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December 17, 2014 @ 04:11 PM EDT
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Beer Quality
Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Good Great

Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Stuffed Sandwich, San Gabriel, CA

Drove all the way from Hollywood, California but this place was closed. Sign sad the guy that runs the place was in the Hospital for surgery and the part time help was only working Thursday, Friday & Saturdays in the afternoon/evening. Thru the month of November and would be closed for Thanksgiving weekend.

I hope he gets better soon it looks like a fun place to hang out on the patio. I wish him a happy and safe recovery. Best wishes and hopes he gets well soon.

Your loving customer!!!!!


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! So So Great Great

Establishment: Crown City Brewery, Pasadena, CA

I walked to this place after bad visit at Lucky Baldwin's. This is my first time back in 3 years after getting a Shirt for drinking 100 beers and getting my name on the wall and a free shirt.

They no longer brew beers on location but they moved the brewery up the street. The beers they brew are always delicious I had a pale ale and an amber beer. They also have over 100 beers in bottles and a great tap selection. The food hasn't gotten any better but the still have a mediocore burger and chili fries.

I like the space in this place and the bartenders are always nice especially if you love golf. Its one of the best brewery's in Pasadena. I would take my friends here


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! So So So So So So

Establishment: Lucky Baldwin's, Pasadena, CA

I ended up her just because it has the most ratings in the Los Angeles area as of October 2004.

I got clostriphobic at this place even though it was empty at lunch time on a Monday. They have a wierd Sandwhich shop in the front making the bar in the back very small. They try to make it a small English Pub feel but it makes the atmosphere wierd.

The service was okay typical can I get you a beer/menu conversation.

If your not into European Beers skip this place. The only thing I recognized on tap was Sierra Nevada. They have English, Belgen, and Irish beers on tap. Mostly Dark and Brown's. I had a Christmas Brown Special and a Craftsman Pale Ale which had Orange in it. I give them credit for having an original selection but if your into MicroBrews or American Beers this place is not for you.

The food is english style like fish and chips or bangers and mash. I had a grilled cheese cause I love a good Hamburger or Pizza America style but didn't want to drink on an empty stomache.

Even though the selection is good for a european style I wouldn't go back here even if someone asked me too. I would take the 3 block walk in any direction to either Crown City Brewery on Raymond & Del Mar or the Yard House in the mall just up Colorado. It doesn't suite me as an american beer drinker.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! So So Great Good

Establishment: Alcatraz Brewing Company, Orange, CA

The Location is great in an outdoor California Mall. The Atmosphere is cool. They set it up with San Fransico Monuments inside like the Golden Gate Bridge, Water Tower and the booths are set in the Cliffside.

The beers are really good. I had the Searchlight, The Pelican Pale Ale, and the Big House Red. The Quaility was awesome but I thought they had them listed wrong (this is why I droped it down to a Great Rating). The Pale Ale tasted more like a Red and the Red tasted more like a brown. The brown tasted more like a stout. They were all delicious but when the brewmaster asked what I thought I told him the truth and he got offended and walked away. They also have 2 heifeweizens on tap. They are not my style. The beers are really good though.

The food is way over priced. It was $9 - $12 for a burger at lunch time. I had what amounted to chicken strips. They gave me 3 huge chicken strips and 2 dipping sauces. If I had 4 people someone would have been cheated out. I like smaller portions broken up into 6 or 8 so I can share. It tasted ok but was way over priced. It sounded like they were making up for the cheap beer prices.

The service was nice got everything I asked for but the bartender didn't have that extra pizzaz like she was just doing her job. The night shift came in sick claiming someone else called in sick before him. I didn't want to be served by a person with the flu so I left.

Its a fun place to stop while your shopping but I wouldn't go out of my way to hang out here.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Great

Establishment: BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, Burbank, CA

This BJ's took over the old Bobby McGee's Location. This Bj's is a little bigger then the BJ's on Huntington Drive near Santa Anita Race Track but smaller then the one in Canoga Park.

I think this place is the perfect Corporate MicroBrewery. They have 6 of thier own Microbrews on tap 7 if you count the specialty beer. The Quality of the beer is Awesome at all 3 locations that I have been to so far. I had my favorites the Blonde, Pirhana Pale Ale, and Jerimha Red. There isn't a bad microbrew in the house.

