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December 18, 2014 @ 10:29 AM EDT
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Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great N/A Great Great

Establishment: Squirrel Hill Cafe aka The Cage, Pittsburgh , PA

The Squirrel Hill Cafe is known as many things to many people. I most notably call it the Squirrel Cage.

This place has been here since as long as I could want a beverage. A prime piece of expensive Squirrel Hill real estate - the Cage keeps the suds flowing in a business district that has seen the exodus of historical anchor stores as the property prices sky rocket and businesses migrated to the new WaterFront.

This place is best described frat meets eclectic. It's not bad - just non-descript. From the towering 2 story high ceilings to the rooms length bar, nothing jumps out at you - thats a good thing here since its low level on the lighting.

Where this place shines is the long time bartender Bill and the handpicked staff and beers.

My drinking partner for the night and myself ordered two of the varieties of Hebrew Beer in bottles - a brown and an ale.. Yuck... Schmaltz brewing aside. I have no idea if our palates weren't Kosher or if the beer had seen better days. I tried it because I hadn't previously and we were in Squirrel Hill which is a major Jewish neighborhood.

All the whining about bad beer aside, the beverages were worthy of conversation and attracted a few Polish and Italian heritage folks who asked about the beer. Maybe it was better than the Coors and Buds they were drinking I produly reported. They grind at me like a misfit in a strange land, minus a few choppers.

That's the point here. You take a Jewish neighborhood, throw in some ecelectic micros (2 or 3 coolers worth) and then attract the locals, the yocals and a tribe of misfit 20-30 somethings and turn the lights down low in a traditional old school bar - then you have the magic that makes the Cage a Pittsburgh landmark.

It's worth noting that the place attracts a large student base, as Pitt and Carnegie Mellon University ( CMU ) are nearby.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Remedy was Ray's Marlin Beach Bar and Grill, Pittsburgh , PA

I felt I should append my long review since Ray's has recently undergone some additional growth worth noting.

All the good stuff I said last time- well that stuff continues.

Ray's now has a coin to play pool table in the room next to the main bar on the first floor. Dining is done on the second floor which is also rich feasting for the eyes. It's a second floor large flight walkup so if stairs challenge you stay at the main bar and enjoy things from there. The second floor has interesting wall decorations, cool with in-touch paint colors and some tables made from old signs. There is a decent sized bar on the second floor so drinks are just a few steps away.

On Saturdays they have a lounge on the third floor which was just opened about a week ago. It has a true alternative 80s theme - I'd expect to hear Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and Banshees and The Cure to name a few. The third floor lounge has interesting design touches as well...

Ray's continues to impress. I am becoming a regular. This is certainly now my favorite eatery with good beer in the Pittsburgh metro area. My taste can't be wrong. Last Friday a 9:00pm visit landed me at the bar for about 20 minutes while a table became available. I wish I could photocopy Ray's and put one in other needing neighborhoods. Pittsburgh could use the improvement.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Colorado Brewery and Trading Company, Danbury, CT

I hate to let everyone know, but this place has closed.

The day that it closed the owner also died...


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Awesome! Great

Establishment: Max's Allegheny Tavern, Pittsburgh , PA

Max's Allegheny Tavern is still alive and kicking... We thought it was about time to cover the rest of the places we haven't sampled in Pittsburgh.

Now before you go, Max's is far more attractive than the photos on their website. Don't be discouraged and delayed by them like I was.

To find Max's you need to walk about 10 blocks from PNC Park. Its a pleasant stroll on a warm evening or afternoon. I recommend giving the walk a try, as the North Side is greatly changed and is a neighborhood redveloping itself. All the *crime* and other bad elements are greatly removed compared to say ten years ago. There are many rehabbed gems of buildings along the walk. If you are visiting the Warhol Museum, The Matress Factory or Allegheny General Hospital you too can take the stroll down to Max's.

Max's is a richly dipped delight of history. Surviving through Prohibition as a well-known speakeasy Max's now sits in a 101 year old former hotel. Much of the charm of the original building is still there - from the old bar, to the tile floors and the trio of wooden fans slowly pushing the smokey bar air. There are some framed documents, photos of the original owner and old pencil drawings of Heinz products being loaded on to a riverboat in the heyday of paddle boat river transport. All of these artifacts of an earlier time are tasteful reminders of a much simpler time when Allegheny City was a bustling city of its own and the rich like Andrew Carnegie were propping up Ridge Avenue on the heaps of wealth they were collecting.

