Critics' Corner

Mendocino Brewing Co., Hopland, CA

By Chuck Pitre, Houma, LA

It all started when I was 19 years old in CA. I wasn't old enough to purchase, so I was stuck begging my older friends to buy for me. I was so lucky that the saint who purchased my beer would only buy me REAL beer, even though at the time it was costly, and it was bitter, But I soon became acustomed to the hop aftertaste. The one beer that made me decide that beer is Great was Red Tail Ale. I drank it daily without any reservations. THEN it happened, I moved!!!!! The SWAMP (houma la) I moved to, only had a very limited list of beer to choose from, and that is when the dreams started. I would dream I was in a beer store with every beer in the world except RED TAIL ALE. I would search, and search, but could never find it. Then I would wake up. After 5 years of this noctornal torture, and after proving to my wife I wasn't crazy, I accepted that the only way I could end the dreams, save my sanity, and feel good about it, was to move back to Ca. To make a wierd story short, I was finely able to find the HOLY ALE, locally (80 miles). AND now I can have the best ALE in the WORLD. AND THE DREAMS HAVE STOPPED. (11351 Hwy 101 South, Hopland, CA)