I had the Jalapeno Poppers and an Individual Cheese Pizza. The food was delicious and the Pizza wasn't as greasy as BJ's on Huntington Dr.

The Service is way better then Canoga Park. Bartender was friendly and talked baseball but wish they had better looking waitress.

They only reason why I could not give the establishment an overall awesome is because of the parking. They tried to charge me for valet on a rainy day and wouldn't let me self park. I think they like to keep your keys to keep you from drinking and driving. If you are creative you can find parking in the neighborhood and walk a couple of blocks. The Location is kitty corner to the double tower high rise Holiday Inn in Burbank


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Lousy Awesome! Lousy Good

Establishment: Gators, Wheeling, IL

My brother and I were staying in Glenview for a cousins wedding and stoped in this place because it was just up Milwalkee Ave.

Its a good neighborhood bar. The beer selection is the standard is so typical of a beer bar. The standard Budweiser/Miller wars going on. They do have the popular midwest beers called Old Style and Goose Islandthat we don't get in the Los Angeles area. They don't try to import a Gator Beer from Florida to match the name of the bar. My brother and I had a pitcher of Goose Island that was very tastey and had good quality for an amber beer.

We ordered the buffalo wings because of the previous suggestions that they were good. They were the meatiest, largest buffalo wings I have ever had. They weren't overly vinegared as most bars do in California. They are the best Buffalo Wings I have ever had and I don't normally order them because of the vinegar.

We walked in at 2:00P.M and the bar had 3 small crowds and not one table was cleaned. There was a busboy who was doing everything else but cleaning tables. We had to push glasses and plates out of the way to sit at the bar. It took Margaret the Bartender until close to 4:00P.M. to clean up the place. Margaret has the personality of a typical European Women, we tried to make conversation but didn't want to know from us because we weren't regulars.

The bar is a great place to play darts or watch a game but remember to bring your own friends because they aren't to friendly with outsiders at this bar.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Great Great Awesome! Great

Establishment: Sonny McLean's Irish Pub and Restaurant, Santa Monica, CA

This bar is way better then Father's Office on Montana and not that far away.

They have a great selection of domestic and some unusual beers like Redhook on tap. This is an Irish based bar so if you like Guiness, Bass or Harps and are on the Westside this is the place for you. The owners must be Boston Based Irish because they love the Boston Red Sox's.

The Boneless Buffalo Wings had a bit to much vinegar for me. But it helped me drink more beer.

The Redhook was Flat, and the Bass wasn't pouring well tonight but tasted fine.

This bar has more room to watch a game then the Snake Pit on Melrose but has the same Personality with Awesome Bartenders and regular Joe Six Pack Customers. There were a few couples in tonight and a couple of drunks. But there are plenty of hide away spots to hang out at in this bar and there is a continus Pool Game going on in the back room.

Great Atomosphere should be voted best dive Bar on the westside fits it perfect. Not as much clutter on the walls as the Pitcher House in Hermosa Beach.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great Good Lousy Great

Establishment: Rock Bottom Brewery, Long Beach, CA

This is a typical corporate overpriced microbrewery. They make awesome beer and mediocore food. But it is so corporate the bartenders and servers have this snobby attitude.

I like the last person's comments about the YardHouse down the street. They have a nicer attitude better overpriced food and the gimmick of glasses that are 3 feet tall.

If I want to go for the corporate microbrewery I would go to BJ's Pizza for cheaper priced great food. If you don't want to travel to far try Red Car in Torrance for a Sole Propritor great beers with good food.

I would probably avoid this place because there are so many other good places around town. I would only go if someone dragged me here.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Awesome! Great Awesome!

Establishment: EJ Malloy's, Long Beach, CA

I like the atmosphere of this place. It is a great clean neighborhood bar with a big screen right behind the bar and a patio out back.

This bar is off the beaten path in a neighborhood that seems strange. This is why it was probably empty during the lunch hour because the neighbors don't know what a classic place they have.

The chicken strips I had during lunch were delicious.

The Bartender was nice I was the only one in the bar and she spent time filling up ketchup bottles instead of making conversation.