Max's is a big place - three large rooms with ample seating and clearly seperated smoking and non smoking area - for a change.

As for beer, they are lacking on the micros, but I wouldn't punish them for it. What is lacking is more than compensated with a good German beers (Spaten, Wurstburger, Rauchenfeld, etc.) and equally as good German food.

I tend not to dabble in German food - as its heavy on the meat. But I will tell you what they do have, because if you like German food, this is a gem of a find for anyone in Pittsburgh... German foods offered here include: various Schnitzels, Goulash, Suarbraten, Kielbasa, Haspenpfeffer. There are probably ten other Old World dishes worth examining.

The paper menus are great presentation of an old local newpaper (late 1800s) with a front right column insertion about the history of Max's. It's a nice authentic feeling and a darn neat way to present what can otherwise be just a menu.

I consumed a Spaten, delivered in a chilled bottle. I also tried several appetizers including the Pierogies. Everything was seasoned nicely with a reoccurring sweetness in each. For a main course we ordered the fish sandwich which was enormous and served on a crusted bread much like a hoagie/sub. I tried their vegetable sandwich which was just ok - nothing creative or to write home about... For the dessert I tried the homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream. It was served warm and fresh - it proved to be a very good dessert.

So here's the wrap up. Max's is a friendly neighborhood instituition. Generations of families have walked through the doors. The staff is attentative and friendly, as well as notably prompt - no extended stays waiting for our check or beverages. The food is really fresh and served hot. The beer selection could be increased to cover micros, but this is a German restaurant - why bother. The price are pretty friendly, desserts cost $2-4, not the $5-10 the ripoff joints are charging. Soup is $2.25 for a bowl not $4 elsewhere. You get the point, this places prices are friendly to your pocketbook.

With a restaurant that has been running since 1977, Max's has been doing most things pretty well - the tradition continues. I highly recommend Max's as a break to the chain-struck meals most folks are eating today at the strip malls or three doors down from their hotels. Be my guest, give Max's a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
N/A So So Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Vinnie Van GoGo's, Savannah, GA

I visited Vinnie's in a previous life.

Vinnie's is a world-recognized Savannah treasure.

The liberal atmosphere is well worn and full of character. Quirky signs, reminders that this is a cash only place and the diverse open minded youthful staff stand somewhat in contrast to the slow moving slow talking Savannah upper crust.

Vinnie's serves pizza popularly by the slick. The slices are quite large - one or two will do, because sitting at the bar only two would fit on my plate (paper from what I remember). The slices are popular thin crusted New York style.

Beyond pizza the menu is very abbreviated, two salads and calzone. Alright they have a cooler of various beer and some on tap. The beer selection includes: Pilsner Urquell, GroIsch, Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada and Draft Guiness.

They keep it simple and straightforward. That's what keep locals and tourist piling into Vinnie's day after day.

If Vinnie's ever goes up for sale, I'll be standing in line to bid.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Bukowski's Tavern, Boston , MA

This is the new oddly differnt Bukowski's location. More light, less grime.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Gandalf's Restaurant and Pub, Frostburg, MD

The poor folks at Gandalf's... Just opened and it is no more...

Our PubCrawler beer tears go out to you guys...

Harold Taylor owns Gandalf's and he spent two years renovating the building which is historically significant.

The fire is being blamed on the coal powered furnace...

You can read a better description in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Good Great

Establishment: Remedy was Ray's Marlin Beach Bar and Grill, Pittsburgh , PA

I spent a lazy frigid Friday evening stuffed in Ray's, as the real dining seating was all full and the bar crowd was mingling well. Ray's is a rather new addition to Pittsburgh's rather dull, meat focused, very formal(read expensive and dull) or very crappy (read chains, junkfood and imitation Italian).

Lawrenceville, (the neighborhood where Ray's is located) unfortunately, only recently seems to garnered any positive press and attention. Also unfortunate is the type of business and business owner invading a pristine working community of Lawrenceville - this place is full of charm in it's left alone state. The great increase of 'I work there but live far away' and the inflation of property values through questionable valued rehab is driving Lawrenceville into a new different sorry state.

