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December 21, 2014 @ 08:38 AM EDT
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Beer Selection Food Service Overall
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Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good So So Great Lousy So So

Establishment: Hurley's Irish Pub, Montreal, QC

Located next door to Brutopia (see my reveiw) Hurley's is your typical sprawling faux-pub that consists of a warren of brick-walled dining areas with a central bar in the middle and a large terrace in the back.

Also typical is the beer selection: Guinness, Smithwick's and Kilkenny's, the latter being unavailable in the states.Great burgers that fill you up in preparation for the night ahead, which might involve listening to live music. Of course, I would've enjoyed that but decided to make an early departure (to McKibbins) because of the horrid service - I think Hurley's actually derives from the Gaelic term "hir hool he," which can be roughly translated as :He who sits at the bar and gets little service." Anyway, not the high point of Montreal's nightlife - unless you don't care.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Brutopia, Montreal, QC

My second visit to Montreal’s Mondiale de le Biere Festival provided me another chance to sample the well-crafted British ales served here. A short ten-minute walk from Gare Windsor, the festival’s venue, brought me to this multi-leveled brewpub.

Brutopia consists of the mandatory front terrace, a small dining area that has several tables, a small corner stage for entertainment and a few windows overlooking Crescent Street; in the back is a small bar (most of the bars in Montreal seem to be small) that seats about fifteen people.

But the beers are very good, very fresh and frequently rotated; my choices during this visit: IPA, a Nut Brown and the seasonal, Scotch Ale. Brutopia also offered Imperial Stout, but I tried it at the festival. Also available on the food menu is an eclectic variety of international dishes (I recommend the Cuban Sandwich with an order of Belgian frites – I did say “international”).

Brutopia has excellent service, a relaxing environment, a reasonable Happy Hour ($3.95 pints) and is surely worth a stop if in Montreal – be it for the Mondiale de le Biere or anything else. --


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Good Great Awesome!

Establishment: L’Amere a Boire, Montreal, QC

My trip to Montreals Mondiale de le Biere Festival provided me another chance to visit this impressive brewpub on rue St-Denis in the Latin Quarter. If there was one place that could tempt me away from the festival, this is the place (to quote Brigham Young).

Like many places in Montreal, LAmere a Boire is multi-leveled, with a small sidewalk terrace, a few tables by the large front windows; downstairs are more tables and a very small bar  arent they all? Another, but longer, flight of stairs leads to additional room.

LAmere a Boire offers a diverse selection of fresh craft beers. I loved the beer menu, a great indicator of the passion for their beers. Nothing says refreshing like their Cerna Hora, a 5% (ABV) Czech-style pilsner that brought me back to Prague; after a long day of seeing the many sights of Montreal, this one goes down real well. During my visit LAmere a Boire had nine beers on tap; in addition to the above, I enjoyed:

1.Maibock German Lager - 6.4 ABV (Upcoming Review) 2.Drak, a dark Czech pilsner - 5.8 ABV 3.Odense Porter, a dark lager - 5.0 ABV 4.Boucanier, an English porter - 5.0 ABV (See Review) 5.Imperial Stout - 7.5 ABV

The pricing is unique in that the price of a pint increases throughout the day; for example a beer costs $4.00 until 5:00 pm, after which the price increases to $4.50 until 8:00 pm, when a beer costs $5.25. If timed right, you can drink very cheaply - or at least comparatively so. They dont serve food until 4:00pm.

I would definitely return here; in fact, Id say that LAmere a Boire is my favorite brewpub in Montreal  and yes!, that means I liked it better than Dieu de Ciel! Whats more, a short walk down rue St-Denis and left on rue Ontario brings you to Le Cheval Blanc. --


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: Le Sergent Recruteur, Montreal, QC

Located on Boulevard St-Laurent, the Sergent is a corner pizzeria brewpub that excels in tasty pizza and microbrews. From previous reviews, I have gathered that this is a new location, which appears to be a functional, but narrow, establishment with brick walls, a high ceiling and a small semi-circular bar towards the rear.