The beer tasted good but the selection was weak. They had some microbrews but not very many. The only thing I saw was Firestone and Sierra Neveda. If I was going for beers I would go to the Snake Pit on Melrose. If I was going to meet someone in a fancy neighborhood bar I would take them here.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! So So N/A So So So So

Establishment: Pitcher House, Hermosa Beach, CA

I went here looking for microbrews and found nothing but a local neighborhood bar with antique junk all over the walls.

They had a couple of Microbrews in bottles nothing on tap but Macrobrews. I had a Bass & Michelob Ultra.

It was a typical bar wasn't even worth trying to order something to eat. I would have rather played pool or ping pong if it wasn't for the crazies singing karoke.

The bartender was hanging out with the locals getting them drunk. One of them was drunk and tryed to sell girl scout nuts to everyone. The girl bartender just served me my beers when I made eye contact with her and had to raise my glass for service.

Don't spend the time to travel to this place. Skip it and go the extra few blocks to Naja's on the pier. At least Naja's has a band over the Karoke and has way more selection of beers. Naja's is walking distance.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Great Awesome! Great

Establishment: Outlaw's Bar and Grill, Playa Del Rey, CA

This place has nice atmosphere. Like the old wildwest at the beach. It was ironic that L.A.P.D use this place as a lunch stop. Police and Outlaws hehehe.

They don't have very many beers on tap but they have Rogue Dead Ale and Angel City on tap. Great Selections for MicroBrew Fans. They have plenty of MicroBrew bottles.

I had Chicken and Mash Potatoes. The Mash Potatoes would have tasted better if it was Garlic Mash Potatoes instead of with gravey. The Chicken was great but had to ask for BBQ sauce to livin' it up.

Vincent the Bartender was a nice guy and kept the place lively. He paid attention to all 8 customers that were in here at 5:00P.M. I don't understand why this place is so empty it seems like a nice hang out by the beach.

The Parking can get tight with a large crowd. The Neighborhood has plenty of other bars if you want to go bar hopping.

Its a fun place to hang out and watch a game.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! So So Awesome! Great

Establishment: BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, Arcadia, CA

Typical Corporate MicroBrewery. The BJ's on Canoga was a bit bigger and more roomy. This BJ's has a smaller bar.

The beer is awesome as usual for BJ's I had a Red, Blonde, and Pale Ale. All my favorites.

I ordered a Pizza to go. It was very greasy and got my stomache upset and had heartburn from it.

The service was perfect for a growded bar. Joy the Bartender was a hot asian girl who knows how to take care of her customers.

The Parking is easy to get into and is a great place to stop in after going to Santa Anita Race Track.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Great Awesome! Great

Establishment: Sierra Madre Brewing Company, Sierra Madre, CA

Okay I went back to this place after opening day at Santa Anita Race track.

They were out of most of their beers. I tried to order a red but they were out. The bartender poured what she had left which was a pale ale. I met one of the owners who said they brew their own beers offsite because they didn't have room to do it in the bar. This bar is very small a but a great atmosphere.

The beer was great for what they had.

A vendor walked in and had us sample the Sweet Potato fry's. They were delicious and not as oily as the ones at Father's Office in Santa Monica.

The Bartender waitress was funny. Had a great neighborhood personality. Was a great place to stop if you are in the neighborhood. But remember its small and has that small town feel to it.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Lousy Good

Establishment: Yard House, Pasadena, CA

I went there for happy hour. The Patio was empty so I sat outside. The patio is a blocked off section of a 2nd floor mall. It is the only patio I ever sat in without a view. the inside looks nice for a bar.

I ordered a Yard of Portland Honey Beer. It was very tastey. But very Expensive!!! $22.00 for what amounted to 4 beers in one glass.

I ordered a Steak Sandwhich with sweet potato french fries. It was very delicious also. Cooked just the way I like it "Burnt".

The Staff wasn't to friendly. They were just going thru the motions of order, serving, checking then billing. I was the only one on the patio and was told I couldn't smoke a cigar because it was to offensive. I said who am I offending Nobody is out here? The waitress said thats the rules. So I took a chair just outside the gate and smoked my cigar right next to the gate. They let you smoke Cigars at the Yard House in Long Beach on the Patio.

