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December 22, 2014 @ 04:04 AM EDT
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Beer Quality
Beer Selection Food Service Overall
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Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Lousy N/A Lousy So So

Establishment: Mahoney's Irish Pub and Restaurant, Poughkeepsie, NY

This bar has a great location and great set up with a resturant but is the worst bar I have been to in years.

It is located in the Parking lot of the Poughkeepsie train station. It looks like a great place as soon as you walk in but that were it ends.

As soon as I walked in and made it to the downstairs bar the lady bartender asked me to turn my baseball cap to face forward. I was very offended from the greating. She could have politely asked me and told me we don't dress like thate around this bar. It is January in New York of course I would be wearing a hat to cover my head from the cold weather. Who cares if my baseball cap is facing forward or backward, we are in a bar for Christ sake. I was the only one in the bar other then the owner chatting up the suits from Budweiser on how the can get the specials promos set up.

They only have 6 beer taps the usual Budweiser set up. No Miller promos. They had a 3 Irish taps but thats where the Irish part ends. It was set up for an american Budwieser crowd. The promos they were trying to set up was to get the college crowd in. The only people I can see coming here are the suits that get off the train from Manhatten because of the location.

I wasn't offered a menu to even see what they had to eat. Mostly because the bartender was worried about making signs for the Martini Specials.

I wouldn't come back here for beer if my life depended on it. I would rather have gone up Route 9 to Hobnobbin where the burgers are the best I ever had.

I would avoid this place at all cost.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Great Awesome! Great

Establishment: Heartland Brewery-Midtown, New York, NY

I stoped in after doing some banking on Madison Ave. to get warmed up. This place was a little tricky to find as the entrance was on 51st St and not on 6th Ave.

The Atmosphere was pretty cool, not to corporate but not to sleaze bar like either.

I had the full 8 sampler which was the 5 regular taps and 3 specialty taps. I liked the Cornhusker Lager the best. The Stout ran a pretty close 2nd tasted very coffee like and was suppose to have won some awards back in the day. They also had an interesting Honey Stout Specialty Tap.

I had the mini hamburgers which were pretty good but I have had better bar burgers.

I got there around 3:00P.M. and the day shift bartender from Conneticut was pretty cool real nice guy to chat with. The night shift switched out at 4:00P.M. and there was a very sexy skinny Asian Girl with a dragon tattoo on her back. I wasn't dressed like typical suit New York Fashion so she didn't pay to much attention to me so I left.

Yes this place is outragesly expensive. I wouldn't mind coming here if I had a job with an expense account but other wise as an average Joe, I could not afford to hang out here on a Friday Night.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Good Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Hyde Park Brewing Company, Hyde Park, NY

I love the atmosphere of this place. It is located in Mansion Row directley across from the FDRoosevelt Presidental Library. I think his spirt comes across Route 9 to come have a beer here as he is buried on the grounds of the Library like Elvis lies at Graceland in Memphis.

The Rough Rider Red was the best beer they have the Blonde and the S.O.B. seemed kind of watered down.

The cheese soup and the fish and chips were great. The french fries were big steak fat fries mixed in with sweet potato fries. It was delicious it made up for the water downed beers.

The service was wonderful the blonde jewish girl with the nice rear end was very helpfull.

Even the requlars were very talkative and friendly. Not the typical drunk types just the local joe stoping by for a beer and leaving.

Awesome place would visit again and again!!!!!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great N/A N/A Great

Establishment: Gentleman Jim's Restaurant and Pub, Poughkeepsie, NY

Beware of the hours at this place. I tried to stop in about 12:30P.M.(Lunch Time) and the parking lot had 3 cars in it.

The door was unlocked so I walked in. Nobody was inside so I walked behind the bar and poured myself a beer from the tap that looked like a Blonde Girl on the Tap Handle.

I waited for an hour and nobody came in or out so I left $1.00 in my empty glass. The beer was delicious but I was scared I was gonna get in trouble for stealing beer.

The chalkboard on the wall said the price of the wings has gone up to 12 cents each. I couldn't order any because nobody was around.