The Sergent has seven taps that include a decent range of styles. I thought the beers rather pricey ($4.25-$5.75); however, they were fresh and well balanced. During my visit, which followed a visit to Dieu de Ciel, I had their rousse, a smoked porter and the vry potent Hip-Hop IPA, the latter available on cask. All served in imperial pint glasses. Their pizza is a tasty, yet extremely filling, pairing to their beer. All in all, it was the perfect prelude to Mondiale de le Biere.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A So So Great

Establishment: Dieu du Ciel!, Montreal, QC

My recent visit to Montreal for the Mondiale de le Biere provided me the long anticipated opportunity to seek out this beloved and well-rated beer mecca. So, hopping onto the sleek Metro for a quick trip to the Laurier Station and after a short 6-block walk west (upon exiting this station head in the direction of Mont Royal) I finally arrive at this unassuming corner and enter into beervana.

Upon entrance, you will see about a dozen tables scattered around the room and along the windows; to the right and off to the side is the small bar area (why are bars in Montreal so small) where you can perch at the bar like a happy gargoyle and scan the chalkboard to decide which of the fifteen drafts to try. My choices: Imperial Cream Ale, Dernier Volonte (Belgian Blonde) and Peche Mortal Imperial Stout, a delicious 9% quaff available on cask – and available at the festival. Yes! I had only three beers, but what beers they were – plus, I had to save room for my next stop, Le Sergent Recruteur, which is a few blocks down The Main.

Dieu de Ciel provides a very relaxing environment and a comfortable refuge where folks can read a book, surf the web, enjoy quiet conversation (without loud music), play Scrabble and, yes, drink a beer or three. All in all, a perfect prelude to Mondiale de le Biere.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Great Great Awesome!

Establishment: South Philadelphia Taproom, Philadelphia, PA

SPTR was a mandatory stop during my recent jaunt to Philadelphia - King Tut and Leahy. It is truly a pleasant way to spend a few hours. A few stops on the SEPTA Broad Street line took me to the Tasker-Morris station, which is a short walk to SPTR. A quiet neighborhood anyway. It was a Saturday afternoon and rather quiet with a few couples and some tatooed hipsters, but they need beer too. Above the bar hangs a listing of draughts; behind you, on the opposite wall, a list of bottled brews. I counted around 13 taps, not as many as other places, but it was a diverse mix of regionals, such as Sly Fox and Yards (which I really liked a lot). My victims on that quiet afternoon: Yards IPA, Sly Fox irish Red, Sly Fox O'Reilly Stout (I loved this one) and Bell's (yes, that one) Double Cream Stout. Of course, I'm sure that these have been rotated since then. SPTR is home to a Monster Grilled Cheese Sandwich, a messy concoction made with 3 cheeses. Hmmmm Beer and Cheese.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great N/A Good Great

Establishment: McGillin's Olde Ale House, Philadelphia, PA

In that they received their original liquor license - still posted behind the well-worn bar - in 1860, McGillins Ale House is considered to be the oldest existing tavern in Philadelphia. Not so hard to understand given that its Drury Street location, which is your basic alley, is well hidden among the warren of cobbled City Center side streets, secluding it from modern day.

Anyone interested in the history of a city needs to visit the local haunts, taverns and drinkerys of the wags, scoundrels, rogues and rakes who are part of this history; and McGillins fits this purpose  as well as providing business types, tourists and young Philadelphians with a convivial spot to stop, lunch and relax over a few pints of finely crafted regional microbrews. And McGillins does this as well; this is a great place to taste such excellent quaffs like OReillys Irish Stout from Sly Fox Brewing Company in Phoenixville; the slightly hoppy Philly Pale Ale from Philadelphias own Yards Brewing Company and the incomparable Stoudts Brewery, of nearby Adamstown, which makes several of McGillins house beers.

