Critics' Corner

Sweetwater Tavern, Centreville, VA

By Danny R. Ford II, Bellefonte, PA

The Sweetwater Tavern is a first rate stop on any brewpub tour. I was down in the Northern Va. area in mid-Feb. and finally got to stop at this new brewpub. It is a large place decorated in southwestern style,but not overdone. The service staff was excellant, with knowlege of the food and the beer. The food was great. Best steak I have had in years. The beer was also very good. they were serving a nicely balanced Pils-style lager, a light lager, a wheat, porter and a hoppy ale. I tried all but the light lager and found all good to excellant. Samplers are available, and it looks like they rotated their beer types regularly. Agreat place to stop , drink beer, and eat. I will go again. (6300 Multiplex Drive, Centreville, VA)