I didn't get any service because nobody was around either. It seemed like a classy resturarnt with a bar.

As I left I noticed a small sign that said closed Mondays and open from 5:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M. the rest of the week. It must be nice when your whole staff has a day job. To bad they are losing out on the lunch crowd


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Awesome! Good Awesome!

Establishment: Ugly Gus Cafe and Bar was Conca Doro Silcilian, Kingston, NY

The name of this place has changed from Conca Dora Silician Resturant & Bar to Ugly Gus Cafe & Bar.

I had a little trouble finding the place as its on a one way street in a residential district in a converted house behind a church. They use the churches parking lot for parking.

My girlfriend had Calamari and Philly Steak Sandwhich, I had the Hummus & burger.

I drank an Old Capitol Ale. It was so good I ordered a second one. The selections are average as it seems they cater to a upscale shirt and tie crowd. The food and atmosphers is way better then the beer selection.

The service started off well but it seemed to slow down as the night went on from the waitress with the nice toosh and tounge ring.

I would come back here just for the food.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! So So N/A Good So So

Establishment: Beech Tree Grill, Poughkeepsie, NY

This bar is in a cute neighborhood overlooking Vassar College where Jaqueline Buveia-Kennedy-Oanasis went to college.

It is a very Houtie Toutie Bar Resturant. Went I first walked in there were a half a dozen suits with well dressed ladies. I felt out of place with my T-shirt and baseball cap.

This have about 9 beers on tap very limited selection but the ones they have are top of the line beers like Chamey and Guiness. I had a Magic Hat # 9 on tap and an Lucky Dog Old Scratchy Amber Ale which were both very delicious.

The food was way overpriced I guess to make up for the cheap beer prices, so I didn't order anything. The French Onion soup looked good but was way to much for and order of $4.00.

The service was okay but the lady bartender didn't do anything special for me other then get my beer. She was not much of a conversationalist.

The atmosphere was just another bar nothing special it was more set up for the resturant crowd which didn't impress me. I don't think I would go out of my way to go here uneless someone else asked me to because there are so many other cool looking bars in the Poughkeepsie area.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
So So Awesome! N/A Lousy Awesome!

Establishment: Goodfella's Inn, Hopewell Junction, NY

I just moved from Los Angeles, California to Upstate New York. This was the first official bar I stoped at to review.

Someone in management really knows there selection of bottled and tapped beers but it stops there. The young girl bartender had no idea where the great selection of bottled beers were and it took forever to get served if you ordered something other then a MacroBrew (bud,miller.

I am not use to the cold weather yet but I have never seen a tap freeze up like at this place. I ordered a Scaranza and it wouldn't come out of the tap because it froze up. I then ordered a Broklyn Lager and that wasn't working either so I ordered it in the bottle. The dufus girl bartender gave me a Broklyn Hefewiez that was a year old. I don't like Hefewiez beers especially when they are a year old. So I settled into a could of Yuengling Lagers on Tap which were pretty tastey.

I like the working class atmosphere of this bar, it looks like a converted house and would be a great place to hang out in the summer time with the outdoor tables. Looked like a lot of happy hour people were stopping in after work. The people that stopped by looked like they had no idea of what a great selection there was bottled there and it tasted like a lot of it was getting stale because of the uneducated staff and customers.

It looks like they need to educate the staff to push the products because its is getting stale sitting on the shelfs. I couldn't get the bartenders attention long enough to order food so I just drank my beer and left.

I like the atmosphere of the place I just wish they would hire someone at the bar who knew what the hell they were doing.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good N/A Good Good

Establishment: Thirsty Isle, Long Beach, CA

Okay I traveled from San Pedro all the way thru Long Beach. This was my 5th stop today . Two beer pubs were closed by the time I got to this place.

I got here at 5:30P.M. and I almost fell over when I saw the Really Hot Asian Bartender. I didn't get a chance to warm up to her by the time she had her shift change at 6:00P.M. The white girl who took over for her was total opposite in personality. The Asian bartender was friendly and the White young girl who took over for her was totally cold.

