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December 18, 2014 @ 08:43 AM EDT
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Beer Quality
Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Good Great

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Awesome! Good Awesome!

Establishment: Saint Francis Brewery and Restaurant, St. Francis, WI

For a Brewery the food was way better then the beer. My Girlfriend, Brother and I were traveling up from Chicago to buy some cheese when our GPS found this Brewery to stop at for some beer. The pretzels were delicious, the slow cooked beef melted in your mouth and my brother liked thed shepards pie.

The service was typical for a restaurant nothing fancy. The set up for beer was great they had a full eight count of 5 ounce samplers which we had and could share the beers we liked, my brother took the darks, i took the IPA's and the Wheet's while my girlfriend had the ales. The beer was pretty decent, tasted great but not quiet award winning in brewery circles, but for an average microbrew drinker they are pretty tastey.

I was amazed they even make their own soda and have it on tap which can be purchased in growlers also. It was one of more classy microbrews that wouldn't need to be on the show Bar Makeovers. Someone who started this place must have come from a restaurant backround caused it seemed Culinary Institute of America worthy. Only problems was they needed a more cheerful staff instead, can I get you anything else, now give me a nice tip and my paycheck waitress. I would have even liked the grumpy old lady who has sore feet and sits at your table to take your order rather then the polite 20 something working their way thru school.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Moe's Tavern, Lee, MA

Great little local place tucked away behind the main street. The people of Lee are lucky to have this place, the locals are really nice to hang out with the bar tenders are knowledgeble and love to hear stories from tourist. The chalkboard lets you know the microbrews on tap and you can peak thru the glass coolers to see the cans. I went in with my Girlfriend and a Sunday evening for a couple of pints of different IPA's but the selection varied so much I could have been there all night. My girlfriend dragged me across the street to the Vietnamese Restaurant to eat though, they said they deliver to the bar also. It's worth a thrid and fourth visit


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Good So So So So Good

Establishment: Orlando Ale House, Orlando, FL

I'ld call this place an Appleby's with a bar. They have updated some of their 36 taps to microbrews like Magic hat # 9 &aragant bastard. Joiey the bartender was to busy to pay attention to a individual customer so of you want someone to talk to bring a friend. If you would like to know what a franchise beer chain would be, this would be it.@ ,


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! N/A Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Orlando Brewing Partners, Orlando, FL

This place was a breeze to find on my GPS. Interesting location. I ordered a sampler from Cat. There was no middle ground on the beer. Their Pale Ale & Red were week and watery.but their Brown & Pelican Ale had great flavor. They had great seasonal beers. They list their beers as Organtic and some seasonals came unfiltered. The service was great but still no food. Cat my server said they were earning enough to pay the Brewer & the bottlers the rest are volunteers so treat them nice & tip big.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Hobnobbin Pub North, Hyde Park, NY

I drove by this place last night 4/10/10 and the sign out front had been taken down with a real estate sign that said for sale or rent.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: 1702, Tucson, AZ

They don't make their own beer here but it seems like they have great connections and they have 50 tap beers that are always rotating.

It seems the owners know a lot of microbrewers from around the country and they all come in to drop off a few kegs or two.

The New Zealand waitress looks like a teenaged boy but really knows her beer. I asked for her recomandation on a Red and she brought me one of the best Red's I have ever had. I heard the next time I come in I probably won't get the same beer twice as they have a chalkboard for ordering instead of a beer menu.

It's a college bar so the Pizza is pretty good and huge slices. I like the gimmick of giving you a pizza cutting wheel as a knife.

If your tired of drinking the local stuff this is a great place to stop and find out whats going on beer wise in the rest of the country.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! N/A Good Awesome!

Establishment: Barrio Brewing Company, Tucson, AZ

I got into Tucson early to celebrate passover with my family. I found a flyer in a pizza place that said the Sonora Glass Blowing Factory was letting you blow your own beer mugs at this Brewery. I was there faster then you could say Oy-Oy-Oy!! I not only got a great beer mug but had some really great beers here.