I like the idea of this place. I would be a regular here if it wasn't so expensive or have a more friendlier staff. I will only take my beer drinking friends here when they come from out of town but not be a regular until the price comes down or the attitude changes.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! So So Great

Establishment: Wolf Creek Restaurant and Brewing Company, Valencia, CA

I guess this is this places yearly review. As you probably read earlier this bar is in a mini shopping mall which seems pretty common for this suberb of Los Angeles.

The Atmosphere is very local which I liked. The beers were better then I expected. In the sampler set they not only let you taste thier four brews but four of the guest brews for a total of an eight sampler set. All the beers were great. I thought the Hefewiez was a little flat but I don't normally drink Hefewiez. The Stout tasted like Guiness.

I like the variety on the menu. I had the BarBaQue Chicken Sandwhich and it was delicious. The appetizers looked real interesting. I had a chicken cream cheese roll with vegatables. They serve it cold and it was good but it tasted better when I brought it home and heated it up as a leftover. I was thinking I should have had them heat it up at the resturant.

The service needs some work. The waitress seemed like she was going thru the motions with no personality. She took my order ran off dropped off the food without a word. Then came back to see if I was ok but if I told her the food was horrible it probably would have still walked off and wouldn't have listened. I asked for a doggy bag for my food and told her I was gonna have another pint or two when she rushed up with my bill and my packed food like she was in a hurry to get me out of there. I did order a pint of the red & pale ale anyway.

Great Resturant Atmosphere. If I lived in this nieghborhood I would be a regular here.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Awesome! Good Good Good

Establishment: Oggi's Pizza and Brewing Company was Mallzee's Stuft, Santa Clarita, CA

I was at this place a few years ago when it was called Stuffed Pizza & Brewery. It was sold to Oggi's and gone Corporate. They do not brew beers at this location any more. I asked what happened and the Bartender said the new owners bought several MicroBrewery's in Southern California and are brewing in a centeralized location and shipping in the kegs.

They have a pretty wide variety of MicroBrews that they make. It is pretty good quailty but its missing something in the flavoring. The Red and the Pale Ale are a bit bitter. If they were a little smoother they might win some awards.

I ordered a pizza. It was Okay but again like the beer it was missing something. It needed a little more flavor in the tomato sauce like oregino or garlic.

The staff was nice enough but they acted like typical suberbanites. They were more worried about when they were getting a day off and what they earned in tips rather then joking with the customers.

This is the kind of place where I would bring my own crowd to watch a sports event on one of the many televisions screens they have and drink beer. A great place to hang out if you can't decide or agree on what you want to do or where you want to go.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Good Good Good Great

Establishment: Traxx Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

This bar is in Union Station where Amtrak stops in Downtown Los Angeles. Across from the famous Olvera St. and around the corner from Los Angeles's China Town I stoped here after a terrible trip to H.M.S. Bounty.

Watch out, the Hours in the resturant are different then the hours at the bar which is across the hallway. Parking was bad because it looks like they are trying to reconstruct a larger parking lot.

They had 4 beers on tap, Sam Adams, Angel City, Miller Lite and something I never heard of. The Bottle Beer is Microbrew friendly with Amestal, Corona, Sierra Nevada and more. It is a bit high priced at $5 a pint for Angel City.

I ordered the Macaroni and Cheese but had to send it back because they put bacon it in and I can't eat bacon.

They service was ok whey I could get the bartenders attention. There is only one bartender and it tends to get crowded as people start to wait for thier train connections.

This is a fun place if you are traveling but not somewhere to hang out and be a regular.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Good Lousy N/A Good So So

Establishment: H.M.S. The Bounty, Los Angeles, CA

Whoever put this up as a brew pub has got to be joking. This is an old school bar. It does not have any beers on tap. It has major hard alcohol bottles all over the bar. It has bottled beer but you kinda have to guess what the have because nothing is on display.

This bar has a lot of history it is across the street from the old Ambassador Hotel where Kennedy got shot. It is in a dark romantic setting with an old Thai Lady Bartender. She was nice but it's not a bar I would hang out at. I would rather go to the Snake Pit on Melrose.