Perhaps Ben Franklin, local wag and notable elbow-bender, was right when he (supposedly) remarked: Beer is proof that God loves us and wishes us to be happy.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Great Great Great

Establishment: Rustico Restaurant and Bar, Alexandria, VA

This is not your fathers beer bar! The owners of Rustico have opted to seek a fine balance between upscale cuisine and beer. This is certainly indicative by their unique menu pairings of the two in an almost symbiotic relationship. All of this amidst an open but trendy industrial setting that provides some very plush bar seating  the word bar stool does not adequately suffice here.

Still, the available beers, which include very fresh drafts and a breathtaking selection of Belgian bottles, make it worth the trip. Rustico offers about well-rotated 30 taps that include a diverse array of styles and regions. All at a price; this is not a cheap place, since an imperial pint will set you back about $8.00 (Reminiscent of Ginger Man in NYC.) But dont get discouraged, they do have Happy Hour prices ($1.00 off). During my recent visit, I enjoyed: Stone Pale Ale, Bells Two-Hearted Ale, Avery New World Porter and Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted (English IPA).

Located in a newly developed commercial and residential area adjacent to Potomac Yards  and being literally on the wrong side of the tracks, Rustico is a short walk from the Braddock Road Metro Station. If you wish to drive here, there is parking available for those in search of DWIs.

Though I may not visit Rustico more than once or twice annually, its good to know that establishments such as this exist.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
N/A Great Good Great Great

Establishment: Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA

Visiting Philadelphia on a recent trip to see King Tut (Don't Call Me Boy King), I stopped here for a few brews. NHB sits above the Sansom Street Oyster House; in fact, this location used to be home to the Sam Adams Brewhouse - I guess Sam is associated with Boston rather than Philadelphia. Anyway, you climb a worn staircase and find yourself in the middle of a narrowish room: to the right, a dining area; on the left is a small, rather ornate wooden bar with unusual stained glass decorations looking over the tipplers. There is a large case of bobble-head dolls, to the left, through a doorway is another space. The brewery is off to the side. You pass it on the way to the very small bathroom - very small.

During my visit, NHB offered 7 draughts: "Doc' Blonde Ale, BPA (Bill ____ Pale Ale), Boho Pils, "Gordo" Oatmeal Stout and a very malty Scottish Ale, the latter being on cask.

I enjoyed this place; the many locals seemed to be enjoying themselves. Stayed long enough for some lunch - then off to McGillin's. (Review to come.) --


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Great Good Good Good

Establishment: Independence Brew Pub, Philadelphia, PA

As a city with a rich brewing heritage, Philadelphia boasts a rather decent brewpub in the City Center, across from the bustling Reading Terminal Market, in which both locals and tourists can enjoy a decent meal with some very quaffable ales.

Independence Brew Pub offers beer lovers a wide selection that runs the gamet from kolsch-style, a well-balanced, but mildly hopped IPA and a delicious oatmeal stout. A good representation for all tastes - even for non-beer drinkers, if there are such creatures among us. The menu worked because it went beyond "pub grub." One interesting note: they have a Mens Room attendent - who does work for tips. The only negative is the airport bar atmosphere, not unpleasant, but certainly not intimate - and definately not for folks looking for a quiet meal. In any case, not a bad place to hang out after visiting the Liberty Bell. Ben Franklin would surely approve, after all he supposedly said that :Beer is prove that God Loves Us and Wants Us To Be Happy."


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Mahaffey's Pub, Baltimore, MD

For someone not from Canton, Mahaffey’s is hard to find; and the locals appreciate this fact, since it really belongs to them. With that said, anyone willing to seek it will find a warm welcome, good food and a reasonably priced and well-maintained, though not extensive, draught selection. On my most recent visit I enjoyed the excellent Brewer’s Art Resurrection Ale, Great Divide’s Racer 5 IPA, Lancaster Dunkelweizzen (rather sweet), several selections from nearby Capitol City Brewing Company and the indomitable Orkney Dark Island. They rotate frequently, so this changes...