They have a great selection, I had one of each one of their beers. They were all great microbrews but something just didn't stand out. Maybe because I have been to so many microbrews I am becoming desensitized, or maybe that their beers are great just not Awesome. In most microbreweries there seems to be one beer that stands out amongst the rest. Barrios has some really great beer and is a great place to start on the Tuscon Microbrewery Circut but doesn't seem to have one beer that stands out.

I loved the atmosphere the staff seems very helpful but was the typical, "What can I get for you?" When I told him I'm new here the Male bartender let me sample a few 3oz shots but kept shuffeling around serving & cleaning wasn't much of a talker let alone an entertainer.

Next trip I'm gonna try Nimbus before I bring my mug back to Barrio's.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! N/A Great Great

Establishment: The Peekskill Brewery, Peekskill, NY

I went shopping in Monsey with a friend and we stopped in here to watch a New York Jets Playoff Game.

It's in a great location across the street from the MTA Metrolink Train Station. It was a little tricky to find if your driving here.

The service was decent even though the place was crowded watching the football game. The waitress got us everything we wanted and needed but was to busy to put the personal touch on and spend time talking about the beers.

This crowd in this place is what I would call Yuppiefied because it was a younger crowd that looked like they had money and would come in for a beer and a bite to eat without realizing how good the beers were.

The restaurant is located in 2 storefronts located around the corner from each other connected by a narrow hallway were the very small brewery is located. You can take the tour on the way to the bathroom.

They have a great selection of about 12 homebrewd beers. I couldn't see the beer selection menu very well because it was dark in the restaurant. The other problem was the brewery is so small that they did not have every beer selection in stock so all I could do is ask for my favorite Red Beer and hoped for the best. The beer was really awesome and tasted like it had a higher alcohol gravity then most microbrewries.

It's a great hangout place if your traveling between Poughkeepsie & Manhattan.

I kind of saddened that they didn't have a great selection of T-shirts like most Micro Breweries do so I didn't get one to advertise for them like I usually do.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Good Good Awesome!

Establishment: Cave Mountain Brewing Company, Windham, NY

I was visiting friends in Hyde Park, New York and saw Cave Mountains ad in a local brewpub paper so I took a ride up on a Sunday afternoon.

When I walked in I was amazed that they had a Yuppie Brewpub in the middle of nowhere. It seemed like a great place to hang out after skiing, especially with the eclectic art on the walls and the couches in the back. When I went to the restroom I was amazed to see how small the set up was for such a big place. The brewing equipment looked like something I could set up in my garage and throw a BBQ in my backyard with. I was amazed that the brewmaster could put out the amount of beer he was with such small equipment. My hats off to him.

The Sunday afternoon crowd seemed pretty steady for a small place but the staff seemed bored to be there. The staff looked like college students & not a smile or joke in the house.

I like to start out by saying I am normally a Red Beer Drinker, with heavy hop flavors. So, I ordered a the 6-6-6 (6-6oz samplers for $6). I started with the Blonde seemed very bland, it seemed like it needed to be a bit more creamy, more hoppie or something to give it a kick, I would suggest to the brewmaster to try the Manhatten Beach Blonde, in the Manhatten Beach, California brewery to see what a great Blonde Beer taste like. As I went around the other beers I was impressed. They all had great flavor for what they were, but the only one that stood out seemed to be the Centenial IPA. If they could get that strong Hoppy Flavor in a Red Beer I would be happy.

I went to order food and with the atmosphere I thought the menu would be a little more then what you could through on a grill or deep fry. As a jewish beer drinker Pulled Pork Sandwhiches didn't work for me. I would have liked to see something like a salmoned burger or something more vegeterian. It seemed like a great place to even have a sushi guy.

I would love to go back with a bunch of my friends and keep the place hopping.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Appalachian Brewing Company, Harrisburg, PA

After a long day visiting the HersheyWorld Museum and the Amish Country around Lancaster, Intercourse, Blue Balls and Virginville, Pa. I needed a beer.

Pubcrawler was down for renavations when I took off from New York to visit the Harrisburg, Pa area. I found this place thru the front desk clerk at the Baymont Hotel.

When my girlfriend and I walked in I thought I died and went to brewpub heaven. I always dreamed this is what a brewpub should look like. It's in an old brick building decor with glass windows to see the brew tanks. I got here late on a Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend and had no trouble getting a table.