I put in my money at 5:45 to listen to the Juke Box. There were 5 guys in the bar. Two were drunk, two were playing pool and me. When the Monday Night Football Game came on at 6:05P.M. the white bartender turned off the JukeBox. I told her I just put in $5 worth of music and she told Me I don't care I have to turn it off because of Monday Night football. One of the two drunks said I can watch the football game with the music playing. She said NO I hate this music anyway. I finished my beer and left.

They have the regular Macro Brew Taps which include Budweiser and Miller's but they also have Sierra Nevada. They have 34oz. Glasses as well as Scooners.

Parking would be better around back.

I didn't try any of the food because I was full from all the other stops I made today.

I would come back during the day to make friends with the Asian Bartender who is studying to be a Register Nurse.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Great Awesome! So So

Establishment: Limerick's Irish Pub, Long Beach, CA

I was on a roll today. I was at 2 out of 3 closed bars between San Pedro and Long Beach by the time I stopped here. This was my 4th stop.

I came down Ocean Ave. to 2nd Ave. I passed up quite a few better looking Pubs including a B.J.'s Pizza Palor and Brewery to stop here only to be disappointed.

It has a Great selection of Irish Beers, but noting as sepectacular as the Yard House or Red Car Brewery in Torrance.

I tried an appetizer called the New Potato which were mini Potatos dipped in Buffalo Wing sauce. It was pretty good but just another Hot & Spicy Appetizer to get you thirsty to buy more beer.

The regulars were pretty flirty as was the bartender.

I loved the service but hated the crap hanging on the wall atmosphere. I would rather have gone down the block to B.J.', Yard House or Red Rock Corporate Brewery's.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
N/A N/A N/A N/A Lousy

Establishment: Blue Cafe, Long Beach, CA

After finding out the Whale Ale in San Pedro was closed I stopped at San Pedro Brewery which wasn't to far away from this place.

When I made it here I freaked out. The 10 story building next door was being remodeled and the Promenade looked like a mess. This place was closed and the outdoor patio looked like it was also under construction. It had tables everywhere. Chairs stacked up against the rail. Cigarette butts and old glasses left outside on the tables. I look thru the windows to see if this place was closed down but saw all the taps and tables and chairs set up. If I was a health inspector I would have failed this place. I will never come back to this place. There are plenty of other great bars in Long Beach. To start just down Pine street at Rock Bottom and the Yard House at Shoreline Village.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Whale and Ale, San Pedro, CA

I took an hour ride to get to this place at 12:00P.M. Today (Monday 12/20/04). They had a sign on the door closed until 5:00P.M. if I had any questions leave a note in the mailbox. I wrote a note that said HA HA I drove an hour to get here now I am never coming back and I am telling everyone on to call before they head out here to make sure they are open before driving here.

The Street Parking wasn't bad at the meter and looked kind of decent thru the window. But since they were closed they lost my buisness forever.

If this happends to you don't worry. I walked around the corner to the more well known and one of my favorite place the San Pedro Brewery on 6th St. I love the Atmosphere and beer at San Pedro Brewery and the food isn't bad also.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Lousy N/A Awesome! Great

Establishment: Venice Whaler , Los Angeles, CA

I just happened to type in the 310 Area Code in the Pubcrawler search engine when I noticed this place pop up that didn't come up when I went thru the Guide Los Angeles So I decided to try it since it was close by.

The Beer selection is very week. They just have American Macro Brews on Tap. The usual Budweiser and Millers. Yet they do carry Sierra Nevada that always taste great. The Sierra was a little pricey at $5 a pint.

I didn't try any of the food because I wasn't hungry and the bartender was kinda busy to hand me a menu.

The service was great. The Bartender got me what I needed even tough she was very busy.

They layout of this place is pretty amazing. If you want a great view of the Pacific Ocean get there early and go upstairs and get a stool at the window or outside on the balcony patio. Its first come first serve upstairs. Downstairs you can people watch on Venice Beach where the Bikini's always fit just right. They have street parking at meters that can get kind of hectic in front of the place, and an overpriced beach parking right next door. If you get lucky enough you can go a block in either direction and find free street parking but don't count on it especially on warm weekend days.

