Critics' Corner

Moulin Brewery and Hotel, Near Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland

By Duncan Woodhead, Glasgow, Scotland

The Moulin Brewery lies approx. 1.5 miles west of the town of Pitlochry in the Perthshire Hills. The Hotel began brewing in 1995 and at the moment has three regular ales: Braveheart, Ale of Atholl (also available bottle-conditioned), and Old Remedial. The food in the hotel is fantastic, with traditional Scottish cuisine available.

Ask for a tour of the brewery (which only has a 5 barrel capacity, and could quite easily fit in anyone's garage). Moulin's beers are available through the free trade in Scotland, and other parts of Britain, having been widely available at various CAMRA beer festivals over the last couple of years. Once in Perthshire it may be worth the trip another 40 miles up the A9 to Tomintoul (pronounced Tom-in-towel) where another micro brewery is situated.

Within easy reach of Scotland's micros are also some of Scotland's historically more recent alcoholic producers, the malt distilleries. It has after all been proven that brewing using heather (as in Heather Ale or Fraoch) occurred long before anyone distilled whisky.