--Well don't tell the folks at Ray's this. Ray's is a prime example for all the Grant Street politicians grasping for straws about what Pittsburgh needs and about what real development is. All the local politicians ought to spend an evening at Ray's examining the real soul of Pittsburgh. Real development is respecting the neighborhood and reviving a lifeless building and providing a useful and cherished space that the neighbors can frequent and are proud of.

The kind table, cleared from personal belongings of the very petite and well liked co-owner Keri Fisher allowed me the space to sample a bit of what Ray's is all about. Instantly when seated I had a keen view of the bar back area, trinket notables for sale area and the long aisle of tables and bar stools. I then realized this place is something special. Ray's suceeds in mixing vintage old-Ray's-bar discoloration and original fixtures with more modern elements. Yet this is all done without lots of polish and sparkly stuff. It's certainly best described as ecelectic.

The patrons were a widely varied bunch, some hyper intellectual university personalities with some walking locals plus all the odd and ends and nearly extinct population types Pittsburgh seems to have otherwise caused to flee to 'better' cities.

Now onto the food and beverages...

Ray's stocks a pretty hefty beer selection when it comes to micros - much to my surprise. They had all my usuals - Victory, Troegs, Stone. They probably carry 30 if not more micros and some nifty imports. Applause please for their ambitious and varied tastes.

Ray's Marlin Beach & Grille name leads you to say what about the fish? This isn't a fishery, but they do have several fish items on the menu. They seem to take pride in their fish and when we tried ordering a specific fish item we found it was not available and there had been a shortage in getting the fish fresh.

See that's the part where I say wow! Fresh fish and a shortage? You don't rush to get the frozen stuff in? Filler? That's the really down to earth honesty that is Ray's. Best part is they tell you why, they don't leaving you grasping for explanations or leave you with a lousy dish of otherwise normal Pittsburgh fare.

I downed an appetizer, plus some very good seasoned fries (nice and thick) and a fine vegetarian burger...

Indeed this place is sensible, the waitstaff is concerned and attentative and overall the prices are rather affordable.

The only problem I can see and I experienced is Ray's might be too much of a good thing. Too much demand can equal need to expand or some obvious problems in orders (I never received my salad - but paid for it).

I hope to see Ray's, this new revitalized replacement of a neighborhood bar that probably existed at least 50 years before this new version, go on to exist and thrive for another 50 years.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Grille On Seventh was Seventh Street Grille, Pittsburgh , PA

7th Street Grille was a popular mid-priced lunch... Definitely had the feel of a pub and not the American imitation kind.

I spent enough post-workdays dwelling over a pint and sharing conversation with good people here.

The place closed, as mentioned by other Pittsburgh media sources due to a family dispute - father owns the building and son the restaurant - or something very similar.

The owner of 7th Street has packed up and opened up shop across the river on the Southside and is doing another bar/restaurant called the Hot Metal Grille.

Hot Metal Grille is worth giving a try - it's located in a major development area with condos and a large many-screen movie theatre going in very soon along with a Cheesecake Factory and other retail establishments.

I will point out that Hot Metal is by no means at this point beer friendly like 7th Street was. Hot Metal Grille has about 10 taps, Hoegaarden and Penn Brewing products pretty much are the only acceptable beers.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! N/A N/A Awesome!

Establishment: Brewery Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

I love their beer...

Hennepin is sold actually here in Pittsburgh...


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Great Great

Establishment: Boomerang BBQ was Vermont Flatbread, Pittsburgh , PA

So we visited Aussom Aussie's finally last Friday night... The beer selection was good for the area of town - but seemingly somewhat less than when it was as Vermont Flatbread... Still a good selection of bottles.

We ordered two micros that were in bottles... Sufficient... One was a Pyramid Apricot Ale...

Try the QEII salad - delicious. We also downed a shrimp appetized which was good and a vegetarian focused sandwich with Macaroni salad as well as a 3 cheese pizza... I don't care for macaroni salad in it's cold form - the sandwich was alright and the pizza made good leftovers...

