kick myself each time. I haven't made it to the Ommefest (usually in september) but plan on it this next year... and they have other events throughout the year. Rumor has it that they're thinking of putting up a pub at one end of the facility, not sure on this though... but it would be a great addition to this already superb place.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Great Awesome!

Establishment: Cave Mountain Brewing Company, Windham, NY

I've been waiting for a local brewpub like this one in this area for awhile (I've always wondered why Albany/Troy area gets great microbreweries and why the Catskills had always been forgotten... until now!). Coming from West Michigan where there are great microbreweries/brewpubs scattered all over (New Holland Brewing Company and Bell's brewery are two of my favorites, but there are many more), I was psyched when I saw this place was going up in Windham NY. As a homebrewer myself I love the fact that Tim is brewing in small batches instead of the huge amounts that even microbreweries think are small. This gives amazing character to each beer and allows for variety within consistency, as well as allowing the brewmaster the ability to experiment. I found myself drooling over the setup of the brewery, it is any homebrewers dream! The beer selection is pretty large for being such a small outfit. I tried my first time there the sampler of their six regular beers (a Blonde, Irish Red, English Nut Brown, Hefeweizen, IPA, and Oatmeal Stout)... each was great in its own rights, and now that I know the character of each of these beers I can better pair them with the great pub food selection that they have. Not only do they have great beer and great food, their weekly specials are a great draw... currently they have Monday $1 Tacos, Tuesday $5 Wings, Wednesday $5 Fish&Chips, $2 Mugs on Sundays and Thursdays, among other specials the other days of the week. And growlers to go, who could ask for more?! This is my new favorite place in this neck of the woods (no offense to the other great places to eat and drink in the Northern Catskills)! Keep up the great quality in your brewing and cooking Tim and I will keep coming back to support your new establishment.


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