The service was wonderful, maybe because it wasn't that crowded. I was kinda worried when I read the previous reviews but I had no problem ordering. The waiter was always there asking us if we needed anything. I did see some people coming out of an elevator but didn't realize what it was till I read the previous reviews and found out there was a 2nd bar upstairs. I would have liked to see it.

I ordered the Sampler which I thought was a little on the high side price wise ($9) but I couldn't complain with 8 six ounce glasses (thats like a 4 pack) when I realized it worked out cheaper then the pints. The only problem I had was the waiter didn't have a list of what was in the sampler so I had to guess what I was drinking. Out of the 8 beers 3 were good 2 were mid range and 3 were bad. I new the wheat beer was bad cause it was the one with the lemon in it, it just tasted like a flat IPA without any hazzey wheat color. 2 of what I thought were IPA's tasted watered down kind of like a light beer with no alcohol flavor. The one I really liked he thought was the Hoppy Trail followed by the darkest one they had at the time that looked like a brown and not a stout because it tasted more hoppie then a coffee or chocolate stout. I also like a darker beer that we couldn't figure out what it was. Next time I am in the area I would buy 1 pint at a time. My girlfriend ordered the homemade rootbeer over the homemade gingerbeer. It was the best homemade rootbeer we ever tasted.

The pretzel was a bit greasy or over buttered but it tasted good with the beer flavored mustard.

The atmosphere of the place is awesome even if it is located in a industrial area without any decent parking around. I wish all brewpubs were modeled after this place. It is the best one I have been to out of the 80 brewpubs and bars I have found thru


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Lousy Awesome!

Establishment: Gilded Otter, New Paltz, NY

I love the atmosphere of this place. Yes it is true, the brewpub tanks are right in the middle of this ski lodge type restaurant. The building is rock based on the outside and wood log bench tables and railings in the back.

The only problem I had here was as earlier mentioned I think they took some of the NitWits from town that walked by the big bay windows and hired them as waitress staff. The girl was always there when I had a mouth full of food asking if I needed anything then when I finally did need something I had to flag down the hostess to get her to find my waitress to order another beer. Her timing was so off it felt like she was late to a wedding and the reception. She had no clue about the beers but at least she knew enough to hand me a menu that explained the beer. When I asked if I could taste something so I didn't have to buy the whole pint she told me I had to buy a sampler for that and they charge $7.95 for 8 six ounce samples. I realized she was only a waitress with poor marketing training. I thought if I didn't like it whats the use of wasting good beer that someone else might drink. Sounded like she needed some training from Keegan Ale up in Kingston who has free sampling days.

From what I heard the menu use to be better. The hostest told me they change it every 6 months and the food has gone down hill over the last two years. It seemed like regular bar food to me which seemed to be a shame since they have a great Culinary School called the CIA just across the river. I ordered the Hamburger but it came with the fancy extras like a Kaiser Roll and Tomato, Onions and Lettuce on the side. It had a dap of Mayonase Bases Cole Slaw with no pickling that made it taste like eating mayonase straight from the jar and decent french fries. The burger was pretty tasty and very filling.

I tried to order a Chapter 11 Red Ale but they were all out of it because of the rotation of the tanks. I was very disappointed cause as in my other postings everyone knows I really love Red Ales. So I tried the Red Tail Lager which was very delicous. I was pretty suprised when I ordered a Chrimson lager and it tasted like a lighter version of the Red Tail Lager. Both beers were pretty awesome but I could see where they would be GABF worthy back when brewpubs where just coming out but nothing spectacular today. I do give them credit for rotating thier tanks and trying new stuff all the time. I just wish they had the timing down so they would have a Red Ale on tap all the time.

Great place to hang out and the town is a fun place when you want to get away from the stress of the big city. Great town to take Motorcycle ride to. Could be the next Sturgess.

Hope you like this place as much as I did!!!!!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A Good Awesome!

Establishment: Molly Darcy's Traditional Irish Pub and Grill, Danbury, CT

Not that far off the 84 Highway with huge parking lot.