The waitress was friendly and good at service - unfortunately we were the last diners there... So we caught everyone on the cleanup route...

Hopefully this place makes it... It's a very cool interior with the kitchen prep and oven all in the same room. Very nice seating and overall modern feel.

Check it out and certainly try the barbequed offerings as that is the house specialty.

On Saturday I believe, they have a nice offering of various meats for a flat price. So bring the family.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! So So Good Great

Establishment: Fuel and Fuddle, Pittsburgh , PA

Alright time to review this place again...Last time (2 years ago) we wrote this place rocked but had issues with long lines at the door and bad wait times.

We go to Fuel and Fuddle probably a half dozen times a year since its local and features a beer selection numbering probably around 70 bottles plus the taps... and that's true since they opened years ago.

Give the two house brews a try... The house brews are made by none other than Troegs brewing out of Harrisburg, PA. We tried the Pale Ale and it was a creative craft brew - lots of flavor - very good.

We only visit in non-weekend evening times... Oakland is terrible for parking in the daytime due to mass influx of commuters working there and the over-zoning and over-parking 20 students in a house conduct... Try stopping to try this place on Saturday or Sunday afternoon - they'll be happy to have more business then and your stress level will be lessened.

The waitresses in tshirts 2 sizes too small conduct seems to be the norm now. So everyone seeking eye candy should find the scenary suitable.

Now time to moan about this place -

There is that annoying blues singer on Saturday nights and HE plays super amplified - so forget hearing those seated around or across from you - it won't happen. Not that they guy isn't a good musician - he is - but the place is too small to amplify any music... Try acoustic or turning down the amp - please. We no longer think of visiting on Saturday evenings.

Getting carded - alright we're seemingly close to retirement age than being 21 at this point :) Being harassed for my ID - which sometimes I might have gone without seeing in a week is a royal pain... Lucikly our waitress last time realized my better half was old enough and wasn't into hanging with children... Considering our beer tabs almost always equals or exceeds our food tab its a good idea not to deny us the suds.

What else? Kitchen help on Saturday must be hung over from Friday night. They have to be. Three seperate Saturdays and my Veg Head Sandwich - which is supposed to be heated had the average temperature of probably 65 degrees. Three seperate- non-consecutive Saturdays.... Next time I stop in I'll be trying a new main course meal or sending the food back to have it heated.

Smoking - this place *ALLEGEDLY* has smoking and non-smoking... the seating whole place is probably 25-30 feet wide and 1/3 of that is bar seating and bar working area... meaning - if I am sitting 10 feet away smoking still is all over me... The space is too small and open to have both seating in the same space... I'd be glad to sit downstairs in the basement area being a non smoker...

This place still is one of the better places in Pittsburgh to pickup a nice bready sandwich and some creative food. They have a lot of bar food done right. No greasy junk food- just hearty creative stuff that seems more Denver than Pittsburgh.

I like this place and absent the crowd, that singer, being smoked on and the kitchen cooks undercooking my sandwich this place would be Awesome.. For now its looking at being Great...


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! N/A Good Great

Establishment: Market Street Ale House, Pittsburgh , PA

Alright, Market Street opened recently (Summer 2003). I live right outside of downtown and we keep a good eye on the beer scene :)

I hadn't heard of Market Street Ale House until on of the Pubcrawler's sent it in... I had to double check though. I couldn't believe someone opened a beer focused place in Market Square.

Market Square along with the rest of downtown Pittsburgh is a wasteland - empty buildings, no life after 6pm, empty main 5th and Forbes corridor. There has been no reason to go downtown or stay downtown until now.

Market Street Ale House is in what has to be the most prime restaurant space downtown still. It formerly housed one of Robin Fernandez/Sport Rock's restaurants called Siena. Before Siena and after Siena there were a few other dining attempts at this location.

Can we break the tradition of short stays with Market Street Ale House? I hope so.

Here's what I liked about Market Street Ale House:

1. The location and atmoshpere - its a nice second story location overlooking Market Square. Good for people watching at lunch time and a quaint view of the full square.

2. Beer selection - I didn't bother to count or ask how many bottles and taps they had combined - but the have a serious beer list - the best downtown is ever going to see.

