1100 New York Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 628-2222
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2 Mass Ave., NE
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 842-2337
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Our Brewery

Welcome to the Capitol City Brewing Company. Capitol City was established in 1992 as Washington, D.C.'s first brewpub since Prohibition and was conceived to bring the art of hand-crafted brewing back to the nation's capital.

Our Brews

Amber Waves Ale: An American original West Coast style or California ale. Ours is medium bodied with an intense floral hop character featuring varietals grown in Oregon and Washington states. This beer style is a recent development of the craft brewing industry.

Golden Boy Kolsh: A German style golden ale that takes its name from the city of Cologne (Koln in German). This light bodied brew is clean tasting with fruit notes and restrained hop dryness. Our interpretation is brewed with 10% wheat malt as tradition dictates.

Saint Adrian's Alt: A beer style popular in Dusseldorf and surrounding areas, the word "alt" or "old" refers to the traditional method of ale fermentation used prior to the introduction of the "new" lager fermentation. Our bronze colored version is well balanced between hop bitterness and malt flavors. A pleasant, smokey finish can also be noted. The beer is named after St. Adrian who was the patron saint of beer.

Bull Run Bitter: The principal style of ale enjoyed in Britain, our version is copper in color, medium to light in body with a pleasant hop character in the finish. Named after the Civil War battle, this is a "bitter" experience you will enjoy.

Pale Rider Ale: Pale ale was first brewed at Burton-on-Trent in England and has become a classic, in part due to the wonderful water found in that region. Our version is full bodied and bronze colored with hop notes that are rounded out with more malt character than the bitter described above.

Prohibition Porter: A favorite among our regulars, this beer style was popular in the 1700's with the porters of produce markets in England from which its name is derived. Over the years, this style of beer became virtually extinct, but along with the resurgence of the craft beer industry, Porter has made a comeback. Our interpretation is a roasty flavored, almost black colored counterpart to our fuller bodied Stout, featuring a mild maltiness that is evenly balanced with hop bitterness.

Nut Brown Ale: The English rival to Pale Ale, our version relicates the famous brown ales of Newcastle-On-Tyne. Nut Brown Ale is reddish brown in color, meduim to full bodied and is malt accented with a roasted nutty finish.

Blackout Stout: British Brewers attempting to create a "nutritious" beverage began to add outmeal to their grist, resulting in an outmeal stout. Our version is very full bodied with an almost silky mouthfeel. This is a semi-sweet stout that is balanced with the coffee roastiness in the finish.

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