I would eat here if I needed someplace to take my mystress but not for the beer.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! So So So So Awesome! Great

Establishment: Pasadena Brewing Company, Pasadena, CA

Okay I have been crusing the MicroBrew Circut of Los Angeles lately and this place has come across as a great mini corporate place.

The Atmosphere was good. The old wearhouse look with the open ceilings. Parking is across the street in a public parking area. The Patio is positioned wierd in an alley way but thats how old town Pasadena is set up.

The Food was way over priced for what it was. I think they over charge on the food to make up for the Happy Hour beer prices. I had the Smoked Salmone with Cream Cheese. It should have been served with rice as sushi instead of salad. I had to ask for wasabi to give it some flavor.

Ok Now the Beers which is what I normally go for. They had Four MicroBrews on the Menu but only Three on tap. They don't have Pale Ale's so if thats what your into don't bother coming down to this pub. They were out of the ESB so I had the Amber and the Stout. I am not into Heifewiez. The Amber was Excellent. The Happy Hour Prices were great only $1.75 per beer.

The Service Was Great. I got there at 4:00P.M. and the bar was ebpty. I got everyone helping me personally. The Bartender was great guy. The Host even pitched in to get my food mostly cause I think he was bored. The place started to fill up around 5:00P.M. but the waitresses seemed nice.

It needs something really special to atract more people. Like maybe a band. But it defenitly needs a Pale Ale for me to hang out here.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Good Awesome!

Establishment: BJ's Pizza, Grill and Brewery, Woodland Hills, CA

Now I know why they went Corporate. These people have MicroBrewing down to a science. The Parking is great they have thier own lot. The food is excellent. The Pizza is delicious. All the beers are great except the Blonde taste a bit like budwieser but its good.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall

Establishment: Bitter Redhead, Santa Monica, CA

I passed this place while on the way to the Library Ale House on Main St. This bar is on the east side of Lincoln Blvd just south of Pico Blvd. I was gonna stop in but they had some scary homeless people hanging on the corner. It looked like a typical neighborhood bar with no personality. I would rather hang out at the Snake Pit on Melrose.

It was worth the extra five minute ride to Main Street south of Ocean Park Blvd.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Great So So So So Good

Establishment: Library Alehouse, Santa Monica, CA

First of all the best parking I have ever seen so far for a bar. Plenty of parking between Nielson Way & Main Street.

This bar is a typical Santa Monica Store front Bar. Much more room then Father's Office and less crowded during Happy Hour. Its a yuppie bar, not like the Daly Pint which was a working mans bar.

This is an Amber Beer Paradise. This pub does not have any original beers but has plenty of Keged Micro Brews. They Have 30 microbrews on tap. I had Mad River Red and Pale Ale, Red Sail Amber, and Hemp Ale on tap. The beers are typically high price for a pint but typical for Santa Monica ($5.00/pint).

I saw the guy next to me order the Jamacan Jerk Chicken. It didn't look as appetizing as the Jerk Chicken at the Red Car Brewery in Torrance so I ordered the D's Fried Chicken. It was decent but I love the mashed potatoes. It was a limited menu but the Steak looked good. The mountain of guacamole with the chips looked good also. It was a very expensive dinner menu which was a turn off to me cause the pints were over price also. Then menu was limited for someplace that was trying to act very classey. After all they have a bar two doors down (north).

They had a guy Bartender named BJ. He was so busy hangint with the regulars talking about his work out he decided to avoid the 3 single dudes at the bar. He was more interested in hitting on the women then trying to explain the beers.

There were plenty of couples in this bar and it had a romantic patio in the back. The neighborhood was nice.

I don't think I am going back because it was over priced. I like the atmosphere if I had a date but still wouldn't take her here because its overpriced. The overprice is the only thing holding me back from giving overall Great Review. BJ was a nice bartender but didn't have it down after two years there. He should pay attention to the new customers giving reviews as the regulars.

I am a working class person into good beers. I expect to get treated as a regular my first time in a pub. If I didn't have pub experience I would have given the pub a horrible review.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Great Good N/A Great Good

Establishment: Daily Pint, Santa Monica, CA

This is a great little store front neighborhood bar. It is set up like english style with low cielings. Lots of television screens to watch sports games. The have three pool tables on the backside and a dart board.