3. The bartender - we had a young lady who obviously was hustling to make ends meet. She answered our questions and took time to chatter. She's a hard worker and we saw her working elsewhere unfortunately to make ends meet - keep and respect good help.

Now what didn't we (me and my better half) like about Market Street Ale House?

Well, when we got there at 8PM on a weekday (Monday I believe it was) there was no food available - the cook had left. There was no note of it downstairs (dinner hours). Guess like all of downtown they can't pull a post 6pm crowd - and that really sucks. Listen Pittsburgh and Market Street Ale House - advertise - tell people there is something to do and go after them. Get the place packed and make it a big success like Fathead's in the South Side is (we went there afterwards to get nutrition).

What else? Well a manager type came up and sat down and rather than making conversation he was preoccupied vegetating or breaking at the bar (there is a connected side street building that houses a cigar bar and I believe is part of the same business). I doubt it was so busy that he had to get away :) Maybe it was a bad night. Connecting with patrons is important - it's what can make the difference in them coming back or not.

Would I go back? Sure at 8pm, when my day ends and I am looking for some post crowd dinner. Never during the day when trekking downtown is similar to just about any other city - poor parking options and stressful gridlock.

Will Market Street Ale House make it? Well I saw a full page ad in a newsweekly last week. Let's hope they do. Pittsburgh needs a central downtown beer friendly place.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Kelts, Altus, AR

Kelts was shown recently on Fox Televisions The Simple Life featuring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. It is in Episode 4, where they are honorary co-chairpeople for Alta's Spring Gala and out at the (Kelts) pub drinking at 8am instead of doing their chairperson responsibilities.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: La Fiamma, Bellingham, WA

features 9 regional microbrews and non-alcholic beer options... No mention of macro 'beer' here


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Brewery Atlantis, San Francisco, CA

The previous address we listed was an old address. The 17th address is a new revision.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Mellow Mushroom, Atlanta, GA

Formerly Rocky's Brick Oven Pizza. The location sat empty for the last year after the owners death.

Rocky's was a well liked pizza haunt known for its random mishapen pies that oozed.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Vine Park Brewing Company, Saint Paul, MN

Vine Park is closed now.

They are however moving their Brew-Your-Own facilities along with the rest about 2 miles away.

Re-opening there during 2004.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Great Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Dish Osteria and Bar, Pittsburgh , PA

Dish is a cute dark little restaurant/bar space filling what formerly was a a-typical mill run-down-town bar. The place is ran by a nice couple who worked service in NYC and built Dish off of their exposure and native flavours.

Where should I start? The bar. As you walk in you are at the bar which is both large (most of length of the room) as well as ornate. There is a good selection of the Belgians on tap. Bottles, well to find those you need to look up and to the right of the door. They are proudly displayed on a ledge. This place is also known for the Martini's and mixed drinks so feel to ask them about the inherited drink from the place that use to be there. That will give you something to learn while there.

Now onto food. Seating is in the other half of the space and divided by a doorway into two rooms. It's hard to miss, but the back side of the menu is covered with wine. Inside the menu you will find a mere 2 pages that are loosely populated. Don't worry, this is a fun place, they typically seem to have more items as daily specials than they do menu items.

This place is a bistro in all sense of the term. The food is fairly decorative in its arrangement and fresh.. Vegetarians and especially vegans beware but not discouraged, the menu has a mushroom pasta only- but it seems the daily specials usually have one or two things you can eat. If not, ask your wait staff they are more than nice and able to accomodate.

Wait staff is and has been in all my visits exceptional. They have been well informed and passionate about their jobs- now if we could only get the owners to train everyone else's staff. No I don't know whats on tap or you eat what here.

The foods is rich so you should consider not eating your full portion should you care for dessert. Although I haven't had a dessert yet there, they look like bistro fare and quite creative. The main dish meals are of a good portion size although you might not think so at first sight.

Now for what there isn't to rave about.

Parking - good luck finding a spot. The South Side is a nightmare for parking. Be ready to walk several large blocks at minimum as it is all street parking in an area that is residential.

Noise - This is one of those cute two people at a table type of places. The kind of place you go because of the low light and intimate atmosphere. The ceilings don't seem too high in the two room eating area - which resembles a living room and dining room in an old house. I say this because don't get me wrong, the interior is quite nice, its just small and with a few loud people the noise gets to the point that you can't talk to or hear the person across the small table from you without yelling.

