Critics' Corner

Oak Creek Brewing Co., Sedona, AZ

By Jonathan Fogel, Flagstaff, AZ

I am a die hard hophead... If you enjoy a beer with a sharp aroma and well maried hoppy aftertaste then visit Oak Creek Brewing Co. in Beautiful Sedona, AZ. The first time I visited Oak Creek was last year when I moved to the area. We were mountain biking all day and looking for a good beer. We asked the locals where a good bar would be located. We found out that the bars scene in Sedona consists of two bars and we decided to check Oak Creek out. It's off the backroads- an out of the way place with a mostly locals scene. Hanging out at Oak Creek can be spiritual, hoky, riproaring or mellow, depending on the mood in the subtly lit beergarten. If you are in to getting your chokras cleared and your soul centered in a positive manner while drinking the best microbrew youv'e ever had then Oak Creek is for you. This is a no frills scene in which one drinks amongst healers, travelers, mountain bikers and other equally trippy peoples. You can either imbibe in the beerten or in the actual brewery itself, inti! mately seated amongst the mash tun s, kettles and fermenting tanks. Oak Creek Brewing Co. offers a Stout, Wheat, and Nut Brown as well as a seasonal brew. All the beers are on the hoppy side yet slightly sweet to counterbalance the bitterness. The NutBrown is my favorite beer and I think that is the consensus among other locals around here...we can't get enough of it. Some advice: The beer tastes noticeably better and fresher straight out of the tap. The kegged beer in Flagstaff is still extremely good but missing something. Directions are W on Coffeepot Dr. off of 89A and Left on Yavapai. Look for the gravel parking lot and poorly lit brewery on your left. (2050 Yavapal Dr. Sedona, AZ)