They have pretty good kegs of beer on tap such as Anderson Valley and Blue Moon. They have many other Irish and English beers on tap that I have never heard of. The selection is good but I was interested in microbrews.

The bad thing about this place again is the parking. North of Pico was fine but South of Pico was permet parking. Parking on Pico is metered so watch out. Also there is no food service at this bar. If your hungry you have to walk to Gilberts Resturant a couple of streets east of Pico.

The Service was nice from the Blonde Lady bartender with the British Accent. The regulars were pretty nice trying to me but couldn't control themselves when a nice looking women walked in.

This bar is way better then Father's Office on Montana but I would have rather hung out at the Snake Pit on Melrose.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Lousy So So Lousy Good Good

Establishment: Westwood Brewing Company, Los Angeles, CA

They should rename the microbrewery WaterWorld Brewery instead of WestWood Brewery. Let's start with I came in 6:30P.M. on a Friday night.

I can understand why the other reviewers issues because as I sat down at the bar someone came over my shoulder and started to complain they had been sitting at a table by the door and the waitress kept ignoring them so he came up to order at the bar. The Bartender gave him his two beers on the house for the problem. While I was sitting there I got wonderful service from a Bartender that looked like Jamie Lee Curtis with long hair. It was pretty crowded with the UCLA regulars but they had time to make sure I had what I wanted. They were running around a bit much and didn't have time to get very personable with a single guy at the bar.

Now lets talk about the HORRIBLE beer. I go to microbrewery's for the beer. They were down to Blonde, Red, Heifewiezen and Dark. I asked the bartender for a sampler. She said she didn't have any but asked me what I wanted to try. He then poured out a shot size dark into a warm pint glass. First of all I drink from light to dark second of all I like a cold mug. Well anyway he did that for the four he had on tap. I don't know what kind of water the were using but the Dark and the Blonde tasted like it was brewed and they added water in it to try to strech out to batched cause it tasted awful weak. The best way I can descibe it is water with beer flavoring added. The Red was all Skanked up. The Red made me gag and I love red beers. It had a harse chemical after taste to it like someone forgot to rinse out the sanitizing solution. I had to send it back and the bartender sipped it and said thats how it always tasted. When I looked on the menu I noticed they had crossed off Samplers and they didn't have the IPA or Scotch Ale brewed this night. Hmmm how interesting are thier Tanks ok?

Ok now I get to the food. I ordered Chicken Soft Tacos from an overpriced menu. I go to bite into one and water and grease come pouring out the back end. I don't know what they was the salad in but the forgot to shake it dry before the put it on the tacos. I had water all over my plate by the end of the 2nd taco. It was to spicey I would never order it again.

Again like downtown the parking is terrible. You have to walk blocks if you get lucky enough to find street parking or pay over priced parking lots.

I put this in the category of bad brewerys that I wouldn't recommend. I even like California Brewery in Alhambra better then this place. If I had my choice I would stick with the beach brewery's(manhatten, redondo) or Red Car Brewery in Torrance.


Beer Quality Beer Selection Food Service Overall
Awesome! Good Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Establishment: Snake Pit Ale House, Los Angeles, CA

A bit small can get crowded easily. Has few (like 15-20) taps but beer microbrews are great on tap. The beers they have regularly are Guiness, Red Hook & Firestone.

The food is really good. You order off artistic menu off the wall. They art work on this chalkboard menu is really good and changes as the orders change.

The Juke box is the best I have ever seen in a bar. It pulls songs off the internet.

The best thing I like about this place is the Bartenders. There is a shift of 3 they work all different days and differents shifts. I call them two hotties and a nottie. The first bartender I met there was a heavey set lady with a butch hair cut. She is the nicest out of the 3 she has a great personality that makes everyone in the bar laugh. Then there is a bartender guy there that looks like a like a typical dock worker from New York all buff out guy. He is really a good sports buff he is definatly a girl magnet. I save the hottie for last. She is the Skinniest Bartender I have ever seen. She looks hot and when you first meet her the attitude comes with it but she is really cool when she gets to know you. I can't believe someone that skinny looks so good. All these bartender have the best attitude I have ever seen even when they are busy they get back to you and chat with you even if you are a stranger. They do talk to the regualars a bit more but if you come up with a good conversation you will fit right in.


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