Critics' Corner

Cedar Brewing Company, Cedar Rapids, IA

By Scott Petty, Oelwein, IA

Well, I made my second trip to this fine establishment. The food was very good at a very reasonable price and the atmosphere was also comfortable. I had two beers while I was there with very different opinions of each. The First Beer I had was the Flying Aces Pale Ale. The description said it was "a hoppy American style Pale Ale" , well, this had to be the palest Pale ale I ever tasted. Colorwise it was about the same as a big brewery light beer. As far as being Hoppy, it was about the same as a Budwieser. It actually reminded me more of a average American Lager, not a Pale Ale. But for my second Pint I ordered their Stout. This was considerably better. It had a very good malt and about the right amount of hops etc. without being either too dry or very sweet. I would highly recommend the Stout, but unless you like very pale Pale Ales, avoid the Pale Ale. By the way, the Chicken Pot Pie was excellent as was the cheesecake for desert. (500 Blairs Road, NE, Cedar Rapids, IA)