Its worth hanging out at just to watch the girls go by or guys whichever your preference.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Good Good

Establishment: Yard House, Long Beach, CA

All the previous reviews tell the story.

It is overpriced but has a great selection of beers. It has 150 beers on the menu over 200 on tap. The food is great but way overpriced. And Yes they got thier name by having glasses that are 3 feet tall hense the name Yard House. They also have 1/2 Yards and pints. I had a Yard Glass of Portland Honey Beer which cost $22 and if I broke the glass they would charge me an extra $20.

The things that have changed since I have last been here is the city of Long Beach is charging for the Parking in the Park across the street so you might as well park in the Shoreline village Lot. They have banned Cigar Smoking on the patio over looking the Queen Mary. They have also taken out the display case with the Cigars and T-Shirts.

I am sad to say this place is going Corporate like Rock Bottom, Gordon Birsh, Oggi's and BJ's Pizza. I will probably stop going back here because it seems to be losing a little bit of its soul every time I come here.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Lousy Lousy So So

Establishment: Joe Jost's, Long Beach, CA

This place didn't impress me at all. First of all it was in what seemed like a gang infested neighborhood. When I got there at 4:00P.M. There were a ton of kids and school buses driving down the street.

Beware street parking is at a premium and there are police driving by to watch the gangs and kids running around.

When I got in I went to pee and check out the place. They had several pool tables in the back but nobody was playing. They have a lot of memorablia on the walls which was the coolest thing about this place.

At least they had Harp's on tap. They also had Sierra Nevada but they throw a loop in it by putting Pabst Blue Ribbon on Tap also.

I read the previous reviews and tried the pickled Eggs because the seemed to be selling pretty fast. I almost died, I couldn't stop gagging. I had to drink 3 Harps to wash down the taste. It was the most horrible thing I ever tasted.

The service was pretty bad. They had four bartenders three of them hung out with the regulars at the end of the bar the forth didn't have time to answer my questions about buying a T-shirt.

I would drive the extra time to go the EJ Malloys. If I was in a Yuppie mood I would go to Belmont Shore Brewery, The Yard House or Rock Bottom which is not to far away.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good N/A Great Awesome!

Establishment: Cat n' Fiddle, Los Angeles, CA

I use to hang out at this place with a group of people when I worked at Universal Studios. We use to go listen to the Jazz Bands on the Patio on Sunday nights. This is the first time I have been back here in 4 years.

This is a way better English Pub then Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena. It doesn't seem quite as English as Ye Old Kings Head in Santa Monica. It still has the great dart games in the back but the Patio is the place to be seen.

The Beers seem more Irish then English because of the Guiness & Harps. The menu is very English but I didn't order anything.

The Service was great. Ashley was the cute bartenders name and she was the owners Daughter. Her dad was suppose to be a famous musician who played bass in bands like Rolling Stones.

I love hanging out on the patio drinking beers. I wish every bar in Los Angeles had a patio like this. The Yard House in Long Beach has a patio that comes close to this but they need a fountain and a band.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: Barney's Beanery, West Hollywood, CA

This is the first time I have been to Barney's in years mostly because it was to crowded and there is never any parking in the early 1980's when I came of age.

The parking has gotten even worse and they have taken away a lot of taps from what I remember. I was reading the extensive menu that the management changed in 1998. It looks like they opened up the bar area from what I remember as a small cramped bar space and a let you look over the large resturant.

This has become mostly a cool old time resturant like what I remember my dad use to take us to when he use to drive back east on Route 66.

They have a very Yuppie Bar Selection on Tap which consist of FireStone, Sierra Nevada, XX Dos Equis, Bud Light & Harps and many more on tap. They also have a pretty average bottle selection that you can find in any supermarket with a large beer section.

The Menu is pretty cool because it reads like a newspaper. You could be there for hours reading thru it. This place was started by a guy named Barney Anderson in 1920 who added on the bar after prohabition in the 1930's. It looks like it has gone back to its roots as a Chilli Resturant. Get it Chilli's have beans in it hense the Beanery name. He sold it in the early 1970's when it became trendy with the music crowd as it is not to far off the Sunset Strip.