Very Classy place with just the right amount of bar junk on the walls to make it interesting.

I stoped in for lunch and they had a few regulars who were very nice. The tall red haired bartender was a bit snooty but he fit into the typical high class of this Irish Bar. He just went thru the motions of getting my beer and handing me a menu, nothing spectacular and no extra chit chat. The cool thing about it was they have Irish Music playing throughout the resturant so you don't have to put your money in the Jukebox. The Irish music fit in perfect with the Irish Menu and the Irish Moteef. It looks like a fun place to hang out for dinner. I would drive the extra distance to come here rather then Mahony's in Poughkeepsie.

They have a great selection of Irish and English beers on tap including Guiness, Kilian's Irish Red, Bass & Harps and the usual Macros. The beer was fresh. All they need in this place is to get a brewmaster and start making there own beer.

The Menu was a little on the high priced side so I didn't get anything. It looked like they have a great selection of Irish food like Bangers & Mash. They also have a lot of Salmon along with Meat Dishes. I remember I thought it was interesting that the Veggie Burger was the cheapest thing on the menu. The only thing that kept me from ordering was the prices.

Very fun place to hang out, or to bring a date, or your mother for mothers day.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Hat City Ale House, Danbury, CT

Looks like a small place from the outside.

BEWARE THIS PLACE OPENS AT 7:00P.M.!!!! They do not have lunch hours so if your passing thru for lunch forget about it!!!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Lousy N/A Lousy So So

Establishment: Olde Erie Brew Pub and Grille, Middletown, NY

This in NOT a BREWPUB. When I asked the bartender if they were planning on making thier own beers he shrugged his shoulders and walked off to talk to the regular old grumps at the end of the round circle bar. As you can see the service was horrible so I didn't even bother to try to order food.

It has the regular Bud, Miller, Guiness Taps nothing spectaular. At least it was fresh beer. I didn't see any bottle display showing what they carried in bottles which couldn't be much because all the bottled beers where hidden under the bar.

It was the cleanest bar I have ever walked into and the bathrooms sparkled like it was just remodeled. It seemed out of place in this older spanish neighborhood. Looked like almost ghetto but what do I know being from Los Angeles.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy So So Good Awesome! So So

Establishment: Times Square Brewery, New York, NY

I read the reviews and I figured I am a tourist on the way back to Grand Central Station soI said what the hey.

I walked in at 4:00P.M. they had a nice tourist crowd but I still got a seat at the bar looking out the window. The bar is a nice 50's retro look.

The bartender was new from North Carolina so I got great service. He got my sampler and kept checking to see if I needed anything. He was answering all the typical tourist questions on where everything was located. He was a nice guy well tipped.

I felt sorry for him cause the beers were so bad. There was only one other brewery in Alhambra California that had worse beers then this place. When I got there they had a Blonde, Pilsner and four reds with no stouts. I could barely taste the beer over the water. It was like they needed to changed the tea bag. Every single beer I tasted was like they filled the glass with water then added beer flavoring. All I could tell myself is at least it isn't skank beer or infected with something. I know the local New Yorkers are very opinionated so I thought I would take a chance being a laid back Southern California Beer Drinker. But they are right this beer does suck. They must know their beer sucks also because they don't serve any other kind. Or maybe it is so bad Budwieser and Miller don't want thier beers anywhere near this place because it might go bad.

There are to many other bars and breweries in town. Try the others first before coming here.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Tir Na Nog, New York, NY

For us tourist this place is located on 8th Ave between 33 & 34th St. Kitty Corner to Penn Station & the Garden. Looks like part of the lobby of the hotel.

This bar is perfect. It made me feel like I was in Ireland instead of the middle of New York City (Manhatten). As a lost tourist by myself I felt a little uncomfortable in my shorts and T-shirts amongst all the suits and ties but the Funny men behind the bar made me feel right at home. The decor has a nice dark wood feel with old time Shandelairs(sp?) and pictures from the 1800's. Like as if you were in a old pub in Ireland.

The selection of beers is limited to Irish beers which is fine with me because it fits the bar perfectly. I had the most perfect Guiness I have ever had outside of Dublin and I treated myself to a boilermaker with Killian's Irish Red and a Jameson Irish Whisky. I was walking out of here feeling mighty happy.