It is not a large pub; upon entry there is a small bar accommodating about 20 people that opens into a dimly lit dining area complete with large screen television for when the O’s or Ravens are on the field (in their respective seasons, of course). Mahaffey’s may be hard to find, but it is a hidden gem in a quiet neighborhood that is worth the effort. --


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Good So So Great Good

Establishment: Capitol City Brewing Company, Baltimore, MD

This brewpub is just one location of CCBC, which is based in Washington, DC. However, each site has its own brewer who is free to make whatever craft beer serves his or her whim. During my most recent visit, they had on tap an incredibly filling Imperial Stout called Fuel, which was served in a 10 ounce goblet.

One advantage of the Baltimore CCBC is that it is located in Harborplace’s Light Street Pavilion and overlooks the world-famous Inner Harbor. Even if you don’t appreciate the beer, there’s still the great view – with terrace seating in the warmer months. The interior is airy, yet rather industrial looking (after all, it is a beer factory), with a large horseshoe bar amid tables. Overlooking it all are the copper tanks where the beer comes to life.

I have been here on several occasions and the service has always been efficiently carried out by friendly and knowledgeable staff. Besides Baltimore, Capitol City Brewing has two locations in Washington DC, and one in suburban Arlington, Virginia. I understand that this location will be closing or relocating. --


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Old Dominion Brewhouse, Washington, DC

Old Dominion Brewhouse, which opened a few months ago, is located on the 9th Street side of DC's new convention center - don't be alarmed by the opposite side of the street, To be honest, this is your average sports bar with the mandatory TVs blasting ESPN 1-24 throughout the generic atmosphere. (DC law says that all bars must have TV, apparently.) In any case, I went for the beer and was not disappointed. ODB offers 14 Old Dominion beers on draught, including: Pale Ale, Irish Red and their Oak Barrel Stout. Old Dominion Brewing Company was recently purchased by Coastal Brewing Company, a partnership between Anheuser-Busch and Fordham, the latter having several available. Also on tap was New River Pale Ale, a Sierra Nevada clone that is contracted by OD. Decent food, such as Buffalo Chicken wrap, great attentive service and reasonable Happy Hour ($2.99 draft) ensure a comfortable, though not necessarily aesthetic, hang-out when in DC. Old Dominion Brewhouse is near the Convention Center Metro (Green/Yellow Line) and Dave Alexander's RFD.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Good Awesome! Great Great

Establishment: Bridget Foy's South Street Grill, Philadelphia, PA

Overlooking busy Head House Square, Bridget Foy's is a pleasant restaurant/gastro pub that posseses a comfortable ambience and a unique menu well off the "pub grub" mainstream. I provide as an example, my lunch entree: roast turkey panini made with real roasted turkey accompanied by cranberry mayo and apple sage dressing nestled next to rugella (spelling?) salad. Tasty and healthy, too!

Bridget Foys has an extensive wine list and a draught beer list consisting exclusively of local craft beer, such as Sly Fox, Victory and Philadelphia's own Yards. (As a traveling beerophile, I always make it a point to support local brewers.)


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Awesome! Great Great

Establishment: Quarry House Tavern, Silver Spring, MD

Stopped by Tuesday (4/3/07 - it is still open) and found a hipster dungeon in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Even though it is located on a busy intersection on Georgia Avenue, it is somewhat hard to find - just look for a ratty doorway with a small sign; it is a neighbor to a Chinese restaurant (if this helps). Go down the dingy stairs and walk in: you enter a dark, wood-paneled, windowless room that appears to be a rec-room with a bar. This is the "lounge," a small bar with tables scattered around. Pass the bar and you find another area, where I did not dare to venture. Did someone say "dive/" Now the good part, QHT boasts an excellent selection of bottles, with at least two dozen consisting of Belgian (some very pricey, though); the others range from Germany (with the major brewers being represented), several from the UK, and plenty of well-chosen bottles from the USA, such as Avery, Troeg, Dogfish Head, Brooklyn, Victory and Rogue - to name a few. I enjoyed a Brooklyn Lager, which recently won Washington Post's infamous "Beer Madness' contest and Troeg's Hopback Amber.