Lisa the Bartender was pretty cute and pretty helpful. But there was a ton of regular macho guys trying to hit on her so I just drank my delcious beer.

I wouldn't mind hanging out here but it seems to old and out dated. I would bring a date here just for nastalgia purposes.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: Ojai Brew Pub, Ojai, CA

The earlier reviews of this place got me sceptical but I loved it. After all if Larry Hagman of Dallas & I Dream of Genie Fame can come in this place as an alcoholic it must be good. They don't have all this bar junk hanging all over the walls. It seems pretty classy when the band came in at 9:00PM.

The selection is a bit weak, they only serve whatever they have brewed themselves. The Pale Ales were really awesome.

I loved thier huge Onion Rings and the regulars must love the food because the resturant was packed.

It was worth the traveling. If you don't like the entertaining staff or the regulars at the bar you can always read the beer books displayed in the window and maybe if you are nice they will take your picture and put it in thier photo albums.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Awesome! Good Great

Establishment: Anacapa Brewing Company, Ventura , CA

Me and my brother stoped here after we took his dog Lucky to the beach for the first time. We were starving and looking for a good place to eat. Some surfers on the beach suggested this place.

The Beers were surprisingly great. I had my usual Red but it was a bit heavy for the delicious BBQ Chicken Sandwhich I had.

The service can get a bit slow on the patio but the waitresses were nice once you flagged them outside.

They do sell Crawlers for $15 also if you want to take some beer to the beach with you. It reminded me of the Manhatten Beach Brewing Company in Manhatten Beach California but without a view of the Sunset.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! N/A Lousy Good

Establishment: Weiland Brewery Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

I started out at 6740 bar in Whittier. I got a bit typsy so it made me forget about the bad experience I had trying to get to P.E. Cole's in Downtown Los Angeles last week. This place is near Little Toyko. Beware it is the back of a parking lot in an old brick building, I almost past it 3 times.

This place is in line with the Bonaventure Brewery. Great MicroBrews, I had a Pale Ale and Amber Ale which tasted great. If you get tired of this place you can head over to the Bonaventure it is not that far away.

I didn't even try to get a menu to eat because the bartender was to busy playing with his laptop computer in the back resturant area he didn't even care about the customers. I tried to ask the waitress about the T-Shirts and she told me to ask the bartender. When I asked the bartender he said they don't have any T-shirts so I asked why are they hanging above the door that buy one. He shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

This place has potential but I guess the staff is tired of dealing with stuck up lawyers and detectives all day. The bad attitude of the staff brought my overall stay here down to a good instead of great.

Great place for beers but bring your own crowd for entertainment.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Great Awesome! Great

Establishment: 6740, Whittier, CA

When I started to head here I was thinking Gangster 'Hood. This Bar is in a cute neighborhood called Uptown Whittier which could compete with Old Town Pasadena or 3rd St. Promanade in Santa Monica.

Neighborhood Parking was cool. This place has the room to put some tanks in and try brewing their own beer but looks like they obted for the dance floor instead. They have about 20 beers on tap but it was kinda dark in the back and couldn't read all the tap handles. So I played it safe and ordered a Sierra Neveda to Start then 4 more I.P.A's after that.

The food was pretty good. I had Plantain Appetizer(fried bannana) that is a specialty in places like cuba or the phillipines. I had the Carne Asada Tacos that were a bit greasy but went good with the beers.

The regulars are very friendly. They make you feel more at home then the staff. I never got the bar tenders name because I was having great conversations with the regulars. Heather is a new waitress only working there a year and has a cute body so the ugly one must be gone. Beware of the regulars they will keep you in conversation so much you might lose count of how much you are drinking like I did and walk out kinda tipsy.

I wouldn't mind hanging out here if I didn't live so far away.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Great Good Good

Establishment: Ye Olde King's Head Pub, Santa Monica, CA

Ok I stoped in here on a really cold night. Its a short 1/2 block walk to the beach. The only problem is you have to beat your way thru the tourist and over the sleeping homeless.