Its a bit of a walk from Grand Central Station but worth every step. I wish every tourist would take this detour just to see this bar.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Ale Mary's Pub and Music Room, Millbrook, NY

I was shopping in Millbrook and just happened to pass this place.

Beware of the hours it is not open for the Lunch crowd.

It may be hard to find as it looked like a converted house and the entrance way is tucked away in the back so you might pass it as you are driving by.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Awesome! N/A Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Monte Carlo Pub and Brewery, Las Vegas, NV

I don't understand why everyone is complaining about this place. This place is in the middle of the biggest party place in the United States and they are trying to cater to the crowds that come to Las Vegas to have a great time. If you don't like the dancing sit somewhere else and hail down a cocktail waitress in the casino.

This place has a great beer selection and more. I tried thier Red beer. It was very bitter. Not what I am usually use to tasting I thought it would be more smooth. So I moved on the the Pale Ale and it was the best one I have tasted in town.

They have cool promotional glasses and they have a 167 ounce pitcher with a tap handle on the bottom which I thought was cool looking. 167 ounces was aproximatly 6 - 22 ounce glasses.

The thing I love about this place is you can get the beer list and order free samples while your playing at the tables or slot machines. The cocktail waitress deliver it right to your slot machines. What a great service.

They also have tours of the brewery starting at 8:00AM when the brewmaster starts brewing. I missed the tours because I was up to late and overslept.

Try this place with an open mind and don't judge them on the atmosphere only.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Good So So Good

Establishment: Big Dog's Brewing Company was Draft House Barn and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

I am glad the brewmaster of the Holy Cow is back in Buisness. The beer quality and taste is up to its wonderful standards. The taste of the Red and Pale Ale should be award winning.

This place is a bit hard to find but not that far from the strip. It seemed like only a short 2 or 3 mile drive up Rancho Rd north behind the Rio Casino.

I loved the beers but was in shock when I saw what the old Holy Cow turned into. The atmosphere looked like any regular old dumpy bar from back in the late 1970's. There was not as many slot machines to play while drinking the delicous beer. I even missed the self guided tours of the old Holy Cow where you could go ustairs and look and read how beer was made. If I didn't know the reputation of the old Holy Cow I would have skipped this place entirely and gone on to classier places like Monte Carlo or Ellis Island.

My only advise for this place is not to judge a book by its cover. The inside and outside might look like a dump but the beer and appitzers are great.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! N/A Good Awesome!

Establishment: Chicago Brewing Company, Las Vegas, NV

Yes as mentioned before this place is a bit of a distance from the strip but a short 7 mile drive up Sahara and right on Fort Apache.

I had already eaten at to many buffets before I got to this place so I didn't even look at the menu to know what a great pizza they had.

I sat in the bar and ordered the Red Beer while my girlfriend played the video poker that was installed in the bar. When I got the Pale I ordered it in the Chicago Mug.

The service at the bar was a bit slow. I had to flag down the bartender 3 times to get a drink but Omar the Persian guy at the door was very cool. He was all out of T-Shirts in my size but he ran around like a chicken without a head to find me something to take home with me to remember my experience which was pretty cool and funny.

When I went to cash out I only had to pay for the mug as you get free beers if your playing video poker at the bar.

The atmosphere was cool in an old brick building with the resturant area in the back and the rap around bar in the front and around to the side. Very nice place I would go back to again to try the pizza and hang out in the resturant.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Sweetwater Cafe, Kingston, NY

Great little place off the beaten path but worth the drive. I went for lunch but it was closed. As I was pulling away I noticed a guy in the driveway flag me down. It was the owner. The owner lives above the bar and runs an awning buisness during the day. He runs the bar in the evenings only. He opened up the bar just for me which was cool. I had Keegan Capitol One Ale. The owner needs help in the awning buisness he hit me up to help him in his day time buisness so if anyone is looking for work stop in and ask for the owner. He is a great guy. I don't do carpentry work so I didn't get the job but what a great concept "Construction and Beer".