Add to this equation, a delicious burger, one that is available is many variations - and accompanied by tater tots, then you have a rather interesting place to visit should you fing yourself in Silver Spring, in its' self, a pleasant prospect.

While I don't forsee making a special trip, it is still worth reinvestigating. --


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Blind Tiger Ale House, New York, NY

Not a reveiw - an update: Blind Tiger reopens 3-14-07 at their new address on Bleecker Street!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Great Great Great

Establishment: Dr. Dremo's Taphouse, Arlington, VA

I have just learned from their website that Dr. Dremo's will be closing in the near future. Apparently, Arlington was in need of more development, so Dremo's location will be razed to accommodate this need. Greedy developers win again - the irony will come when this property remains 75% vacant due to overdevelopment. Enjoy this great beer bar while you can. I believe they now offer Bell's Amber.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Good Great Awesome!

Establishment: Brickskeller, Washington, DC

The Brickskeller finally serves Bell's and Three Floyds in bottles. Stopped here last week and was very suprised. This has always been one of my favorite regional micro. I enjoyed the Porter and the exquisite Java Stout. Also available: Avery's New World Porter, Great Divide's St. Brigid's Porter, Ellie's Brown Ale (also Avery) and Pyramid Thunderhead IPA. Always a fine place to spend a few hours - and more than a few bucks.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So Great Good Good Good

Establishment: R.F.D. (Regional Food and Drink), Washington, DC

Reading the previous reveiw reminded me of a recent visit on February 9th (Friday)at which time I had to return a beer, Bell's Brown Ale, because it tasted like soap .. apparently this establishment does not know that beer glasses, at least those from which good beer is drunk, should be washed out with a mild soap in hot water and not industrial detergent. What a waste of good beer! Gail was looking for soap ... I know where it went. This was an unfortunate incident at a place that I have always rated fairly in the past and hope to in the future. C'mon Dave, you know what great beer is all about!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Growlers was Summit Station Restaurant and Brewery, Gaithersburg, MD

Having been a regular of Old Towne Tavern and Summit Station, and given the previous mixed reviews entered soon after Growler’s opening, I thought it best to make several visits before inserting my own two cents (or two pints). First thing, Joe Kalish’s beer is still here. Currently (as of yesterday), he offers 8 taps, including Belt’s ESB, Harding IPA, Irvington IPA, the highly alcoholic Centennial, which is brewed every 100th batch, a Kolsch, a Blueberry Wheat and two guest beers (Dominion Octoberfest and Shiner Hefeweissen). All well-bodied ales at excellent prices – and a bargain for this area.

Growlers will continue Happy Hour prices at the bar and have been honoring Summit Station Mug Club Cards through the end of the year. They now have a $2.25 night on Wednesdays and Saturday food specials during college football season. Since Joe regularly rotates certain styles, you should call ahead for the latest on tap – especially if seeking the brain-raping Centennial.

Much like the previous operations, the menu here goes beyond the average “pub grub.” Having only tried the burger and roast beef foccacia (very filling), I can’t attest for the rest. The prices are about the same. Of course, Pubcrawlers never go anywhere simply for the food.

While I do miss Angel, Keisha, Tim and The Angel, the barstaff have been friendly, proficient and knowledgeable on the beers. One complaint is the hideous centerpiece that now overlooking the bar; it reminds me of an industrial Dutch Oven. One nitpick is the removal of the handy hooks from beneath the bar – no more hanging coats, etc.

Finally, the infamous Summit Station bathroom has been relegated to history and is now a somewhat twee space with faux marble and wooded wainscot. A perfectly fine place where one can puke in grandeur. America is truly a great country. And Gaithersburg beer afficiandos still have a great brewpub.

