3118 Third Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35223
Phone: (205) 326-6677
Fax: (205) 326-6601

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Our Brewery

Opened in 1992, the Birmingham Brewing Company has not only one of the newest but also one of the finest microbrewery facilities in the United States. Currently, Red Mountain Beers are available in Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our reputation for brewing quality beer stems from both Birmingham's great limestone-hardened water and our personal reverence for the art of brewing. That's why only the finest - and purest - ingredients go into every beer we brew. Although Red Mountain is sold throughout the Southeast, our goals remain simple and homeward-focused: To make quality beers that our customers - and Birmingham - can brag about.

Our Brews

Red Mountain Red Ale is a British-style brown ale with a deep copper color and balanced hop flavor and aroma. This brew has been distinguished as one of America's best by Beer Across America, while also earning an Honorable Mention at the 1995 Great America Beer Festival, and a Silver Medal at the 1995 World Beer Championships.

Red Mountain Gold Ale is an American-style Pale Ale with a mild hop bitterness and assertive herbal hop aroma balanced by a mild, malty finish. Winner of a Bronze Medal at the 1996 World Beer Championships, this is one beer that's always refreshing, no matter what time of year.

Brewed from a blend of wheat- and barley-malt, Red Mountain Wheat Ale is a light, quenching brew that's full of flavor. Winner of the Silver Medal at the 1996 World Beer Championships, our Wheat Ale is a summer tradition around Birmingham, worth savoring like an afternoon in a folding chair at the lake.

Look for our other brews available at special times of the year, like Red Mountain Bock, Christmas Ale, and Lager.

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