I have to compare this place to Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena because of the English influence but thats where its stops. This place is WAY BETTER!!! then Lucky Baldwins. It has real English Bar Tenders and real English customers. It is very roomie in here.

I don't like English beers but they have a great selection of them, but not much else.

The service is good when you can fight your way up to the bar or wait a while to grab a waitress. The Bar tender was very nice when I had a chance to chat with her.

I had chicken strips that were very delicious. But wished they had more of a selection on the menu.

I would feel right at home at this place if I were an englishman watching a football (soccer to americans) on the teli or at Epcot visiting and English Pub.

I would take my family here if we decided to stop for a pint after walking on the beach.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! N/A So So Good

Establishment: Henry N' Harry's Goathill Tavern, Costa Mesa, CA

Okay here is my story!! It has all been said in th previous reviews.

I couldn't choose a beer because of all the great selections. But I did order Red Hook, Kona Long Board and a Killian's Red.

The only food I saw was the $1 Small or $2 Large Basket of Peanuts.

There was only 1 Bartender at 12:00 Noon and it was busy by 1:00PM with the regulars. So got no personal service.

I have seen the same crap on the walls at Webers in Reseda in the San Fernando Valley this past weekend but this place had a twist. Their crap on the walls had a ton of tap handles mounted on the ceiling in the back room with the pool tables which I thought was really interesting but not as homey as the Snake Pit on Melrose in Hollywood.

The only reason I drove this far is because this place was on the news. Here is the news story as I heard it: Girl gets drunk at this bar and has friends call 1-800-4MY-TAXI for a designated driver. She never made it home in a timely fashion so friends call neighbors. Neighbors see Taxi outside so they go check and find her in back seat unrobbed with Taxi Driver. She claims rape. The police let the Taxi Driver off 3 Days later claiming it was consentual sex. I thought if all the chicks in this bar are this easy I might get lucky.

Guess What? after 3 hours I did get lucky in a 3some with a couple.

This Bar was well worth the 45 mile one way trip from Hollywood.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Rosen Brewery and Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

I drove by this place today and noticed the name had changed to the Luna Cafe. They were still working on the remodel so I don't know if they are still a brewery.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! So So Good Lousy So So

Establishment: Weber's Place, Reseda, CA

As earlier reviews state, Just a Joe Six Pack Bar. I could have staying in my neighborhood and gone to the Snake Pit on Melrose and gotten a better beer selection. The best they had were Bass & Seirra Nevada on tap. NO MICROBREWS!!!

I had a large 32oz. Glass of Sierra Nevada. Previous reviewers say the Buffalo Wings were great. I thought they were just ok. Nothing like Gators in Wheeling Chicago. It was kind of interesting ordering thru the big lips that give a view to the kitchen.

The service is still horrible. I had a Thai Lady Bartender with baby teeth. She was more interested in the Day Shift Bartender selling makeup on the side then serving her customers. She did not even know which remotes ran the televisions to put the sound on for the Lakers Games. Don't get me wrong I love hot asian girls running a bar, but the thai girls at Que's Riverbottom Bar & Thai Grill in Burbank put on a better show.

The regulars are a mixed breed of sports fans and regular valley drunks. But it goes well with the wagon wheels, stuffed bears, model ships & classic posters hanging from the cieling.

I might hang out here if I had a crowd to hang out with but otherwise I would probably talk everyone into going over to B.J's Pizza because of the better food.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Cole's P.E. Buffet, Los Angeles, CA

I went to this place after finding out the Stuffed Sandwhich was closed due to illness.

I took my life in my hands getting to this place. Its on the border of ugly downtown Los Angeles. I got there around 3:00 P.M. just as parking on the street was disappering. Appearently there is no Parking between 3:00-7:00P.M. on the streets of downtown so I had to find parking 10 blocks away on the other side of the 110 freeway and walk back. There are so many homeless people there begging for money it wasn't worth the hassle. It is not to far from the Midnight Mission and all the drug hotels. Only to find out they were filming a movie in this place and weren't letting any customers in.

Looked like a nice place with all the movie lights but don't think I will go back unless they get a valet parker for my van. I hate walking thru Downtown Los Angeles its scary.


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