Note: to the Dogfish Head Alehouse reviewer who recently maligned us “Summit Station regulars,” this is one regular who will be happily dividing precious beer-drinking time between both fine establishments. But, let’s be honest, aren’t we a big improvement over the countless lite beer drinkers you seem to attract?


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Good Great Great Great

Establishment: Davidson Brothers Restaurant and Brewery, Glens Falls, NY

Davidson Brothers is housed in an interesting old building that sits on the Main Street of Glen Falls. A plus is the pleasant outdoor section (though traffic can seem a bit noisy at first). This is a small capacity establishment - 7 Barrels, according to the owner - with a diverse selection and (as previously mentioned) a female brewer; I only mention this because of the rarity. This in no way is to imply that women can't brew good beer - it's just the fact that this industry is male-dominated (unlike beer drinking). On tap was an IPA, though one that was not as hoppy as I would prefer (they do have a stronger version I was told.) And there was the aforementioned Dacker, which I enjoyed; it goes down very good on a hot summer day. The buffalo wings were superb and spicy. Great service and a very attentive owner makes for a relaxing day in Glen Falls.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Good Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: Bobcat Cafe and Brewery, Bristol, VT

Bristol (Population 4000), the Gateway to the Green Mountains as well as home to the July 4th Outhouse Races, is where you will find BobCat Cafe. Situated on Main Street and across the street from the Bedford Falls-like town square, Bobcat is a very popular tavern (15-minute wait) that serves excellent food and brews several tasty house beers. Unfortunately, several of the more popular styles were unavailable during my visit (Bobcat has a very small capacity), I did enjoy their very malty porter - though the body was a little thin. They did offer a selection of regional micros, including one extremely hoppy Smuttynose IPA. Great food, cozy ambience and superb service made for an enjoyable night out at Bobcat. Great beer can always be had in Vermont...


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Awesome! Great

Establishment: C.H. Evans Brewing - The Albany Pump Station, Albany, NY

Stopped by on the way to Vermont (see my review); it is located on Quakenbush Square (who I believe was a Groucho Marx character)in a large airy building with extensive parking and a comfortable, yet small, bar area. It is right off I287 and makes a good pubcrawl with Brown Brewing Company in nearby Troy (15-20 Minutes?)

APH/Evans offers 7 Taps: A belgian ale, which was served in the proper glass; a mildly hoppy "Pump Station Pale Ale," boasting three varieties of hops; a porter ("State Street"), with an abv of 5.5; and, on a similar note, a malty brown ale at 5.6. (By the way, Tom (see previous entry), it is called "Kick-Ass" Brown.) Decent place worth stopping by when in the Albany area - or on the way to Vermont.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Great Great

Establishment: Dogfish Head Alehouse, Gaithersburg, MD

Stopped by on a quiet Saturday afternoon following the demise of Summit Station. Of course, what can one say about DF? Just that they produce some of the best beer on the East Coast. DF Alehouse-Gaithersburg is located right off I270 (convenient for you drunk drivers) in a building that has been home to several restaurants, Diamond Grill and Pat & Mike's come to mind. The interior is rather modern and roomy with a seperate section for dining. The bar is somewhat roomy with one end overlooking a small patio. There is a second floor that I did not visit. Although they do not actually brew on-premises, they offer a very diverse selection of delicious brews: a lightly hopped Shelter Pale Ale (5 abv/25 IBU) a dark and richly malted Indian Brown Ale (this one is served a tad cold, so you may need to let it sit a while), a chicory stout and the incomparable 60-Minute IPA (6abv/60 IBU), the latter is dry-hopped and comes with a pleasant grapefruit-like bite. Easy to drink, hard to turn away from....

DF Gaithersburg has 9 current taps, with several seasonals. They also have a very pricey listing of vintage beers - such as an Imperial Pilsner, for starters. The menu looked rather intriguing, though their burgers are huge. All in all, a very welcoming addition to the Washington DC area bar scene. Cheers!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Growlers was Summit Station Restaurant and Brewery, Gaithersburg, MD

Closed May 21, 2006. To reopen as "Growlers."


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