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! N/A So So Great

Establishment: Goodfella's Inn, Hopewell Junction, NY

I was in the neighborhood and gave this place a 2nd chance. The weather was much warmer out this time.

They still had a staff that wasn't to well rehearsed on getting people their beers but at least there were 3 bartending girls this time who were getting drinks. Down side was you still had to wave them down to get their attention but this time they knew were the beer was.

The beer was tasting much better now that the taps were unfrozen. I moved out to the patio to listen to all the working peoples stories about what was happening on thier jobs when I looked out on the grass and noticed a horseshoe game. I thought this was the coolest thing so I started throwing and a few girls came to play with me. I hadn't noticed it before because it was covered by snow. It was way more fun then playing darts.

Great mix of people at this bar which included Harley Bikers and Correctional Officers (Jail Cops). Very freindly crowd. Much nicer then Mahoney's where I have to follow rules about which direction my hat is facing to drink.

Beware I notice a police station about 1/4 mile west on Route 52 near Route 376. You can have the bartender call for a free ride if you to tipsy. Free rides are cheaper then DUI's. Plan before you drink!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Marco Polo's Ristorante, Rhinebeck, NY

I was having trouble finding this place because the street numbers in the city of Rhinebeck had been changed from city street numbers to county street numbers. I stoped in to a local cigar shop to ask where Maro Polo's was and they said it went out of buisness a year ago and a new place took it over called the Terepan. I walked down the street to find the place and you need reservations to get into the resturant and I wasn't dressed for the occasion. I turned around and left but Marco Polo's is no longer in buisness.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: Hobnobbin Pub North, Hyde Park, NY

This place is located practically across the street from the CIA (Culinary Institue of America). It is down the street from Hyde Park Brewery and is close enough to make sure to go to both places in the same day.

This is a great Local Yockal pub to hang out at. Its almost like the television bar Cheers where some dramatic story is always going on with the regualars. Even the Bartenders get in the act. The women Bartenders are cute but its the drama they cause with the customers that makes this place a fun place to hang out at. The guy bartenders look like hot college student guys and looks like some of the college girls come to look at them. The beer caps screwed in along the edge of the bar is a bit much but thats the most annoying bar crap hanging from the walls.

The beer selection is pretty good with about 12 beers on tap and is very MicroBrew friendly. I love the Magic Hat # 9 they carry and YuengLings on Tap also. They also have a great Happy Hour. $2.25 for beer on tap between 2:00-4:00PM and 5:00-7:00PM so its like a double happy hour.

I don't know what they put in thier Meat but they have the Best most Delicious Hamburgers in the state of New York. I could just eat the meat and the bun. Skip the wings and go for the Hamburgers. I prefer the Hamburgers at Hobnobbin over the yuppie food at Hyde Park Brewery.

They have a huge parking lot. Watch out for the Hyde Park Police. They are sneaky once in a while like to hide in the driveways of the adjoining buisness waiting for drunk drivers to come out.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! So So N/A Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Keegan Ales, Kingston, NY

I finally found this place tucked away in an industrial complex part of Kingston off a narrow street. They have thier own parking lot which was cool cause street parking is hard on the narrow street.

There is not much to say about the three beers on tap that haven't already been said. They all taste great. The drinking room has gotten I little more complex with some couches and coffee tables as well as some high stools.

They still do not have a resturant set up but after talking to Tom Keegan one of the owners they were working on it. He gave me and my girlfriend a tour of the brewery in the back which can be seen thru a glass window of the bar.

Thursday and Fridays from 3-7 PM are Happy Hours which Tom Keegan gives out free taster cups of about 6 ounces and nobody stops you from getting seconds or thirds. They only have 3 beers on tap. I was kind of disappointed cause I like red beers and they didn't have any. He also doesn't make a hefeweizen which I thought was odd cause a lot of people enjoy those beers also. This is why I give it a SoSo in Selection.

The service is great nothing to complain about and the customers help you out telling the story and introducing you to the owner if you haven't figured it out when you walk in the door.

This is the coolest brewery I have been to and would come back to fill my crawler anytime. It matches the Red Car Brewery in Torranc California for being the coolest place around town.


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