Cash only- I really can't blame them for not wanting to pay the banks the outrageous fees to accept everyone's Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover debit and credit cards. Problem here though is that food doesn't come cheap. The mushroom pasta dish I mentioned is about $13 + the salad $5 + 2 beers... x 2 people.. You get the point. In today's paranoid world, a lot of people don't want to hit the ATM for $100 or $200 before dinner. I've seen three people need to run to the ATM (2 blocks away) to get money. Bring cash with you...

Check this place out midweek, they'll be happy to fill the space more those days and you'll be happy to be able to eat here. Reservations are accepted and recommended on weekends. This place still is the best example of a New York bistro in Pittsburgh- keep up the good work.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Great Good

Establishment: Ciao!, Carnegie, PA

Ciao! has been in Carnegie as long as I can remember. My mother use to bring me random Italian food from there almost weekly.

Ciao! is close to post office along Main Street in Carnegie - next to the large parking lot facing the post office. So parking is readily available- unlike many other bar locations.

At night time the place can be easy to miss as the interior is low lighting and aside from one or two small backlit window boxes there isn't much shooting out at you.

Now let's talk about what makes this place a gem...

The beer selection is loaded with Victory, Dogfish and Troegs products to name a few. They started with a large import selection - and that still exists. They recently hosted a dinner with a beer emphasis - so take note.

Food wise, things are affordable if you choose right. A good fresh selection of Italian dishes throughout and a wider selection of bar/grill type foods.

Service wise, I believe the owner was tending bar - I could be wrong - he also served us and preped our meals - the guy sure was hustling.

Now where I thought Ciao! could improve and defintely attract new folks to their establishment:

There is that issue with signage and lighting- it's a big one. Also, the interior seating is basically banquet style chairs and odd tables - very orange and woody and 1970's. Wallpaper is old and crumbling and the paint is dreary. It gives you that dirty feeling.

The bathrooms are bar bones and need updating- the handrying towel roll sagging from use and smack dab in the sink and the old school urinal that actually sits lower than floor level - yep things that give enough of you the creeps.

All and all, Ciao! is a pretty neat nook. As a bar, it's classier than the other stuff in and near Carnegie and their beer selection is major in these parts. The food is above average, fresh and made to order. A little paint, brightening and cleaning and this place could be a reservation only place.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great N/A Awesome! Good

Establishment: Tiki Lounge, Pittsburgh, PA

Tiki Lounge is brought to you by the same folks that are behind the Beehive (coffeehouse) and the Lava Lounge (bar/venue)...

Tiki's interior is equally as interesting as Lava's... Actually I think it's even cooler. Interesting waterfalls, 2 story seating, odd nooks - this is a real eyeball of creativity.

The time I stopped in was a Friday and it was packed.. Seemed like 2-1 male-female ratio...

The bartender was real helpful and wants to carry more beer - but Carson Street is really a drunk youthfest... So moving products in a mixed venue like this requires a careful buyer... Kudos for having proper glassware here for my Belgian beers...

They had well over a dozen decent bottles to choose from...

Beware of weekends when the place fills with dance floor prowlers, DJ pop music and a very packed house... Tiki is a cool spot to check out on say a Tuesday :)


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Valhalla Microbrewery and Restaurant, Pittsburgh , PA

Last week the local media broke the story that Valhalla would be closing. This was allegedly the last week of operation.


The lease and assets were acquired by Big Burrito - the folks that own Mad Mex, Soba, Casbah, etc.

Big B tends to have a good beer selection at most locations, so we expect this place to be no exception based on it's proximity to the new convention center boom.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Bado's Pizzeria and Delicatessen, Pittsburgh , PA

home of SpikeTV's Joe Schmo star Matt Kennedy Gould!



Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Foundry Ale Works, Pittsburgh , PA

It appears Foundry is closed for good... front window blinds are pulled and a real estate sign is posted on the building....


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Foundry Ale Works, Pittsburgh , PA

I drove by just to check things out since it's about 5 miles away... It looked quite closed... As they typically are on a Sunday...


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